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    FAR #7 (FEB 00)  
  1. The Big D Jamboree (Dragon Street) *JHa/*PP/*JS

  2. Marti Brom & Her Barnshakers: Snake Ranch (Goofin') *KD/*VL

  3. Jimmie Dale Gilmore: One Endless Night (Windcharger) *EB/*DJ

  4. The Hollisters: Sweet Inspiration (Hightone) *DF

  5. Slaid Cleaves: Broke Down (Philo) *PS
    Steve Young: Primal Young (Appleseed) *DT

  6. Kevin Deal: Honky Tonks -N- Churches (Blind Nello) *BF

  7. Phil Lee: The Mighty King Of Love (Shanachie)

  8. Chris Gaffney & The Cold Hard Facts: Live And Then Some (Tres Pescadores)
    Chip Taylor: London Sessions Bootleg+ (Train Wreck)

  9. Brian Burns: Angels And Outlaws (Bandera) *LB
    Li'l Mo & The Monicats: Hearts In My Dreams (Passin Fancy) *TG
    James Talley: Woody Guthrie & Songs Of My Oklahoma Home (Cimarron) *BW

  10. Bradley Jaye Williams: Tex-Mex Gumbo (Lazy SOB)
    Neko Case & Her Boyfriends: Furnace Room Lullaby (Bloodshot) *WH

  11. Tom Armstrong Sings Heart Songs (Carswell) *SH
    Neal Black & The Healers: Gone Back To Texas (Dixie Frog) *PD
    Charlie Burton: One Man's Trash (Bulldog) *RS
    Cave Catt Sammy: Fast Cars & Smoky Bars (Big Bellied) *JE
    Craig Chambers: West By Southwest (WR) *ER
    Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel: Things To Come (sighlow) *JZ
    Blaze Foley: Live At The Austin Outhouse (Lost Art) *DN
    The Handsome Family: In The Air (Carrot Top ) *TJ
    Christine Lavin: Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch *DO
    Mark David Manders & Nueva Tejas: Chili Pepper Sunset (Blind Nello) *MM
    Smith's Ranch Boys: More Barnyard Favorites (Summertone) *JH
    Texas Plainsmen w/Yodelin' Donnie Walser (Walser Archives) *MT
    Rhonda Vincent: Back Home Again (Rounder) *EB

  12. Eric Andersen: You Can't Relive The Past (Appleseed)
    Bad Livers: Blood & Mood (Sugar Hill)
    Ed Burleson: My Perfect World (Tornado)
    The Very Best Of Robbie Fulks (Bloodshot)
    Wylie & The Wild West: Ridin The Highline (Rounder)


FAR charts are compiled from reports sent in by actual DJs with freeform (i.e. no playlists) radio shows on public, college and community stations round the country (and in Australia).  Each of them lists the four albums they took most pleasure in playing, one of which can be their Album of the Month (designated by a * and their initials). 

JB: Jim Beal Jr,  KSYM, TX
LB: Len Brown,  WDVR, NJ
KC: Kay Clements, KWMR, CA
KD: Ken Date,  2RRR, Austrailia
PD: Paul Daly,  KSYM, TX
JE: Julie Espy, KUCI, CA
BF: Bill Frater, KRCB, CA
DF: Dan Ferguson, WRIU, RI
SG: Steve Gardner,  WXDU, NC
TG: Thomas Greener,  KVMR, CA
JHa: John Hauser,  KOOP, TX
JHo: Jamie Hoover,  KGLP, NM
SH: Steve Hathaway, JJUP, CA
WH: Wade Hockett,  KBOO, OR
DJ: David John,  KTRU, TX
TJ: Tom Jackson,  WLUW, IL
MM: Mark Mundy, KNON, TX
DN: Doug Neal,  WDBM, MI
DO: Dan Orange, KZSC, CA
JP: Jana Pendragon KXLU, CA
PP: Professor Purple,  KZMU, UT
KR: Kim Rogers, KVMR, CA
WR: Wesley Robertson, KVMR, CA
ER: Eddie Russell,  RPEM/JRRI
JS: Johnny Simmons,  KUSP, CA
RS: Rob Silverberg,  WCUW, MA
DT: Dwight Thurston,  WWUH, CT
DTu: Doug Tucker,  KWVA, OR
MT: Mike Trynosky,  WCNI, CT
BW: Bill Wagman, KDVS, CA
LW: Larry Weir,  KDHX, MO

FAR is compiled by John Conquest for 3rd Coast Music Magazine.   1999 John Conquest

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