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    FAR #11 (JUN 00)  
  1. Steve Earle: Transcendental Blues (E-Squared) *BF/*JSp/*LW

  2. VA: Down To The Promised Land (Bloodshot) *TG/*WH

  3. Justin Treviño: Loud Music & Strong Wine (Neon Nightmare) *KF/*JHa

  4. Joe Ely: Live At Antone’s (Rounder) *PP

  5. Cary Swinney: Martha (Johnson Grass) *PD/*BW

  6. Ray Condo & His Ricochets: High & Wild (Joaquin)

  7. Dwight Yoakam: dwightyoakamacoustic.net (Reprise) *JHo/*JZ

  8. The Lucky Stars: Hollywood & Western (Ipecac) *SH/*MT

  9. Patty Booker: I Don’t Need All That (PMS)

  10. James Intveld: Somewhere Down The Road (Mollenaart) *DF
    VA: Big D Jamboree (Dragon Street/Rollercoaster) *BL

  11. Peter Case: Flying Saucer Blues (Vanguard) *GJ

  12. Terri Hendrix: Places In Between (Wilory)
    Gurf Morlix: Toad Of Titicaca (Catamount)

  13. Susanna Van Tassel: The Heart I Wear (SVT) *CL

  14. Steve Arvey: It’s A Fine Line (Bittersweet) *ER
    Billy Bragg & Wilco: Mermaid Avenue Vol 2 (Warner) *ST

  15. James Hand: Evil Things (Cold Spring)

  16. Lonesome River Band: Talkin’ To Myself (Sugar Hill) *AB

  17. VA: WLFR’s Roadhouse Fever (Sounds Interesting)

  18. Stacey Earle: Dancin’ With Them That Brung Me (Gearle)

  19. Calexico: The Hot Rail (Quarterstick) *CW
    Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole: 5 Strings Attached Vol 2 (Merriweather) *DTu
    Naked Omaha: Belt (self) *CZ
    Ruthie & The Wranglers: Live At Chick Hall’s Surf Club (Lasso) *TS
    Danny Santos: Sinners & Saints (Staman) *RP
    Hank Thompson: Seven Decades (Hightone) *DT

  20. Bourbonaires: Shot Of Bourbonaires (Howlin’) *JE
    Martí Brom & Her Barnshakers: Snake Ranch (Goofin’)
    Craig Chambers: West By Southwest (WR)
    The Cumberland Highlanders: Cumberland Mountain Home *CH
    Nick Curran: Fixin’ Your Head (Texas Jamboree) *VL
    Michael De Jong: Immaculate Deception (Munich) *AL
    Todd Dunford: Tennessee Rain (One Eyed Owl) *RW
    Pat Haney: Wrong Rite Of Passage (Envoy) *EB
    Eric Hisaw: Thing About Trains (Self) *GS
    Barry Holdship: The Jesse Garon Project (Bad Axe) *JP
    Steve James: Boom Chang (Burnside) *DJ
    Bap Kennedy: Lonely Street (Dressed To Kill) *SG
    Josie Kreuzer: As Is (She Devil) *BC
    Christy McWilson: The Lucky One (Hightone)
    Montana Rose: There's A Dream (Cowboy Heaven) *RJ
    Charlie Shearer: Breaking Out (Universal Sound) *BWs
    Max Staling: Wide Afternoon (Blind Nello) *MM
    The Waybacks: Devolver (Fiddling Cricket) *KR

  21. Tom Armstrong: Sings Heart Songs (Carswell)
    Big Barn Combo: Comin’ All The Way From Detroit City (Woodward)
    Kelly Hogan & The PVC: Beneath The Country Underdog (Bloodshot)
    Willie Nelson & The Offenders: Me & The Drummer (Luck)
    Rockhouse Ramblers: Bar Time (Hayden’s Ferry )
    Dave Stuckey & The Rhythm Gang: Get A Load Of This (HMG)

  22. Cowboy Nation: A Journey Out Of Time (Shanachie)
    Mary Gauthier: Drag Queens In Limousines (In The Black)
    Whitey Ray Huitt: Down Home (WRH)
    Todd Snider: Happy To Be Here (Oh Boy)
    VA: This Is Ecco-Fonic! (Ecco-Fonic)
    VA: Edges From The Postcard #4 (Hayden’s Ferry)

FAR charts are compiled from reports sent in by actual DJs with freeform (i.e. no playlists) radio shows on public, college and community stations round the country (and in Australia).  Each of them lists the four albums they took most pleasure in playing, one of which can be their Album of the Month (designated by a * and their initials). 

AB: Allen Baekeland, CJSW, Canada
EB: Erika Brady, WKYU, KY
JB: Jim Beal Jr,  KSYM, TX
BC: Bill Conner, KNBT, TX
KC: Kay Clements, KWMR, CA
KD: Ken Date,  2RRR, Austrailia
PD: Paul Daly,  KSYM, TX
JE: Julie Espy, KUCI, CA
BF: Bill Frater, KRCB, CA
DF: Dan Ferguson, WRIU, RI
KF: Kirsty Fitzsimons, Anna Livia, Ireland
SG: Steve Gardner,  WXDU, NC
TG: Thomas Greener,  KVMR, CA
CH: Clint Holley, WERE, OH
JHa: John Hauser,  KOOP, TX
JHo: Jamie Hoover,  KGLP, NM
SH: Steve Hathaway, KKUP, CA
WH: Wade Hockett,  KBOO, OR
DJ: David John,  KTRU, TX
RJ: Rik James, KGLT, MT
TJ: Tom Jackson,  WLUW, IL
AL: Aleksandar Lazarevic, Radio M+, Yugoslavia
BL: Billy Lee, NEAR/Caroline, Ireland
VL: Vida Lee, KKUP, CA
MM: Mark Mundy, KNON, TX
RM: Rod Moag, KOOOP, TX
DN: Doug Neal,  WDBM, MI
DO: Dan Orange, KZSC, CA
JO: Joe O’Rourke, WRNX, MA
JP: Jana Pendragon KXLU, CA
PP: Professor Purple,  KZMU, UT
RP: Ray Pieters, Radio Milo, Belgium
JR: John Roths, KEOS, TX
KR: Kim Rogers, KVMR, CA
WR: Wesley Robertson, KVMR, CA
ER: Eddie Russell,  RPEM/JRRI
GS: Gerd Stassen, UKW, Germany
JS: Johnny Simmons,  KUSP, CA
PS: Peter Schiffman, KDVS, CA
RS: Rob Silverberg,  WCUW, MA
DT: Dwight Thurston,  WWUH, CT
DTu: Doug Tucker,  KWVA, OR
MT: Mike Trynosky,  WCNI, CT
ST: Steve Terrell, KSFR, NM
BWg: Bill Wagman, KDVS, CA
BWs: Barry Wass, Epping, VIC, Australia
CW: Chad Williams, WCBN, MI
GW: Gus T Williker, KCR, CA
LW: Larry Weir,  KDHX, MO
RW: Rein Wortelboer, Venray, The Netherlands
CZ: Carl Zimring, WRCT, PA
JZ: Jon Ziegler, WMSE, WI

FAR is compiled by John Conquest for 3rd Coast Music Magazine.   ©2000 John Conquest

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