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    FAR #40  (NOVEMBER 2002)  


  1. Johnny Cash: American IV; The Man Comes Around (American) *BL/*DN/*JE/*JS/*RH/DT/JR/KF/LH/pt/rj

  2. Billy Joe Shaver: Freedom's Child (Compadre) *CM/*RJ/*SC/DF/LB/RC/SG/jp

  3. Buddy Miller: Midnight And Lonesome (Hightone) *AR/*DWB/*NA/MP/PT/S&D/mm

  4. Max Stalling: One Of The Ways (Blind Nello) *EW/*KC/*TA/*TF/gs

  5. Waco Brothers: New Deal (Bloodshot) *ST/*TW/JS/RS/VP/jr/sg

  6. Stan Martin: Cigarettes And Cheap Whiskey (Twangtone) *DA/*KD/*JF/js/kr/s&d

  7. Tom Armstrong: Songs That Make the Jukebox Play (Carswell) *KF/*MM/*RS/CP/JH

  8. Justin Trevino: The Scene Of The Crying (Texas Music Group) *GS/*H&H/*LB/*RM

  9. Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys: Your Favorite Fool (Bloodshot) *HTR/*S&D/JF/JL/dwb

  10. Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez: Let's Leave This Town (Lone Star) *TJ/*VP/NA/dy/pp/tg

  11. Laura Cantrell: When The Roses Bloom Again (Diesel Only) *JH/AR/MA/TW/df/kf
    VA: Happy Birthday Buck: A Texas Salute To Buck Owens (Texas Music Round-Up) *LG/KD/RT/bl/cp/mp

  12. Chris Wall: Just Another Place (Cold Spring) *DY/*TG/TF

  13. Neko Case: Blacklisted (Bloodshot) *DT/DJ/JE
    The Lucky Pierres: Cloverleaf (self) *MA/*PP
    Kenny Roby: Rather Not Know (Morebarn) *JT/*RC/ta

  14. Richard Buckner: Impasse (Overcoat) *CW/*PT
    Clothesline Revival: Of My Native Land (Paleo) *KR/*LH
    James McMurtry: St Mary Of The Woods (Sugar Hill) *JP/MM/dj
    Ramsey Midwood: Shootout At The OK Chinese Restaurant (Vanguard) *AL/CW/JL/tw
    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Will The Circle Be Unbroken Vol III (Capitol) *RT/R&H/jr

  15. Kieran Kane: Shadows On The Ground (Dead Reckoning) *R&H/ew/gj

  16. Kate Campbell: Monuments (Large River) SM/TA/da

  17. Guy Clark: The Dark (Sugar Hill) *JR/rh
    Steve Earle: Jerusalem (Artemis) DO/DWB
    Peter Wolf: Sleepless (Artemis/Epic) *ND/to
    Peter Case: Beeline (Vanguard) *GJ/ar

  18. Alison Krauss & Union Station: Live (Rounder) KR/h7r
    Greg Trooper: Between A House And A Hard Place (McGonigel's Mucky Duck) *SG/rc
    VA: Dressed In Black (Dualtone) BL/LG
    The Woodpickers: Reason And Dream (Self) *DO/rw

  19. Ray Price: Time (Audium) *MT
    Peter Rowan & Don Edwards High Lonesome Cowboy (Western Jubilee) RH/cl/mr
    The Shiners: See Rock City (Planetary) AL/GS

  20. Bill Chambers: Sleeping With The Blues (Reckless) EW/kd/rt
    Mary McBride: Everything Seemed All Right (Bogan) *MDT

  21. Bellwether: Home Late (Rust Belt/Safe House) *MY
    John Bunzow: Darkness And Light (Sideburn) *TO
    Sam Cooke with The Soul Stirrers: Complete Specialty Recordings (Specialty) *PR
    Delta Moon (Delta Moon) *EGB
    Anna Fermin: Live Music Volume 1 (Sighlow) *JRS
    Johnny Gimble: Just For Fun (Tejas) *DC
    Charlene Hancock: From Here to There, 50th Anniversary (Akashic) *CP
    Corb Lund Band: Five Dollar Bill (Stony Plain) *MR
    Elizabeth McQueen & The Firebrands (demo) *BC
    The Mekons: Out Of Our Heads (Quarterstick) *CZ
    Jamie Michaels: Angelus (self) *SM
    Mountain Heart: No Other Way (Skaggs Family) *CL
    Dolly Parton: Halos & Horns (Sanctuary/Sugar Hill) *RW
    Tom Paxton: Looking For The Moon (Appleseed) *DJ
    Harvey Reid: Dreamer Or Believer (Woodpecker) *SMJ
    Mike Stinson: Jack Of All Heartache (Big Ol') *DF
    Michael Waters: Fertile Ground (Tire Swing) *RP
    Brian Webb: Broken Folk (self) *JB
    Walt Wilkins: Rivertown (Western Beat) *MF
    Dwight Yoakam: Reprise Please Baby, The Warner Bros Years (Reprise/Rhino) *MP

FAR charts are compiled from reports sent in by actual DJs with freeform (i.e. no playlists) radio shows on public, college and community stations round the country (and world).  Each of them lists the four albums they took most pleasure in playing, one of which can be their Album of the Month (designated by a * and their initials). 

NOTE: starting this month, reporters' top three picks will be indicated. Album of the Month is still the reporter's initials with an asterisk, #2 is just the initials, #3 the initials in lower case.

Here's a schedule of FAR shows online 

AL: Aleksandar Lazarevic, Radio Politika YUG
AR: Al Riess, WBNY, Buffalo NY
BC: Bill Conner, KNBT, New Braunfels TX
BF: Bill Frater, KRCB, Santa Rosa CA
BL: Billy Lee, NEAR/Caroline IRL
BP: Bruce Price, KNON, Dallas TX
BR: Bruce Ross, KZSU, Stanford, CA
BW: Bill Wagman, KDVS, Davis CA
CL: Craig Lammers, WBGU, Bowling Green OH
CD: Chris Darling, WMPG, Portland ME
CH: Carol Harrison, CIUT, Toronto CAN
CM: Chip Meshew, KCSS, Turlock CA
CP: Jamie Hoover (Cow Patti), KSUT, Ignacio, CO
CW: Chad Williams, WCBN, Ann Arbor MI
CZ: Carl Zimring, WRCT, Pittsburgh PA
DA: Dan Alloway, KTEP, El Paso TX
DB: Dave Bryce, Fresh FM, Nelson, NZL 
DC: Dave Chamberlain, WRFG, Atlanta GA
DF: Dan Ferguson, WRIU, Kingston RI
DJ: David John,  KTRU, Houston TX
DN: Dan Nemeth, CiTR, Vancouver CAN
DO: Dan Orange, KZSC, Santa Cruz CA
DP: Daren Powell, CJSW, Calgary CAN
DT: Dwight Thurston,  WWUH, West Hartford CT
DWB: David Besonen, KNON, Dallas TX
DWT: Dave Tilley, WXDU, Durham, NC
DY: Doug Young, KRCL, Salt Lake City UT
EB: Erika Brady, WKYU, Bowling Green KY
EE: Evan Emerson, KJHK, Lawrence KS
EGB: Eric Black 101FM, Logan City, Queensland, AUS
EW: Eddie White, 2RRR, Sydney AUS
FF: John Patterson (Fat Farm), KZSC, Santa Cruz CA
FW: David Obermann (Folkways), KUT, Austin TX
GJ: Greg Johnson, KRXO, Oklahoma City OK
GS: Gerd Stassen, Radio Ems-Vechte-Welle GER
H&H: Barry Wass (Honkytonks & Heartaches), 3 Inner, Melbourne AUS
HTR: John Smith (Hit The Road), WEBR, Fairfax VA
JE: Julie Espy, KUCI, Irvine CA
JF: Joe Farara, WJSC, Johnson VT
JH: John Hauser,  KOOP, Austin TX
JP: Joe Pareres, KSYM, San Antonio TX
JR: John Roths, KEOS, College Station TX
JRS: Jeremy Schaar, WSUM, Madison WI
JS: Jacques Spiry, RCF, Lyon FRA
JT: Matt Schuyler (Johnny Timewarp), WFCS, New Britain CT
JB: Jos Van Den Boom, BRTO, Bergen op Zoom, NLD
JW: John Weingart, WPRB, Princeton NJ
JZ: Jon Ziegler, WMSE, Milwaukee WI
KC: Kay Clements, KWMR, Point Reyes CA
KD: Ken Date2RRR, Sydney AUS
KF: Kirsty Fitzsimons, Radio Anna Livia, Dublin IRL
KL: Kip Loui, KDHX, St Louis MO
KR: Kim Rogers, KVMR, Nevada City CA
LB: Len Brown, KOOP, Austin TX
LC: Laura Cantrell, WFMU, East Orange, NJ
LG: Linda Guebert, KPFZ, Lucerne CA
LH: Lost Highway KUSP, Santa Cruz CA
LW: Larry Weir,  KDHX, St Louis MO
MA: Mathias Andrieu, NSEO, Paris FRA
MDT: Mark Taylor, WVUD, Newark DE
MM: Mark Mundy, KNON, Dallas TX
MO: Meredith Ochs, WFMU, Jersey City, NJ
MP: Michel Penard, ISA Radio, Pont de Beauvoisin FRA
MR: Mike Regenstreif, CKUT, Montreal CAN
MT: Mike Trynosky,  WCNI, New London CT
MY: Michael Young, WFPK, Louisville KY
NA: Nancy Apple, WEVL, Memphis, TN
ND: Nico Druyf, Radio Hoorn, NLD
PP: Richard Schwartz (Professor Purple), KZMU, Moab UT
PR: Peter Rost, WWUH, West Hartford CT
PT: Doug Neal (Progressive Torch & Twang),  WDBM, East Lansing MI
R&H: Roz & Howard Larman, KPIG/ WUMB Boston MA/ KPFZ Lucerne CA/ Plains FM NZL
RB: Rob Banes, KEOS, College Station TX
RC: Rick Cornell, WXDU, Durham, NC
RH: Rolf Hierath, Radio RheinWelle, Wiesbaden GER
RJ: Rik James, KGLT, Bozeman MT
RM: Rod Moag, KOOP, Austin TX
RMS: Lynne Greenamyre (Rockabilly Mood Swing) KKFI, Kansas City MO
RP: Ray Pieters, Radio Milo, Mol BEL
RR: Joe Snyder (Radio Ranch), WDVR, Sergeantsville, NJ
RS: Rob Silverberg,  WCUW, Worcester MA
RT: Raul Tejeiro, Cabildo-Mas, Montevideo URY
RW: Rein Wortelboer, Radio Venray, NLD
SB: Stu D Baker, KRXS, Globe/Phoenix AZ
S&D: Steve Scott & Denise DeLeon, KNMX, Las Vegas, NM
SC: Jim Beal Jr (Señor Crusty), KSYM, San Antonio TX
SG: Steve Gardner,  WXDU, Durham NC
SH: Steve Hathaway, KKUP, Cupertino CA
SJ: Suzanne Jameson, KXCI, Tuscon AZ
SM: Susanne Millsaps, KRCL, Salt Lake City UT
SMJ: Steve Jerrett, KOPN, Columbia MO
ST: Steve Terrell, KSFR, Santa Fe NM
TA: Tom Ayres, WRUV, Burlington, VT
TF: Tom Funk, KGLP, Gallup NM
TG: Thomas Greener,  KVMR, Nevada City CA
TH: Tristessa Howard, WTTU, Cookeville TN
TJ: Tom Jackson,  WLUW, Chicago IL
TO: Theo Oldenburg, Radio Winschoten, Holland NLD
TS: Ted Smouse, Radio Del Ray, Washington DC
TT: Troy Tyree, WICN, Worcester, MA
TW: Thom Wodock, WDVR, Sergeantsville NJ
VL: Vida Lee, KKUP, Cupertino CA       
VP: Vicki Pepper, KUCI, Irvine CA
WH: Wade Hockett,  KBOO, Portland OR
WR: Wesley Robertson, KVMR, Nevada City CA
WT: Doug Tucker,  KWVA, Eugene OR

FAR is compiled by John Conquest for 3rd Coast Music Magazine.   ©2002 John Conquest

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