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    FAR #15 (OCT 2000)  
  1. Ted Roddy & The Tearjoint Troubadors: Tear Time (Music Room) *JaH/*JoH/*SH/*ChL
  2. Johnny Cash: Solitary Man (American) *JE/*RJ/*DN/*JaS
  3. Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics: Rhythm, Rhyme And Truth (Hightone) *RS
  4. Merle Haggard: If I Could Only Fly (Anti) *WH/*ST
  5. Dave Alvin: Public Domain (Hightone) *BiW
  6. Dallas Wayne: Big Thinkin’ (Hightone) *DB 
  7. The Gourds: Bolsa De Agua (Sugar Hill) *RB/*SG
  8. Retta & The Smart Fellas: Rural Jazz (self) *MA/*RM
  9. John  Hiatt: Crossing Muddy Waters (Vanguard) *DY
  10. Waco Brothers: Electric Waco Chair (Bloodshot) *TJ
  11. Emmylou Harris: Red Dirt Girl (Nonesuch) *RD/*LW
  12. Alison Moorer: The Hardest Part (MCA) *KC
    Doug Sahm: The Return Of Wayne Douglas (Evangeline) *KD/*KF/*BL
  13. Keith  Whitley: Sad Songs And Waltzes (Rounder) *JoS/*BaW
  14. Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Boys: Night Tide (Hightone) *BC
    VA: Shuffle Town: Western Swing On King 1946-50 (West Side) *AB/*DT
  15. Davey Davis: Hard Tellin’—Not Knowin’ (Country Eastern Music) *ER/*GS
  16. Pat Haney: Wrong Rite Of Passage (Freefall) *EB
    Dwight Yoakam: Tomorrow’s Sounds Today (Reprise) *JZ
  17. Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker (Bloodshot)
    Hot Club Of Cowtown: Dev’lish Mary (Hightone)
  18. John Prine: Souvenirs (Oh Boy/Ulftone) *KR
    Don Walser: I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Valley Entertainment)
  19. Laura Cantrell: Not The Tremblin’ Kind (Diesel Only) *DF
    Adam Carroll: Lookin’ Out The Screen Door (Down Hole) *JB
    Houston Marchman: Tryin’ For Home (Blind Nello) *MM
    VA: 40th Anniversary Collection (Arhoolie) *PP
  20. Tom Armstrong: Sings Heart Songs (Carswell)
    Johnny Bush: Lost Highway Saloon (Lone Star)
    Kevin Gordon: Down To The Well (Shanachie)
    Geoff Muldaur: Passport (Hightone)
  21. Paul Burch & The WPA Ballclub: Blue Notes (Merge/Dixie Frog)
    Kasey Chambers: The Captain (Asylum/Warer Bros)
    The Hangdogs: Beware Of The Dog (Shanachie) *PD
    Beaver Nelson: Little Bother (Black Dog ) *GJ
    Bruce & Charlie Robison And Jack Ingram: Unleashed Live (Lucky Dog) *WR
    Rick Shea: Sawbones (Wagon Wheel/AIM) *MT
    Larry Sparks: Special Delivery (Rebel) *CrL
    VA: Big Mon: The Songs Of Bill Monroe (Skaggs Family) *RT
  22. Martí  Brom: Snake Ranch (Goofin’)
    Richard Buckner: The Hill (Overcoat) *AL
    Sonny Landreth: Levee Town (Sugar Hill) *MP
    The Lucky Pierres: My Temptation (DIY)
    The Lucky Stars: Hollywood & Western (Ipecac)
    Saltgrass: These Days (Puddledock) *TH
  23. 16 Horsepower: Secret South  () *TF
    Amazing Crowns: Royal (Timebomb) *LG
    Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers: Honky Tonk Union (Emma Java) *SB
    Phil Cody: Big Slow Mover (Tiny Head) *RC
    Buzz Evans: Mile High Live Vol 1 (Vibrato) *TS
    Herdman, Hills & Mangsen: At The Turning Of The Year (Hand & Heart) *MR
    Henning Kvitnes: Heartland (Samso) *RP
    Kenny Meeks: Tell My Angel ( Big East) *BF
    Cary Swinney: Human Masquerade (Johnson Grass) *SJ
    Mark Towns: Flamenco Jazz (Latino Salongo) *DJ
    Billy Tulsa & The Psycho Crawdads: Tennessee Rain (self) *JP
    VA: Come On Beautiful: The Songs Of American Music Club (Big Night) *CZ
    Townes Van Zandt: Live At The Old Quarter, Houston (Charlie) *TG

FAR charts are compiled from reports sent in by actual DJs with freeform (i.e. no playlists) radio shows on public, college and community stations round the country (and world).  Each of them lists the four albums they took most pleasure in playing, one of which can be their Album of the Month (designated by a * and their initials). 

MA: Mathias Andrieu, NSEO, Paris FRA
AB: Allen Baekeland, CJSW, Calgary CAN
DB: David Besonen, KNON, Dallas TX
EB: Erika Brady, WKYU, Bowling Green KY
JB: Jim Beal Jr,  KSYM, San Antonio TX
RB: Rob Banes, KEOS, College Station TX
SB: Stu D Baker, KRXS, Globe/Phoenix AZ
BC: Bill Conner, KNBT, New Braunfels TX
KC: Kay Clements, KWMR, Point Reyes CA
KD: Ken Date,  2RRR, New South Wales AUS
PD: Paul Daly,  KSYM, San Antonio TX
RD: Renee Dechert, Powell WY
JE: Julie Espy, KUCI, Irvine CA
BF: Bill Frater, KRCB, Santa Rosa CA
DF: Dan Ferguson, WRIU, Kingston RI
KF: Kirsty Fitzsimons, Radio Anna Livia, Dublin IRL
TF: Tom Funk, KGLP, Gallup NM
LG: Lynne Greenamyre, KKFI, Kansas City MO
SG: Steve Gardner,  WXDU, Durham NC
TG: Thomas Greener,  KVMR, Nevada City CA
CH: Clint Holley, WERE, Cleveland OH
JoH: John Hauser,  KOOP, Austin TX
JaH: Jamie Hoover,  KGLP, Gallup NM
SH: Steve Hathaway, KKUP, Cupertino CA
TH: Tristessa Howard, WTTU, Cookeville TN
WH: Wade Hockett,  KBOO, OR
DJ: David John,  KTRU, Houston TX
GJ: Greg Johnson, KRXO, Oklahoma City OK
RJ: Rik James, KGLT, Bozeman MT
SJ: Suzanne Jameson, KXCI, Tuscon AZ
TJ: Tom Jackson,  WLUW, Chicago IL
AL: Aleksandar Lazarevic, M+, Mladenovac YUG
BL: Billy Lee, NEAR/Caroline IRL
ChL: Chip Lamey, WLFR, Pomona NJ
CrL: Craig Lammers, WBGU, Bowling Green OH
VL: Vida Lee, KKUP, Cupertino CA
MM: Mark Mundy, KNON, Dallas TX
RM: Rod Moag, KOOP, Austin TX
DN: Doug Neal,  WDBM, East Lansing MI
DO: Dan Orange, KZSC, Santa Cruz CA
JP: Jana Pendragon KXLU, Los Angeles CA
MP: Michel Penard, ISA Radio, Pont de Beauvoisin FRA
PP: Professor Purple (Richard Schwartz),  KZMU, Moab UT
RP: Ray Pieters, Radio Milo, Mol BEL
ER: Eddie Russell, Outlaws For Peace, Columbus TX
JR: John Roths, KEOS, College Station TX
KR: Kim Rogers, KVMR, Nevada City CA
MR: Mike Regenstreif, CKUT, Montreal CAN
WR: Wesley Robertson, KVMR, Nevada City CA
GS: Gerd Stassen, Radio Ems-Vechte-Welle GER
JoS: Johnny Simmons,  KUSP, Santa Cruz CA
JaS: Jacques Spiry, RCF, Lyon FRA
PS: Peter Schiffman, KDVS, Davis CA
RS: Rob Silverberg,  WCUW, Worcester MA
TS: Ted Smouse, Radio Del Ray, DC
DwT: Dwight Thurston,  WWUH, West Hartford CT
DoT: Doug Tucker,  KWVA, Eugene OR
MT: Mike Trynosky,  WCNI, New London CT
RT: Raúl J Tejeiro, Cabildo-Mas, Montevideo URY
ST: Steve Terrell, KSFR, Santa Fe NM
BiW: Bill Wagman, KDVS, Davis CA
BaW: Barry Wass, 3 Inner, Melbourne AUS
CW: Chad Williams, WCBN, Ann Arbor MI
GW: Gus T Williker, KCR, San Diego CA
LW: Larry Weir,  KDHX, St Louis MO
RW: Rein Wortelboer, Radio Venray, NLD
DY: Doug Young, KRCL, Salt Lake City UT
CZ: Carl Zimring, WRCT, Pittsburgh PA
JZ: Jon Ziegler, WMSE, Milwaukee WI

FAR is compiled by John Conquest for 3rd Coast Music Magazine.   ©2000 John Conquest

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