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    FAR #57  (APRIL 2004)  


  1. Cornell Hurd Band: Cen-Tex Serenade (Behemoth) *DN/*EW/*KD/*LB/*NA/*RJ/*RR/*SH/*TS

  2. Buckskin Stallion: Blue Ribbon Buzz (Big Bender) *HT/*MB/*ND/*RH/*TF

  3. Grey DeLisle: The Graceful Ghost (Sugar Hill) *BL/*JB/*S&D/*ST

  4. Loretta Lynn: Van Lear Rose (Interscope) *JZ/*MT/*MY/*PT/*SJ

  5. Slaid Cleaves: Wishbones (Philo) *BF/*MM/*TT

  6. Two Dollar Pistols: Hands Up! (Yep Roc) *DL/*DWT/*SG

  7. Eliza Gilkyson: Land Of Milk And Honey (Red House) *AA/*TA/*WR

  8. James McMurtry: Live In Aught-Three (Compadre) *BP/*LW/*RA

  9. Graham Parker: Your Country (Bloodshot) *JS/*JT/*RC

  10. Tom Russell: Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs (Hightone) *BW/*MR

  11. BR5-49: Tangled In The Pines (Dualtone) *RMS

  12. Gurf Morlix: Cut 'N Shoot (Blue Corn) *BR/*CP/*DF

  13. Jon Langford: All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds (Bloodshot) *TJ/*TW

  14. Moot Davis (Little Dog) *KF/*TG

  15. Blackie & The Rodeo Kings: Bark (True North) *AB
    Amy Farris: Anyway (Yep Roc) *BC/*MDT

  16. Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum: Guest House (HighTone) *DJ

  17. James Hand: Live at the Saxon Pub (Knight Klub) *JH
    Ollabelle (DMZ/Sony)

  18. Alecia Nugent (Rounder) *CL/*MA

  19. Jon Rauhouse: Steel Guitar Rodeo (Bloodshot) *FM

  20. The Woodys: Teardrops & Diamonds (Dynamike) *GS

  21. Sand Sheff: Free On This Mountain (Upheaval Dome) *DB/*JCS

  22. Al Anderson: After Hours (self) *JF/*T&L
    The Mammals: Rock that Babe (Signature Sounds) *R&H

  23. Angel Dean & Sue Garner: Pot Liquor (Diesel Only) *PP
    Michael Fracasso: A Pocketful Of Rain (Texas Music Group) *FW

  24. Eric Hisaw Band: Another Great Dream Of You (self) *DA
    Anne McCue: Roll (Messenger) *DWB
    Christine Mims: Perfect For A Rainy Day (Yellow Rose)

  25. Terry Allen: Juarez (Sugar Hill) *GC

  26. Asylum Street Spankers: Mercurial (Spanks A Lot) *3RC
    Jimmy Fautheree: I Found The Doorknob (Eccofonic) •RS
    Allison Moorer: The Duel (Sugar Hill) *BS

  27. Jolie Holland: Escondida (Anti) *UC
    The Subdudes: Miracle Mule (Back Porch) *KR

  28. Norman & Nancy Blake: Morning Glory Ramblers (Dualtone) *AR
    The Blasters: Going Home Live (Shout Factory) *KC
    Anny Celsi: Little Black Dress & Other Stories (Ragazza) *TO
    Steve Kaufman: Stylin' (Sleeping Bear) *EB
    Leftover Salmon (Compendia) *MF
    Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch: You Can't Save Everybody (Dead Reckoning) *KM
    Jennifer Whiteley: Hopetown (Black Hen) *FS

  29. Leti De La Vega: Songs Of The De La Vega Family (Deep South) *QB
    Dollar Store (Bloodshot) *BB
    Grizzly: Everything But The Smile (self) *JE
    Steve James & Del Rey: Tonight (Hobemian) *SC
    John & The Sisters (Northern Blue) *DT
    Mary Lou Lord: Baby Blue (Rubric) *SR
    Kate Maki: Confusion Unlimited (self) *TH
    Meat Purveyors: Beans n' Sweepins (Gravy Queen) *HG
    Peter, Paul & Mary: In These Times (Rhino) *SMJ
    Dave Sheriff: All Alone In Limburg (Starsound) *RW
    Tangle Eye’s Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed (Zoe) *JW
    The Wailin' Jennys: 40 Days (Jericho Beach) *JR

FAR charts are compiled from reports sent in by actual DJs with freeform (i.e. no playlists) radio shows on public, college and community stations round the country (and world).  Each of them lists the six albums they took most pleasure in playing, one of which can be their Album of the Month (designated by a * and their initials). 

Here's a schedule of FAR shows online 

AA: Johnny Bazzano (Your Average Abalone), KRCB, Santa Rosa CA
AB: Allison Brock (Wide Cut Country) CKUA, Calgary/Edmonton CAN
AR: Al Riess (All Together Now), WBNY, Buffalo NY
BB: Brian Bourgoin (Twisted Roots), WCNI, New London CT
BC: Bill Conner (Hill Country Hayride), KNBT, New Braunfels TX
BF: Bill Frater (Freight Train Boogie), KRCB, Santa Rosa CA
BL: Billy Lee (Countrybilly Show), NEAR/Caroline IRL
BR: Bruce Ross (Sunny Side Up), KZSU, Stanford, CA
BS: Brian Saunderson (Hurtin For Real), CFBX, Kamloops CAN
BW: Bill Wagman (Saturday Morning Folk Show), KDVS, Davis CA
CD: Chris Darling (US Folk), WMPG, Portland ME
CL: Craig Lammers (Real Country With Country Craig), WBGU, Bowling Green OH
CP: Jamie Hoover (Cow Patti) (Songs Of The Mother Road), KSUT, Ignacio CO & KUGS, Bellingham WA
DA: Dan Alloway (Folk Fury), KTEP, El Paso TX
DB: Dave Bryce (Rural Delivery), Fresh FM, Nelson NZL 
DC: Dave Chamberlain (Sagebrush Boogie), WRFG, Atlanta GA
DF: Dan Ferguson (Boudin Barndance), WRIU, Kingston RI
DJ: David John (Chickenskin Music)KTRU, Houston TX
DL:Don Larew (Crossroads City Limits)WHFR, Dearborn MI
DN: Dan Nemeth (Blood On The Saddle), CiTR, Vancouver CAN
DO: Dan Orange (Bushwhacker's Breakfast Club), KZSC, Santa Cruz CA
DP: Daren Powell (Tombstone After Dark), CJSW, Calgary CAN
DS: Dave Stratton (Cutting Edge Countdown), WQBR, Williamsport/State College PA
DT: Dwight Thurston (In The Weeds)WWUH, West Hartford CT
DV: Del Villareal (Go Cat, GO!) WBCN MI; (Rock & Roll Radio Ranch) WSDS, Ypsilanti MI
DWB: David Besonen (Texas Renegade Radio), KNON, Dallas TX
DWT: Dave Tilley (The Bull City Cosmic Hoedown), WXDU, Durham NC
DY: Doug Young (Monday Breakfast Jam), KRCL, Salt Lake City UT & KZMU,
Moab UT

EB: Erika Brady (Barren River Breakdown), WKYU, Bowling Green KY
EW: Eddie White (The Cosmic Cowboy Cafe), 2RRR, Sydney AUS
FM: Jenny 'Hoss' Haubenreiser (Friday Morning Twang), KGLT, Bozeman MT
FS: Fred Smith (Hardcore Country), CHRW, London ON CAN
FW: David Obermann (Folkways), KUT, Austin TX
GC: Gail Comfort (The Comfort Zone), spydaradio.co.uk & (Canadiana),
GS: Gerd Stassen (Hillbilly Rockhouse), Radio Ems-Vechte-Welle GER
HG: Kelly Gilmore (Hayride To Hell), WTUL, New Orleans LA
HT: Remo Ricaldone (Happy Trails), Susa Onda Radio, Susa ITA

JB: Jos Van Den Boom (Crossroads), BRTO, Bergen op Zoom, NLD
JCS: JC Shepard (Americana)KRFC, Fort Collins CO
JE: Julie Espy (Howdylicious! with Wanda), KUCI, Irvine CA
JF: Joe Farara (Fancy Eatin’ Table), WJSC, Johnson VT
JH: John Hauser (Country Roots)KOOP, Austin TX
JM: Jen Medlin (Back 40), WNMC, Traverse City MI
JP: Joe Pareres (Third Coast Music Network), KSYM, San Antonio TX
JQB: Jesse Quentin Bond (The Copia), WSUM, Madison WI
JR: Jeff Robson (Tell The Band to Go Home), CJUM, Winnipeg CAN
JS: Jacques Spiry (Country Unlimited & Lone Star Music), RCF, Lyon FRA
JT: Matt Schuyler (Johnny Timewarp) (Dark Side of The Highway), WFCS, New Britain CT
JW: John Weingart (Music You Can't Hear On The Radio), WPRB, Princeton NJ
JZ: Jon Ziegler (Jonny Z’s Chicken Shack), WMSE, Milwaukee WI
KC: Kay Clements (Roadhouse Twang), KWMR, Point Reyes CA & (Mary Kay Show),
KPFA, Berkeley CA
KD: Ken Date (Sydney's Coolest Country)2RRR, Sydney AUS
KF: Kirsty Fitzsimons (American Music Show), Radio Anna Livia, Dublin IRL
KG: Kathy Gatliffe (Skip Pop Scratch)KVCU, Boulder CO
KM: Karen Miller (The Miller Tells Her Tale), Spydaradio.co.uk
KR: Kim Rogers (Good Stuff), KVMR, Nevada City CA
LB: Len Brown, (The Country Store), KDRP, Dripping Springs Texas
LC: Laura Cantrell (Radio Thrift Shop), WFMU, Jersey City NJ

LG: Linda Guebert (Denim Alley), KPFZ, Lakeport CA
LW: Larry Weir (Songwriter’s Showcase)KDHX, St Louis MO
MA: Mathias Andrieu (Keep It Country), NSEO, Paris FRA
MB: Michael van Bruggen (Landslide), Lokale Omroep Landsmeer, NLD
MD: Michael Dixon (Captain Boogaloo's Blues and Roots Extravaganza), WRBC, Lewiston ME
MDT: Mark Taylor (Roots), WVUD, Newark DE
MF: Massimo Ferro (Highway 61), Radio Voce Spazio, Alessandria ITA
MM: Mark Mundy (Texas Renegade Radio), KNON, Dallas TX
MO: Meredith Ochs (Trash, Twang & Thunder), WFMU, Jersey City NJ
MP: Michel Penard (Country Skies), ISA Radio, Pont de Beauvoisin FRA
MR: Mike Regenstreif (Folk Roots/Folk Branches), CKUT, Montreal CAN
MT: Mike Trynosky (Not Exactly Nashville)WCNI, New London CT
MY: Michael Young (Roots n' Boots), WFPK, Louisville KY
NA: Nancy Apple (Car Tunes), WEVL, Memphis TN
ND: Nico Druyf (Long Distance), Radio Hoorn, NLD
OS: Jack Sparks (The Other Side of Country), WMGT, Stillwater MN
PP: Richard Schwartz (Professor Purple) (Amarillo Highway)KZMU, Moab UT
PT: Doug Neal (Progressive Torch & Twang)WDBM, East Lansing MI
R&HL: Roz & Howard Larman (FolkScene), KPFK Los Angeles CA/ WUMB Boston MA/ KPFZ Lucerne CA/ Plains FM NZL/ Fresh FM NZL
RA: Rick August (Borderlines), CJTR Regina SK, CAN
RC: Rick Cornell (Border Radio), WXDU, Durham NC
RCS: River City Slim: (The Pine Grove Blues), WWUH, West Hartford CT
RE: Rob Ellen (The Medicine Show), Loch Broom FM, Ullapool, SCO
RH: Rolf Hierath (Hillbilly Jukebox), Radio RheinWelle, Wiesbaden GER
RJ: Rik James (Americana Backroads), KGLT, Bozeman MT
RM: Rod Moag (Country, Swing, & Rockabilly Jamboree), KOOP, Austin TX
RMS: Lynne Greenamyre (Rockabilly Mood Swing), KKFI, Kansas City MO
RR: Joe Snyder (Radio Ranch), WDVR, Sergeantsville NJ
RS: Rob Silverberg (Crosstracks)WCUW, Worcester MA
RT: Raúl Tejeiro (Top Country Hits), Cabildo-Mas, Montevideo URY
RW: Rein Wortelboer (PeelGrass), Radio Venray, NLD
S&D: Steve Scott & Denise DeLeon (The Real Deal), KFUN, Las Vegas NM
SC: Jim Beal Jr (Señor Crusty) (Third Coast Music Network), KSYM, San Antonio TX
SF: Tom Flynn (Saltwater Farm), WMPG, Portland ME
SG: Steve Gardner (Topsoil)WXDU, Durham NC

SH: Steve Hathaway (Cupertino Barndance), KKUP, Cupertino CA
SJ: Suzanne Jameson (Random Access Radio), KXCI, Tuscon AZ
SM: Susanne Millsaps (Thursday Breakfast Jam), KRCL, Salt Lake City UT
SMJ: Steve Jerrett (Sunday Morning Coffeehouse), KOPN, Columbia MO
SR: Stu Reid (TwangTrust), CKUW, Winnipeg CAN
ST: Steve Terrell (Santa Fe Opry), KSFR, Santa Fe NM
TA: Tom Ayres (Emotional Weather Report), WRUV, Burlington VT
TF: Tom Funk (Green Chile Revival & Medicine Show), KGLP, Gallup NM
TG: Thomas Greener (Ragged But Right)KVMR, Nevada City CA
TH: Tristessa Howard (Harvest Hoedown), WTTU, Cookeville TN
TJ: Tom Jackson (Somebody Else’s Troubles)WLUW, Chicago IL
T&L: Tom Hughes & Liz Shepherd (Barstool Mountain) Voice of Vashon,
Vashon, WA

TO: Theo Oldenburg (Alt.Country Cooking), Radio Winschoten, Holland NLD
TR: Texas Red (Chip Meshaw) (Fat Sunday), KCSS, Turlock CA
3RC: Joan Hathaway (Three Ring Circus), WMBR, Cambridge MA
TS: Ted Smouse (Rancho Del Ray), Radio Del Ray, Washington DC
TT: Troy Tyree (American Roots Radio), WICN, Worcester MA
TW: Thom Wodock (Commmon Thread), WDVR, Sergeantsville NJ
UV: Danny Birch (Underground Voice), KCUV, Denver CO
VL: Vida Lee (Vida Lee’s Juke Joint), KKUP, Cupertino CA       
WR: Wesley Robertson (Rockin’ & Stompin’), KVMR, Nevada City CA

FAR is compiled by John Conquest for 3rd Coast Music Magazine.   ©2003-2004 John Conquest

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