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bye bye       Wed, 3/31/10 18:52
johnny cash   man in black   essential   Wed, 3/31/10 18:52
tom waits   big joe and phantom 309   nighthawks at the diner   Wed, 3/31/10 18:48
pieta brown   calling all angels   one and all (red house)   Wed, 3/31/10 18:43
jon dee graham   la la la la la   its not as bad as it looks (freedom)   Wed, 3/31/10 18:41
Ray Charles   hit the road jack   Ray Soundtrack (Atlantic)   Wed, 3/31/10 18:41
toni price   west texas lullaby   sol power   Wed, 3/31/10 18:37
wayne hancock   thats why i ride   wild free and reckless   Wed, 3/31/10 18:36
fred eaglesmith   indian motorcycles   falling stars and broken hearts   Wed, 3/31/10 18:24
del mccoury band   52 vincent black lightning   oxford american vol 6   Wed, 3/31/10 18:23
      Wed, 3/31/10 18:23
deadstring brothers   adalee   sao paulo (bloodshot)   Wed, 3/31/10 18:14
george jones   still doin time, we must have been out of our minds (w melba montgomery)   essential   Wed, 3/31/10 18:11
great american taxi   american beauty   reckless habits (thirty tigers)   Wed, 3/31/10 18:03
todd snider   moon dawgs tavern   step right up   Wed, 3/31/10 18:02
      Wed, 3/31/10 18:02
lowell fulson   this feeling, cheatin woman   in a heavy bag   Wed, 3/31/10 17:46
lefty frizzell   if you've got the money honey, always late with your kisses, saginaw michigan   best of   Wed, 3/31/10 17:43
carolina chocolate drops   snowdens jig, why don't you do right   genuine negro jig (nonesuch)   Wed, 3/31/10 17:33
drive by truckers   drag the lake charlie, the wig he made her wear   the big to-do (ato)   Wed, 3/31/10 17:16
joe ely   boxcars   live shots 1980   Wed, 3/31/10 17:15
Moreland & Arbuckle   What You Gonna Do   Flood (Telarc)   Wed, 3/31/10 17:14
john hiatt   fireball roberts   the open road (new west)   Wed, 3/31/10 17:03
Lesti Huff Band   neon lights   Where Was the Love? (self)   Wed, 3/31/10 17:02
corb lund   always keep an edge on your knife   hair in my eyes like a highland steer   Wed, 3/31/10 17:01
      Wed, 3/31/10 17:01
chubby carrier & the bayou swamp band   swampadelic, stop wastin my time   zydeco junkie (swampadellic)   Wed, 3/31/10 16:51
Carrie Rodriguez   waltzings for dreamers, rex's blues   love and circumstance (ninth street opus_)   Wed, 3/31/10 16:45
otis gibbs   outdated, frustrated and blue, the town that killed kennedy   joe hills ashes (wanamaker)   Wed, 3/31/10 16:30
tom rigney and flambeau   bring it on home to me, new world   serious fun (parhelion)   Wed, 3/31/10 16:24
tom t hall   i'm a coal mining man   Coal Country Music - various - (Heartwood)   Wed, 3/31/10 16:12
diana jones   appalachia   Coal Country Music - various - (Heartwood)   Wed, 3/31/10 16:12
justin townes earle   down in the valley   Coal Country Music - various - (Heartwood)   Wed, 3/31/10 16:08
will kimbrough   three angels, you cant go home   wings (daphne)   Wed, 3/31/10 16:02
      Wed, 3/31/10 16:02
dr john   winin boy   preservation (preservation hall recordings)   Wed, 3/31/10 16:02
blind boys of alabama   there is a light   preservation (preservation hall recordings)   Wed, 3/31/10 15:43
merle haggard   basin street blues   preservation (preservation hall recordings)   Wed, 3/31/10 15:43
richie havens   trouble in mind   preservation (preservation hall recordings)   Wed, 3/31/10 15:42
red molly   you'll never leave harlan alive, tear my stillhouse down   james (s/r)   Wed, 3/31/10 15:37
      Wed, 3/31/10 15:17
kirk fletcher   congo square, blues for antone   My Turn (electro Groove)   Wed, 3/31/10 15:15
the carper family   gonna lay down my old guitar, jolly railroad man   come see yer ol' daddy (ind)   Wed, 3/31/10 15:11
the krayolas   wall of accordion   americano (box)   Wed, 3/31/10 15:03
bob wills   keeper of my heart, ida red likes the boogie, boot heel drag   legends of country music   Wed, 3/31/10 14:57
3phus here       Wed, 3/31/10 14:56
Thanks for stickin' 'round, y'all       Tue, 3/30/10 18:54
Anders Osborne & Monk Boudreaux   Dive in the Gumbo   Bury the Hatchet   Tue, 3/30/10 18:53
Swamp Cabbage   Jesus Tone   Squeal (Zoho Roots)   Tue, 3/30/10 18:52
Asleep at the Wheel W/ Ft Worth Symphony   Faded Love   Asleep at the Wheel W/ Ft Worth Symphony   Tue, 3/30/10 18:39
      Tue, 3/30/10 18:36
Christine Ohlman   My Secret Heart   The Hard Way   Tue, 3/30/10 18:36
Slaid Cleaves   Tiger Tom Dixon's Blues   Wishbones   Tue, 3/30/10 18:33
Guitar Shorty   Texas Women   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Tue, 3/30/10 18:27
stephen bruton   Ordinary Man   From the Five   Tue, 3/30/10 18:24
James Talley   The Girls from Kelowna   Heartsong (Cimarron)   Tue, 3/30/10 18:17
      Tue, 3/30/10 18:16
Carrie Rodriguez   Wide River to Cross   Love & Circumstance (Ninth Street Opus)   Tue, 3/30/10 18:15
Duke Robillard & Sunny Crownover   Occidental Woman   Tales from the Tiki Lounge (Blue Duchess)   Tue, 3/30/10 18:09
      Tue, 3/30/10 18:07
pokey lafarge & the south city three   In The Graveyard Now   riverboat soul (free dirt)   Tue, 3/30/10 18:07
red molly   TearMy Stillhouse Down   james (s/r)   Tue, 3/30/10 18:00
Magnolia Sisters   Paulina Tater   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Tue, 3/30/10 17:56
carolina chocolate drops   Sandy Boys   genuine negro jig (nonesuch)   Tue, 3/30/10 17:55
Truckstop Honeymoon   The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses   Diamonds in the Asphalt   Tue, 3/30/10 17:53
Moreland & Arbuckle   What You Gonna Do   Flood (Telarc)   Tue, 3/30/10 17:45
Ken Will Morton   Open Road   True Grit (Sojourn)   Tue, 3/30/10 17:37
Doug Sahm   Texas Me   The Return of Wayne Douglas   Tue, 3/30/10 17:36
      Tue, 3/30/10 17:35
jesse dayton (r)   Big City Blues   Raisin' Cain   Tue, 3/30/10 17:32
Dirty Dozen Brass Band   My Feet Can't Fail Me Now   Our New Orleans - various   Tue, 3/30/10 17:26
Terri Hendrix   The Spiritual Kind (r)   The Spiritual Kind   Tue, 3/30/10 17:17
Holmes Brothers   Rounding Third   Feed My Soul (Alligator)   Tue, 3/30/10 17:16
      Tue, 3/30/10 17:14
Los Fabulocos   If You Know   Los Fabulocos   Tue, 3/30/10 17:14
James Hand   Little Bitty Slip   Shadows Where The Magic Was   Tue, 3/30/10 17:07
otis gibbs   Joe Hill's Ashes   joe hill's ashes (wanamaker)   Tue, 3/30/10 17:02
      Tue, 3/30/10 17:01
Tom Rigney & Flambeau   Hey, Little Girl   Serious Fun (Parhelion)   Tue, 3/30/10 17:00
Levon Helm   When I Go Away   Electric Dirt   Tue, 3/30/10 16:57
Rick Broussard   Surfin' Hula Honky Tonk   Let It Go   Tue, 3/30/10 16:57
asylum street spankers   Wade in the Water   god's favorite band (spanksalot)   Tue, 3/30/10 16:50
Kirk Fletcher   El Medio Stomp   My Turn (electro Groove)   Tue, 3/30/10 16:47
james mcmurtry   Hurricane Party (r)   Just Us Kids   Tue, 3/30/10 16:44
Magnolia Sisters   Blues d'orpheline   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Tue, 3/30/10 16:38
      Tue, 3/30/10 16:36
Reverend Horton Heat   Please Don't Take the Baby to the Liquor Store   Laughin' & Cryin' (Yep Roc)   Tue, 3/30/10 16:34
James Hunter   Don't Do Me No Favours   The Hard Way   Tue, 3/30/10 16:29
Lesti Huff Band   Dead Man's Bluff (r)   Where Was the Love? (self)   Tue, 3/30/10 16:29
Carper Family   Emergency Closed Heart Surgery   Come See Yer Ol' Daddy   Tue, 3/30/10 16:19
      Tue, 3/30/10 16:17
Beautiful Losers Society   One Good Dog   The Long Slow Decline (s/r)   Tue, 3/30/10 16:17
sorry, that was Blind Boys of Alabama, not Jason Isbell   There Is A Light   Preservation (Preservation Hall)   Tue, 3/30/10 16:14
Preservation Hall   Nobody Knows You (w/Jason Isbell)   Preservation (Preservation Hall)   Tue, 3/30/10 16:10
      Tue, 3/30/10 16:08
delbert mcclinton   I've Got Dreams to Remember (r)   Live   Tue, 3/30/10 16:02
West Side Horns (r)   Funky Mama   San Quilmas   Tue, 3/30/10 16:01
Los Lobos   Will the Wolf Survive   Just Another Band from East LA   Tue, 3/30/10 15:58
Jason & the Scorchers   Beat on the Mountain   Coal Country Music - various - (Heartwood)   Tue, 3/30/10 15:55
Lost Bayou Ramblers   Macaque   Live a la Blue Moon   Tue, 3/30/10 15:48
      Tue, 3/30/10 15:47
Robert Johnson (r)   Terraplane Blues   Delta Blues vol 1   Tue, 3/30/10 15:47
Amy Farris   Headin' East   Anyway   Tue, 3/30/10 15:39
      Tue, 3/30/10 15:36
colin farrell   Gone Gone Gone   crazy heart (new west)   Tue, 3/30/10 15:36
Steve Earle   Copperhead Road (r)   Shut Up & Die Like An Aviator   Tue, 3/30/10 15:32
Beth McKee   Walking to New Orleans   I'm That Way (s/r)   Tue, 3/30/10 15:29
Steve James   Born to Lose   Boom Chang   Tue, 3/30/10 15:28
johnny cash   1 Corinthians 15:55   American VI, Ain't No Grave (American)   Tue, 3/30/10 15:26
      Tue, 3/30/10 15:25
Dan Reeder   Fireball   This New Century (Oh Boy)   Tue, 3/30/10 15:24
Steve Riley   King Zydeco   Bayou Ruler   Tue, 3/30/10 15:21
Kate Gaffney   Give It A Whirl   The Coachman   Tue, 3/30/10 15:07
      Tue, 3/30/10 15:03
Johnny Winter   Check Out Her Mama   Hey, Where's Your Brother?   Tue, 3/30/10 15:03
Watermelon Slim   Got Love If You Want It   The Wheel Man   Tue, 3/30/10 15:02
Dave Rawlings Machine   Ruby   A Friend of a Friend (Acony)   Tue, 3/30/10 14:57
Happy Tuesday, one and all       Tue, 3/30/10 14:56
      Tue, 3/30/10 14:56
      Tue, 3/30/10 14:56
thanks for listening   happy trails     Mon, 3/29/10 18:58
gordie tentrees   devil talks   mercy or sin   Mon, 3/29/10 18:58
pieta brown   wishes falling through the rain   one and all (red house)   Mon, 3/29/10 18:57
will kimbrough   wings   wings (daphne)   Mon, 3/29/10 18:52
red molly   gulf coast highway   james (s/r)   Mon, 3/29/10 18:42
      Mon, 3/29/10 18:41
slim richey & the jitterbug vipers in studio       Mon, 3/29/10 18:10
various   the time of the preacher (johnny cash)   no depression: what it sounds like, vol. 1   Mon, 3/29/10 18:10
various   i got a woman (elvis)/going away (the staple singers)   oxford american 10th anniv. edition   Mon, 3/29/10 18:08
the krayolas   piso diez   americano (box)   Mon, 3/29/10 18:01
carolina chocolate drops   cornbread and butterbeans   genuine negro jig (nonesuch)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:57
asylum street spankers   shadrach, meshach, and adengego   god's favorite band (spanksalot)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:56
red stick ramblers   evenin'   made in the shade   Mon, 3/29/10 17:52
various   born to roll (bruce robison)   freight train boogie (jackalope)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:52
kirk fletcher   natural anthem   My Turn (electro groove)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:40
      Mon, 3/29/10 17:39
various   streets of philadelphia (bettye lavette)   song of america   Mon, 3/29/10 17:38
otis gibbs   the ballad of johnny crooked tree   joe hill's ashes (wanamaker)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:33
john hiatt   like a freight train   the open road (new west)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:29
pokey lafarge & the south city three   old black dog   riverboat soul (free dirt)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:25
various   tootie ma is a big fine thing (tom waits w/ the preservation hall band)   preservation (preservation hall recordings)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:23
      Mon, 3/29/10 17:23
texas tornados   chicano   esta bueno (bismeax)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:14
various   cowboy peyton place (r) (doug sahm)   no depression: what it sounds like, vol. 1   Mon, 3/29/10 17:07
      Mon, 3/29/10 17:07
christabel & the jons   back to tennessee   custom made for you (roots & rhizomes)   Mon, 3/29/10 17:04
patty griffin   i smell a rat   downtown church (credential)   Mon, 3/29/10 16:59
chubby carrier & the bayou swamp band   call me   zydeco junkie (swampadellic)   Mon, 3/29/10 16:56
various   hound dog (big mama thornton)   martin scorsese presents the blues   Mon, 3/29/10 16:54
various   come on in (r.l. burnside)   bigbadlove   Mon, 3/29/10 16:50
Moreland & Arbuckle   hate to see you go/your man won't ever know   Flood (Telarc)   Mon, 3/29/10 16:48
drive by truckers   drag the lake charlie   the big to-do (ato)   Mon, 3/29/10 16:46
welcome to TCMN Monday Edition   Tish the Intern here...   will have Slim Richey & the Jitterbug Vipers in studio at 6:15ish--they're playing at Sam's Burger Joint for Swing Night   Mon, 3/29/10 16:37
      Mon, 3/29/10 16:35
lil dipper is out   cheers     Sun, 3/28/10 19:59
john hiatt   go down swingin   the open road (new west)   Sun, 3/28/10 19:59
shelley king   summer wine   welcome home   Sun, 3/28/10 19:56
guy clark   let him roll   old no 1   Sun, 3/28/10 19:54
del mccory   1952 vincent black lightniing   oxford american southern   Sun, 3/28/10 19:49
jamey johnson   high cost of living   that lonesome song   Sun, 3/28/10 19:45
chucks wagon   san antone   lipstick and sin   Sun, 3/28/10 19:45
red meat   texas texas   meet red meat   Sun, 3/28/10 19:37
lucinda williams   fruits of my labor   world without tears   Sun, 3/28/10 19:37
neko case   i wish I was the moon tonight   blacklisted   Sun, 3/28/10 19:29
yarn   cat and mouse     Sun, 3/28/10 19:24
alejandro escovedo   too little too late   keep your soul   Sun, 3/28/10 19:24
dwight yoakum   i want you to want me   tomorrow sounds today   Sun, 3/28/10 19:17
two tons of steel   two tons of steel (r)   love at gruene hall   Sun, 3/28/10 19:13
guy forsyth   long long time   love songs for and aganist   Sun, 3/28/10 19:13
los super seven with ruben ramos   heard it on the x   heard it on the x   Sun, 3/28/10 19:10
freddy fender   just a moment of your time   lone star   Sun, 3/28/10 19:03
corb lund   always keep an edge on your knife   hair in your eyes   Sun, 3/28/10 19:03
merle haggard   mama tried (r)   the best of   Sun, 3/28/10 18:58
stephen bruton   bluebonnet blue   right on time   Sun, 3/28/10 18:58
ryan bingham   country roads   roadhouse sun   Sun, 3/28/10 18:50
colin farrell and jeff bridges   fallin and flyin   crazy heart (new west)   Sun, 3/28/10 18:46
somebody's darling   another two step   (shiner)   Sun, 3/28/10 18:45
nathan hamilton   bed clothes (r)   live at floores   Sun, 3/28/10 18:36
patty loveless   please help me I'm falling (r)   sleepless nights   Sun, 3/28/10 18:33
robert earl keen   the rose hotel   the rose hotel   Sun, 3/28/10 18:26
the hoyle brothers   shot of bourbon   don't leave yet (indie)   Sun, 3/28/10 18:24
willie nelson   im my own grandpa   rainbow connection   Sun, 3/28/10 18:23
delbert mcclinton   squeeze me in   nothing personal   Sun, 3/28/10 18:23
jesse dayton   arkansas chrome   live in las vegas bootleg   Sun, 3/28/10 18:11
los number 3 dinners   cant stop gotta rock   cant stop gotta rock   Sun, 3/28/10 18:10
new riders of the purple sage   louisanas lady (r)   the best of   Sun, 3/28/10 18:06
george jones   white lightning   50 years of hits   Sun, 3/28/10 18:00
rodney crowell   telephone road   the houston kid   Sun, 3/28/10 18:00
charlie robison   racing in the street   beautiful day   Sun, 3/28/10 18:00
raul malo   for the good times   after hours   Sun, 3/28/10 17:59
texas tornados   guacamole (r)   hangin by a thread   Sun, 3/28/10 17:44
lyle lovett   south texas girl   its not big its large   Sun, 3/28/10 17:35
ray wylie hubbard   hey that's alright   dangerous spirits   Sun, 3/28/10 17:27
dan reeder   clean elvis     Sun, 3/28/10 17:24
ray price   funny how time slips away   the other woman   Sun, 3/28/10 17:24
john hiatt   my baby   the open road (new west)   Sun, 3/28/10 17:18
randy garibay   too close to the border (r)   barbacoa vlues   Sun, 3/28/10 17:17
deadstring brothers (r)   smile   sao paulo (bloodshot)   Sun, 3/28/10 17:12
mark erelli   passing through   hope and other casualities   Sun, 3/28/10 17:11
doug sahm and the west side horns   candy kisses   the westside sound rolls again   Sun, 3/28/10 17:03
justin townes earle   hard livin   the good life   Sun, 3/28/10 17:03
texas tornados   girl goin nowhere (r)   esta bueno (bismeax)   Sun, 3/28/10 17:02
the blazers   just for you   just for you   Sun, 3/28/10 16:54
joe ely joel guzman   up on the ridge (r)   live cactus   Sun, 3/28/10 16:50
radney foster   texas in 1880   are you ready for the big show   Sun, 3/28/10 16:48
neal black and the healers   have you ever   gone back to texas   Sun, 3/28/10 16:42
sam baker   memonite   cotton   Sun, 3/28/10 16:41
sisters morales (r)   la canoera   talking to the river   Sun, 3/28/10 16:41
fort worth doughboys   sunbonnet sue   hillbilly fever vol 1   Sun, 3/28/10 16:31
todd snider   late last night   step right up   Sun, 3/28/10 16:30
rosanne cash   sea of heartbreak   the list   Sun, 3/28/10 16:30
hayes caril   drunken poets dream   trouble in mind   Sun, 3/28/10 16:30
the waybacks   city boy   loaded   Sun, 3/28/10 16:14
johnny cash   beans for breakfast   the mystery of life   Sun, 3/28/10 16:10
james mcmurtry   racing to the red light   walk between the raindrops   Sun, 3/28/10 16:06
lil dipper is in       Sun, 3/28/10 16:05
Joe Krown Organ Combo   Cheese Sandwich   Down & Dirty   Sun, 3/28/10 15:55
Big Joe Turner   The Sun Is Shining   Jumpin' With Joe (Aladdin)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:54
Magic Slim   Down In Virginia   The Essential Magic Slim (Blind Pig)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:53
Gene Allison   You Can Make It If You Try   Vee Jay Box Set   Sun, 3/28/10 15:51
Jeff Golub   Shuffleboard   Blues For You (E1)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:49
Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon   Baby Please Come Home   Jazz in Paris (Gitanes)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:43
Kirk Fletcher   Blues For Antone   My Turn (electro Groove)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:36
      Sun, 3/28/10 15:35
Stevie Vaughan (r)   Love Struck Baby   Live at Montreux   Sun, 3/28/10 15:33
Super Chikan   Hey Super Chikan   Chikadelic (Bluestown)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:29
Ray Charles   Night Time Is the Right Time (r)   Ray Soundtrack (Atlantic)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:26
Pete Anderson   One and Only Lonely Fool   Even Things Up (Little Dog)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:24
      Sun, 3/28/10 15:24
Slim Harpo   Tip On In (r)   Excello Singles   Sun, 3/28/10 15:16
Bugs Henderson (at Sams Friday)   She Thinks I Still Care   American Music (Bingo Pajama)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:16
      Sun, 3/28/10 15:15
Ana Popovic   Steal Me Away   Blind For Love (Electro Groove)   Sun, 3/28/10 15:12
David Landon Band   Who's Lovin You?   This Time (Whip)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:57
Guitar Shorty   Slow Burn   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:54
Jimmy Reed   Blue Blue Water   At Carnegie Hall (VeeJay)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:46
Peter Karp & Sue Foley   Treat Me Right   He Said She Said (Blind Pig)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:38
      Sun, 3/28/10 14:38
Coco Montoya   Too Much Water   The Essential Coco Montoya (Blind Pig)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:32
Nick Moss   Louise   Privileged (Blue Bella)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:28
Robert Cray (r)   Forecast Calls For Pain   Heavy Picks (Mercury)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:20
      Sun, 3/28/10 14:20
Robben Ford   Nothin' To Nobody   Soul on Ten (Concord)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:07
      Sun, 3/28/10 14:07
Moreland & Arbuckle   Legend of John Henry   Flood (Telarc)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:06
Kim Wilson   You Got Me   Tiger Man (Antones)   Sun, 3/28/10 14:03
Keith Crossan   Turk's Groove   Beatnik Jungle   Sun, 3/28/10 14:02
Welcome to Blues Avenue   Dave in the box.   Hop aboard!   Sun, 3/28/10 13:46
That's all for this time   We are Outta Here   Dan aka the Cakeman   Sat, 3/27/10 18:45
Neil Young   Cortez The Killer/ Cinnamon Girl   Neil Young Comp   Sat, 3/27/10 18:44
Warren Zevon   Dirty Life & Times   The Wind   Sat, 3/27/10 18:43
Lucinda Williams   It's A Long Way To The Top   Little Honey (Lost Highway)   Sat, 3/27/10 18:42
      Sat, 3/27/10 18:36
Rodney Crowell   Shelter From The Storm   The Outsider (Columbia)   Sat, 3/27/10 18:29
James McMurtry   Just Us Kids   Just Us Kids (Lightning Rod)   Sat, 3/27/10 18:22
James McMurtry   Childish Things   Childish Things (Compadre)   Sat, 3/27/10 18:21
Alejandro Escovedo   Always A Friend   Real Animal (Back Porch)   Sat, 3/27/10 18:20
      Sat, 3/27/10 18:16
Z.Z. Hill   Down Home Blues / I'm A Blues Man   Greatest Hits (Malco)   Sat, 3/27/10 18:12
      Sat, 3/27/10 18:07
Rosanne Cash   I'll Change For You   Rules of Travel (Capitol)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:57
Dixie Chicks   Not Ready To Make Nice   Taking The Long Way (Columbia)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:56
      Sat, 3/27/10 17:55
Guy Clark   Men Will Be Boys   Cold Dog Soup (Sugar Hill)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:50
Guy Clark   Dublin Blues   Dublin Blues (Asylum)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:48
Texas Tornados   Who's To Blame, Senorita / If I Only Could   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:44
Los Lonely Boys   My Way   Sacerd (Epic)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:42
      Sat, 3/27/10 17:41
Rosie Ledet   My Joy Box   Zydeco Sensation (Maison de Soul)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:34
Rosie Ledet   Groove Thing   It's A Groove Thing (Maison de Soul)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:33
BeauSoleil (r)   Evangeline Waltz   L' Echo (Forward)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:28
Ruben V @ The Cove Sat pm   Grow Some Wings   Come To Me   Sat, 3/27/10 17:25
Reckless Kelly@ Gruene Saturday   Best Forever Yet   Somewhere In Time (Yep Roc)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:19
      Sat, 3/27/10 17:17
Guy Forsyth@ Sam's Saturday 8:30pm   Children of Jack / Can You Live Without   Calico Girl (Small & Nimble)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:17
      Sat, 3/27/10 17:05
Charlie Robison@Floore's Saturday   Beautiful Day   Beautiful Day (Dualtone)   Sat, 3/27/10 17:05
Jon Dee Graham & the Fighting Cocks (at Casbeers at the Church on Saturday)   My Lucky Day / Best   It's Not As Bad as It Looks (Freedom)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:57
      Sat, 3/27/10 16:51
Joe Ely   Cool Rockin' Loretta   Live Chicago 1987 (Rack'Em)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:48
Jeff Plankenhorn   #Picture Cards (r)   Plank (Blue Corn)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:47
Kevin Deal   20 Year Old Trucks   Seven (Blind Nello)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:43
      Sat, 3/27/10 16:39
Townes VanZandt   To Live Is To Fly / Waitin' Round To Die   Rear View Mirror (Sugar Hill)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:30
JO-El Sonnier   Say You Love Me / Louisiana 1927   Come On Joe (BMG)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:27
Guitar Shorty   Please Mr. President / Texas Women   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:23
      Sat, 3/27/10 16:18
Rosie Flores   This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'   Girl of the Century (Bloodshot)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:14
Tish Hinojosa   West Side of Town / In The Real West   Best of Tish Hinojosa Live (Rounder)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:05
      Sat, 3/27/10 16:04
Steve Earle   Satellite Radio (r) / Jericho Road   Washington Square Serenade (New West)   Sat, 3/27/10 16:04
      Sat, 3/27/10 16:03
Whiskeytown   Too Drunk To Dream   Faithless Street (Outpost)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:46
Merle Haggard   I Wonder Where To Find You / Wouldn't That Be Somthing   The Bluegrass Sessions (McCoury)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:39
The Savoy Family Band   Rockin Chair Two Step / Two Step De Prairie Soileau   Turn Loose But Don't Let Go (Arhoolie)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:35
      Sat, 3/27/10 15:32
Lightnin' Hopkins/ Sonny Terry / Brownie McGhee   Three Aces On The Bottom Of The Deck   Blues Masters Vol 7 (Rhino)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:28
Taj Mahal   I Can Make You Happy   Maestro (Heads Up)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:27
Corb Lund   The Only Long Rider I Know   Losin' Lately Gambler (New West)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:23
Corb Lund   I Wanna Be In The Cavalry   Horse Soldier Horse Soldier   Sat, 3/27/10 15:21
      Sat, 3/27/10 15:18
Robert Earl Keen   The Armadillo Jackal   No Kinda Dancer (Sugar Hill)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:08
Robert Earl Keen   I'll Go On Downtown   The Live Album (Sugar Hill)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:07
      Sat, 3/27/10 15:03
Dave Alvin   It Don't Make Sense if You Can't Make Peace   Freight Train Boogie 2 - various - (Jackalope)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:02
John Hiatt   The Open Road   The Open road (New West)   Sat, 3/27/10 15:01
it's time for 3rd Coast Saturday   Thanks for coming along   Dan aka "The Cakeman"   Sat, 3/27/10 15:00
      Sat, 3/27/10 14:56
Brave Combo   Lovers On Public Benches   Polkas Revenge (DenTone)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:56
Joe Krown Organ Combo   45 Packin Mama   Down & Dirty   Fri, 3/26/10 18:53
Gordie Tentrees   Devil Talks   Mercy Or Sin (s/r)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:50
Shotgun Party (r)   The Builder   Mean Old Way (s/r)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:47
McLemore Avenue   Time Is Tight   Doin' Their Thing (s/r)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:39
Super Chikan   Shoot That Thing   Chikadelic (Bluestown)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:31
      Fri, 3/26/10 18:31
Guy forsyth (at Sams Sat)   Come Back Baby   Unrepentant Schizophrenic Americana (Small & Nimble)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:28
Reckless Kelly (at Gruene Sat)   Bird on a Wire   Somewhere In Time (Yep Roc)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:28
Uncle Lucious (tonight at Casbeers)   Hold On Your Heart   Pick Your Head Up (Boo Clap)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:19
Lesti Huff Band (tonight at Tycoon Flats)   Love Slips Thru Your Fingers   Where Was The Love? (s/r)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:17
      Fri, 3/26/10 18:17
Trevor Alguire   Full of Rust   Thirty Year Run (s/r)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:08
Starline Rhythm Boys   Red's Place   Masquerade For Heartache (Cow Island)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:04
Jon Dee Graham   Popsong   It's Not As Bad As It Looks (Freedom)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:03
Ken Will Morton   Cannot Win For Losing   True Grit (Sojourn)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:01
Pete Anderson   Even Things Up   Even Things Up (Little Dog)   Fri, 3/26/10 18:00
Patricia Vonne (tonight at Sams)   Torera   Firebird   Fri, 3/26/10 17:56
Sadies   Strange Birds   In Concert Vol 1 (Yep Roc)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:47
Swamp Cabbage   Purdy Mouth   Squeal (Zoho Roots)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:45
      Fri, 3/26/10 17:45
Joe Pug   The First Time I Saw You   Messenger (Lightning Rod)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:38
Bluerunners   Le Grand Bleu   Le Grand Bleu   Fri, 3/26/10 17:36
Los Lobos   When You Wish Upon a Star   Los Lobos Goes Disney (Hollywood)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:32
Deadstring Brothers   The River Song   Sao Paulo (Bloodshot)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:27
      Fri, 3/26/10 17:27
Sojourners   The Neighborhood   The Sojourners (Black Hen)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:21
Mingo Saldivar   To Love Only You   A Taste of Texas (Rounder)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:12
Flaco Jimenez   Carmelita (r)   Partners (Reprise)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:06
      Fri, 3/26/10 17:05
Rex Foster   That Extra Mile   That Extra Mile (Agarita)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:05
AJ Roach   Murder's Twin   Duct Tape & Whisky (s/r)   Fri, 3/26/10 17:00
John Prine   Lake Marie (r)   Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings (Oh Boy)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:58
Ernie Hendrickson   Only The Good Die Young   Walking With Angels (s/r)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:55
Jamie Bergeron & the Kickin' Cajuns   The River   Squeezeville (Totally Swamped)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:50
      Fri, 3/26/10 16:49
Jace Everett   The Good Life   Red Revelations (Weston Boys)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:41
Holmes Brothers   Pledging My Love   Feed My Soul (Alligator)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:40
Hank Penny   I Want My Rib   Crazy Rhythm (Bloodshot)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:33
      Fri, 3/26/10 16:32
John Hiatt   What Kind of Man   The Open Road (New West)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:29
Carolina Chocolate Drops   Trouble In Your Mind   Genuine Negro Jig (Nonesuch)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:28
Texas Tornados   Girl Going Nowhere   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:20
Great American Taxi   Good Night To Boogie   Reckless Habits (Thirty Tigers)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:17
Eric Bibb   Rocking Chair   Booker's Guitar (Telarc)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:17
Time for the Top of the Stack       Fri, 3/26/10 16:16
      Fri, 3/26/10 16:16
Various   Mission Accomplished (Todd Snider)   Freight Train Boogie 2 (Jackalope)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:08
John Prine   Sam Stone (r)   Souvenirs (Oh Boy)   Fri, 3/26/10 16:04
James Talley   Cold Blooded Killers   Heartsong (Cimarron)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:56
Kevin Higgins   Find Your Shine   Find Your Shine (Little Train)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:55
Beer Dawgs   Just Don't Eat What You Can't Spell   Blonde on the Bayou (B & S)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:54
Dan Reeder   Angels May   This New Century (Oh Boy)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:37
      Fri, 3/26/10 15:36
Doyle Bramhall   The Hunter   Bird Nest On the Ground (Antones)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:35
Guitar Shorty   Too Hard To Love You   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:34
Somebody's Darling   Farewell   Somebody's Darling (Shiner)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:27
Overmountain Men   Some Place Along the River   Glorious Day (Ramseur)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:22
      Fri, 3/26/10 15:21
Magnolia Sisters   Bon Temps Rouler`   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:19
Ned Van Go   Me & Jesus   Heartbroke City (s/r)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:08
      Fri, 3/26/10 15:08
Hoyt Axton   Tiger In the Closet     Fri, 3/26/10 15:04
Alejandro Escovedo   Helpless   Thirteen Years   Fri, 3/26/10 15:03
Texas Sapphires   Stunt Double   As He Wanders (Ike)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:03
Johnny a.   I had to Laugh   Get Inside (Favored Nations)   Fri, 3/26/10 15:02
Welcome to a gorgeous San Antonio Friday   Dave in the box.   Hop aboard! E-mail requests accepted.   Fri, 3/26/10 14:59
Thanks for riding along.       Thu, 3/25/10 18:55
Otis Gibbs   The Peoples Day   One Day Our Whispers (Benchmark)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:55
Doug Sahm/Last Real Texas Blues Band   Reconsider Baby, My Dearest Darling   Doug Sahm/Last Real Texas Blues Band (Antone's)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:55
Ray Wylie Hubbard   A. Enlightenment, Drunken Poet's Dream   A. Enlightenment (Bordello)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:54
Great American Taxi   New Millennium Blues   Reckless Habits (Thirty Tigers)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:39
Overmountainmen   Looking for Dr. Caligari   Glorious Day (Ramseur Records)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:33
Pete Anderson   Honky Tonk Girl, Booker Twine   Even Things Up (Little Dog Records)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:28
Cedryl Ballou/Zydeco Trendsetters (at Deer Crossing Saloon on Saturday afternoon)   Eye of the Tiger   Eye of the Tiger (Indie)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:21
Deadstring Brothers   Smile   sao paulo (bloodshot)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:19
The Holmes Brothers   You're The Kind of Trouble   feed my soul (alligator)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:11
Dave Alvin   It Don't Make Sense if You Can't Make Peace   Freight Train Boogie 2 - various - (Jackalope)   Thu, 3/25/10 18:08
Flying Bourbon Brothers (at Casbeers at 6 p.m. on Friday)   Have You Seen Evangeline   El Recreo   Thu, 3/25/10 17:54
Jon Dee Graham & the Fighting Cocks (at Casbeers at the Church on Saturday)   God's Gonna Give You What You Need, I Will Be Happy Again   It's Not As Bad as It Looks (Freedom)   Thu, 3/25/10 17:37
Carolina Chocolate Drops   Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine, Hit 'Em Up Style   Genuine Negro Jig (Nonesuch)   Thu, 3/25/10 17:35
Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three   Sweet Potato Blues, Bag of Bones   Riverboat Soul (Free Dirt)   Thu, 3/25/10 17:31
Amen       Thu, 3/25/10 17:29
Clarence Fountain, Sam Butler & the Boys   Down to the River   Stepping Up & Stepping Out (Tyscot)   Thu, 3/25/10 17:22
The Birmingham Sunlights   Roll, Jordan   For Old Time's Sake (Flying Fish)   Thu, 3/25/10 17:16
Sister Lucille Pope & The Pearly Gates   Don't Be Mean   The Best of (Nashboro/avi)   Thu, 3/25/10 17:15
Clarence Fountain, Sam Butler & the Boys   Don't Let the Devil Ride   Stepping Up & Stepping Out (Tyscot)   Thu, 3/25/10 17:05
The Birmingham Sunlights   Dig a Little Deeper   For Old Time's Sake (Flying Fish)   Thu, 3/25/10 17:05
Sister Lucille Pope & The Pearly Gates   Jesus Tore My Heart to Pieces, Do YOu KNow What time It Is   The Best of (Nashboro/avi)   Thu, 3/25/10 17:04
It's Gospel Time       Thu, 3/25/10 17:03
The Magnolia Sisters   Grand Texas, Waltz of the Bayou   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Thu, 3/25/10 16:45
Danny Barnes   Sparta, TN   Pizza Box (ATO)   Thu, 3/25/10 16:43
Caroline Herring   Long Black Veil   Golden Apples of the Sun (Signature Sounds)   Thu, 3/25/10 16:42
Billy Bright & Allen Munde live on KSYM check cabin10.com for details of RiceGrass fest       Thu, 3/25/10 16:22
The Krayolas   Piso Diez, Americano   Americano (Box)   Thu, 3/25/10 15:53
Duke Robillard and Sunny Crownover   Smoke Rings, Kiss of Fire   Tales From the Tiki Lounge (Blue Duchess)   Thu, 3/25/10 15:52
Danny Barnes (at Sam's Burger Joint tonight)   Pizza Box, Sleep   Pizza Box (ATO)   Thu, 3/25/10 15:37
Texas Tornados   Tennessee Blues, Esta Bueno   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Thu, 3/25/10 15:36
The Texas Sapphires   Nashville Moon,190   As He Wanders (Ike Records)   Thu, 3/25/10 15:13
Guitar Shorty   Please Mr. President   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Thu, 3/25/10 14:55
John Hiatt   Like a Freight Train, My Baby   The Open road (New West)   Thu, 3/25/10 14:55
Troy Campbell   Just Who's Drivin   KSYM Mix   Thu, 3/25/10 14:54
      Thu, 3/25/10 14:46
      Thu, 3/25/10 14:45
bye bye       Wed, 3/24/10 18:51
johnny cash   man in black   essential   Wed, 3/24/10 18:51
jon dee graham   i will be happy again   its not as bad as it looks (freedom)   Wed, 3/24/10 18:50
adma carroll & michael oconner   bottle down   hard times (ind)   Wed, 3/24/10 18:46
tony joe white w shelby lynne   gabriela, cant go back home   the heroines   Wed, 3/24/10 18:39
clifton chenier   aint no need of crying   sings the blues   Wed, 3/24/10 18:37
moreland & arbuckle   in the morning i'll be gone   flood (telarc)   Wed, 3/24/10 18:35
patty griffin   let me go   evangeline made a tribute to cajun music   Wed, 3/24/10 18:30
pokey lafarge and the south city three   claude jones   riverboat soul   Wed, 3/24/10 18:21
buddy miller   dont wait   universal united house of prayer   Wed, 3/24/10 18:18
drive by truckers   the wig he made her wear   the big to do   Wed, 3/24/10 18:13
carolina chocolate drops   why dont you do right, snowdens jig, cindy gal   genuine negro jig (nonesuch)   Wed, 3/24/10 18:02
      Wed, 3/24/10 17:58
deadstring brothers   it's a shame   sao paulo (bloodshot)   Wed, 3/24/10 17:55
nick curran   reel rock party   reform school girl   Wed, 3/24/10 17:53
the starline rhythm boys   masquerade for heartache, jive after five   masquerade for heartache   Wed, 3/24/10 17:49
linda mcrae   this winding raod   czrve it to the heart   Wed, 3/24/10 17:42
linda mcrae   in studio     Wed, 3/24/10 17:41
ray wylie hubbard   pots and pans, the four horseman of the apocalypse   enlinghtenment endarkenment   Wed, 3/24/10 17:03
spring standards   bells and whistles   would things be different   Wed, 3/24/10 16:51
spring standards in studio       Wed, 3/24/10 16:37
duke robillard and sunny crowenover   bye bye blues, occidental woman   tale fromthe tiki lounge   Wed, 3/24/10 16:18
beautiful loser society   elvis the king   the long slow decline   Wed, 3/24/10 16:09
the holms brothers   something is missing   feed my soul (alligator)   Wed, 3/24/10 16:03
magnolia sisters   barroom blues, blues de orpheline   stripped down (arhoolie)   Wed, 3/24/10 15:57
      Wed, 3/24/10 15:56
gordie tentrees   devil talks   mercy or sin (yukon)   Wed, 3/24/10 15:55
dave rawlings machine   hows about you   a friend of a friend   Wed, 3/24/10 15:46
johnny cash   satisfied mind   american vi: aint no grave   Wed, 3/24/10 15:37
texas tornados   another shot of ambition, in heaven there is no beer   esta bueno! (bismeaux)   Wed, 3/24/10 15:34
jamey johnson   high cost of living   that lonesome song   Wed, 3/24/10 15:30
pete anderson   still in love   even things up   Wed, 3/24/10 15:30
over mountainmen   angola   glorious day (ramseur)   Wed, 3/24/10 15:19
kevin higgins   monahans   find your shine (little train)   Wed, 3/24/10 15:08
guitar shorty   slow burn   bare knuckle (alligator)   Wed, 3/24/10 15:06
bob wills   new san antonio rose, liebestraum, lyla lou   legends of country music   Wed, 3/24/10 15:00
3phus here       Wed, 3/24/10 15:00
      Tue, 3/23/10 18:54
Thanks for Sticking 'Round       Tue, 3/23/10 18:54
Tom Russell   Who's Gonna Build your Wall   Wounded Heart   Tue, 3/23/10 18:53
los #3 dinners (r)   Quiero Un Camero   Quiero Un Camero   Tue, 3/23/10 18:52
marty stuart   Confessin' the Blues (w/B B King)   compadres   Tue, 3/23/10 18:44
Shotgun Party   Mean Old Way   Mean Old Way (s/r)   Tue, 3/23/10 18:38
      Tue, 3/23/10 18:36
hacienda brothers   Railed (r)   Music For Ranch & Town   Tue, 3/23/10 18:36
fat man & little boy (silas lowe & mark rubin)   turpentine farm   the atomic duo (rubinchik)   Tue, 3/23/10 18:30
Starline Rhythm Boys   Goodbye Train   Masquerade for Heartache (Cow Island)   Tue, 3/23/10 18:29
Hollisters   Deacon Brown   The Land of Rhythm & Pleasure   Tue, 3/23/10 18:20
      Tue, 3/23/10 18:19
Davis Coen   Mambo Jumbo   Blues Lights for Yours and Mine   Tue, 3/23/10 18:10
Fa Tras (r)   Let's Dance   Cajun Show Band   Tue, 3/23/10 18:09
      Tue, 3/23/10 18:06
Patty Loveless   Crazy Arms   Slepeless Nights   Tue, 3/23/10 18:06
carolina chocolate drops   Trouble in Your Mind   genuine negro jig (nonesuch)   Tue, 3/23/10 18:00
Possum Jenkins   Ramble Still   Collection of Bad Habits (s/r)   Tue, 3/23/10 17:58
Countdown Quartet   Countdown's Coming   The Countdown Quartet   Tue, 3/23/10 17:54
Old Dogs (WAylon Jennings, Mel Tillis, Bobby Bare & Jerry Reed)   Still Gonna Die (r)   Old Dogs   Tue, 3/23/10 17:52
Hank Williams III   Trashville (r)   Lovesick, Broke & Driftin'   Tue, 3/23/10 17:50
Moreland & Arbuckle   Legend of John Henry   Flood (Telarc)   Tue, 3/23/10 17:39
      Tue, 3/23/10 17:39
Great American Taxi   Albuquerque   Reckless Habits (Thirty Tigers)   Tue, 3/23/10 17:37
two tons of steel (r)   Can't Stay With You   Vegas   Tue, 3/23/10 17:32
Rosie Ledet   Wear It Out   Sweet Brown Sugar   Tue, 3/23/10 17:31
texas tornados   Chicano   esta bueno (bis meaux)   Tue, 3/23/10 17:26
john hiatt   the open road   the open road (new west)   Tue, 3/23/10 17:23
      Tue, 3/23/10 17:18
Robert Earl Keen   The Road Goes on Forever (r)   West Textures   Tue, 3/23/10 17:14
Flaco Jiminez   Buscando a Mi Madre   Fiesta Del Rio   Tue, 3/23/10 17:10
      Tue, 3/23/10 17:08
Mark Fosson   Jesus on a Greyhound   Jesus on a Greyhound   Tue, 3/23/10 17:08
Charlie Robison   Yellow Blues   Beautiful Day   Tue, 3/23/10 17:01
Cedric Watson   Texacreole Two Step   Cedric Watson   Tue, 3/23/10 16:59
Sonny Landreth   Congo Square   South of I 10   Tue, 3/23/10 16:58
Billy Joe Shaver   Live Forever (w/Big & Rich)   The Real Deal   Tue, 3/23/10 16:56
super chikan   Fred's Dollar Store   chikadelic (bluestown)   Tue, 3/23/10 16:55
Holmes Brothers   I Believe You I Think   feed my soul (alligator)   Tue, 3/23/10 16:39
      Tue, 3/23/10 16:37
Marcia Ball   Fingernails   Blue House   Tue, 3/23/10 16:37
Sisters Morales   Misguided   Someplace Far Away   Tue, 3/23/10 16:35
Dan Reeder   Troubled Soul   This New Century (Oh Boy)   Tue, 3/23/10 16:34
southern culture on the skids   Doublewide   Mojo Box   Tue, 3/23/10 16:31
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem   Big Old Life   Big Old Life   Tue, 3/23/10 16:24
Magnolia Sisters   Bon Temps Rouler   stripped down (arhoolie)   Tue, 3/23/10 16:19
      Tue, 3/23/10 16:17
Ernie Hendrickson   Only the Good Die Young   Walking With Angels (s/r)   Tue, 3/23/10 16:17
Irma Thomas   If I Had Any Sense I'd Go Back Home w/Dr. John   Simply Grand   Tue, 3/23/10 16:13
Sally Spring   Blue Blue Heaven   Mockingbird   Tue, 3/23/10 16:06
      Tue, 3/23/10 16:04
will kimbrough   it ain't cool   wings (daphne)   Tue, 3/23/10 16:04
Tammy Wynette   Cry, Cry Again   Stand By your Man   Tue, 3/23/10 16:02
James Talley   When Mama Ain't Happy   Heartsong (Cimarron)   Tue, 3/23/10 15:58
Feufollet   Jolie Fille   Cow Island Hop   Tue, 3/23/10 15:56
Webb Wilder   Big Time   Born to Be Wilder   Tue, 3/23/10 15:51
Patty Griffin   If I Had My Way   Downtown Church (Credential)   Tue, 3/23/10 15:46
johnny cash   Redemption Day   American VI: Ain't No Grave (American)   Tue, 3/23/10 15:39
      Tue, 3/23/10 15:37
Berkley Hart   God in a Drawer   Las Vegas (s/r)   Tue, 3/23/10 15:37
Zachary Richard   Zydeco Jump   Snake Bite Love   Tue, 3/23/10 15:35
Freddie Steady's Wild Country   What's So Hard About Love   Ten Dollar Gun   Tue, 3/23/10 15:32
Spot Barnett   Ebony Shuffle   2nd Time Around: In the Beginning   Tue, 3/23/10 15:30
Radney Foster   Until It's Gone   Revival (Devil's River)   Tue, 3/23/10 15:26
Asylum Street Spankers   Shadrack, Meshak & Abednigo   God's Favorite Band (Spanks a lot)   Tue, 3/23/10 15:20
      Tue, 3/23/10 15:19
doug sahm   beautiful texas sunshine (r)   the return of wayne douglas   Tue, 3/23/10 15:18
doug sahm   My Dearest Darling   Juke Box Music   Tue, 3/23/10 15:17
Jo Serrapere   Love Going South   Love Going South   Tue, 3/23/10 15:10
      Tue, 3/23/10 15:09
Laurie Lewis   Freight Train Boogie   Freight Train Boogie 2 - various - (Jackalope)   Tue, 3/23/10 15:08
marshall ford swing band   Pickles & Tomatoes   it's about dam time (s/r)   Tue, 3/23/10 15:04
Dave Alvin   It Don't Make Sense if You Can't Make Peace   Freight Train Boogie 2 - various - (Jackalope)   Tue, 3/23/10 15:03
Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the TCMN       Tue, 3/23/10 15:00
      Tue, 3/23/10 14:59
thanks for listen'   ciao     Mon, 3/22/10 18:57
butch hancock   if you were a bluebird   eats away the night   Mon, 3/22/10 18:57
johnny cash   the one on the right is on the left/jackson   the essential   Mon, 3/22/10 18:51
john hiatt   my baby   the open road (new west)   Mon, 3/22/10 18:48
      Mon, 3/22/10 18:47
mitch webb & the swindles   lonely kind   lonely kind   Mon, 3/22/10 18:37
fat man & little boy (silas lowe & mark rubin)   turpentine farm/mississippi delta blues   the atomic duo (rubinchik)   Mon, 3/22/10 18:34
will kimbrough   it ain't cool   wings (daphne)   Mon, 3/22/10 18:29
the holmes brothers   you're the kind of trouble   feed my soul (alligator)   Mon, 3/22/10 18:27
nathan hamilton w/ no deal   two penny vengeance   live at floore country store   Mon, 3/22/10 18:19
      Mon, 3/22/10 18:18
ken will morton   true grit   true grit (sojourn)   Mon, 3/22/10 18:14
      Mon, 3/22/10 18:14
two tons of steel   not that lucky   not that lucky   Mon, 3/22/10 18:06
various   whole lotta lovin' (lenny kravitz w/ rebirth brass band, troy andrews, fred wesley, pee wee ellis and maceo parker   goin' home: tribute to fats domino   Mon, 3/22/10 18:05
carolina chocolate drops (r)   cornbread and butterbeans   genuine negro jig (nonesuch)   Mon, 3/22/10 17:59
buddy & julie miller   chalk (w/ patty griffin)   written in chalk   Mon, 3/22/10 17:55
emmylou harris (r)   deeper well   spyboy   Mon, 3/22/10 17:47
los #3 dinners (r)   middle of the night   loud   Mon, 3/22/10 17:46
      Mon, 3/22/10 17:45
southern culture on the skids   firefly   dirt track date   Mon, 3/22/10 17:37
marshall ford swing band   lyla lou   it's about dam time (s/r)   Mon, 3/22/10 17:36
the band of heathens   right here with me   one foot in the ether   Mon, 3/22/10 17:33
jason eady   evangeline (w/ the band of heathens)   when the money's all gone   Mon, 3/22/10 17:30
bluerunners   home   le grand bleu   Mon, 3/22/10 17:26
      Mon, 3/22/10 17:25
various   once a gambler (lightnin' hopkins) are you sure hank done it this way (waylon jennings)   crazy heart soundtrack (new west)   Mon, 3/22/10 17:25
      Mon, 3/22/10 17:24
the krayolas   exit/salida (w/ augie meyers)   americano (box)   Mon, 3/22/10 17:06
deadstring brothers   smile   sao paulo (bloodshot)   Mon, 3/22/10 17:03
eleven hundred springs   get through the day   this crazy life (smith)   Mon, 3/22/10 16:57
super chikan   down in the delta   chikadelic (bluestown)   Mon, 3/22/10 16:55
the magnolia sisters   grand texas   stripped down (arhoolie)   Mon, 3/22/10 16:54
various   who do you love (bo diddley)   martin scorcese presents the blues   Mon, 3/22/10 16:48
carolina chocolate drops   hit 'em up style   genuine negro jig (nonesuch)   Mon, 3/22/10 16:43
alejandro escovedo   nickel and spoon   with these hands   Mon, 3/22/10 16:43
`It's time for TCMN Monday edition with   Tish the Intern     Mon, 3/22/10 16:34
      Mon, 3/22/10 16:24
lil dipper is out       Sun, 3/21/10 19:58
lyle lovett   pantry   natural forces   Sun, 3/21/10 19:58
jon dee graham   beautifully broken   its not as bad as it looks (freedom)   Sun, 3/21/10 19:57
randy garibay   barbacoa blues (r)   barbacoa blues   Sun, 3/21/10 19:51
ray price   time (r)   time   Sun, 3/21/10 19:44
bottle rockets   get on the bus   lean forward   Sun, 3/21/10 19:43
johnny bush   green snakes   green snakes   Sun, 3/21/10 19:40
guy clark   south coast of texas (r)   keepers   Sun, 3/21/10 19:36
delbert mcclinton   midnight communion (r)   cost of living   Sun, 3/21/10 19:26
randy garibay doug sahm   will you still ove me manana   groove in peace   Sun, 3/21/10 19:21
hayes caril   i got a gig   trouble in mind   Sun, 3/21/10 19:20
old crow medicine show   caroline   tennessee pusher   Sun, 3/21/10 19:16
wayne hancock (r)   jumping the blues   viper of melody   Sun, 3/21/10 19:15
the gourds   country love   haymaker   Sun, 3/21/10 19:15
raul malo   lucky one   lucky one   Sun, 3/21/10 19:04
willie nelson   im waiting forever   spirit   Sun, 3/21/10 19:03
johnny cash   ain't no grave   aint no grave (american)   Sun, 3/21/10 19:00
steve earle   galaway girl   transcendental blues   Sun, 3/21/10 19:00
sarah borges   daniel lee   silver city   Sun, 3/21/10 18:59
shaver   thunderbird   electric shaver   Sun, 3/21/10 18:59
reckless kelly   bird on a wire   somewhere in time (yep roc)   Sun, 3/21/10 18:43
slaid cleaves   temporary   everything you love will be taken away   Sun, 3/21/10 18:43
stephen bruton   bluebonnet blue   right on time   Sun, 3/21/10 18:36
two tons of steel   run to you   no that lucky   Sun, 3/21/10 18:36
the hollisters   two trains   sweet inspiration   Sun, 3/21/10 18:29
darryl lee rush   white trash paradise   llano avenue   Sun, 3/21/10 18:24
saffire uppity blues woman   too much butt   havin the last word   Sun, 3/21/10 18:24
doug sahm   mendocino   the best of   Sun, 3/21/10 18:19
doug sahm   sugar bee   lone star jukebox   Sun, 3/21/10 18:18
freddy fender   cowboy peyton place   lone star   Sun, 3/21/10 18:18
texas tornados   girl from nowhere   esta bueno (bis meaux)   Sun, 3/21/10 18:08
geronimo trevino   i luv me trucka   live from kendellia   Sun, 3/21/10 18:07
fred eaglesmith   mighty big car   ralh's last show   Sun, 3/21/10 18:06
bill kirtchen   hot rod lincoln (r)   live   Sun, 3/21/10 18:05
willie nelson   on the road again (r)   the essential   Sun, 3/21/10 17:47
red meat   under the wrench   alameda county line   Sun, 3/21/10 17:46
ray wylie hubbard   drivin wheel   delirum tremolos   Sun, 3/21/10 17:41
the swindles   spiders and snakes   songs and snakes   Sun, 3/21/10 17:35
los lobos   will the wolf survive (r)   just another band form east la   Sun, 3/21/10 17:30
ryan bingham   the weary kind   crazy heart soundtrack (new west)   Sun, 3/21/10 17:23
deadstring brothers   the river song   sao paulo (bloodshot)   Sun, 3/21/10 17:17
jimmy lafave   bohemian cowboy blues   blue nightfall   Sun, 3/21/10 17:17
alejandro escovedo   always a friend   real animal   Sun, 3/21/10 17:07
john hiatt   the open road   the open road (new west)   Sun, 3/21/10 17:02
john hiatt   find you at last   master of diaster   Sun, 3/21/10 16:59
reverand horton heat   please don't take the baby to the liquor store   laugin and cryin   Sun, 3/21/10 16:56
chucks wagon   san antone   lipstick and sin   Sun, 3/21/10 16:56
lucinda williams   cresent city (r)     Sun, 3/21/10 16:51
jeff bridges   hold on you   crazy heart soundtrack (new west)   Sun, 3/21/10 16:40
marty stuart   the weight   compadres   Sun, 3/21/10 16:39
elana james   24 hours a day     Sun, 3/21/10 16:35
sunny sweeneu   if i could   heartbreakers hall of fame   Sun, 3/21/10 16:35
doug sahm   beautiful texas sunshine   the return of wayne douglas   Sun, 3/21/10 16:34
jesse dayton brennen leigh   back street affair   holdin our own   Sun, 3/21/10 16:34
rodney crowell   sex and gasoline   sex and gasoline   Sun, 3/21/10 16:22
jimmie dale gilmore   just a wave   spinning around the sun   Sun, 3/21/10 16:16
joe ely   if i could teach my chihuahua to sing   twistin in the wind   Sun, 3/21/10 16:13
hacienda brothers   ill come running   arizona hotel   Sun, 3/21/10 16:12
the honeycutters   better woman   irene   Sun, 3/21/10 16:12
lil dipper is in       Sun, 3/21/10 16:12
john lee hooker   bang bang bang bang   live at soledad prison june 1972   Sun, 3/21/10 15:49
john lee hooker   when my first wife left me, heartaches and misery   live from the cafe au go go 1966   Sun, 3/21/10 15:45
koko taylor and her blues machine   i'm a woman, i cried like a baby   live from chicago jan 1987@ fitzgeralds   Sun, 3/21/10 15:23
srv   voodoo child   live at montreux 1985   Sun, 3/21/10 15:22
srv   life without you, couldn;t stand the weather   live at montreux 1985   Sun, 3/21/10 15:01
srv   texas flood, gone home   live at montreux 1985   Sun, 3/21/10 14:52
srv   mary had a little lamb, tin pan alley   live at montreux 1985   Sun, 3/21/10 14:44
srv   aint gone n give up on love, pride and joy   live at montreux 1985   Sun, 3/21/10 14:18
srv   scuttle buttin', say what!   live at montreux 1985   Sun, 3/21/10 14:03
3phus here for blues ave       Sun, 3/21/10 14:02
That's all for this Time   Thanks for coming along for the ride   Dan aka "The Cakeman"   Sat, 3/20/10 18:55
Little Walter   Boom Boom Out Go The Lights   His Best (Chess)   Sat, 3/20/10 18:54
Hank Williams   I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive   40 Greatest Hits (Mercury)   Sat, 3/20/10 18:52
Fred Eaglesmith   Alcohol & Pills   Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline (Razor & Tie)   Sat, 3/20/10 18:50
Songs of Gary Floater   Dirty South / Stand Back Boys I'm Fixin' To Care   Songs Of Gary Floater   Sat, 3/20/10 18:46
      Sat, 3/20/10 18:44
Beausoliel   Evangeline Waltz   L' Echo   Sat, 3/20/10 18:40
Kris Kristofferson   The Last Thing To Go   This Old Road (New West)   Sat, 3/20/10 18:36
Blaze Foley   Clay Pigeons   Live@ The Austin Outhouse (Lost Art)   Sat, 3/20/10 18:24
Lucinda Williams   Right In Time   Car Wheels On A Gravel Road (Mercury)   Sat, 3/20/10 18:23
Susan Tedeschi   700 Houses   Back To The River (Verve)   Sat, 3/20/10 18:14
      Sat, 3/20/10 18:12
Dave Alvin   9 Volt Heart   Ashgrove (Yep Roc)   Sat, 3/20/10 18:12
Reckless Kelly   Guys Like Me   Bulletproof (Yep Roc)   Sat, 3/20/10 18:11
      Sat, 3/20/10 18:09
Darryl Lee Rush   Lot   Live From River Road Icehouse (Palo Duro)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:58
Doug Sahm   Texas Tornado / Mendocino   Best of Doug Sahm & SDQ (Mercury)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:56
      Sat, 3/20/10 17:54
Los #3 Dinners   South Presa Man   Quiero Un Camero   Sat, 3/20/10 17:53
Lyle Lovett   Walk Through The Bottomland   Anthology Vol 1: Cowboy Man (Curb)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:47
Kieth Whitley   Sad Songs & Waltzes   Sad Songs & Waltzes (Rounder)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:38
Allison Krauss / Brad Paisley   Whiskey Lullaby   A Hundred Years Or More   Sat, 3/20/10 17:37
      Sat, 3/20/10 17:36
Albert King   I'll Play The Blues For You PT's I&2   Blues Masters Vol 9 (Rhino)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:27
Luther Allison   Cherry Red Wine   Blue Streak (Alligator)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:22
Clifton Chenier   Tighten Up Zydeco / Bon Ton Roulet   Clifton Chenier Anthology (Rhino)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:16
      Sat, 3/20/10 17:15
Steve Earle   I Remember You   Jerusalem (E-Squared)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:15
Paul Thorn   Lucky 7 Ranch   A Long Way From Tupelo (Perpetual Obscurity)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:13
Betty Soo   Just Another Lover   Heat Sin Water Skin (Indie)   Sat, 3/20/10 17:10
      Sat, 3/20/10 17:06
Rodney Crowell   I Walk The Line (Revisited)   The Houston Kid (Sugar Hill)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:58
Johnny Cash (r)   I Walk The Line   Essential Johnny Cash (Columbia)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:57
      Sat, 3/20/10 16:56
Radney Foster   Went For A Ride   Are You Ready For The Big Show (Dualtone)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:51
Alecia Neugent   Where His Wheels Left The Road   A Little Girl ...A Big Four Lane (Rounder)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:49
The Mavricks   All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down   The Mavricks Definitive Collection (MCA)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:46
Shaver   When The Fallen Angels Fly   Tramp On Your Street (Zoo)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:45
      Sat, 3/20/10 16:41
Van Morrison   Baby Please Don't Go   Best of Van Morrison (Polydor)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:29
Coco Montoya (r)   Am I Losing You   Essential Coco Montoya (Blind Pig)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:26
Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys   Richest Man   Keeping The Tradition Alive (Maison de Soul)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:19
Boozoo Chavis   I'm Going To The Country To Get Me A Mojo Hand   Johnnie Billy Goat (Rounder)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:16
      Sat, 3/20/10 16:15
Johnny Winter   I Smell Smoke   I'm A Bluesman (Virgin)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:14
Muddy Waters   Mannish Boy / I Just Want To Make Love To You   His Best: 1947 - 1955   Sat, 3/20/10 16:13
      Sat, 3/20/10 16:09
Texas Tornados   Esta Bueno / Another Shot of Ambition   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Sat, 3/20/10 16:04
Possum Jenkins   If Ida Known / Ruined Road   Collection Of Bad Habits (indie)   Sat, 3/20/10 15:57
      Sat, 3/20/10 15:56
Tom Russell   Lily, Rosemary & The Jack of Hearts   Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs (Hightone)   Sat, 3/20/10 15:45
Waylon Jennings   Out of Jail   Right For The Time (Justice)   Sat, 3/20/10 15:38
The Notorious Cherry Bombs   It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long   S/T (Universal)   Sat, 3/20/10 15:37
      Sat, 3/20/10 15:35
The Magnolia Sisters   Jolie Petite Blonde   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Sat, 3/20/10 15:35
Chubby Carrier & Bayou Swamp Band   Cisco Kid   Bayou Road (Swampadellic)   Sat, 3/20/10 15:28
Buddy Guy   Damn Right , I've Got The Blues   Buddy's Baddest (Silvertone)   Sat, 3/20/10 15:25
Buddy Guy / Tracy Chapman   Ain't No Sunshine   Bring 'Em In (Silvertone)   Sat, 3/20/10 15:23
      Sat, 3/20/10 15:18
John Hiatt   The Open Road / My Baby   The Open Road (New West)   Sat, 3/20/10 15:03
      Sat, 3/20/10 14:54
Gram Parsons   Love Hurts / Sin City / Brand New Heartache   Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels (Rhino)   Sat, 3/20/10 14:54
It's time for another edition of Third Coast Saturday   Thanks for coming along for the ride   Dan aka "The Cakeman"   Sat, 3/20/10 14:46
      Sat, 3/20/10 14:37
Thats all for this time   Thanks for coming along   Dan   Fri, 3/19/10 18:52
Lee Rocker   Gone   Black Cat Bone (Alligator)   Fri, 3/19/10 18:51
Playing For Change   War / No More Trouble / A Change Is Gonna Come   Songs Around The World   Fri, 3/19/10 18:46
Brave Combo   Dulcetia   A Night On Earth   Fri, 3/19/10 18:44
Los Straitjackets   Poison Ivy   Rock En Espanol Vol 1 (Yep Roc)   Fri, 3/19/10 18:42
      Fri, 3/19/10 18:37
Neil Young   Walkin' To New Orleans   Goin Home   Fri, 3/19/10 18:37
Buckwheat Zydeco   Don't Leave Me   Lay Your Burden Down   Fri, 3/19/10 18:36
Now it's Jon   lost disc found   sorry   Fri, 3/19/10 18:23
Joe Ely   Letter To L.A.   Live Chicago 1987 (Rack'Em)   Fri, 3/19/10 18:21
      Fri, 3/19/10 18:19
Jon Dee Graham   Beautifully Broken   it's not as bad as it looks (freedom)   Fri, 3/19/10 18:08
Chris Knight   Jack Blue   Enough Rope (Drifter's Church)   Fri, 3/19/10 18:07
      Fri, 3/19/10 18:05
Shaver   If I Give My Soul   Tramp On Your Street (Zoo)   Fri, 3/19/10 18:04
Johnny Cash   Ain't No Grave   American V: Ain't No Grave   Fri, 3/19/10 17:59
Ryan Bingham   The Weary Kind   Crazy Heart - various - (New West)   Fri, 3/19/10 17:57
      Fri, 3/19/10 17:56
Merle Haggard   Silver Wings   Hag: Best of Merle Haggard   Fri, 3/19/10 17:56
B.B. King   Into The Night   King of the Blues (MCA)   Fri, 3/19/10 17:44
Guy Forsyth   Midnight Train   Voices Inside (Small & Nimble)   Fri, 3/19/10 17:43
Guy Forsyth   Can You Live Without   Calico Girl (Small & Nimble)   Fri, 3/19/10 17:42
      Fri, 3/19/10 17:39
Wayne Toups   Every Now & Then / New Orleans Ladies   Little Wooden Box (Shanachie)   Fri, 3/19/10 17:31
James McMurtry   We Can't Make It Here (r)   Childish Things (Compadre)   Fri, 3/19/10 17:14
      Fri, 3/19/10 17:13
James McMurtry   Hurricane Party (r)   Just Us Kids (Lightning Rod)   Fri, 3/19/10 17:13
Rhythm Oil (r)   Rhythm Oil   The Sessions   Fri, 3/19/10 17:08
      Fri, 3/19/10 17:07
George Jones   He Stopped Loving Her Today/ Yesterdays Wine   50 Years of Hits   Fri, 3/19/10 17:07
Junior Brown   A Long Walk Back To San Antone   Long Walk Back (Curb)   Fri, 3/19/10 17:02
      Fri, 3/19/10 16:56
Possum Jenkins   Ruined Road   Collection of Bad Habits   Fri, 3/19/10 16:54
Son Volt   Windfall   Retrospective 1995-2000 (Warner Bros)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:53
Townes Van Zandt (r)   Waitin' Round To Die   Rear View Mirror (Sugar Hill)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:47
Townes Van Zandt (r)   Mr Mudd & Mr Gold   In Pain (Normal)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:46
Texas Tornados   If I Only Could / Who's To Blame, Senorita   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:39
Chubby Carrier   We Make A Good Gumbo   Bayou Road (Swampadellic)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:29
Clifton Chenier   Bogalusa Boogie   Clifton Chenier Anthology (Rhino)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:28
Solomon Burke   None Of Us Are Free   Don't Give Up On Me (Anti)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:24
Solomon Burke   We Don't Need It   Like A Fire (Shout)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:24
      Fri, 3/19/10 16:18
Faron Young   Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young   Rebels & Outlaws (Capitol)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:17
Ray Wylie Hubbard   Down Home Country Blues   A enlightenment B endarkenment hint there is no c   Fri, 3/19/10 16:11
Berkley Hart   Stir It Up   Las Vegas (s/r)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:10
      Fri, 3/19/10 16:08
Lucinda Williams   You Don't Have Very Far To Go   Tulare Dust (Hightone)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:06
Nathen Hamilton   Watertown   Live@ Floore's Country Store (Tamale Pot)   Fri, 3/19/10 16:05
      Fri, 3/19/10 15:58
Sonny Landreth   South of I-10   South of I-10 (Zoo)   Fri, 3/19/10 15:47
Sonny Landreth   Storm of Worry   From The Reach (Landfall)   Fri, 3/19/10 15:45
John Hiatt   The Open Road / Go Down Swingin'   The Open Road (New West)   Fri, 3/19/10 15:39
      Fri, 3/19/10 15:38
Raul Malo   Lucky One   Lucky One (Fantasy)   Fri, 3/19/10 15:38
Guitar Shorty (@ Sam's tonight)   Please Mr. President / Texas Women   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Fri, 3/19/10 15:23
Wayne Thibodeaux   Everybody Call Me Crazy / Jumbalaya   Real Cajun (Mardi Gras)   Fri, 3/19/10 15:17
      Fri, 3/19/10 15:16
Bill Kirchen   Hot Rod Lincoln   Hot Rod Lincoln - Live (Hightone)   Fri, 3/19/10 15:07
      Fri, 3/19/10 15:06
Lee Roy Parnell   Crossin' Over   Tell The Truth (Vanguard)   Fri, 3/19/10 14:55
Commander Cody   Roll Yer' Own   Dpoers ,Drunks & Everyday Losers (Blind Pig)   Fri, 3/19/10 14:54
It's the Weekend   Happy Friday   The Cakeman in for Dave   Fri, 3/19/10 14:52
      Fri, 3/19/10 14:38
bye bye       Wed, 3/17/10 17:52
srv   voodoo child   live at montreaux 1985   Wed, 3/17/10 17:48
great american taxi   american beauty   reckless habits (thirty tigers)   Wed, 3/17/10 17:45
billy joe shaver   i'm gonna live forever   live at smiths olde bar   Wed, 3/17/10 17:43
robert duvall   i;m gonna live forever   crazy heart soundtrack   Wed, 3/17/10 17:42
conway twitty   ita only make believe, hello darlin   hits   Wed, 3/17/10 17:37
conway twitty   its only make believe, hello darlin   grst hits   Wed, 3/17/10 17:30
carolina chocolate drops   trouble in your mind, snowdens jig, why dont you do right   genuine negro jig (nonesuch)   Wed, 3/17/10 17:20
jo serrapere   44 blues   tonight at johnnys speakeasy   Wed, 3/17/10 17:12
john hiatt   like a freight train   the open road (new west)   Wed, 3/17/10 17:12
romi mayes   if the lord dont love me   achin in yer bones   Wed, 3/17/10 17:00
los # 3 dinners   chingadera   cant stop gotta rock   Wed, 3/17/10 17:00
adam carroll & michael oconner   highway prayer, gulf coast losers   hard times (ind)   Wed, 3/17/10 16:47
waco brothers   baba o'riley   5 years of bloodshot   Wed, 3/17/10 16:40
      Wed, 3/17/10 16:40
pokey lafarge and the south city three   hard times come and go   riverboat soul (trade root)   Wed, 3/17/10 16:39
robert coleman trussell   across the great divide in g   texas gothic   Wed, 3/17/10 16:39
patty griffin   i smell a rat   downtown church (credential)   Wed, 3/17/10 16:28
starline rhythm boys   trucker from tennessee, workin man blues   masquerade for heartache   Wed, 3/17/10 16:24
brave combo   a little bit of irish   holidays   Wed, 3/17/10 16:19
butch hancock   black irish rose   you coulda walked around the world   Wed, 3/17/10 16:13
the texas sapphires   teardrops or rain   as he wanders (ike)   Wed, 3/17/10 16:07
joe pug   speak plainly, diana   messenger (lightning rod)   Wed, 3/17/10 16:06
the dave rawlings machine   to be young   a friend of a friend (acony)   Wed, 3/17/10 16:04
the magnolia sisters   grand texas   stripped down (arhoolie)   Wed, 3/17/10 16:04
      Wed, 3/17/10 16:03
warren zevon   prison grove   the wind   Wed, 3/17/10 15:49
fred eaglesmith   carmalita   ralphs last show   Wed, 3/17/10 15:48
nancy apple   sun will always shine   shine (RINGO)   Wed, 3/17/10 15:42
trevor alguire   troubles me so   thirty year run (socan)   Wed, 3/17/10 15:36
pete anderson   stop me   even things up   Wed, 3/17/10 15:34
nick curren and the lowqlifes   reform school girl   reform school girl (groove)   Wed, 3/17/10 15:32
the shivering denizens   honky tonk suicide   the shivering denizens   Wed, 3/17/10 15:26
duke robillard & sunny crownover   tico tico   tales from the tiki lounge (blue dutchess)   Wed, 3/17/10 15:25
duke robillard & sunny crownover   just one more chance   tales from the tiki lounge (blue dutchess)   Wed, 3/17/10 15:18
evangenitals   bad town   evangenitals (ind)   Wed, 3/17/10 15:14
reckless kelly   idaho cowboy   somewhere in time (yeproc)   Wed, 3/17/10 15:11
deadstring brothers   sao paulo   sao paulo (bloodshot)   Wed, 3/17/10 15:09
bob wills   g. i. wish, milk cow blues, shame on you   tiffany transcriptions vol 9   Wed, 3/17/10 15:04
3phus here       Wed, 3/17/10 15:04
      Tue, 3/16/10 18:56
Thanks for stoppin' by       Tue, 3/16/10 18:56
Steve James   Where Shall I Be   Fast Texas   Tue, 3/16/10 18:55
John Hiatt   Fireball Roberts   The Open Road (New West)   Tue, 3/16/10 18:54
Reckless Kelly   Little Blossom   Somewhere in Time (Yep Roc)   Tue, 3/16/10 18:47
Geno DeLaFose   Bye Bye Mon Neg'   That's What I'm Talking About   Tue, 3/16/10 18:43
Moreland & Arbuckle   Can't Leave Well Enough Alone   Flood (Telarc)   Tue, 3/16/10 18:37
      Tue, 3/16/10 18:36
Townes Van Zandt   If I Needed You   Crazy Heart - various - (New West)   Tue, 3/16/10 18:33
Townes Van Zandt   Snowing on Raton   In Pain   Tue, 3/16/10 18:30
Hoyle Brothers   If I'm Not Drunk   Don't Leave Yet (s/r)   Tue, 3/16/10 18:26
Phantom Blues Band   Look at Granny Run   Footprints   Tue, 3/16/10 18:23
Dan Reeder   Everybody Wants a Cookie   This New Century (Oh Boy)   Tue, 3/16/10 18:17
      Tue, 3/16/10 18:15
Honeycutters   Automatic   Irene (s/r)   Tue, 3/16/10 18:15
Lil Bit & the Customatics   Thunderbird Boogie   Lone Star Girl   Tue, 3/16/10 18:11
      Tue, 3/16/10 18:10
Don Walser   Tumbling Tumbleweeds   Texas Tophand   Tue, 3/16/10 18:07
Magnolia Sisters   jolie petite blonde   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Tue, 3/16/10 18:02
Lyle Lovett   That's Right You're Not From Texas   Live in Texas   Tue, 3/16/10 17:59
Eric Bibb   Sunrise Blues   Booker's Guitar (Telarc Blues)   Tue, 3/16/10 17:57
Steve Poltz recorded   Digging For Icicles   Dreamhouse (98 Pounder)   Tue, 3/16/10 17:57
Steve Poltz live in the studio   Dreamhouse   Dreamhouse (98 Pounder)   Tue, 3/16/10 17:55
Steve Poltz recorded   The Way We Were   Dreamhouse (98 Pounder)   Tue, 3/16/10 17:55
Steve Poltz live in the studio   I'm Killing Myself to Be With you   Dreamhouse (98 Pounder)   Tue, 3/16/10 17:54
Steve Poltz recorded   License Plate Eyes   Dreamhouse (98 Pounder)   Tue, 3/16/10 17:54
Here's the song list from Steve Poltz's visit   between 5 pm and 5:35 this afternoon:     Tue, 3/16/10 17:53
Saffire the Uppity Blues Women   Too Much Butt (r)   Having the Last Word   Tue, 3/16/10 17:51
      Tue, 3/16/10 17:50
Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three   La La Blues   Riverboat Soul (Free Dirt)   Tue, 3/16/10 17:47
Taj Mahal   Senor Blues   Blues with a Feeling   Tue, 3/16/10 17:39
Beth McKee   I Spent All My Money Loving you   I'm That Way   Tue, 3/16/10 17:38
Steve Poltz live in the studio   He's playing tonight at Casbeers 8:30     Tue, 3/16/10 17:02
Terri Hendrix   Don't Pet the Dog   Live in San Marcos   Tue, 3/16/10 16:56
Los Texmaniacs   Rain Rain   Limited Edition   Tue, 3/16/10 16:55
Clarence Fountain, Sam Butler   I Know Where I'm Going   Stepping Up & Stepping Out   Tue, 3/16/10 16:54
Guitar Shorty (he'll be at Sam's Burger Joint on March 19)   Get Off   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Tue, 3/16/10 16:54
Jace Everett   What Is It?   Red Revelations (Western Boys)   Tue, 3/16/10 16:44
joe pug   The Door was Always Open   messenger (lightning rod)   Tue, 3/16/10 16:38
      Tue, 3/16/10 16:37
Beausoleil   Happy One-Step   Cajunization   Tue, 3/16/10 16:36
lucinda williams   It's a Long Way to the Top (r)   Little Honey   Tue, 3/16/10 16:30
Swamp Cabbage   Softshoe   Squeal (Zoho Roots)   Tue, 3/16/10 16:27
Various   Stand By Me   Playing For Change, Songs Around the World   Tue, 3/16/10 16:22
      Tue, 3/16/10 16:15
Ray Wylie Hubbard   Wasp's Nest   a enlightenment b endarkenment hint there is no c   Tue, 3/16/10 16:15
Nancy Apple   BIGTIME   Shine (Ringo)   Tue, 3/16/10 16:14
      Tue, 3/16/10 16:08
Roy Carrier & the Night Rockers   Leaving Lawtell   Zydeco Strokin'   Tue, 3/16/10 16:08
Hank Williams III   Lonesome For You   Risin' Outlaw   Tue, 3/16/10 16:04
Larry Lange   Corpus Christi Rocks   Crazy Crazy Baby   Tue, 3/16/10 16:01
      Tue, 3/16/10 15:59
Janiva Magness   I Can't Stop Cryin'   Do I Move You?   Tue, 3/16/10 15:53
Wayne Hancock   Thunderstorms and Neon Signs   Thunderstorms and Neon Signs   Tue, 3/16/10 15:49
Jerry Jeff Walker   I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight   Live at Gruene Hall   Tue, 3/16/10 15:48
jon dee graham   la la la la la   it's not as bad as it looks (freedom)   Tue, 3/16/10 15:43
Roddie Romero & Hub City All Stars   Party Down   The La Louisiana Sessions   Tue, 3/16/10 15:42
      Tue, 3/16/10 15:40
Berkley Hart   Las Vegas   Las Vegas (s/r)   Tue, 3/16/10 15:36
John Juke Logan   Walkin' With Leroi   The Truth Will Rock You   Tue, 3/16/10 15:29
McKay Brothers   Making License Plates   Cold Beer & Hot Tamales   Tue, 3/16/10 15:24
Ethyl & the Regulars   The Waitress Song   Fill 'er Up (Sweet Crude)   Tue, 3/16/10 15:16
      Tue, 3/16/10 15:15
Wayne Toups   Fish Out of Water   Fish Out of Water   Tue, 3/16/10 15:14
Blazers   Before I Get Too Old   East Side Soul   Tue, 3/16/10 15:11
      Tue, 3/16/10 15:07
Soul Tub   In My Dreams   Soul Tub   Tue, 3/16/10 15:07
Johnny Cash   Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream   american vi: aint no grave   Tue, 3/16/10 15:07
Trevor Alguire   Full of Rust   Thirty Year Run (s/r)   Tue, 3/16/10 15:06
Welcome to Tuesday's TCMN extravaganza       Tue, 3/16/10 15:05
      Tue, 3/16/10 15:04
bye bye       Mon, 3/15/10 18:53
ray wylie hubbard   wasps nest   a enlightenment b endarkenment   Mon, 3/15/10 18:53
the modern sounds   caravan   stomp stomp   Mon, 3/15/10 18:52
carolina chocolate drops   snowdens jig, why dont you do right   genuine negro jig (nonesuch)   Mon, 3/15/10 18:39
emmylou harris   deeper well   spyboy   Mon, 3/15/10 18:32
deadstring brothers   cant make it through the night   sao paulo   Mon, 3/15/10 18:29
moreland & arbuckle   cant get clear   flood (telarc)   Mon, 3/15/10 18:24
ramsey midwood   chicago   shoot out at the ok chinese restaurant   Mon, 3/15/10 18:22
jo jo reed   got it from boo   funky zydeco   Mon, 3/15/10 18:12
austin lounge lizards   we always fight when we drink gin   strange noises in the dark   Mon, 3/15/10 18:07
      Mon, 3/15/10 18:07
gram parsons   devil in disguise, ooh las vegas   compilation   Mon, 3/15/10 18:06
new riders of the purple sage   portland woman   nrps   Mon, 3/15/10 18:04
toni price   funky   sol power   Mon, 3/15/10 17:55
merle haggard   okie from muskogee   best of   Mon, 3/15/10 17:49
ha;den woffard and the hi beams   hippie in my house   midnight rodeo   Mon, 3/15/10 17:48
great american taxi   fuzzy little hippie girl   reckless habits (thirty tigers)   Mon, 3/15/10 17:48
eric bibb   flood water   bookers guitar   Mon, 3/15/10 17:40
eric bibb   flood water   bookers guitar (telarc)   Mon, 3/15/10 17:37
buddy miller   somewhere trouble dont go   cruel moon   Mon, 3/15/10 17:36
waylon jennings   rainey day woman   nashville rebel   Mon, 3/15/10 17:35
john hiatt   the open road, carry you back home   the open road (new west)   Mon, 3/15/10 17:35
doug sahm & the west side horns   get on up   the west side rolls again   Mon, 3/15/10 17:25
doug sahm   song of everything   best of sdq 1968-1975   Mon, 3/15/10 17:16
delbert mcclinton   i've got dreams   live   Mon, 3/15/10 17:14
sonny landreth   congo square   live at grant street   Mon, 3/15/10 17:07
3phus in for tish (teachers gone mild weekend)       Mon, 3/15/10 17:07
freddie king   same old blues, walking by myself   shelter record years   Sun, 3/14/10 15:30
bukka white   po boy, parchamn farm blues   vintage recordings 1930-1940   Sun, 3/14/10 15:16
michael bloomfield w nick gravenites & friends   one more mile to go   live at the fillmore west 1969   Sun, 3/14/10 15:11
jimmy reed   you dont have to go, bright lights big city   big boss man - golden legends series   Sun, 3/14/10 15:01
omar kent dykes & jimmie vaughn   on the jimmy reed highway   on the jimmy reed hoighway   Sun, 3/14/10 15:00
michael bloomfield   it takes time   live at fillmore west 1969   Sun, 3/14/10 14:51
      Sun, 3/14/10 14:50
champion jack dupree   school days, hometown new orleans   a portrait of champion jack dupree   Sun, 3/14/10 14:46
big bill broonzy   state street woman, big bill blues   big bill blues   Sun, 3/14/10 14:39
albert collins   iceman   live at montreaux 1992   Sun, 3/14/10 14:32
muddy waters   after hours/stormy mondya blues   muddy live   Sun, 3/14/10 14:28
johnny winter   rollin & tumblin   anthology   Sun, 3/14/10 14:21
blinf boy fuller   boots and shoes, homesick and lonesome   get yer ya yas out   Sun, 3/14/10 14:07
albert king   blues power   stasx : we'll play the blues for you   Sun, 3/14/10 14:07
blues ave - 3phus here       Sun, 3/14/10 14:06
      Sun, 3/14/10 14:06
Lavelle White   Lead Me On   Miss Lavelle   Sat, 3/13/10 18:25
Solomon Burke   Valley of Tears   Nashville   Sat, 3/13/10 18:25
      Sat, 3/13/10 18:24
The Mavricks (r)   What A Crying Shame   Mavricks   Sat, 3/13/10 18:22
Loretta Lynn   You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man   Legends of Country Music   Sat, 3/13/10 18:18
Adrienne Young   All For Good   Room To Grow   Sat, 3/13/10 18:15
Wanda Jackson   Riot In Cell Block #9   Heart Trouble   Sat, 3/13/10 18:11
Drive-By Truckers   Hell No, I Ain't Happy   Decoration Day   Sat, 3/13/10 18:04
Mavricks (Raul Malo@Gruene/ Thues pm)   O What A Thrill   The Mavricks   Sat, 3/13/10 18:03
      Sat, 3/13/10 18:01
Saffire   Nothin In Your House     Sat, 3/13/10 18:00
Howlin Wolf   Smokestack Lightnin     Sat, 3/13/10 17:59
      Sat, 3/13/10 17:58
Jon Dee Graham in the studio   My Lucky Day / Beautifully Broken / Best /   It's not as bad as it Looks (Freedom)   Sat, 3/13/10 17:48
      Sat, 3/13/10 17:19
The Infidels(@ Casbeers   Like I Do   S/T   Sat, 3/13/10 17:07
Two Tons of Steel(@Gruene Hall tonight)   Sedated   Live From Gruene Hall   Sat, 3/13/10 17:03
Cross Canadian Ragweed (@Floore's tonight)   Dimebag / 17   Garage / CCR   Sat, 3/13/10 16:50
Hank III   87 Southbound   Risin Outlaw   Sat, 3/13/10 16:48
Hank III (Sun@ Scout Bar)   The Grand Ole Opry   Damn Right Rebel Proud (Curb)   Sat, 3/13/10 16:47
Around Town Set       Sat, 3/13/10 16:45
      Sat, 3/13/10 16:44
Lucinda Williams   It's A Long Way To The Top   Little Honey   Sat, 3/13/10 16:41
Dwight Yoakam   I'm Bad , I'm Nationwide   Dwight's Used Records (Koch)   Sat, 3/13/10 16:40
      Sat, 3/13/10 16:39
Los #3 Dinners   Take A Walk On The Westside   Can't Stop... Gotta Rock   Sat, 3/13/10 16:31
West Side Horns   2027   San Quilmas   Sat, 3/13/10 16:19
      Sat, 3/13/10 16:18
The Krayolas   Fruiteria   Americano (Box)   Sat, 3/13/10 16:14
Raul Malo   Lucky One   Lucky One   Sat, 3/13/10 16:09
      Sat, 3/13/10 16:06
Texas Tornados   Dinero   S/T (Reprise)   Sat, 3/13/10 16:04
TexasTornados   Whose To Blame,Senorita / Girl Going Nowhere   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Sat, 3/13/10 16:02
      Sat, 3/13/10 16:01
Buddy Miller   100 Million Little Bombs   Poison Love (Hightone)   Sat, 3/13/10 15:55
Texas Sapphires   How Did I Get So Sloppy Drunk / Nashville Moon   As He Wanders   Sat, 3/13/10 15:49
The Magnolia Sisters   Waltz of the Bayou / Creole Stomp   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Sat, 3/13/10 15:36
      Sat, 3/13/10 15:34
Jeff Bridges   Hold On You   The Weary Kind (New West)   Sat, 3/13/10 15:29
Ryan Bingham   The Weary Kind   The Weary Kind (New West)   Sat, 3/13/10 15:28
Guitar Shorty   Please Mr. President / Texas Women   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Sat, 3/13/10 15:27
      Sat, 3/13/10 15:20
John Hiatt   The Open Road / Go Down Swingin'   The Open Road (New West)   Sat, 3/13/10 15:19
      Sat, 3/13/10 15:10
Doug Sahm   Get A Life   SDQ "98"   Sat, 3/13/10 15:08
Doug Sahm   Beautiful Texas Sunshine   Return of Wayne Douglas   Sat, 3/13/10 15:07
It's time for Third Coast Saturday   Thanks for hanging out with us   Dan   Sat, 3/13/10 14:58
      Sat, 3/13/10 14:57
Brave Combo   Must Be Santa   Live at Cat's Cradle   Fri, 3/12/10 18:55
Joe Krown Organ Combo   45 Packin Mama   Down & Dirty   Fri, 3/12/10 18:52
Jerome Batiste   Brown Eye Girl   Back Up Off Me (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:51
Nancy Apple   B.I.G.T.I.M.E.   Shine (Ringo)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:48
Corb Lund   Rye Whiskey (r)   Losin' Lately Gambler (New West)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:39
      Fri, 3/12/10 18:38
Shotgun Party   Tayna   Mean Old Way (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:37
James Talley   Big Thunder   Heartsong (Cimarron)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:35
Texas Sapphires   Pure Land   As He Wanders (Ike)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:34
      Fri, 3/12/10 18:33
Brock Zeman (at Sams HH Sat)   Cindy   Welcome Home Ivy Jane (Busted Flat)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:29
John Evans (at River Road Icehouse Sat)   Name In Chalk   Lollygaggin' (Smith)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:26
Rusty Martin (at Hills & Dales tonight)   I Can't Be Satisfied   Live at Navasota Blues Festival '98   Fri, 3/12/10 18:17
Carrie Rodriguez (tonight at Casbeers)   Big Love   Love and Circumstance (Ninth Street Opus)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:16
      Fri, 3/12/10 18:15
Basin Brothers   Uncle Joe   Stayin' Cajun (Flying Fish)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:04
Kasey Anderson   All Lit Up   Nowhere Nights (Red River)   Fri, 3/12/10 18:01
Super Chikan   Eyeball Blues   Chikadelic (Bluestown)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:58
Adam Carroll & Michael O'Connor   New Year's Eve   Hard Times (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:53
      Fri, 3/12/10 17:52
Neville Brothers (r)   River of Babylon   Walkin' In The Shadow of Life (Back Porch)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:49
Jon Dee Graham   My Lucky Day (r)   It's Not As Bad As It Looks (Freedom)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:45
Townes Van Zandt   If I Needed You (r)   Live at the Old Quarter (Tomato)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:44
      Fri, 3/12/10 17:42
Eric Hisaw (r)   Thing About Trains   Another Great Dram of You (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:36
David and David   Swallowed By The Cracks (r)   Welcome To The Boomtown   Fri, 3/12/10 17:35
Texas Tornados (r)   Girl Going Nowhere   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:25
Los #3 Dinners (r)   Party Down Party Town   Loud (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:24
      Fri, 3/12/10 17:24
Pine Leaf Boys (r)   Festival Acadiens Two Step   Homage Au Passe (Lionsgate)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:16
Willie Nelson   Angel Flying Too Close To the Ground (r)   The Essential Willie Nelson (Columbia / Legacy)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:14
Southern Culture on the Skids   Camel Walk (r)   Dirt Track Date   Fri, 3/12/10 17:11
      Fri, 3/12/10 17:10
Emmylou Harris (r)   I'm Movin On   Last Date (Eminent)   Fri, 3/12/10 17:04
Willie Nelson   I'm My Own Grandpa (r)   Rainbow Connection (Island)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:57
      Fri, 3/12/10 16:56
Great American Taxi   Albuquerque   Reckless Habits (Thirty Tigers)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:55
Overmountain Men   Rembrandt   Glorious Day (Ramseur)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:50
Honeycutters   Better Woman   Irene (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:46
Pete Anderson   Honky Tonk Girl   Even Things Up (Little Dog)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:45
      Fri, 3/12/10 16:45
Evangenitals   Hard Luck   Evangenitals (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:37
Cam Penner   Thirteen   Trouble & Mercy (Prairie Boy)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:30
Ernie Hendrickson   Where The Sidewalk Ends   Walking With Angels (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:28
Joe Barry   Come What May   I'm a Fool To Care (Night Train International)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:26
Beautiful Loser Society   Sweet Virginia   The Long Slow Decline (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:24
      Fri, 3/12/10 16:24
Dale Peterson   Snake Pit   Son of Harry (Root 66)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:17
Various   Semi-Truck (Bill Kirchen)   Rig Rock Deluxe (Upstart)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:16
Various   20 Years in the Big City (Bill Kelly)   Freight Train Boogie 2 (Jackalope)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:05
Trevor Alguire   The One   Thirty Year Run (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:02
Fiona Boyes   Rockabilly On The Radio   Lucky 13 (Yellow Dog)   Fri, 3/12/10 16:02
Ray Wylie Hubbard   The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse   A: Enlightenment B.Endarkenment (Hint: There is no C) (Bordello)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:58
Balfa Toujours   Tu Peux Cogner Mais Tu Peux Pas Rentrer   Live at Whiskey River Landing (Rounder)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:50
Magnolia Sisters   Marie One Step   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:48
Jace Everett   Bad Things   Red Revelations (Weston Boys)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:43
Coco Montoya   You'd Think I'd Know Better By Now   The Essential Coco Montoya (Blind Pig)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:37
      Fri, 3/12/10 15:36
Ken Will Morton   True Grit   True Grit (Sojourn)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:36
Suzi Ragsdale   Wake Up!   Best Regards & Less of the Same (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:32
Los Lobos   Kiko and the Lavender Moon   Live at the Fillmore (Hollywood)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:27
Ned Van Go   Sing Me a Mountain Song   Heartbroke City (s/r)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:22
      Fri, 3/12/10 15:22
Eleven Hundred Springs   Show Me The Money (Or I'll Show You The Door)   This Crazy Life (Smith Ent)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:21
Guitar Shorty   Temporary Man   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:18
      Fri, 3/12/10 15:18
Chris Ardoin   Hold That Tiger   Best Kept Secret (Rounder)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:07
Texas Tornados   If I Could Only   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Fri, 3/12/10 15:06
Jerry Lee Lewis   Rock and Roll   Last Man Standing   Fri, 3/12/10 15:02
Johnny A.   I Had To Laugh   Get Inside (Favored Nations)   Fri, 3/12/10 14:59
Welcome to the Friday TCMN slot.   Dave at the helm.   Hop aboard!   Fri, 3/12/10 14:59
Thanks for riding along, and thanks to Luke Olson and the Happen-Ins.       Thu, 3/11/10 18:53
Otis Gibbs   The Peoples Day   One Day Our Whispers (Benchmark)   Thu, 3/11/10 18:53
Flaco Jimenez (Happy Birthday, Flaco)   Across the Borderline (w/John Hiatt)   Partners (Reprise)   Thu, 3/11/10 18:52
Flaco Jimenez   El Bingo   San Antonio Soul (Rounder)   Thu, 3/11/10 18:49
The Texas Sapphires   Riddled Days, Stunt Double   As He Wanders...(Ike Records)   Thu, 3/11/10 18:36
Carolina Chocolate Drops   Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine, Hit 'Em Up Style   Genuine Negro Jig (Nonesuch)   Thu, 3/11/10 18:35
Nick Curran and the Lowlifes   Tough Love, Reel Rock Party   Reform School Girl (Eclecto Groove)   Thu, 3/11/10 18:28
The Magnolia Sisters   Tap Dance/Bernadette   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Thu, 3/11/10 18:27
Texas Tornados   Who's To Blame Senorita, If I Could Only, Girl Going Nowhere   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Thu, 3/11/10 18:19
The Happen-Ins   Be Yer Fool, Closer Now, Just the Way It Always Was, Baby (live);Never Said, You've Been Bad, Bashful (CD)   The Happen-Ins (Indie)   Thu, 3/11/10 18:09
The Happen-Ins live on KSYM - they're at Sam's tonight       Thu, 3/11/10 17:31
Amen       Thu, 3/11/10 17:30
The Blind Boys of Alabama   Down by the Riverside (w/the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Allen Toussaint)   Down in New Orleans (Time Life)   Thu, 3/11/10 17:24
Maria Muldaur & Tracy Nelson   Up Above My Head   Shout, Sister, Shout (M.C.)   Thu, 3/11/10 17:21
Imperial golden Crown Harmonizers   Hem of His Garment   Imperial Golden Crown Harmonizers (Catamount)   Thu, 3/11/10 17:20
Elvis Presley   Peace In the Valley   Amazing Grace: His Greatest Sacred Performances (RCA)   Thu, 3/11/10 17:07
Patty Griffin   All Creatures of Our God and King   Downtown Church (Credential)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:57
Eric Bibb   With My Maker I Am One   Booker's Guitar (Telarc Blues)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:56
It's Gospel Time       Thu, 3/11/10 16:56
Guitar Shorty (he'll be at Sam's Burger Joint on March 19)   Neverland, Betrayed   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:54
John Hiatt   Like a Freight Train, My Baby   The Open Road (New West)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:36
The Krayolas (CD release party Friday at 7 p.m. at Los Valles Fruteria)   Fruteria, Wall of Accordion   Americano (Box)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:18
Flaco Jimenez (Happy Birthday, Flaco)   El Pantalon Blue Jean   San Antonio Soul (Rounder)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:18
Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three   Two-Faced Tom, You Don't Want Me   Riverboat Soul (Free Dirt)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:13
Shotgun Party (at Sam's on Monday for Swing Night)   Operator, Paints a Yates   Mean Old Way (Indie)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:09
Luke Olson   Believe in Me (live), Gulf Coast Romance, Old Mines Road   Uvalde (Indie)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:07
Luke Olson   Man on a Tractor, Red River Blue (CD), Everyday (live)   Red River Blue (Sustain)   Thu, 3/11/10 16:06
and Luke is offering a free CD to anyone who comes down to the station and pays their pledge.       Thu, 3/11/10 15:43
Luke Olson live on KSYM (He's at Silo on Austin Highway on Friday night)       Thu, 3/11/10 15:42
Flaco Jimenez (Happy Birthday, Flaco)   Carmelita (w/Dwight Yoakam)   Partners (Reprise)   Thu, 3/11/10 15:42
That Flaco song was from the Texas Tornados' "Esta Bueno" CD       Thu, 3/11/10 15:41
Flaco Jimenez (Happy Birthday, Flaco)   Chicano   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Thu, 3/11/10 15:20
The Holmes Brothers   Pledging My Love, Rounding Third   Feed My Soul (Alligator)   Thu, 3/11/10 15:07
Kevin Higgins (at The Cove tonight)   Find Your Shine   Find Your Shine (Little Train)   Thu, 3/11/10 15:04
Troy Campbell   Just Who's Drivin'   KSYM Mix   Thu, 3/11/10 15:03
It's Thursday on the TCMN. Uncle Crusty on the bridge. Thanks for your considerable support last week during pledge drive. I have two guests today, Luke Olson about 3:30 p.m., the Happen-Ins about 5:30.       Thu, 3/11/10 15:03
bye bye       Wed, 3/10/10 18:53
johnny cash   man in black   essential   Wed, 3/10/10 18:53
magnolia sisters   jolie petite blonde   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Wed, 3/10/10 18:52
Jeff Bridges   hold on you   Crazy Heart - various - (New West)   Wed, 3/10/10 18:51
Carolina Chocolate Drops   hit em up style, cornbread and butterbeans   Genuine Negro Jig (Nonesuch)   Wed, 3/10/10 18:39
lucinda williams   pineola   sweet old world   Wed, 3/10/10 18:34
terry allen   peggy legg   human remains   Wed, 3/10/10 18:32
Ray Wylie Hubbard   the four horsmen of the apocolypse   a enlightenment b endarkenment hint there is no c   Wed, 3/10/10 18:28
jon dee graham   la la la la la   it's not as bad as it looks (freedom)   Wed, 3/10/10 18:23
pokey lafarge and the south city three   in the graveyard now, old black dog   Riverboat Soul (Free Dirt)   Wed, 3/10/10 18:15
john hiatt   the open road, like a freight train   the open road (new west)   Wed, 3/10/10 18:03
      Wed, 3/10/10 18:02
george carver & papa mali   down at the zoo   down at the zoo   Wed, 3/10/10 17:59
brave combo   simpsons[polka     Wed, 3/10/10 17:58
cornell hurd band   dont wipe your face on your shirt   the bottle let me down   Wed, 3/10/10 17:58
steve riley, sonny landreth, linda thompson, ann savoy etc   two step de prarie solieu   evangeline made a tribute to cajun music   Wed, 3/10/10 17:40
linda thompson   balfa waltz   evangeline made a tribute to cajun music   Wed, 3/10/10 17:40
great american taxi   new milennium blues, fuzzy little hippy girl   reckless habits (thirty tigers)   Wed, 3/10/10 17:38
nick curren   the lowlife   reform school girl (eoleto groove)   Wed, 3/10/10 17:30
deadstring brothers   sao paulo   sao paulo (bloodshot)   Wed, 3/10/10 17:23
tom russell   crosses of san carlos   blood and candle smoke   Wed, 3/10/10 17:16
tom russell   the pugilist at 59   love & fear   Wed, 3/10/10 17:16
robert earl keen   rolling by   no kinda dancer   Wed, 3/10/10 17:16
# 3 dinners   thats love, down in s.a.     Wed, 3/10/10 17:09
      Wed, 3/10/10 17:08
joe pug   messenger   messenger (lightning rod)   Wed, 3/10/10 17:08
duke robillard and sunny crownover   i'm still in love in love, sway   tales from the tiki lounge   Wed, 3/10/10 16:53
rodney crowell   the rise and fall of intellignet design   sex & gasoline   Wed, 3/10/10 16:45
rodney crowell   glasgow girl   the outsider   Wed, 3/10/10 16:44
the holms brothers   You're the Kind of Trouble, something is missing   Feed My Soul (Alligator)   Wed, 3/10/10 16:29
Eleven Hundred Springs   high on the town   This Crazy Life (smith)   Wed, 3/10/10 16:27
guy clark   sis draper   cold dog soup   Wed, 3/10/10 16:22
guy clark   let him roll   keepers (nashville1996)   Wed, 3/10/10 16:21
neko case   magpie to the morning   middle cyclone   Wed, 3/10/10 16:07
neko case   train from kansas city   the tigers have spoken   Wed, 3/10/10 16:07
johnny cash   satisfied mind, aloha oe   american vi: aint no grave   Wed, 3/10/10 16:03
sisters morales   world goers round   talkin gto the river   Wed, 3/10/10 15:52
sisters morales   gugurrgugu paloma   para gloria   Wed, 3/10/10 15:52
muddy waters   40 days and 40 nights, just to be with you   his best 1956-1964   Wed, 3/10/10 15:48
beausoliel   carriere zydeco, little darlin'   alligator purse   Wed, 3/10/10 15:35
Guitar Shorty   slow burn, true lies   bare knuckel (alligator)   Wed, 3/10/10 15:30
the texas sapphires   baltimore cage, 190   As He Wanders (IKE)   Wed, 3/10/10 15:24
will kimbrough   three angels, you cant go home   wings (daphne)   Wed, 3/10/10 15:11
bob wills   bubbles in my beer, spanish fandango, still water runs deepest, cross my heart i love you   grst hits   Wed, 3/10/10 15:05
3phus here       Wed, 3/10/10 15:04
Thanks for hanging out with us       Tue, 3/9/10 18:55
Christabel & the Jons   More Than Friends   Custom Made (Roots & Rhysomes)   Tue, 3/9/10 18:55
Doug Sahm   Something to Remember You By   Last Real Texas Blues Band   Tue, 3/9/10 18:53
Moreland & Arbuckle   Legend of John Henry   Flood   Tue, 3/9/10 18:47
Krayolas   Wall of Accordion   Americano   Tue, 3/9/10 18:44
      Tue, 3/9/10 18:41
D L Menard   Listen to Me When I Talk to You   Cajun Memories   Tue, 3/9/10 18:40
Holmes Brothers   You're the Kind of Trouble   Feed My Soul (Alligator)   Tue, 3/9/10 18:33
Thanks to Guest DJ Ralph for some great song selections       Tue, 3/9/10 18:32
Johnny Cash   Ain't No Grave   American V: Ain't No Grave   Tue, 3/9/10 18:27
Austin Lounge Lizards   Banjo Players in Heaven   The Drugs I Need   Tue, 3/9/10 18:20
      Tue, 3/9/10 18:12
Twangbangers   Hot Rod Lincoln   26 Days on the Road   Tue, 3/9/10 18:08
      Tue, 3/9/10 18:08
Johnny Cash   A Boy Named Sue   At San Quentin   Tue, 3/9/10 18:05
Austin Lounge Lizards   The Drugs I Need   The Drugs I Need   Tue, 3/9/10 18:03
Pure Prarie League   Amie   Hillbilly Fever vol 5 - various - (Rhino)   Tue, 3/9/10 18:00
Johnny Cash   Long Black Veil   Live at Folsum Prison   Tue, 3/9/10 17:52
Willie Nelson   Pancho & Lefty (w/Merle Haggard)   The Essential   Tue, 3/9/10 17:48
Willie Nelson   Bloody Mary Morning   The Essential   Tue, 3/9/10 17:47
Ray Price   The Other Woman in My Life   The Other Woman   Tue, 3/9/10 17:45
      Tue, 3/9/10 17:40
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band   Allm Prayed Up (w/Vince Gill)   Will the Citrcle Be unbroken vol 2   Tue, 3/9/10 17:34
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band   Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Glory Glory)   Will the Citrcle Be unbroken vol 2   Tue, 3/9/10 17:31
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band   Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms (w/Willie Nelson)   Will the Citrcle Be unbroken vol 2   Tue, 3/9/10 17:31
Johnny Bush   Whiskey River   Whiskey River   Tue, 3/9/10 17:26
Dwight Yoakam   Close Up the Honky Tonks   Dwight Sings Buck (New West)   Tue, 3/9/10 17:24
      Tue, 3/9/10 17:14
Two Tons of Steel   Alcohol & Pills/Not That Lucky   Not That Lucky   Tue, 3/9/10 17:14
      Tue, 3/9/10 17:13
Terri Hendrix   Flowers   Wilory Farm   Tue, 3/9/10 17:05
Delbert McClinton   One of the Fortunate Few   Cost of Living   Tue, 3/9/10 17:03
Doug Sahm   Mendocino/Wasted Days & Wasted Nights   The Best of... (Mercury)   Tue, 3/9/10 17:00
Marcia Ball   Scene of the Crime   Presumed Innocent   Tue, 3/9/10 16:54
Hangdogs   WAllace 48/Drink Yourself to Death   Wallace 48   Tue, 3/9/10 16:49
Two Tons of Steel   The Hammer   Transparent   Tue, 3/9/10 16:44
Austin Lounge Lizards   Highway Cafe of the Damned   Highway Cafe of the Damned   Tue, 3/9/10 16:40
      Tue, 3/9/10 16:39
Emmylou Harris   I'm Moving On   Last Date   Tue, 3/9/10 16:37
Steve Earle   Guitar Town   Guitar Town   Tue, 3/9/10 16:34
Bill Kirchen   Dim Light, Thick Smoke   Tied to the Wheel   Tue, 3/9/10 16:28
Bill Kirchen   Truck Stop at the End of the World   Tied to the Wheel   Tue, 3/9/10 16:27
Ray Wylie Hubbard   The Messenger   Crusades of the Restless Knights   Tue, 3/9/10 16:09
Ray Wylie Hubbard   Red Dress   Crusades of the Restless Knights   Tue, 3/9/10 16:07
Ray Wylie Hubbard   Conversation with the Devil   Crusades of the Restless Knights   Tue, 3/9/10 16:06
Guest DJ Ralph in the house!       Tue, 3/9/10 16:04
      Tue, 3/9/10 16:04
Guitar Shorty   Texas Women   Bare Knuckle (Alligator)   Tue, 3/9/10 16:04
Carolina Chocolate Drops   Trouble in Your Mind   Genuine Negro Jig (Nonesuch)   Tue, 3/9/10 16:02
Texas Sapphires   Farmer's Tan   As He Wanders (IKE)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:59
Eleven Hundred Springs   Get Through the Day   This Crazy Life   Tue, 3/9/10 15:56
Jackie Callier   Cajun from Church Point (Oakie from Muscogee)   Front Porch Cajun Music   Tue, 3/9/10 15:55
Adam Carroll & Michael O'Connor   Billy Gibbon's Beard   Hard Times (s/r)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:51
Pokey LaFarge m& the South City Three   You Don't Want Me   Riverboat Soul (Free Dirt)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:47
Jeff Bridges   Hold On to You   Crazy Heart - various - (New West)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:45
Shemekia Copeland   Black Crow (r)   Never Going Back   Tue, 3/9/10 15:36
      Tue, 3/9/10 15:34
Nancy Apple   BIGTIME   Shine (Ringo)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:34
Asylum Street Spankers   Sad Bomber (r)   Hot Lunch   Tue, 3/9/10 15:34
Captain Clegg   Transylvania Terror Train   Captain Clegg & the Nightcreatures   Tue, 3/9/10 15:33
Eric Bibb   Walkin' Blues Again   Booker's Guitar (Telarc Blues)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:26
Marshall Ford Swing BAnd   Lyla Lou   It's About Dam Time (s/r)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:18
      Tue, 3/9/10 15:18
Magnolia Sisters   Valse d'amitie   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:15
Lauren Adams   Smart Girl   Secret Heart   Tue, 3/9/10 15:07
Magnolia Sisters   Tap Dance/Bernadette   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:05
      Tue, 3/9/10 15:01
Jimmy LaFave   Oklahoma Hills (r)   Woody Guthrie Tribute - various - (Music Road)   Tue, 3/9/10 15:01
CC Adcock   Y'all'd Think She'd Be Good to Me   Lafayette Marquis   Tue, 3/9/10 15:00
It's Tuesday at TCMN   Thanks for a great pledge drive, one and all!     Tue, 3/9/10 14:58
      Tue, 3/9/10 14:57
thanks for listening and for your support   happy trails!     Mon, 3/8/10 18:57
band of heathens   hallelujah   band of heathens   Mon, 3/8/10 18:57
patterson hood   screwtopia   murdering oscar   Mon, 3/8/10 18:51
      Mon, 3/8/10 18:45
pine leaf boys (r)   pine leaf two-step   la musique   Mon, 3/8/10 18:39
the krayolas   hey carmelita   americano (box)   Mon, 3/8/10 18:35
gary p. nunn (r)   why don't you meet me down in corpus   what i like about texas   Mon, 3/8/10 18:35
various   fallin' and flyin' (r)   crazy heart (new west)   Mon, 3/8/10 18:33
james mcmurtry   no more buffalo   it had to happen   Mon, 3/8/10 18:31
      Mon, 3/8/10 18:26
john hiatt   the open road   the open road (new west)   Mon, 3/8/10 18:15
the sojourners   when i die   the sojourners (black hen)   Mon, 3/8/10 18:07
      Mon, 3/8/10 18:05
various   american music (dave alvin)   rockabilly lives   Mon, 3/8/10 18:03
texas tornados   my sugar blue   esta bueno! (bismeaux)   Mon, 3/8/10 17:58
steve earle   home to houston   the revolution starts now   Mon, 3/8/10 17:53
t-sale   i'm going away   une autre tit bout   Mon, 3/8/10 17:51
todd snider   slim chance/bring 'em home   the excitement plan   Mon, 3/8/10 17:47
mother truckers   love me like a man   broke, not broken   Mon, 3/8/10 17:43
      Mon, 3/8/10 17:42
various   the weary kind (ryan bingham)   crazy heart original motion picture soundtrack   Mon, 3/8/10 17:35
various   brown-eyed handsome man (neko case) /the box it came in (anna fermin & the trigger gospel)   hard headed woman: in celebration of wanda jackson   Mon, 3/8/10 17:34
the texas sapphires   190   as he wanders...(ike)   Mon, 3/8/10 17:32
      Mon, 3/8/10 17:31
fat man & little boy   mississippi delta blues   the atomic duo   Mon, 3/8/10 17:20
eric bibb   walkin blues again   booker's guitar (telarc)   Mon, 3/8/10 17:08
      Mon, 3/8/10 17:07
the magnolia sisters   a boire, a boire/tap dance/bernadette   stripped down (arhoolie)   Mon, 3/8/10 17:07
bill kirchen   hot rod lincoln   hot rod lincoln live!   Mon, 3/8/10 17:03
Marshall Ford Swing Band   Marie/Trouble, Trouble/Pickles n Tomatoes   It'a About Dam Time (s/r)   Mon, 3/8/10 17:01
The Marshall Ford Swing Band   live in the KSYM studio   @Sam's Burger Joint tonight for Swing Night   Mon, 3/8/10 16:59
Welcome to TCMN Monday Edition with...   Tish the Intern   The Marshall Ford Swing Band will be in the KSYM studio around 4:30ish.   Mon, 3/8/10 16:04
      Mon, 3/8/10 16:00
A thousand thanks to Johnny Bush and Lynda Bush and to the Krayolas.       Thu, 3/4/10 18:43
Too much happening here during pledge drive. I lost control of the playlist.       Thu, 3/4/10 18:43
Jeff Bridges   Fallin' & Flyin'   Crazy Heart Soundtrack (New West)   Thu, 3/4/10 16:42
Jimmy LaFave   Down in Oklahoma Hills   Woody Guthrie Tribute Tour (Music Road)   Thu, 3/4/10 16:40
Eric Bibb   Booker's Guitar, With My Maker I Am One   Booker's Guitar (Telarc)   Thu, 3/4/10 15:43
the Magnolia Sisters   Waltz of the Bayou, Bon temps rouler   Stripped Down (Arhoolie)   Thu, 3/4/10 15:42
Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three   La La Blues, Claude Jones   Riverboat Soul (Free Dirt)   Thu, 3/4/10 15:29
Texas Tornados   If I Could Only, My Sugar Blue   Esta Bueno (Bismeaux)   Thu, 3/4/10 15:24
Troy Campbell   Just Who's Driving   KSYM Mix   Thu, 3/4/10 15:17
It's Thursday, Uncle Crusty, JIm Beal Jr., on the pledge drive puppet show of the air. PLEASE call!       Thu, 3/4/10 15:17
Pledge Drive time. Please call (210) 486-KSYM       Thu, 3/4/10 15:16