3rd Coast Music Magazine 1999 FAR and Away... FREEFORM AMERICAN ROOTS ALBUMS OF 1999
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  1. Roger Wallace - Hillbilly Heights

  2. Blaze Foley - Live At The Austin Outhouse

  3. Cornell Hurd Band - At Large

  4. Ray Wylie Hubbard - Crusades Of The Restless Knights

  5. Wayne Hancock - Wild Free & Reckless

  6. Terry Allen - Salivation

  7. VA - Poor Little Knitter on The Road

  8. Patty Booker - I Don't Need All That

  9. Freakwater - End Time
    Marti Brom - Snake Ranch
    Terri Hendrix - Live

  10. Bill & Audrey - Looking Back To See
    Bradley Jaye Williams - Tex-Mex Gumbo

  11. Mandy Barnett - I've Got A Right To Cry

  12. The Best Of Flaco Jimenez
    Guy Clark - Cold Dog Soup
    Jim Stringer & The AM Band - Swang!
    Jimmy Murphy - Electricity
    Tennessee Rhythm Riders - Little Red Wagon

  13. Asleep At The Wheel - Ride With Bob
    Ed Burleson - My Perfect World
    The Derailers - Full Western Dress
    Buddy Miller - Cruel Moon
    The Complete Hank Williams

  14.    Backsliders - Southern Lines
    Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - Radio Favorites
    Dave Moore - Breaking Down to 3
    David Raines - Big Shiny Cars
    Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics - More Million Sellers
    The Ex-Husbands - All Gussied Up
    The Very Best Of Robbie Fulks
    Jack Ingram - Hey You
    Johnny Dowd - Pictures From Life's Other Side
    Jon Dee Graham - Summerland
    Julie Miller - Broken Things
    Kelly Willis - What I Deserve
    Marty Stuart - The Pilgrim
    Pee Wee King - Country Hoedown
    Sisters Morales - Someplace Far Away From Here
    The Souvenirs - King Of Heartache
    Spade Cooley - Shame On You
    Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band - The Mountain
    Texas Belairs - Sons Of Preachers
    Texas Tornados - Live From The Limo
    Two Dollar Pistols with Tift Merritt
    VA - Blaze A Blaze Too
    VA - Return Of The Grievous Angel
  1.   Ray Wylie Hubbard - 'Conversation With The Devil'
  1.   Patty Booker
  2.   Marti Brom
  3.   Anna Fermin
  1.   Roger Wallace
  2.   Jimmy LaFave
  3.   Buddy Miller
  1.     David Goodman  - Modern Twang  (2nd ed)

      First off, I'm one of those boring people who insist--correctly, which is even more boring of us--that the decade, century and millennium don't end until the end of this year. So all we're doing here is looking at 1999. Maybe this time next year, we'll do the decade/century/millennium thing. Or maybe not. In theory, we should be on our own as everyone else will already have shot their bolt, but in practice I can't help thinking that won't stop them from doing it all over again.

    Initially, I sent out a ballot to all the FAR reporters with the categories you see over there (except I gave myself Texas so I'd have somewhere to put Terry Allen). This didn't work out too good-the best way to describe the FAR gang is as a pack of lone wolves. Trying to get them moving in anything like the same direction was, to scramble my similes, like herding cats. Also, there was too much flexibility, allowing for tactical voting. The same artists could, and did, show up in several different categories, getting a lot of overall support without doing real well in any one of them.

    To give you some idea, with a college of 32 voters, I ended up with well over 150 nominations-and that doesn't include Outstanding Tracks. If FAR was a label and everyone had their way, we'd have put out about 300 singles last year.

    My error, of course, was to try and come up with a structured result, when the operative word in this whole deal is 'Freeform.' So, fuck it, I dumped the categories and simply added up all the separate votes, and this is how it came out.   JC

FAR is compiled by John Conquest for 3rd Coast Music Magazine.   1999 John Conquest

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