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  Artist   Song   Album   Date/Time
Nathan &the zydeco cha chas   Old mans darling   Hang it high Hang it low   Mon, 5/21/07 17:00
randy garibay (r)   still singing the blues   chicago blues man   Mon, 5/21/07 16:53
rosie flores   more to offer   after the farm   Mon, 5/21/07 16:46
patsy cline   walking after midnight   walking after midnight   Mon, 5/21/07 16:45
guy forsyth   needle gun   needle gun   Mon, 5/21/07 16:44
Watermelon Slim   the wheel man   The Wheel Man (Northernblues)   Mon, 5/21/07 16:37
the flatlanders   Midnight Train   wheels of fortune   Mon, 5/21/07 16:36
bill kirchen   truck stop at the end of the world   tied to the wheel   Mon, 5/21/07 16:32
old crow medicine show   down home girl   big iron world   Mon, 5/21/07 16:30
Phillip Walker   Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Mon, 5/21/07 16:19
george jones   night life with waylon   my very special guests   Mon, 5/21/07 16:17
dan hicks and the hot licks   Mama Boys blues   selected shorts   Mon, 5/21/07 16:12
the hollisters   east texas pines   the land of rythem and pleasure   Mon, 5/21/07 16:04
marcia ball   red beans   blue house   Mon, 5/21/07 16:02
jeremy and the zydeco hot boys   do your thing zydeco   the things about love   Mon, 5/21/07 15:57
rachel harrington   shoeless joe   the bootleggers daughter (skinny dennis)   Mon, 5/21/07 15:56
kevin deal   boomtown   honkey tonk and churches   Mon, 5/21/07 15:49
Jason and the scorchers   good things come to those that wait   Midnight Roads and stages seen   Mon, 5/21/07 15:43
nate gibson and the gashouse gang   all the way home   high fidelity( cow island)   Mon, 5/21/07 15:40
johnny bush   ill sail my ship alone   kashmere gardens mud (icehouse)   Mon, 5/21/07 15:36
Tom Rigney and Flambeau   the blue hour   a blue thing   Mon, 5/21/07 15:36
johnny cash   ii wont back down   american 3 solitary man   Mon, 5/21/07 15:32
legendary shack shakers   Creek cats   Believe   Mon, 5/21/07 15:28
jeanne pierre & the zydeco angels   tell the world   zydeco alert (ind)   Mon, 5/21/07 15:17
Cow bop   Cow cow Boogie   Swinging out west   Mon, 5/21/07 15:12
hank williams   move it on over   20 greatest hits   Mon, 5/21/07 15:08
The Bluerunners   So long ago   Live at the triple door   Mon, 5/21/07 14:58
Johnny adams   My heart is hangin Heavy   the great jonny adams blues album   Mon, 5/21/07 14:56
joe ely   Roll again   Twistin in the Wind   Mon, 5/21/07 14:53
lil dipper is out for 2 weeks   cheers     Sun, 5/20/07 19:56
band of heathens   bumblebee   live from momos   Sun, 5/20/07 19:55
ruthie foster   People Grinnin' In Your Face   the phenomenal (blue corn)   Sun, 5/20/07 19:55
Tom Russell Band   lily rosemary and thhe jack of hearts   indians cowboys horses dogs   Sun, 5/20/07 19:47
jimmie dale gilmore   reunion with lucinda williams   spinning around the sun   Sun, 5/20/07 19:43
johnny cash   ballad of ira hayes   at madison square garden   Sun, 5/20/07 19:40
jarabe de palo   la flaca   putumayo blues around the world   Sun, 5/20/07 19:39
mary gauthier   mercy now   mercy now   Sun, 5/20/07 19:33
juliann banks   clay pigeons   blaze a blaze   Sun, 5/20/07 19:29
guy forsyth   children of jack   can you live without   Sun, 5/20/07 19:22
todd snider   conservative christian right wing republican straight white american males   east nashville skyline   Sun, 5/20/07 19:15
southern culture on the skids   engine engine no 9   countrypolitan favorites Yeproc   Sun, 5/20/07 19:15
radney foster   folding money   are you ready for the big show?   Sun, 5/20/07 19:14
los straightjackets w big sandy   dame una sena   rock en espanol (yep roc)   Sun, 5/20/07 19:05
delbert mcclinton   talk to me   heard it on the x   Sun, 5/20/07 18:55
elana james   24 hours a day     Sun, 5/20/07 18:55
eilen jewell   boundary county   boundary county   Sun, 5/20/07 18:50
the little willies   i'll never get out of this world alive     Sun, 5/20/07 18:48
brennen leigh   shine like silver   too thin to plow   Sun, 5/20/07 18:47
lyle lovett   til it shines with keb mo   smile, songs from the movies   Sun, 5/20/07 18:38
slaid cleaves   oh loretta   unsung   Sun, 5/20/07 18:38
legendary shack shakers   Creek cats   Believe   Sun, 5/20/07 18:30
guy clark   Texas 1947   old no 1   Sun, 5/20/07 18:30
george jones wtih waylon   night life with waylon   50 years of hits   Sun, 5/20/07 18:23
hayes caril   wish i hadn't stayed so long   little rock   Sun, 5/20/07 18:23
Tom Russell Band   us steel   raw vision   Sun, 5/20/07 18:22
paul thorn   lover's vacation   are you with me   Sun, 5/20/07 18:16
wayne hancock   aint nobody's blues but my own   thunderstorms and neon signs   Sun, 5/20/07 18:07
waco brothers   lincoln town car   freedom and weep   Sun, 5/20/07 18:07
gurf morlix   49 tons   the songs of fred eaglesmith   Sun, 5/20/07 18:06
bow thayer   snake bite   spend it all (crooked root)   Sun, 5/20/07 18:06
danny barnes   I like my chicken hot   dirt on the angel   Sun, 5/20/07 18:05
flaco jimenez with dwight yoakum   carmelita   partners   Sun, 5/20/07 18:04
tony joe white w emmylou   wild wolf calling me   the heroines   Sun, 5/20/07 17:46
asleep at the wheel   saturday night fish fry   reinventing the wheel (bismeaux)   Sun, 5/20/07 17:45
texas tornados   guacamole   hangin on by a thread   Sun, 5/20/07 17:44
peter rowan and tony rice   moonlight midnight   quartet (rounder)   Sun, 5/20/07 17:44
john prine and mac wiseman   old dogs, children and watermelon wine   standard songs for average people (ohboy)   Sun, 5/20/07 17:44
the blazers   Cumbia Del Sol   East Side Soul   Sun, 5/20/07 17:19
townes van zandt   be here to love me   our mother the mountain   Sun, 5/20/07 17:16
Robbie Fulks   busy not crying   Revenge   Sun, 5/20/07 17:16
randy garibay (r)   still singing the blues   chicago blues man   Sun, 5/20/07 17:16
delbert mcclinton   lay around and love on you     Sun, 5/20/07 17:06
doug sahm   candy kisses   the westside rolls again   Sun, 5/20/07 17:05
new riders of the purple sage   hello mary lou   the best of   Sun, 5/20/07 17:05
todd snider   beer run   near truths and hotel rooms   Sun, 5/20/07 16:53
McKay brothers   south coast of texas     Sun, 5/20/07 16:52
corb lund band   the truck got stuck   hair in my eyes like a highland steer   Sun, 5/20/07 16:47
darryl lee rush   white trash paradise   llano avenue   Sun, 5/20/07 16:44
steve earle   rich man's war   the revolution starts now   Sun, 5/20/07 16:44
ray wylie hubbard   name droppin   growl   Sun, 5/20/07 16:44
rodney crowell   u don't know how much I hate you   the houston kid   Sun, 5/20/07 16:34
jimmy lafave   I wish for you   blue nightfall   Sun, 5/20/07 16:33
james mcmurtry   I only want to talk to you   walk between the raindrops   Sun, 5/20/07 16:27
nathan hamilton   tuscola   live at floores   Sun, 5/20/07 16:18
james mcmurtry   airline agent   walk between the raindrops   Sun, 5/20/07 16:17
      Sun, 5/20/07 16:15
sonny landreth     grant street   Sun, 5/20/07 16:14
otis spann   beat up team   otis spann is the blues   Sun, 5/20/07 15:51
bobby bland   i'll take care of you, i pity the fool   grst hits vol 1   Sun, 5/20/07 15:42
alex   prison blues   historical recordings from parchman farm 1957-1948   Sun, 5/20/07 15:38
blind willie johnson   i know his blood can make me whole   classic recordings of the 20's and 30's   Sun, 5/20/07 15:36
skip james   cypress grove   classic recordings of the 20's and 30's   Sun, 5/20/07 15:35
missississippi john hurt   aint no tellin   classic recordings of the 20's and 30's   Sun, 5/20/07 15:35
son house   my bkack mama   classic recordings of the 20's and 30's   Sun, 5/20/07 15:31
tommy johnson   big road blues   classic recordings of the 20's and 30's   Sun, 5/20/07 15:26
garfield akers   dough roller blues   classic recordings of the 20's and 30's   Sun, 5/20/07 15:19
magic sam   all night long, al my whole life   cobra and cheif recordings 1957-1961   Sun, 5/20/07 15:16
freddie king   woman across the river   are youn ready for freddie   Sun, 5/20/07 15:06
b b king w joe louis walker   t bone shuffle   classic live performances 1964-1994   Sun, 5/20/07 15:04
t bone walker   the hustle is on, baby broke my heart   complete imperial recordings   Sun, 5/20/07 15:03
big bill broonzy   too many drivers   big bill blues   Sun, 5/20/07 14:54
sonny terry , brownie mcghee, t bone walker and willie dixon   i'm crazy bout you baby   live in hamburg germany, oct 1962   Sun, 5/20/07 14:48
buddy guy   the things i used to do, you give me fever   this is buddy guy rec live in berkly cal,1968   Sun, 5/20/07 14:37
j b l;enoir   slow down woman, i sing um the way i feel, i feel so good   essential collection   Sun, 5/20/07 14:33
lightning hopkins   back to new oreleans, automobile blues   prestige profiles   Sun, 5/20/07 14:21
stevie ray vaughn   texas flood   live at monbtreuax 1985   Sun, 5/20/07 14:14
albert king   blues power   essential   Sun, 5/20/07 14:06
      Sun, 5/20/07 14:06
It's been fun.   I'm outta here!     Sun, 5/20/07 08:58
FZ   Sofa #2   You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol 1   Sun, 5/20/07 08:56
FZ   Uncle Remus   Apostrophe   Sun, 5/20/07 08:55
Mothers of Invention   Uncle Meat Main Theme   Uncle Meat   Sun, 5/20/07 08:52
FZ   Lemme Take You To The Beach   Lather   Sun, 5/20/07 08:51
FZ   Trouble Every Day   Does Humor Belong In Music?   Sun, 5/20/07 08:47
      Sun, 5/20/07 08:47
FZ   The Closer You Are   them or Us   Sun, 5/20/07 08:40
Mothers of Invention   Bow Tie Daddy   We're Only In It For the Money   Sun, 5/20/07 08:40
FZ   Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance   The Lost Episodes   Sun, 5/20/07 08:35
FZ   Stinkfoot   You Can't Do That On Stage on Stage Anymore Vol 2   Sun, 5/20/07 08:32
      Sun, 5/20/07 08:31
FZ & the Mothers of Invention   Sharleena / Cruisin For Burgers   Playground Psychotics   Sun, 5/20/07 08:22
FZ   sexual Harrassment In the Workplace   Guitar   Sun, 5/20/07 08:19
Mothers of Invention   Plastic People   Absolutely Free   Sun, 5/20/07 08:14
      Sun, 5/20/07 08:13
FZ   Original Duke of Prunes   Mystery Disc   Sun, 5/20/07 08:04
The Mothers   Little House I Used To Live In   Fillmore East June 1971   Sun, 5/20/07 07:53
FZ   Let's make the Water Turn Black/ Harry You're a Beast / Orange County Lumber Truck / Oh No / Theme From Lumpy Gravy   Make a jazz Noise Here   Sun, 5/20/07 07:46
FZ   It Just Might Be a One Shot Deal   Waka Jawaka Hot Rats   Sun, 5/20/07 07:44
FZ & the Mothers   Inca Roads   One Size Fits All   Sun, 5/20/07 07:43
      Sun, 5/20/07 07:43
FZ   I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth / Big Leg Emma   Zappa In NY   Sun, 5/20/07 07:37
Mothers of Invention   Hungry Freaks Daddy   Freak Out   Sun, 5/20/07 07:32
      Sun, 5/20/07 07:31
Baby Ray & the Ferns   How's Your Bird?   Rare Meat   Sun, 5/20/07 07:21
The Mothers   For Calvin & His Next Two Hitchhikers   The Grand Wazoo   Sun, 5/20/07 07:20
FZ   Elvis Has Just Left the Building   Broadway the Hard Way   Sun, 5/20/07 06:54
      Sun, 5/20/07 06:53
FZ   Cheap Thrills   Cruising With Ruben & the Jets   Sun, 5/20/07 06:47
FZ   Baby Snakes   Sheik Yerbouti   Sun, 5/20/07 06:46
FZ   Joe's Garage   Joe's Garage   Sun, 5/20/07 06:46
I'll be posting the next 2 hours of Frank Zappa.   Wake up San Antonio.   Dave at the helm.   Sun, 5/20/07 06:44
Thanks for listenin' y'all       Sat, 5/19/07 18:53
Back Porch Mary   Trash Truck   Back Porch Mary   Sat, 5/19/07 18:53
Sonny Landreth   Shootin' for the Moon   South of I 10 (Zoo/Praxis)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:51
Hayes Carll   Little Rock   Little Rock (Highway 87)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:46
Elizabeth Cook   Sometimes it Takes Balls to Be A Woman   Balls (31 Tigers)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:43
      Sat, 5/19/07 18:38
Hank Williams   Move It On Over   20 Greatest Hits (Mercury)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:37
Lil Bit & Customatics   Blue Monday   Lone Star Girl (Tomcattin' 'Round)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:35
Elizabeth Ames & the Countrypolitans   Genesee   Anytime (Ultrapolitan)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:30
Gurf Morlix   Madalyn's Bones   Diamonds to Dust (Blue Corn)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:28
Sisters Morales   Ay Jalisco   Para Gloria (Luna)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:26
      Sat, 5/19/07 18:23
Alice Spencer & Her Monkey Butlers   Lou-Easy-An-I-A   Joe's Basement   Sat, 5/19/07 18:19
Robby Fulks   Let's Kill Saturday Night   Revenge ((Yep Roc)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:18
Holmes Brothers w/Levon Helm   I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages   State of Grace (Alligator)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:14
      Sat, 5/19/07 18:10
Dale Watson   Time Without You   From the Cradle to the Grave (Hyena)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:08
Beausoleil   Bye Bye Boozoo   Live in Louisiana   Sat, 5/19/07 18:03
Los Straitjackets   El Microcsopico Bikini   Rock En Espanol vol 1 (Yep Roc)   Sat, 5/19/07 18:00
Dixie Hummingbirds   God's Radar   Diamond Jubilation (Treasure/Rounder)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:56
Phillip Walker   Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home   Goin' Back Home (Delta Groove)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:53
Dallas Wayne   Tex-tosterone   I'm Your Biggest Fan (Koch)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:50
Cornell Hurd   What Would Earnest Tubb Have Done?   A Stagecoach Named Desire (Behemoth)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:48
Ernest Tubb   Walkin' the Floor Over You   Louisiana Hayride   Sat, 5/19/07 17:47
Cedric Wilson & Corey Ledet   Let the Good Times Roll   Goin' Down to Louisiana (Valcour)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:42
      Sat, 5/19/07 17:40
Southern Culture On the Skids   Tobacco Road   Countrypolitan Favorites (Yep Roc)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:38
Asylum Street Spankers   Training Wheel Rag   Mommy Says NO! (Yellow Dog)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:30
Richard Shindell   Acadian Driftwood   South of Delia (RS)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:30
Clumsy Lovers   Smart Kid   Smart Kid (Nettwerk)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:26
      Sat, 5/19/07 17:20
Ponty Bone   Frio City Road   Dig Us On the Road Somewhere (Real World)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:20
Kendel Carson   Run to the Middle of the Morning   Rearview Mirror Tears (Train Wreck)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:15
Watermelon Slim & the Workers   I've Got News   The Wheel Man (Northernblues)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:09
      Sat, 5/19/07 17:09
Truckstop Honeymoon   Rockabilly Debutante   Diamonds in the Asphalt (Squirrel)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:07
Slaid Cleaves   Broke Down   Broke Down (Philo)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:05
Jean-Pierre & the Zydeco Angels   Zydeco Shoes   Zydeco Alert (S/R)   Sat, 5/19/07 17:03
Los #2 Dinners   South Presa Man   Quiero Un Camero (S/R)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:58
Jimmy La Fave   Desperate Men Do Desperate Things   Austin Skyline (Bohemia Beat)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:53
Los Texmaniacs   Ando Buscando Un Amor   Los Texmaniacs (Maniax)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:49
Austin Lounge Lizards   Go Ahead and Die   The Drugs I Need (Blue Corn)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:46
Robby Fulks   Rock Bottom pop. 1   Revenge (Yep Roc)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:42
      Sat, 5/19/07 16:37
Pine Leaf Boys   Mon Coeur Fait Mal   Blues de Musicien (Arhoolie)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:37
Jane Bond   New River Train   Volume 2 (Luther)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:35
Roxanne Potvin   Say It   The Way It Feels (Ruf)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:32
Asleep at the Wheel   Am I Right or Amarillo   Reinventing the Wheel (Bismeaux)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:30
Fred Eaglesmith   White Trash   Ralph's Last Show (Signature Sounds)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:27
      Sat, 5/19/07 16:27
Blazers   Cumbia Del Sol   East Side Soul (Rounder)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:23
Nate Gibson & Gashouse Gang   We Need A Lot More of Jesus ( & a Lot Less Rock n Roll)   All The Way Home(Cow Island)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:20
Guy Forsyth   Mona   Steak (Antone's)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:12
      Sat, 5/19/07 16:11
Bill Kirchen   Hammer of The Honky-Tonk Gods   Hammer of The Honky-Tonk Gods (Proper)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:05
Marce LaCouture   La Joie Cadienne   La Joie Cadienne (Cut Up)   Sat, 5/19/07 16:03
Harry Bodine   Which Way Home   Which Way Home (S/R)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:57
Fairfield Four & Friends   You Know the Rest   Live From Mountain Stage (Blue Plate)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:56
Los Super 7   Heard It On The X   Heard It On The X (Telarc)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:53
Lazy Lester   Irene   All Over You (Antone's)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:48
Uncle Earl   Wish I Had My Time Again   Waterloo, Tennessee (Rounder)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:46
Various Cajun Musicians   Vagabond Special   Evangeline Made (Vanguard)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:42
Ry Cooder   Three Chords and the Truth   My Name Is Buddy (Nonesuch)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:41
Ruthie Foster   People Grinnin' In Your Face   The Phenomenal... (Blue Corn)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:35
Shaver   Georgia on a Fast Train   Tramp on Your Street (Zoo/Praxis)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:29
Rosie Flores   Honky Tonk Moon   Bandera Highway (Hightone)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:27
Denny Mathis   Lady Be Good   Steelin' For A Livin' (S/R)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:24
John Prine & Mac Wiseman   Saginaw Michigan   Standard Songs for Average People (Oh Boy)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:16
Watermelon Slim & the Workers   Truck Driving Mama   The Wheel Man (Northernblues)   Sat, 5/19/07 15:14
Steve Earle   Revolution Starts Now/Home to Houston   The Revolution Starts Now   Sat, 5/19/07 15:06
Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band   Amede Two Step   Cajun Champs (Arhoolie)   Sat, 5/19/07 14:59
Dirty Dozen Brass Band   Feet Can't Fail Me Now   Our New Orleans (Nonesuch)   Sat, 5/19/07 14:58
Welcome to another Third Coast Saturday   Let's rev up those ears and party     Sat, 5/19/07 14:57
We're outta here.   David & Dave signing out.   Join me & wake up on Sunday 7amCST for 2 hours of Frank Zappa. It should be interesting.   Fri, 5/18/07 18:55
Brave combo   Cha Cha For Two   No No No Cha Cha Cha   Fri, 5/18/07 18:54
Joe Krown Organ Combo   45 packin Mama   Down & Dirty   Fri, 5/18/07 18:53
Delbert McClinton   Old Weakness   One of the Fortunate Few   Fri, 5/18/07 18:48
Hank Williams   Jambalaya   20 Greatest Hits   Fri, 5/18/07 18:47
Weary Boys   Busted Down   Weary Blues   Fri, 5/18/07 18:45
South Austin Jug Band   No Baby Swings Like Mine   Dark & Weary World   Fri, 5/18/07 18:44
      Fri, 5/18/07 18:43
Kris Kristofferson   Sunday Morning Coming Down   Essential Kris Kristofferson   Fri, 5/18/07 18:33
Junior Brown   You didn't Have To Go All the Way   Guit With It   Fri, 5/18/07 18:30
      Fri, 5/18/07 18:29
Seth Walker (at Gruene w/ Subdudes Sat)   She's Fine   When It Rains It Pours   Fri, 5/18/07 18:28
Ray Wylie Hubbard (at Rolling Oaks Sat)   Airplane Fell Down In Dixie   Crusades of the Restless Knights   Fri, 5/18/07 18:19
Bobby flores   Bubbles In My Beer   Just For the Record   Fri, 5/18/07 18:19
Bill Kirchen (tonight at Casbeers)   Devil With The Blue Dress   hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods   Fri, 5/18/07 18:15
      Fri, 5/18/07 18:15
Radney Foster   Little Babies Like To Suck On Their Toes   And Then There's Me   Fri, 5/18/07 18:06
Tommy Castro   Err On the Side of Love   Painkiller (Blind Pig)   Fri, 5/18/07 18:04
Johnny bush   Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On   Kashmere Gardens Mud (Icehouse Music)   Fri, 5/18/07 18:03
Rachel harrington   summer's Gone   the Bootleggers Daughter (Skinny Dennis)   Fri, 5/18/07 18:01
      Fri, 5/18/07 17:59
Willie Nelson   We Don't Run   Live On Third Coast   Fri, 5/18/07 17:52
Willie Nelson   Big Booty   It Always Will Be (Lost Highway)   Fri, 5/18/07 17:48
Willie Merle & Ray   that silver Haired Daddy of Mine   last of the Breed (Lost Highway)   Fri, 5/18/07 17:48
      Fri, 5/18/07 17:47
Lucinda Williams   Learning How To Live   West (Lost HighwY)   Fri, 5/18/07 17:37
Tom Russell   Bacon Rind, Chief Seattle, the Ballad of Ira Hayes   Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs   Fri, 5/18/07 17:35
Clumsy Lovers   smart Kid   Smart Kid (Nettwerk)   Fri, 5/18/07 17:31
Alejandro escovedo   The Ladder   The Boxing Mirror   Fri, 5/18/07 17:25
Sunny Sweeney   If I Could   Heartbreakers hall of Fame   Fri, 5/18/07 17:23
      Fri, 5/18/07 17:23
Lil Bit & the Customatics   Careful What You're Wishin' For   Lone Star Girl (Tomcattin' Round)   Fri, 5/18/07 17:18
Marty Stuart   Move along Train   Soul's chapel   Fri, 5/18/07 17:13
      Fri, 5/18/07 17:13
Jimmie Dale Gilmore   Peace in the Valley   Come on back   Fri, 5/18/07 17:12
John Nemeth   She Did Not Show   Magic touch (Blind Pig)   Fri, 5/18/07 17:08
Kim Wilson   Hurt On Me   Lookin For Trouble   Fri, 5/18/07 17:06
Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers   Things Have Gone to Pieces   Honky Tonk Happy Hour   Fri, 5/18/07 16:56
Hoyle Brothers   Not For Nothin'   One More Draw   Fri, 5/18/07 16:52
Nathan Hamilton   Cash & Tobacco   Live @ Floores   Fri, 5/18/07 16:49
      Fri, 5/18/07 16:49
Beausoleil   Tasso/ One Step de McGee   Live In Louisiana   Fri, 5/18/07 16:38
Hot Club of Cowtown   Bonaparte's Retreat   Tall Tales   Fri, 5/18/07 16:36
Cave Cat Sammy   She Love Her Man   Love Me Like Crazy   Fri, 5/18/07 16:31
Elana James   Goodbye Liza Jane   Elana James (Snarf)   Fri, 5/18/07 16:24
Joe Ely   Miss Bonnie & Mr Clyde   Happy Songs From Rattlesnake Gulch (Rack Em)   Fri, 5/18/07 16:18
      Fri, 5/18/07 16:17
Bob Wills   Faded Love   24 Greatest Hits   Fri, 5/18/07 16:13
Asleep at the Wheel   Saturday Night Fish fry   Reinventing the Wheel (Bismeaux)   Fri, 5/18/07 16:12
      Fri, 5/18/07 16:12
Wayne Hancock   Highway Bound   Tulsa (Bloodshot)   Fri, 5/18/07 16:05
Dale Watson   Yellow Mama   From the Cradle to the Grave (Hyena)   Fri, 5/18/07 16:02
Sisters Morales   It Only Gets Better   Someplace Far Away From Here   Fri, 5/18/07 15:58
Tish Hinojosa   Would You Love Me Back Again   A Heart Wide Open   Fri, 5/18/07 15:57
Austin Lounge Lizards   Banjo Players in Heaven   the Drugs I Need (Blue Corn Music)   Fri, 5/18/07 15:50
Ray Wylie Hubbard (at Rolling Oaks Sat)   Snake Farm   Snake Farm (Sustain)   Fri, 5/18/07 15:47
Johnny Cash   Sea of Heartbreak   Unchained (American)   Fri, 5/18/07 15:46
Rosanne Cash   Black Cadillac   Black Cadillac (Capitol)   Fri, 5/18/07 15:43
      Fri, 5/18/07 15:43
Gram Parsons   Hickory Wind (r)   Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels   Fri, 5/18/07 15:38
Lavens   Faith   Sibling Rivalry   Fri, 5/18/07 15:34
Cedric Watson & Corey Ledet   Madame Faielle   Goin' Down To Louisiana (Valcour)   Fri, 5/18/07 15:32
Townes Van Zandt   For the Sake of the Song   Rear View Mirror (Sugar Hill)   Fri, 5/18/07 15:29
      Fri, 5/18/07 15:28
Flatlanders   Dallas   More a legend than a Band (Rounder)   Fri, 5/18/07 15:20
Marty Robbins   El Paso   Gunfighter Ballads   Fri, 5/18/07 15:07
      Fri, 5/18/07 15:07
Jimmie Tarlton   Down In Florida On a Hog   Steel Guitar Rag   Fri, 5/18/07 15:00
Jean-Pierre & the Zydeco Angels   Pork Chop   Zydeco Alert   Fri, 5/18/07 15:00
Johnny A.   I had To Laugh   Get inside   Fri, 5/18/07 14:59
I've got guest dj, David Jernigan, as my guest this afternoon. He'll be selecting the tunes for this afternoon.   Dave here.   Hop aboard!   Fri, 5/18/07 14:58
Thanks for coming along.       Thu, 5/17/07 18:59
Otis Gibbs   The Peoples Day   One Day Our Whispers (Benchmark)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:59
Zachary Richard   Bon Temps Rouler   Silver Jubilee (Rhino)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:59
Zachasry Richard   Cocodrie   Mardi Gras Mambo (Rounder)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:53
Zachary Richard (r)   Six Bullets in Satan, Madeline   Silver Jubilee: The Best of Zachary Richard (Rhino)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:48
Audrey Auld   Down in a Hole   Lost Men and Angry Girls (Reckless)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:47
Freddy Fender   Corina Corina   Interpreta El Rock (Arhoolie)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:36
Johnny Nicholas & the Texas All-Stars   The Hustle is On   Rockin' My blues to Sleep (Hill Top)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:36
Doug Sahm   What's Your Name (w/Randy Garibay)   Jukebox Music (Antone's)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:25
Clint West   Big Blue Diamonds   Swamp Gold Vol. 2 (Swallow)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:25
Tommy McLain   Before I Grow Too Old   Swamp Gold Vol. 2 (Swallow)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:24
Doug Sahm w/the Spot Barnett Band   Sapphire, Just a Moment   San Antonio Rock (Norton)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:17
John Platania   The Highlander's Blues   Blues, Waltzes and Badland Borders (Train Wreck)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:15
Kendel Carson   Who Wants to Ride This Train   Rearview Mirror Tears (Train wreck)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:13
Chris Knight (at Gruene Hall on Friday w/Brian Keane opening)   Backwater Blues   The Trailer Tapes (Drifter's Church)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:07
Tommy Castro   Big Sister's Radio   Painkiller (Blind Pig)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:04
Jack Saunders   Highway 71   Living for the Sunshine (White Cat)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:03
Rachel Harrington   Shoeless Joe   The Bootlegger's Daughter (Skinny Dennis)   Thu, 5/17/07 18:02
Rosie Ledet (before John Delafose)   You Can Eat My Poussiere   I'm a Woman (Maison de Soul)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:49
John Delafose and the Eunice Playboys   Slow Motion Zydeco   Blues Stay Away From Me (Rounder)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:48
Mary Gauthier (r)   I Drink   Drag Queens in Limousines (Groove House/In the Black)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:40
Malcolm Holcombe (at Red Room tonight)   Not Who You're Thinkin' Of   I Never Heard You Knockin' (Indie)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:39
Ray Wylie Hubbard (r) (he's at Rolling Oaks Sports Bar & Grill on Saturday)   The Real Trick   Loco Gringo's Lament (Deja Disc)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:36
The subdudes (at Gruene Hall on Saturday w/Seth Walker opening)   Break Down These Walls   Do Me a Favor and Love Somebody (High Street)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:34
Amen       Thu, 5/17/07 17:33
John Prine & Mac Wiseman   Old Rugged Cross   Standard Songs for Average People (Oh Boy)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:24
The Holmes Brothers   I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages (w/Levon Helm)   State of Grace (Alligator)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:22
Ruthie Foster   Up Above My Head (I Hear Music in the Air)   The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (Blue Corn)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:21
The Blind Boys of Alabama   Wade in the Water   Higher Ground (Real World)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:09
Fairfield Four   Swing Low Sweet Chariot   The Fairfield Four and Friends Live From Mountain Stage (Blue Plate)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:08
Jay Boy Adams   John the Revelator   The Shoe Box (Rockin' Heart)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:08
It's Gospel time       Thu, 5/17/07 17:01
T-Bone Walker   Shufflin' the Blues   T-Bone Blues (Atlantic jazz)   Thu, 5/17/07 17:01
West Side Horns   Alligator Boogaloo   San Quilmas (Dialtone)   Thu, 5/17/07 16:53
Boulder Acoustic Society   Lullaby of Birdland   Now (Indie)   Thu, 5/17/07 16:52
Jon Rauhouse   Begin the Beguine   Steel Guitar Heart Attack (Bloodshot)   Thu, 5/17/07 16:51
Jackie King   East of the Sun, West of the Moon   Moon Magic (Indigo Moon)   Thu, 5/17/07 16:50
Jackie King   What a Little Moonlight Can Do   Moon Magic (Indigo Moon)   Thu, 5/17/07 16:22
Jackie King live on KSYM - he's at Sam Ash Music tonight at 7       Thu, 5/17/07 16:22
Johnny Bush   Tequila and Teardrops   Kashmere Gardens Mud (Ice House)   Thu, 5/17/07 16:06
John Nemeth   Blue Broadway   Magic Touch (blind Pig)   Thu, 5/17/07 16:06
Hoopsnakes   Jump In and Hang On   Live Snakes (Mouth Piece)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:51
Uncle Earl   The Birds Were Singing of You   Waterloo, Tennessee (Rounder)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:50
Buckwheat Zydeco   My Feet Can't Fail Me Now   Buckwheat's Zydeco Party (Rounder)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:39
Gurf Morlix   Blanket   Diamonds to Dust (Blue Corn)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:39
Polka Freak Out (at Casbeers on May 27)   River of Pain   Polka Freak Out (Indie)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:35
Watermelon Slim and the Workers   Got Love If You Want It   The Wheel Man (Northern Blues)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:30
Elizabeth Cook   Don't Go Borrowing Trouble   Balls (31 Tigers)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:29
Pine Leaf Boys   Creole Mardi Gras   Blues De Musicien (Arhoolie)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:24
Webb Wilder   How Long Can She Last   It Came From Nashville (Landslide)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:24
Roxanne Potvin   Caught Up   The Way it Feels (Ruf)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:18
Nate Gibson and the Gashouse Gang   We Need a Whole Lot More of Jesus (and a Lot Less Rock and Roll)   All the Way Home (Cowhand)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:11
Joe Ely   Hard Luck Saint   Happy Songs from Rattlesnake Gulch (Rack 'em)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:10
Kermit Ruffins   On the Sunny Side of the Street   Kermit Ruffins (Putumayo)   Thu, 5/17/07 15:10
Troy Campbell   Just Who's Driving   KSYM Mix   Thu, 5/17/07 15:03
It's Thursday on KSYM's TCMN. Uncle Crusty on the bridge, ready to do a full 4-hour shift! If all goes according to plan, guitar wizard Jackie King will be in at about 4 p.m. to play some songs and talk about his free 7 p.m. workshop tonight at Sam Ash Music.       Thu, 5/17/07 15:03
bye bye       Wed, 5/16/07 18:52
johnny cash   man in black   essential   Wed, 5/16/07 18:52
tony joe white w shelby lynn   cant go back home   the heroines   Wed, 5/16/07 18:51
neko case   furnace room lullaby   live from austin city limits   Wed, 5/16/07 18:48
kieren kane and kevin welch   postcard to mexico   lost john dean   Wed, 5/16/07 18:45
emmy lou harris   all my tears   spyboy   Wed, 5/16/07 18:37
boozoo chavis   pass me a dozen eggs   hey do right!   Wed, 5/16/07 18:33
terry allen   peggy legg   human remains   Wed, 5/16/07 18:30
fred eaglesmith   mighty big car   50 odd dollars   Wed, 5/16/07 18:28
nate gibson and the gashouse gang   hukilau, who shot willie   sing all the way home (cowisland)   Wed, 5/16/07 18:20
t model ford   she asked me so i told her   bigbadlove   Wed, 5/16/07 18:17
etta james   what'd i say   night train to nashville   Wed, 5/16/07 18:14
johnny bush   free soul   kashmere gardens mud (icehouse)   Wed, 5/16/07 18:11
malcom holcomnb   doin my job   i never heard you knockin   Wed, 5/16/07 18:07
pat mcdonald   the governor   troubador of stomp   Wed, 5/16/07 18:03
dave alvin & the guity men   out in california   interstate city   Wed, 5/16/07 17:55
      Wed, 5/16/07 17:54
elizabeth cook   time are tough in rock and roll   Balls (31 Tigers)   Wed, 5/16/07 17:53
lil bit and the customatics   wild & free   lone star girl (tomcattin')   Wed, 5/16/07 17:52
guy forsyth   this is hip   unrepentant schizophreic americana (small and nimble)   Wed, 5/16/07 17:45
doug sahm   bacon fat   crazy cajun recordings   Wed, 5/16/07 17:45
chuck e weiss   piggly wiggly, two tone car   old souls & wolf tickets   Wed, 5/16/07 17:36
beausoliel   bunks blues   live in louisiana (way down in louisiana)   Wed, 5/16/07 17:33
ray condo   hadicillan boogie, loud mouth   swing brother swing   Wed, 5/16/07 17:25
bill kirchen   heart of gold   Hammer of the Honky-Tonk Gods (Proper)   Wed, 5/16/07 17:19
calvin russell   trouble   dream of the dog   Wed, 5/16/07 17:12
tom russell   bacon rind, cheif seattle, ballad of ira hayes   indians cowboys horses dogs   Wed, 5/16/07 17:11
pat mcdonald   steel bridge song   troubadour of stomp   Wed, 5/16/07 17:06
west side horns   2027   san quilmas   Wed, 5/16/07 16:57
watermelon slim   jimmy bell   The Wheel Man (Northernblues)   Wed, 5/16/07 16:54
watermelon slim   black water   The Wheel Man (Northernblues)   Wed, 5/16/07 16:53
the holmes brothers   bad moon rising   State of Grace (Alligator)   Wed, 5/16/07 16:46
pine leaf boys   good cajun song # 5   Blues de Musicien (Arhoolie)   Wed, 5/16/07 16:40
solomon burke   valley of tears   nashville   Wed, 5/16/07 16:35
rachel harrington   summers gone   the bootleggers daughter (skinny dennis)   Wed, 5/16/07 16:34
ray wylie hubbard   coller n hell   delerium tremelos   Wed, 5/16/07 16:33
los straightjackets   hang on sloopy   Rock en Espanol Vol.1 (Yep Roc)   Wed, 5/16/07 16:33
doug sahm   blessed are these tears   the last real blues band   Wed, 5/16/07 16:16
doug sahm   shes about a mover   crazy cajun recordings   Wed, 5/16/07 16:15
bottle rockets   floataway, mendicino   songs of sahm   Wed, 5/16/07 16:07
james mcmurtry   st mary of the woods   Live In Aught-Three (Compadre)   Wed, 5/16/07 16:04
james mcmurtry   sixty acres   it had toi happen   Wed, 5/16/07 16:04
alice spencer and her monkey butlers   dream sweetheart   joes basement (ind)   Wed, 5/16/07 15:56
tommy castro   love dont care   painkiller (blind pig)   Wed, 5/16/07 15:52
jimmy lafave   car outside, catch the wind   cimarron manifesto (red house)   Wed, 5/16/07 15:44
john prine & mac wiseman   old dogs, children and watermelon wine   oh boy   Wed, 5/16/07 15:36
lucinda williams   what if   west (lost highway)   Wed, 5/16/07 15:34
gurf morlix   food water shelter and love   diamonds to dust (blue corn)   Wed, 5/16/07 15:29
michael o conner   trampoline   giants from a sleepy town (bare knuckles)   Wed, 5/16/07 15:16
the meters   jambalaya   kickback   Wed, 5/16/07 15:14
seth walker   stay   on the outside   Wed, 5/16/07 15:08
bob wills   sugar moon, brian cloudy blues, fat boy rag   legends of country music   Wed, 5/16/07 15:03
3phus here       Wed, 5/16/07 15:02
      Wed, 5/16/07 15:02
the gourds   burn the honeysuckle   heavy ornamentals   Tue, 5/15/07 18:56
wayne the train   drive on   wild free and wreckless   Tue, 5/15/07 18:56
marty robbins   devil woman   legends of the Opry   Tue, 5/15/07 18:55
nate gibson and the gashouse gang   who shot willie   high fidelity (Cow island)   Tue, 5/15/07 18:52
uncle earl   black eyed susie   waterloo tennessee   Tue, 5/15/07 18:17
michael oconner   wild town   giants from a sleepy town (bare knuckles)   Tue, 5/15/07 18:17
pine leaf boys   mon coeur fait mal   Blues de Musicien   Tue, 5/15/07 18:12
volker strifler band   shuffelupagus   the dance goes on   Tue, 5/15/07 18:11
Robbie Fulks   were on the road   rvenge   Tue, 5/15/07 18:11
pat macdonald   The Governor   troubador of stomp   Tue, 5/15/07 18:10
mavis staples   eyes on the prize   we'll never turn back   Tue, 5/15/07 18:10
harry bodine   peace tree blues   which way home (ind)   Tue, 5/15/07 18:10
jon rauhouse   drinkin and smokin   steel guitar heart attack (bloodshot)   Tue, 5/15/07 17:37
ry cooder   red cat till i die   my name is buddy   Tue, 5/15/07 17:37
Boulder acoustic society   hatchback blues   now   Tue, 5/15/07 17:37
jimmy lafave   car outside   Cimarron Manifesto   Tue, 5/15/07 17:36
samuel l jackson   alice mae   black snake moan   Tue, 5/15/07 17:36
      Tue, 5/15/07 17:27
mcmurtry   too long in the wasteland   live in aught three   Tue, 5/15/07 17:11
smokejumpers   15 months in a mexican jail   flat tear it up   Tue, 5/15/07 17:10
tommy castro   it aint easy bein me   painkiller   Tue, 5/15/07 17:10
the weary boys   ramblin man   the weary boys   Tue, 5/15/07 17:09
hank williams   ramblin man   20 greatest   Tue, 5/15/07 17:09
johnny cash   rusty cage   unchained   Tue, 5/15/07 17:09
two hoots and a holler   wild wild mind   songs our vinyl taught us   Tue, 5/15/07 17:07
nancy apple and rob mc nurnlin   river road or rail   river road or rail   Tue, 5/15/07 16:58
      Tue, 5/15/07 16:58
Alan haynes   Say Howdy   live at the big easy   Tue, 5/15/07 16:38
rusty wier   tx love and war   tx unplugged   Tue, 5/15/07 16:35
robert johnson   when you got a good friend     Tue, 5/15/07 16:34
ronnie dawson   rippin and a roarin   more bad habits   Tue, 5/15/07 16:34
steve bedunah   plug it in and play   plug it in and play (dog trot)   Tue, 5/15/07 16:22
terry allen ant the panhandle mystery band   roll truck roll   smokin the dummy   Tue, 5/15/07 16:22
lyle lovett   you cant resist it   live in tx   Tue, 5/15/07 16:09
johnny bush   ol whats her name   honkytonic   Tue, 5/15/07 16:08
      Tue, 5/15/07 16:07
flaco   dont worry baby   Partners (Reprise)   Tue, 5/15/07 15:58
buckwheat zydeco   midnight special   on track   Tue, 5/15/07 15:48
Watermelon Slim   newspaper reporter   the wheel man   Tue, 5/15/07 15:48
joe ely   river fever   happy songs from rattlesnack gulch (rack'em records)   Tue, 5/15/07 15:40
the soggy bottom boys   i am a man of constant sorrow   o brother where art thou   Tue, 5/15/07 15:35
jim lauderdale   headed for the hills   headed for the hills   Tue, 5/15/07 15:24
jesse dayton   tall walkin texas trash   live in vegas   Tue, 5/15/07 15:24
Shelly king   running out of blue   Rockin the dance hall   Tue, 5/15/07 15:24
      Tue, 5/15/07 15:17
Phillip Walker   mean mean woman   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Tue, 5/15/07 15:15
asleep at the wheel   saturday night fish fry   reinventing the wheel (bismeaux)   Tue, 5/15/07 15:14
Wrinkle Neck Mules   the wicks have met   The Wicks Have Met   Tue, 5/15/07 15:13
      Tue, 5/15/07 14:56
      Tue, 5/15/07 14:56
koko taylor   piece of man   old school (alligator)   Mon, 5/14/07 18:52
rachel harrington   shoeless joe   the bootleggers daughter (skinny dennis)   Mon, 5/14/07 18:51
the offenders   linda on my mind   reunion   Mon, 5/14/07 18:48
joe ely   Hard luck saint   rattle snake gulch (rockem)   Mon, 5/14/07 18:41
Flatlanders   wheels of fortune   wheels of fortune   Mon, 5/14/07 18:37
Steve riley and the mamou playboys   Madame etienne   tit galop pour mamou   Mon, 5/14/07 18:33
michael oconner   getaway car   giants from a sleepy town (bare knuckles)   Mon, 5/14/07 18:29
johnny cash   like the 309   American5 a hundred highways   Mon, 5/14/07 18:21
Roxanne Potvin   love thats simple   The Way It Feels (Ruf)   Mon, 5/14/07 18:19
Zachary Richard   everytime   Mardis gra mambo   Mon, 5/14/07 18:09
Farrell and Black band   I was alone   Black limosine   Mon, 5/14/07 18:04
john prine and mac wiseman   I love you because   standard songs for average people (ohboy)   Mon, 5/14/07 17:58
Terri Hendrix   Fishin blues   Live in san marcos   Mon, 5/14/07 17:56
jimmy spacek   on the run   sooner or later   Mon, 5/14/07 17:51
Jack saunders   Red dirt and rusted steel   living for the sunshine(white cat)   Mon, 5/14/07 17:50
sisters morales   i cant keep holding on to you   aint no perfect diamond   Mon, 5/14/07 17:45
tish hinojosa   by the rio grand   culture swing   Mon, 5/14/07 17:44
doug sahm   Crazy daisy   san antonio rock the harlem recordings   Mon, 5/14/07 17:38
ry cooder   cat and mouse   my name is buddy   Mon, 5/14/07 17:36
honkey tonk heroes   willie the wandering gypsy and me   honkey tonk heroes   Mon, 5/14/07 17:33
swamp angels   jolie blond   cajun fais dodo   Mon, 5/14/07 17:19
marcia ball   let me play with your poodle   let me play with your poodle   Mon, 5/14/07 17:14
lil'bit and the customatics   flyin high   lone star girl (tomcattin')   Mon, 5/14/07 17:13
nitty gritty dirt band   Milk cow blues   will the circle be unbroken   Mon, 5/14/07 17:08
steve earle   hillbilly highway   guitar town   Mon, 5/14/07 17:05
johnny bush   long black veil   devils deciple   Mon, 5/14/07 17:02
willie, merle , ray   my Mary   last of the breed (lost highway)   Mon, 5/14/07 16:54
the savoy family band   lake arthur stomp   cajun album   Mon, 5/14/07 16:48
new riders of the purple sage   Portland Woman   new riders of the purple sage   Mon, 5/14/07 16:47
robb strandlund   stayin alive   dancing, whiskey, shooting, love, drugs and god   Mon, 5/14/07 16:38
robert earl keen (r)   for love   what i really mean   Mon, 5/14/07 16:36
pat mcdonald   the govenor   troubadour of stomp   Mon, 5/14/07 16:34
Hillstomp   grave robbers blues   one word   Mon, 5/14/07 16:30
los lobos   la venganza de los pelados   the ride   Mon, 5/14/07 16:28
deke dickerson in 3 dimension   I might not come home at all   rock and roll rockabilly hillbilly   Mon, 5/14/07 16:27
nate gibson and the gashouse gang   all the way home   high fidelity (Cow island)   Mon, 5/14/07 16:25
Los 3 dinners   living inside the loop   quiero un camero   Mon, 5/14/07 16:17
don rich   shed so many tears   `Swamp pop soul   Mon, 5/14/07 16:13
jessie mae hemphill   standing in my doorway crying   black snake moan   Mon, 5/14/07 16:08
hacienda brothers   midnight dream   what's wrong w/ right   Mon, 5/14/07 15:57
todd snider   east nashville skyline   peace love and anarchy (oh boy)   Mon, 5/14/07 15:52
bobby bland   Goin down slow   Greatest hits Vol.2   Mon, 5/14/07 15:48
butch hancock   eats away the night   eats away the night   Mon, 5/14/07 15:40
jojo reed   got it from BOO   Funky zydeco   Mon, 5/14/07 15:36
elvin bishop   another mule kickin in your stall   ace in the hole   Mon, 5/14/07 15:35
harry bodine   which way home   which way home (ind)   Mon, 5/14/07 15:34
jesse dayton   jumped head first   Tall texas Tales   Mon, 5/14/07 15:21
Rosie ledet   im gonna take care of your dog   zesty Zydeco   Mon, 5/14/07 15:16
neal black and the Healers   I dont get the blues   neal black and the Healers   Mon, 5/14/07 15:07
chris gaffney   king of the blues   The cold hard facts   Mon, 5/14/07 15:03
Shemika Copeland   its 2 am   Wicked   Mon, 5/14/07 15:02
the heatherns   Bumblbee   live fro0m MOMO   Mon, 5/14/07 14:58
bye bye       Sun, 5/13/07 20:02
merle haggard   mama tried   best of   Sun, 5/13/07 19:55
eilen jewell   boundary county   boundary county   Sun, 5/13/07 19:54
eilen jewell   no place to go   boundary county   Sun, 5/13/07 19:46
mavis staples   down in mississippi, eyes on the prize   we'll never turn back (anti)   Sun, 5/13/07 19:42
sarah harmer   oleander, escarpment blues   i'mn a mountain   Sun, 5/13/07 19:26
beausoleil   le jig francis, chanson d'acadie   live in louisiana (way down in la)   Sun, 5/13/07 19:19
samual l jackson   bird withoutra feather   black snake moan   Sun, 5/13/07 19:18
samual l jackson   alice mae   black snake moan soundtrack   Sun, 5/13/07 19:08
john doe   the losing kind   black snake moan soundtrack   Sun, 5/13/07 19:07
los straightjackets   bony maronie, devil woman, wild thing   rock en espanol (yeproc)   Sun, 5/13/07 19:01
steve bedunah   little sister   plug it in and play 9dog trot)   Sun, 5/13/07 18:57
nate gibson   walmart wino, my big 18   all the way home (cowislandmusic)   Sun, 5/13/07 18:52
uncle earl   straek o lean, streak o fat, d&p blues   waterloo tennessee (rounder)   Sun, 5/13/07 18:38
john prine and mac wiseman   blue eyed elaine, dont be ashamed of your age   standard songs for average people (oh boy)   Sun, 5/13/07 18:34
robbie fulks   goodbye good lookin, busy not cryin   revenge (yeproc)   Sun, 5/13/07 18:26
kendel carson   run to the middle of the morning, i like trucks   rearview mirror tears (train wreck)   Sun, 5/13/07 18:22
jon rauhouse w kelly hogan   big iron, fishing hole   steel guitar heart attack (bloodshot)   Sun, 5/13/07 18:18
toni price   trainfare   sol power   Sun, 5/13/07 18:09
toni price   start of something good   midnight pumpkin   Sun, 5/13/07 18:09
seth walker   shes my mama   restless   Sun, 5/13/07 17:54
lefty frizzell   mom and dads waltz   best of   Sun, 5/13/07 17:49
bad livers   i'm going back to mom and dad   industry and thrift   Sun, 5/13/07 17:46
dave alvin   mother earth   king of california   Sun, 5/13/07 17:38
the mketers   a mothers love   kickback   Sun, 5/13/07 17:37
townes van zandt   our mother the mountain   our mother the mountain   Sun, 5/13/07 17:33
buck owens   diust on mamas bible   collection 1959-1990   Sun, 5/13/07 17:30
clifton chenier   mama told papa   live at st marks   Sun, 5/13/07 17:23
cigar store indians   mother of the bride   guest list   Sun, 5/13/07 17:22
dale watson   she needs her mama   cheatin heart attack   Sun, 5/13/07 17:15
jerry kjeff walker   woman in texas   live at gruene hall   Sun, 5/13/07 17:10
      Sun, 5/13/07 17:09
i see hawks in l.a.   motorcycle mama   califoprnmia country   Sun, 5/13/07 17:07
elizabeth cook   mamas prayers   balls (31 tigers)   Sun, 5/13/07 17:04
joe ely   nacho mama   twistin in the wind   Sun, 5/13/07 17:03
      Sun, 5/13/07 17:03
johnny bush   leave my mama out of this   honkytonic   Sun, 5/13/07 16:51
ray wylie hubbard   redneck mother     Sun, 5/13/07 16:50
bb king   nobody loves me but my mother   classic lkive performances   Sun, 5/13/07 16:50
boozoo chavis   mothers blues   hey do right!   Sun, 5/13/07 16:38
nels andrews   jesses mom   sunday shoes   Sun, 5/13/07 16:36
hank williams III   i'm the only hell my mama ever raised   a tribute to johnny paycheck   Sun, 5/13/07 16:29
asylum st spankers   mama dont allow   live   Sun, 5/13/07 16:25
james hand   i heard mama callin   shadows whgere the magic was   Sun, 5/13/07 16:19
steve james   ooze it to me mama   art and grit   Sun, 5/13/07 16:16
lil bit and the customatics   my biggest mistake   lone strar girl   Sun, 5/13/07 16:16
merle haggard   mama tried     Sun, 5/13/07 16:15
lil bit and the customatics   my biggest mistake   lone star girl   Sun, 5/13/07 16:14
bob wills   boot heel drag, faded love, st louis blues   legends of country music   Sun, 5/13/07 16:02
hello third coast! 3phus here       Sun, 5/13/07 16:02
      Sun, 5/13/07 16:01
      Sun, 5/13/07 16:01
Joe Krown Organ Combo   Cheese Sandwich   Down & Dirty   Sun, 5/13/07 15:56
Del Rey   Sweet To Mama   X-Rey Guitar   Sun, 5/13/07 15:53
Lightnin' Hopkins   Coffee For Mama   Just Pickin'   Sun, 5/13/07 15:51
Big Bill Broonzy   Mistreatin Mama Blues   History of American Music   Sun, 5/13/07 15:47
Watermelon Slim & the Workers   Truck Driving Mama   The Wheel Man (Northern Blues)   Sun, 5/13/07 15:47
      Sun, 5/13/07 15:46
Shemekia Copeland   Your Mama's Talking   Turn the Heat Up (Alligator)   Sun, 5/13/07 15:35
Johnny Winter   Check Out Her Mama   Hey Where's Your Brother?   Sun, 5/13/07 15:33
Precious Bryant   If I Could Hear My Mother Pray   The Truth (Terminus)   Sun, 5/13/07 15:30
Etta James   Tell Mama   Her Best   Sun, 5/13/07 15:27
Love Dogs   Who Got You, Mama?   Heavy Petting (Tone Cool)   Sun, 5/13/07 15:26
Studebaker John   Nasty Mother   Time Will Tell (Blind Pig)   Sun, 5/13/07 15:22
      Sun, 5/13/07 15:22
Marc Benno   Jimmy Reed's Mama   Sugar Blues   Sun, 5/13/07 15:18
Phillip Walker   Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Sun, 5/13/07 15:15
      Sun, 5/13/07 15:15
David Maxwell, Kim Wilson & Nicole Nelson   Cadillac Mama   Fins Chrome & the Open Road   Sun, 5/13/07 15:10
Carol Fran & Clarence Hollimon   Mother's Love   Soul Sensation (Black Top)   Sun, 5/13/07 15:02
Marcia Ball   Mama's Cooking   Gatorhythms (Alligator)   Sun, 5/13/07 14:59
Taj Mahal   Sophisticated Mama   Senor Blues   Sun, 5/13/07 14:55
Charlie Musselwhite   River Hip Mama   Deluxe Edition (Alligator)   Sun, 5/13/07 14:54
Westside Horns   Funky Mama   San Quilmas (dialtone)   Sun, 5/13/07 14:47
Koko Taylor   Come To Mama   Deluxe Edition (Alligator)   Sun, 5/13/07 14:43
Blind Willie McTell   Mama Taint Long Fo' Day   Rough Guide To Bottleneck Blues   Sun, 5/13/07 14:36
      Sun, 5/13/07 14:35
Carolyn Wonderland   Momma Don't Like My Friends   Bursting With Flavor (Justice)   Sun, 5/13/07 14:33
Memphis Slim   Mother Earth   Really Got the Blues (St Clair)   Sun, 5/13/07 14:30
WC Spencer   Tell Me Mama   The Bluescat (Catscan)   Sun, 5/13/07 14:29
Johnny Winter   TV Mama   Nohtin But the Blues (Blue Sky)   Sun, 5/13/07 14:28
      Sun, 5/13/07 14:27
Elvie Thomas   Motherless Child Blues   Blues Guitar Women (Ruf)   Sun, 5/13/07 14:19
Ruth Brown   Mama He treats Your Daughter Mean   Night Train To Nashville   Sun, 5/13/07 14:17
Steve James   Ooze it to me Mama   Art & Grit   Sun, 5/13/07 14:15
      Sun, 5/13/07 14:14
Neal Black & the Healers   Somebody Call Mama   Neal Black & the Healers   Sun, 5/13/07 14:09
William Clarke   Lollipop Mama   35 x35   Sun, 5/13/07 14:06
Roomful of Blues   2.8   That's Right!   Sun, 5/13/07 14:02
I'll be posting today's Blues Ave. show.   Dave here.   Hop aboard!   Sun, 5/13/07 13:59
      Sun, 5/13/07 03:08
Thaanks for Listenin' to Third Coast   See ya on down the trail     Sat, 5/12/07 18:53
carrie rodriguez   Never Gonna Be Your Bride   seven angels on a bicycle   Sat, 5/12/07 18:52
Clumsy Lovers   Everything's OK/Groove Set   After The Flood (Clumsy Lover)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:50
Candye Kane   Whole Lotta Love   Whole Lotta Love (Ruf)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:45
      Sat, 5/12/07 18:37
james mcmurtry   red dress   Live In Aught-Three (Compadre)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:37
harry bodine   which way home   which way home (ind)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:35
john Platania   The Highlander's Blues   Blues waltzes and badland borders(Train wreck)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:32
cedric watson & corey ledet   Goin' Down to Louisiana   goin down to louisiana (valcour)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:29
delbert mcclinton   Have A Little Faith In Me   Delbert McClinton (Curb)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:25
Elizabeth Ames & the Countrypolitans   Genesee   Anythime (Ultrapolitan)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:19
alice spencer and her monkey butlers   Shufflin' To Memphis   joe's basement (ind)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:17
los straightjackets   Loco Te Patina El Coco   Rock en Espanol Vol.1 (Yep Roc)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:14
      Sat, 5/12/07 18:05
taj mahal & the phantom blues band   Honky Tonk   Shoutin' In Key (Kan-Du)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:05
jeanne pierre & the zydeco angels   Pork Chop   zydeco alert (ind)   Sat, 5/12/07 18:02
gurf morlix   madalyns bones   diamonds to dust (blue corn)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:58
Watermelon Slim   Truck Driving Mama   The Wheel Man (Northernblues)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:56
Amy Speace   Double Wide Trailer   Songs For Bright Street (Wildflower)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:52
asylum street spankers   Training Wheel Rag   Mommy Says No! (Yellow Dog)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:51
new riders of the purple sage   louisiana lady   new riders of the purple sage   Sat, 5/12/07 17:46
bill kirchen   hammer of the honkytonk gods   Hammer of the Honky-Tonk Gods (Proper)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:42
      Sat, 5/12/07 17:38
Tom Russell Band   Waterloo   Raw Vision (Philo)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:37
Phillip Walker   Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:35
truckstop honeymoon   rockabilly debutante   Diamonds in the asphalt(squirrel records)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:31
Ear Food   I'm Too Close   gloria chords   Sat, 5/12/07 17:23
Marce LaCouture   L'Oranger   La Joie Cadienne (Cut Up)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:19
      Sat, 5/12/07 17:18
lil bit and the customatics   Blue Monday   lone star girl (tomcattin')   Sat, 5/12/07 17:18
red meat   12 Inch 3 Speed Oscillating Fan   Meet Red Meat (Ranchero)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:16
Flaco Jimenez   The Girls From Texas   Partners (Reprise)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:06
      Sat, 5/12/07 17:05
Deacon John   Hook, Line & Sinker/Go On Fool   Deacon John's Jump Blues (VCC)   Sat, 5/12/07 17:02
audrey auld mezera   Last Seen In Gainesville   lost men and angry girls (reckless)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:58
Pine Leaf Boys   Pine Leaf Boogie   Blues de Musicien (Arhoolie)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:53
ry cooder   three chords and the truth   my name is buddy   Sat, 5/12/07 16:51
Del Rey   Sweet to Mama   X-Rey Guitar (Hobemian)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:49
johnny cash   rusty cage   unchained   Sat, 5/12/07 16:44
      Sat, 5/12/07 16:39
Steve James & Del Rey   Nadine   Tonight (Hobemian)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:39
southern culture on the skids   Happy Jack   countrypolitan favorites Yeproc   Sat, 5/12/07 16:31
sonny landreth   Soldier of Fortune   Outward Bound (Zoo/Praxis)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:28
Terri Hendrix   Monopoly   The Art of Removing Wallpaper (Wilory)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:27
james hand   Don't Tell Me That   live at the saxon pub   Sat, 5/12/07 16:24
      Sat, 5/12/07 16:19
johnny bush   Pancho & Lefty   kashmere gardens mud (icehouse)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:18
Roxanne Potvin   I Want To (Do Everything For You)   The Way It Feels (Ruf)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:15
pat mcdonald   The Governor   troubadour of stomp   Sat, 5/12/07 16:13
      Sat, 5/12/07 16:09
McKay Brothers   spirit bird   Cold Beer & Hot Tamales (Medina River)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:09
      Sat, 5/12/07 16:01
blackie and the rodeo kings   Folsum Prison Blues   A Tribute to Johnny Cash (Northernblues)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:01
Billy Mata   Across the Alley From the Alamo   Domino Effect (Texas Tradition Music)   Sat, 5/12/07 16:00
Lucinda Williams   I Just Wanted To See You So Bad   Lucinda Williams (Koch)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:57
Buckwheat Zydeco   Jackpot   Jackpot (Tomorrow)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:50
Los Lobos   Chuco's Cumbia   The Town & The City (Hollywood)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:48
      Sat, 5/12/07 15:40
Flaco Jimenez   Ay Chabela   Fiesta del Rio (Fiesta)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:40
Ruthie Foster   People Grinnin' In Your Face   The Phenomenal (Blue Corn)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:38
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez   Sweet Tequila Blues   Let's Leave This Town (TrainWreck)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:32
Hank Williams   your cheatin heart   20 greatest Hits (Mercury)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:30
Zachary Richard   File Gumbo   Silver Jubilee - Best of Zachary Richard (Rhino)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:28
doug sahm   beautiful tx sunshine   the return of wayne douglas (Tornado)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:23
Holmes Brothers   I've Just Seen The Rock of Ages   State of Grace (Alligator)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:19
Elizabeth Cook   Mama's Prayers   Balls (31 Tigers)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:15
Wrinkle Neck Mules   Bells and Whistles   The Wicks Have Met   Sat, 5/12/07 15:08
Nathan &the zydeco cha chas   Your Mama Don't Know   Your Mama Don't Know (Rounder)   Sat, 5/12/07 15:03
allen tousaint   Mother in Law/Lipstick Traces   Louisiana Live - Mountain Stage   Sat, 5/12/07 15:00
dirty dozen brass band   Feet Can't Fail Me Now   our new orleans (nonesuch)   Sat, 5/12/07 14:59
Welcome to aThird Coast Saturday   Yee Hah     Sat, 5/12/07 14:58
Have a great weekend.   don't forget to vote.   I'm outta here!   Fri, 5/11/07 18:50
Brave combo   Mama Pushed Me Out   Holidays (DenTone)   Fri, 5/11/07 18:50
Joe Krown Organ Combo   45 Packin mama   down & Dirty   Fri, 5/11/07 18:49
Chris Knight   My Only Prayer   The Trailer Tapes (Drifter's Church)   Fri, 5/11/07 18:47
Phillip Walker   Sweet Home New Orleans   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Fri, 5/11/07 18:44
the Spares   Eulogy   Beautiful & Treacherous Thing (Tweed)   Fri, 5/11/07 18:43
Roy Acuff   I Saw the Light (r)   The Essential Roy Acuff   Fri, 5/11/07 18:36
jackie Caillier & the Cajun cousins   Cajun Cousin Special   Front Porch Cajun Music   Fri, 5/11/07 18:33
      Fri, 5/11/07 18:33
Mingo Saldivar (at the Tejano conjunto fest Sat)   Blue Moon of Kentucky   a Taste of Texas (Rounder)   Fri, 5/11/07 18:32
Earfood Orchestra (at Casbeers Sat)   Nobody's Fault   Gloria Chords (Streak)   Fri, 5/11/07 18:24
Luke Olson (tonight at Leon Springs Dancehall)   Panhandle Sunset   Panhandle sunset   Fri, 5/11/07 18:21
Monte Montgomery (tonight at Rolling Oaks)   Hopin That You'd Slow Down   Mirror (heart Music)   Fri, 5/11/07 18:19
      Fri, 5/11/07 18:19
Scott Miller & the Commonwealth   Still People are Moving   Reconstruction (Sugar Hill)   Fri, 5/11/07 18:06
Alice Spencer & Her Monkey Butlers   The Stuff Is Here   Joe's Basement   Fri, 5/11/07 18:06
Texas Southside Kings   Everyday I Have the Blues (r)   Texas Southside Kings (Dialtone)   Fri, 5/11/07 18:00
Steve Bedunah (at the Cove Sat)   Down To This River   Plug It In & Play (Dog Trot)   Fri, 5/11/07 17:58
Rachel Harrington   Sunshine Girl   The Bootlegger's Daughter (Skinny Dennis)   Fri, 5/11/07 17:55
Pine Leaf Boys   Creole Mardi Gras   Blues de Musicien (Arhoolie)   Fri, 5/11/07 17:52
Harry Bodine   Peace Tree Blues   Which Way Home   Fri, 5/11/07 17:46
Volker Strifler Band   Sometimes I Wonder   The Dance Goes On (Blue RockIt)   Fri, 5/11/07 17:45
      Fri, 5/11/07 17:44
Koko Taylor (r)   Young Fashioned Ways   Old School (Alligator)   Fri, 5/11/07 17:37
Dale Watson   Justice For All   From the Cradle To The Grave (Hyena)   Fri, 5/11/07 17:32
Two Tons of Steel (tonight at Hooligans)   Red Hot (r)   Ten Dollar Cover   Fri, 5/11/07 17:32
Boulder Acoustic Society   Daddy's Got the Jake-Leg   Now   Fri, 5/11/07 17:30
Graham Weber (tonight at Casbeers)   After All   Beggars Blues   Fri, 5/11/07 17:28
      Fri, 5/11/07 17:28
Texas Tornados   Hey Baby Que Paso (r)   Live From the Limo   Fri, 5/11/07 17:15
Jimmy LaFave   Home Once Again   Cimarron Manifesto (Red House)   Fri, 5/11/07 17:14
      Fri, 5/11/07 17:14
John Prine & Mac Wiseman   In the Garden   Standard Songs For Average People (Oh boy)   Fri, 5/11/07 17:04
Koko Taylor   Hard Pill To Swallow   Old School (Alligator)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:59
Lil Bit & the Customatics   thunderbird Boogie   Lone Star Girl (Tomcattin' Round)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:56
Richard Shindell   Acadian Driftwood   South of Delia (Signature Sounds)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:54
Beausoleil   Newz Reel   Live In Louisiana (Way Down In Louisiana)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:53
      Fri, 5/11/07 16:53
Chris Webster   Something In the Water   Something In the Water (Dig Music)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:44
Various   Brian Waldschlager: You Must Be From Nashville   Hand Picked Vol 1 (Twang Brand Music)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:42
Kenel Carson   Just What happened To the Moon   Rearview Mirror Tears (Train Wreck)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:36
Willie Merle & Ray   I Gotta Have My Baby Back   Last of the Breed (Lost Highway)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:32
Cedric Watson & Corey Ledet   Richard Two Step   Goin' Down To Louisiana (Valcour)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:31
      Fri, 5/11/07 16:30
Ry cooder   Red Cat Till I Die   My Name is Buddy (Nonesuch)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:21
Ruthie Foster   'Cuz I'm Here   The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (Blue Corn Music)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:17
Audrey Auld Mezera   Self-Help Helped Me   Lost Men & Angry Girls (Reckless)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:16
      Fri, 5/11/07 16:16
Gurf Morlix   Madalyn's Bones   Diamonds To Dust (Blue Corn Music)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:08
Jack Saunders   It Never Was Like It Used To Be   Living For the Sunshine (White Cat)   Fri, 5/11/07 16:07
Asleep At The Wheel   You're My Sugar   Reinventing the Wheel (Bismeaux)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:57
Various   Garnett Mimms: Cry Baby (r)   The Heart & Soul of Bert Berns (Universal)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:52
Smith Brothers (r)   Take a Long Look   Take a Long Look   Fri, 5/11/07 15:50
Joe Turner   Blues On Central Avenue   Central Avenue Sounds (Rhino)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:46
John Nemeth   Up To No Good   Magic Touch (Blind Pig)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:43
Todd Snider   Conservative Christian Right Wing.... (r)   East Nashville Skyline   Fri, 5/11/07 15:43
      Fri, 5/11/07 15:42
Michael O'Connor   Wild Town   Giants From a Sleepy town (Bare Knuckle)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:39
Various   Porter Wagoner: Howdy Neighbor   Grand Ole Opry Live Classics (Opry Music)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:37
Jean-Pierre & the Zydeco Angels   Zydeco Road   Zydeco Alert   Fri, 5/11/07 15:35
Joe Ely   River Fever   Happy Songs From Rattlesnake Gulch (Rack Em)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:31
      Fri, 5/11/07 15:31
Augie Meyers   My Freeholies Aint Free Anymore (r)   My Freeholies Ain't Free Anymore (El Sendero)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:24
Los Straitjackets   Poison Ivy (r)   Rock en Espanol Vol 1 (Yep Roc)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:23
Truckstop Honeymoon   Malathion Man   Diamonds In the Asphalt (Squirrel)   Fri, 5/11/07 15:17
Los Lobos   Rosa Lee   By the Light of the Moon Tour   Fri, 5/11/07 15:15
      Fri, 5/11/07 15:15
Howard Kalish   Texas Hambone Blues   What the Hey (Behemoth)   Fri, 5/11/07 14:53
Hopped Up!   Little Pig   Get Gone (Rhythm Bomb)   Fri, 5/11/07 14:52
Johnny A.   I Had To Laugh`   Get Inside   Fri, 5/11/07 14:52
We're back on the air for the rest of the day.   Dave here.   Hop aboard!   Fri, 5/11/07 14:50
Thanks for tuning in and riding along.       Thu, 5/10/07 18:57
Otis Gibbs   The Peoples Day   One Day Our Whispers (Benchmark)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:55
Austin Lounge Lizards   Saguaro (r)   Creatures from the Black Saloon (Watermelon)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:54
Jean-Pierre & the Zydeco Angels   Pork Chop   Zydeco Alert (Indie)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:49
Jimmy LaFave   Hideaway Girl   Cimarron Manifesto (Red House)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:48
Roxanne Potvin   I Want to Do (Everything For You)   The Way It Feels (Ruf)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:34
The Tom Russell Band   Haley's Comet   Raw Vision (Philo)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:34
Dave Alvin (r)   Haley's Comet   Blue Blvd (Hightone)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:27
Sir Douglas Quintet   Funky Side of Your Mind   She's About a Mover (The Crazy Cajun Recordings)(Edsel)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:27
Johnny bush   Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On (w/Willie Nelson)   Kashmere Gardens Mud (Icehouse Music)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:21
Jon Dee Graham   Volver (w/Little Joe)   Hooray for the Moon (New West)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:20
Steve Bedunah (at the Cove at 6 p.m. Sat.)   Oak Planks   Plug It In and Play (Dog Trot)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:01
Bob Dylan (r)   Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again   No Direction Home (Columbia Legacy)   Thu, 5/10/07 18:00
The Radiators   This Wagon's Gonna Roll   Law of the Fish (Epicc)   Thu, 5/10/07 17:59
Willie Nelson   It's All Your Fault   You Don't Know Me: The Songs of Cindy Walker (Lost Highway)   Thu, 5/10/07 17:49
Pine Leaf Boys   Jig Cajin   Blues de Musicien (Arhoolie)   Thu, 5/10/07 17:49
Ruthie Foster   Fruits of My Labor   The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (Blue Corn)   Thu, 5/10/07 17:48
Gurf Morlix   Worth Dyin' For   Diamonds to Dust (Blue Corn)   Thu, 5/10/07 17:37
Amen       Thu, 5/10/07 17:36
Johnny Cash   In the Sweet By and By, My Ship Will Sail, Far Side Banks of Jordan, Oh Come Angel Band, Amazing Grace, Daddy Sang Bass, Children Go Where I Send Thee   Cash: Ultimate Gospel (Columbia Legacy)   Thu, 5/10/07 17:36
      Thu, 5/10/07 03:30
      Wed, 5/9/07 15:01
Cedric watson   goin down to louisiana   goin down to louisiana (valcour)   Mon, 5/7/07 19:01
The greencards   waiting on the night   virdian   Mon, 5/7/07 19:00
Carlos guitarlos   DownAtchfalfa   strait from the heart   Mon, 5/7/07 18:56
mingo fishtrap   out of control   succotash   Mon, 5/7/07 18:53
Southern culture on the skids   oh lonesome me   countrypolitian   Mon, 5/7/07 18:51
johnny bush   what made miwaulkee famous   Honkey tonic   Mon, 5/7/07 18:44
wrinkle neck Mules   the wicks have met   bells and whistles(lower 40 records)   Mon, 5/7/07 18:36
Clarence gatemouth Brown   Better off with the blues   no looking back   Mon, 5/7/07 18:35
domino kings   the back of your mind   the back of your mind   Mon, 5/7/07 18:32
john Platania   runnin with the dogs   Blues waltzes and badland borders(Train wreck)   Mon, 5/7/07 18:26
james hand   over there thats frank   shadows where the magic was   Mon, 5/7/07 18:24
Louise Hoffsten   The seduction of sweet louise   Knackerbrod blues   Mon, 5/7/07 18:17
sonny landreth   soldier of foturne   outward bound   Mon, 5/7/07 18:15
willie nelson   harder they come   countryman   Mon, 5/7/07 18:12
Beau soleil   Le jig francais   live in louisiana (way down in louisiana)   Mon, 5/7/07 18:06
Nathan &the zydeco cha chas   Old mans darling   Hang it high Hang it low   Mon, 5/7/07 18:02
volker strifler band   the dance goes on   the dance goes on (blue Rockit records)   Mon, 5/7/07 17:53
The daddies   I miss ronald reagan   at the womans club   Mon, 5/7/07 17:50
The legendary shack shakers   Creek cats   believe   Mon, 5/7/07 17:37
Harry bodine   which way home   which way home (pc2006)   Mon, 5/7/07 17:37
Shelly king   soul searching   Rockin the dance hall   Mon, 5/7/07 17:33
jimmy lafave   thru the neon light   Austin skyline   Mon, 5/7/07 17:32
Long John Hunter   Time and time again   swinging from the rafters   Mon, 5/7/07 17:31
jon rauhouse   ill Be seeing you   steel guitar heart attack (bloodshot)   Mon, 5/7/07 17:19
The duhks   ol Cookin Pot   Migrations   Mon, 5/7/07 17:17
Alan haynes   Say Howdy   Live at the Big easy   Mon, 5/7/07 17:15
      Mon, 5/7/07 17:08
Truckstop honey Moon   The perfect pair of sunglasses   Diamonds in the asphalt(squirrel records)   Mon, 5/7/07 17:07
Johnny Nicholas   Livin with the Blues   Foggy bottom   Mon, 5/7/07 17:06
Robert cray   The grinder   Bad influence   Mon, 5/7/07 17:03
Elizabeth cook   Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman   Balls   Mon, 5/7/07 16:49
Rockin dopsie and the zydeco twisters   Im in the mood   Louisiana Music   Mon, 5/7/07 16:46
robert earl keen   Dread ful selfish crime   Live from Austin texas   Mon, 5/7/07 16:45
The beer dawgs   Soul Kiss   Blond on the bayou   Mon, 5/7/07 16:36
The spares   Waiting for the Smoke to clear   Beautiful and treacherous thing(tweed)   Mon, 5/7/07 16:36
Los 3 dinners   down in SA   Down in sa 2004   Mon, 5/7/07 16:31
chubby carrier and the bayou swamp band   We make a good gumbo   Bayou road   Mon, 5/7/07 16:26
dale watson   Its not over now   From the cradle to the grave(Hyena)   Mon, 5/7/07 16:22
Jack ingram   were allin these together   Live at Billy Bobs Texas   Mon, 5/7/07 16:11
Albert collins   Aint drunk   Deluxe edition   Mon, 5/7/07 16:10
Ponty bone   Nows the time to do what you do best   Fantasize   Mon, 5/7/07 16:09
Scott Miller   I Made A Mess Of This Town / Wild Things   Reconstruction (sugar hill)   Mon, 5/7/07 16:05
Jason and the scorchers   Broken whisky glass   Midnight Roads and stages seen   Mon, 5/7/07 16:02
Blue runners   on and on   Le grand bleu   Mon, 5/7/07 15:55
mavis staples   down in mississippi, eyes on the prize   well never turn back(anti)   Mon, 5/7/07 15:54
Los strait jackets   whittier boulevard   Rock en espanol (Yep roc)   Mon, 5/7/07 15:49
dan hicks and the hot licks   Mama Boys blues   Selected shorts   Mon, 5/7/07 15:44
Waylon jennigs   Another bridge to burn   Folk country   Mon, 5/7/07 15:44
Joe barry   Heart Broken love   Im a fool to care   Mon, 5/7/07 15:42
chris webster   something in the water   something in the water   Mon, 5/7/07 15:34
steve earle   Breakdown lane   Earl tracks   Mon, 5/7/07 15:25
dick dale   Calling up spirits   Fever   Mon, 5/7/07 15:24
br549   poison love   Dog days   Mon, 5/7/07 15:21
marcia ball   LiveDown The road   Big shot   Mon, 5/7/07 15:15
Terry allen &the Panhandle Mystery band   give me a ride to heaven boy   Bloodlines   Mon, 5/7/07 15:14
Jonnie allen   Alligator walk   The ultimate lousiana experience   Mon, 5/7/07 14:57
Boulder acoustic society   Gospel plow   Now   Mon, 5/7/07 14:55
cc adcock   Kisssin kouzans   CC Adcock south to lafayette   Mon, 5/7/07 14:51
lyle lovett   closing time   live in texas   Sun, 5/6/07 19:52
dan reeder   clean elivs     Sun, 5/6/07 19:52
johnny cash   jackson   live at folsom prison   Sun, 5/6/07 19:48
band of heathens   bumblebee   live at momos   Sun, 5/6/07 19:47
daddy   i miss ronald reagan   at the woman's club   Sun, 5/6/07 19:43
steve earle   the revolution starts now   the revolution starts now   Sun, 5/6/07 19:40
bob dylan   masters of war   no direction home   Sun, 5/6/07 19:37
texas sapphires   driftin in   valley so steep   Sun, 5/6/07 19:32
the spares   unpredictable   beautiful and treacherous things   Sun, 5/6/07 19:28
james mcmurtry   red dress   saint mary of the woods   Sun, 5/6/07 19:19
james mcmurtry   Safe Side   Candyland   Sun, 5/6/07 19:19
mavis staples   on my way   we'll never turn back (anti)   Sun, 5/6/07 19:19
john prine (r)   illegal smile   live   Sun, 5/6/07 19:01
jon dee graham   $100 bill   escape from monster island   Sun, 5/6/07 19:01
steve earle   white freight liner blues   rig rock deluxe   Sun, 5/6/07 18:56
merle haggard   mama tried   the best of merle   Sun, 5/6/07 18:56
buddy holly   Everyday   from the original master tapes   Sun, 5/6/07 18:46
coco montoya   ain't no breakman   dirty deal   Sun, 5/6/07 18:45
waylon jennings   stop the world and let me off   grand ole opry live classics   Sun, 5/6/07 18:44
todd snider   looking for a job   the devil you know   Sun, 5/6/07 18:44
kieren kane and kevin welch   till I'm too old to die young   you can't save everybody   Sun, 5/6/07 18:36
nate gibson and the gashouse gang   walmart wino   all the way home   Sun, 5/6/07 18:35
robert earl keen   the front porch song   No Kinda Dancer   Sun, 5/6/07 18:34
slaid cleaves   racecar joe   unsung   Sun, 5/6/07 18:21
the derailers   cold beer, hot music and cool country music   soldiers of love   Sun, 5/6/07 18:18
leon russell   crystal closet queen   retrospective   Sun, 5/6/07 18:18
james mcmurtry   see the elephant   childish things   Sun, 5/6/07 18:11
conjunto aztlan   elefantes   from aztlan with love   Sun, 5/6/07 18:11
charlie robison   el cerrito place   good times   Sun, 5/6/07 18:10
van morrison   your cheatin heart   pay the devil   Sun, 5/6/07 18:00
leon russell   roll in my sweet baby's arms   retrospective   Sun, 5/6/07 18:00
guy clark   the cape   together at the bluebird cafe   Sun, 5/6/07 17:59
      Sun, 5/6/07 17:51
red meat   I'm a one woman man   13   Sun, 5/6/07 17:46
Two Tons of Steel   your kiss   vegas   Sun, 5/6/07 17:46
ernest tubb   I'm walking the floor over you   hillbilly fever vol 2   Sun, 5/6/07 17:40
wayne hancock   louisiana blues   that's what daddy wants   Sun, 5/6/07 17:36
Pine Leaf Boys   big cajin   Blues de Musicien   Sun, 5/6/07 17:36
delbert mcclinton   same kinda crazy   room to breathe   Sun, 5/6/07 17:33
tom russell   baconn rind, cheif seattle, the balad of ira hayes   indians cowboys horses dogs   Sun, 5/6/07 17:25
Robbie Fulks   goodbye good-lookin   Revenge   Sun, 5/6/07 17:19
buck owens   the kansas city song   buck owens collection 1959-1990   Sun, 5/6/07 17:18
chris knight   backwater blues   the trailer tapes   Sun, 5/6/07 17:17
dan hicks and the hot licks   cmon to my house   selected shorts   Sun, 5/6/07 17:08
lyle lovett   sold american   pearls in the snow   Sun, 5/6/07 17:03
Wrinkle Neck Mules   cadilac limousine   The Wicks Have Met   Sun, 5/6/07 17:02
mark erelli   seasons pass   hope and other casualties   Sun, 5/6/07 16:58
buddy guy   ain't no sunshine   bring em in   Sun, 5/6/07 16:51
johnny bush   leave my mama out of this   honkytonic   Sun, 5/6/07 16:49
billy joe shaver   georgia on a fast train   a tribute to billy joe shaver   Sun, 5/6/07 16:47
asleep at the wheel   the cape   reinventing the wheel (bismeaux)   Sun, 5/6/07 16:41
john prine and mac wiseman   I love you because   standard songs for average people (ohboy)   Sun, 5/6/07 16:38
jimmy lafave   this land   Cimarron Manifesto   Sun, 5/6/07 16:36
asleep at the wheel   I'm an old cowhand   reinventing the wheel (bismeaux)   Sun, 5/6/07 16:35
solomon burke   we're gonna hold on   nashville   Sun, 5/6/07 16:34
butch hancock   you coulda walked around the world   you coulda walked around the world   Sun, 5/6/07 16:23
james hand   in the corner, at the table, by the jukebox   the truth will set you free   Sun, 5/6/07 16:23
blaze foley and the beaver valley boys   election day   cold cold world (lost art)   Sun, 5/6/07 16:22
rodney crowell`   I walk the line (revisited)   the houston kid   Sun, 5/6/07 16:08
george jones   the race is on   50 years of hits   Sun, 5/6/07 16:07
jimmie dale gilmore   happy birthday     Sun, 5/6/07 16:07
Third Coast Music Network is next       Sun, 5/6/07 15:53
Bill Doggett and His Combo   Honky Tonk, Honky Tonk (part 2)   All His Hits (King)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:52
Spot Barnett (at Gem's Tavern this afternoon)   Ebony Shuffle   2nd Time Around: In the Beginning   Sun, 5/6/07 15:52
Edith Wilson   Hesitating Blues   Delmark Records: 50 Years of Jazz and Blues (Delmark)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:47
Sippie Wallace   I'm a Mighty Tight Woman   Women Be Wise (Alligator)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:41
Memphis Minnie   Pig Meat on the Line   Queen of the Blues (Columbia Legacy)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:40
Watermelon Slim & the Workers   Judge Harsh Blues   The Wheel Man (Northern Blues)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:33
J.B. Lenoir   Natural Man, Don't Dog Your Woman   Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues   Sun, 5/6/07 15:32
Roxanne Potvin   Caught Up   The Way It Feels (Ruf)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:29
John Nemeth   Up To No good   Magic Touch (Blind Pig)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:28
Ruthie Foster   Beaver Creek Blues   The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (Blue Corn)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:10
Tommy Castro   Lonesome and Then Some   Painkiller (Blind Pig)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:09
T.D. Bell & Erbie Bowser   Bobby Sox Blues   It's About Time (Spindletop)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:06
Blind Arvella Gray   There's More Pretty Girls Than One   The Singing Drifter (Conjuroo)   Sun, 5/6/07 15:05
Lazy Lester   Ponderosa Shuffle   Blues Stop Knockin' (Antone's)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:53
uh, that's Bad Blood       Sun, 5/6/07 14:53
Phillip Walker   Bade Blood   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:53
Paul "Lil' Buck" Sinegal   Standing in the Rain   The Buck Starts Here (NYNO)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:44
Toni Price (r)   One of These Lonely Days   Born to Be Blue (Antone's/TMG)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:43
Gary Primich   Hoodoo Preacher   Dog House Music (Antone's/TMG)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:42
Bugs Henderson (r) (playing at Gruene Hall at 5 p.m. today)   Big Legged Woman   American Music (Bingo Pajama)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:33
Koko Taylor   Gonna Buy Me A Mule   Old School (Alligator)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:32
Johnny Hernandez   Further On Up the Road   This Time (Again) (Stronghold)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:31
Eddie Lang & Lonnie Johnson   Two Tone Stomp, Guitar Blues   Blue Guitars Vol. 1 & II (BGO)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:14
B.B. King   Blues in G   Blues on the Bayou (MCA)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:14
T-Bone Walker   Glamour Girl, Strollin' With Bone, The Sun Went Down   The Complete Imperial Recordings, '50-'54 (EMI)   Sun, 5/6/07 14:08
It's Blues Avenue. Uncle Crusty on the bridge.       Sun, 5/6/07 14:06
bye bye       Sun, 5/6/07 08:58
rolling stones   loving cup   exile on main street   Sun, 5/6/07 08:58
rolling stones   ventilator blues   exile on main street   Sun, 5/6/07 08:52
rolling stones   jumpin jac k flash   get yer ya ya's out   Sun, 5/6/07 08:50
rolling stones   2000 light years from home   their satanic majesties request   Sun, 5/6/07 08:46
rolling stones   factory girl   beggars banquet   Sun, 5/6/07 08:43
      Sun, 5/6/07 08:42
rolling stones   i just wanna see his face   exile on main street   Sun, 5/6/07 08:39
rolling stones   stray cat blues   beggars banquet   Sun, 5/6/07 08:34
rolling stones   sway   sticky fingers   Sun, 5/6/07 08:34
rolling stones   sweet black angel   exile on main street   Sun, 5/6/07 08:25
rolling stones   prodigal son   beggars banquet   Sun, 5/6/07 08:20
rolling stones   cant you hear me knocking   sticky fingers   Sun, 5/6/07 08:13
rolling stones   coiuntry honk   let it bleed   Sun, 5/6/07 08:13
      Sun, 5/6/07 08:13
rolling stones   dear doctor   beggars banquet   Sun, 5/6/07 08:07
rolling stones   shake your hipps   exile on main street   Sun, 5/6/07 08:04
rolling stones   bitch   sticky fingers   Sun, 5/6/07 08:03
      Sun, 5/6/07 08:03
rolling stones   gimme shelter   hot rocks   Sun, 5/6/07 07:54
rolling stones   paint it black   hot rocks   Sun, 5/6/07 07:53
rolling stones   honky tonk women   hot rocks   Sun, 5/6/07 07:49
rolling stones   stop breaking down   exile on main street   Sun, 5/6/07 07:42
rolling stones   no expectations   beggars banquet   Sun, 5/6/07 07:40
      Sun, 5/6/07 07:40
rolling stones   play with fire   hot rocks   Sun, 5/6/07 07:30
rolling stones   heart of stone   hot rocks   Sun, 5/6/07 07:30
rolling stones   monkey man   let it bleed   Sun, 5/6/07 07:25
rolling stones   dead flowers   sticky fingers   Sun, 5/6/07 07:25
rolling stones   you got the silver   let it bleed   Sun, 5/6/07 07:19
rolling stones   i've got the blues   sticky fingers   Sun, 5/6/07 07:19
rolling stones   mothers little helper   hot rocks   Sun, 5/6/07 07:12
rolling stones   19th nervous breakdown   hot rocks   Sun, 5/6/07 07:04
rolling stones   sympathy for the devil   beggars banquet   Sun, 5/6/07 06:58
3phus here and we're gonna borrow the playlist for a stones show       Sun, 5/6/07 06:58
That's All for This Week   Thanks for being here   Dan   Sat, 5/5/07 18:58
Teddy Morgan & the Pistolas   Bullett From A Gun   Lost Loves & Highways   Sat, 5/5/07 18:58
hank williams   Why Don't You Love Me   40 Greatest Hits   Sat, 5/5/07 18:51
dave alvin   ashgrove   ashgrove   Sat, 5/5/07 18:45
Solomon Burke   None Of Us Are Free   Don't Give Up On Me   Sat, 5/5/07 18:44
      Sat, 5/5/07 18:38
james mcmurtry   Safe Side   Candyland   Sat, 5/5/07 18:37
jay boy adams   the shoe box   The Shoe Box   Sat, 5/5/07 18:32
John Hiatt   Master Of Disaster   Master of Disaster   Sat, 5/5/07 18:25
rodney crowell   I walk the line   The Houston Kid   Sat, 5/5/07 18:24
junior brown   Venom Wearin' Denim   Semi Crazy   Sat, 5/5/07 18:23
      Sat, 5/5/07 18:18
Gin Palace Jesters   Pomade On My Pillow   Honkytonk Fools   Sat, 5/5/07 18:17
hank williams   I Saw The Light (r)   40 Greatest Hits   Sat, 5/5/07 18:14
Son Volt   The Search   The Search   Sat, 5/5/07 18:08
      Sat, 5/5/07 18:08
cross canadian ragweed   17   Cross Canadian Ragweed   Sat, 5/5/07 18:00
reckless kelly   I Still Do   Millican   Sat, 5/5/07 17:59
      Sat, 5/5/07 17:53
Pine Leaf Boys   Pine Leaf Boogie   Blues de Musicien   Sat, 5/5/07 17:49
koko taylor   Wang Dang Doodle   Deluxe Edition   Sat, 5/5/07 17:48
Texas Southside Kings/Spot Barnett   Every Day I Have The Blues   Texas Southside Kings   Sat, 5/5/07 17:47
      Sat, 5/5/07 17:45
johnny cash   I've Been Everywhere   unchained   Sat, 5/5/07 17:34
McKay brothers   Dirty Old Town (r)   McKay Brothers   Sat, 5/5/07 17:30
hank III   Thunderstorms & Neon Signs (r)   risin outlaw   Sat, 5/5/07 17:29
slaid cleaves   Quick As Dreams / Horses and Dreams   Wishbone   Sat, 5/5/07 17:18
      Sat, 5/5/07 17:17
Jason Boland and the stranglers   Jesus and Ruger   the bourbon legend   Sat, 5/5/07 17:17
Johnny Bush   whiskey river   whiskey river   Sat, 5/5/07 17:07
george jones   he stopped loving her today (r)   50 years of hits   Sat, 5/5/07 17:06
      Sat, 5/5/07 17:05
doug sahm and the last real texas blues band   T-Bone Shuffle   The Last Real Texas Blues Band   Sat, 5/5/07 17:05
ry cooder   three chords and the truth   my name is buddy   Sat, 5/5/07 16:55
      Sat, 5/5/07 16:54
Wrinkle Neck Mules   17 Years More   The Wicks Have Met   Sat, 5/5/07 16:54
jeanne pierre & the zydeco angels   Born In Acadiana   zydeco alert (ind)   Sat, 5/5/07 16:51
new riders of the purple sage   Portland Woman   new riders of the purple sage   Sat, 5/5/07 16:44
Roxanne Potvin   A Love That's Simple / I Want To(Do Everything For You)   The Way It Is   Sat, 5/5/07 16:43
      Sat, 5/5/07 16:42
Son Volt   Circadian Rhythm / Highway and Cigarettes   The Search   Sat, 5/5/07 16:26
joe ely   cool rockin loretta   live at liberty lunch   Sat, 5/5/07 16:25
      Sat, 5/5/07 16:18
joe ely   Ranches and Rivers   Live@Antone's   Sat, 5/5/07 16:09
      Sat, 5/5/07 16:09
robert earl keen (r)   Swervin' In My Lane / The Front Porch Song   No Kinda Dancer   Sat, 5/5/07 16:05
jimmy lafave   Hideaway Girl / That's The Way It Goes   Cimarron Manifesto   Sat, 5/5/07 16:01
      Sat, 5/5/07 15:56
Robbie Fulks   The Buck Starts Here / Let's Kill Saturday Night   Revenge   Sat, 5/5/07 15:47
Elizabeth Cook   He Got No Heart / Mama's Prayers   Balls   Sat, 5/5/07 15:45
      Sat, 5/5/07 15:44
the blazers   Cumbia Del Sol   East Side Soul   Sat, 5/5/07 15:29
Sorry, that's Los Lobos   Chuco's Cumbia   The Town & The City   Sat, 5/5/07 15:28
the blazers   Chuco's Cumbia   The Town & The City   Sat, 5/5/07 15:26
Pine Leaf Boys   Blues de Musicien / Creole Mardi Gras   Blues de Musicien   Sat, 5/5/07 15:24
Tommy Castro   Lonesome and Then Some   Painkiller   Sat, 5/5/07 15:18
      Sat, 5/5/07 15:17
Tommy Castro   Love Don't Care   Painkiller   Sat, 5/5/07 15:17
Scott Miller & the Commonwealth   I Made A Mess Of This Town / Wild Things   Reconstruction   Sat, 5/5/07 15:08
      Sat, 5/5/07 15:07
texas tornados (r)   She Never Spoke Spanish To Me   Texas Tornados   Sat, 5/5/07 15:06
dale watson   From The Cradle To The Grave   from the cradle to the grave (hyena)   Sat, 5/5/07 15:05
gram parsons   Jaunita / Brand New Heartache   Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels   Sat, 5/5/07 14:55
It's time for Third Coast Saturday   Thanks for being here   Dan   Sat, 5/5/07 14:52
      Sat, 5/5/07 14:51
      Sat, 5/5/07 13:44
I'm outta here!       Fri, 5/4/07 18:59
Brave combo   habanera Rock   Musical Varieties   Fri, 5/4/07 18:59
Joe Krown Organ Combo   45 Packin Mama   Down & Dirty   Fri, 5/4/07 18:59
Various   Jesus Heal My hangover: Chevy Downs   Hand Picked Vol 1 (Twang)   Fri, 5/4/07 18:57
Audrey Auld Mezera   Looking for Luckenbach / Down In a Hole / Drinking Problem   Lost Men & Angry Girls (Reckless)   Fri, 5/4/07 18:53
      Fri, 5/4/07 18:41
Joe Ely   Jesse Justice   Happy songs.... (Rack'Em)   Fri, 5/4/07 18:37
Alice Spencer & Her Monkey Butlers   Me & My chauffeur   Joe's Basement   Fri, 5/4/07 18:34
Various   May The Bird of Paradise w/ Jimmy dickens   Grand Ole Opry Classics (Opry Music)   Fri, 5/4/07 18:32
Uncle Earl   Wish I Had My Time Again   Waterloo Tennessee (Rounder)   Fri, 5/4/07 18:29
      Fri, 5/4/07 18:28
Austin Lounge Lizards (at the Brauntex Sat)   Toast the Earth With ExxonMobil   the Drugs I Need   Fri, 5/4/07 18:26
Band of Heathens (at Gruene Sat)   Judas "Scariot Blues   Live From Momo's   Fri, 5/4/07 18:24
Malford Milligan (tonight at Rolling Oaks)   Can't Go On   Rides Again   Fri, 5/4/07 18:14
Elana James (tonight at Luna)   Goodbye Liza Jane   Elana James (Snarf)   Fri, 5/4/07 18:05
      Fri, 5/4/07 18:05
Beausoleil   Flammes d'enfer   Live In Louisiana (Way Down in Louisiana)   Fri, 5/4/07 18:03
Pine Leaf Boys   Mon Coeur Fait Mal   Blues De Musician (Arhoolie)   Fri, 5/4/07 18:02
      Fri, 5/4/07 18:02
Gurf Morlix   With God on Our Side (r)   Diamonds To Dust (Blue Corn Music)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:51
Earfood Orchestra   Don't Let The Devil Ride   Gloria Chords (Streak)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:50
Little Charlie & the Nightcats   Got To Have a Job (r)   Nine Lives   Fri, 5/4/07 17:46
      Fri, 5/4/07 17:46
Various   Jessie Mae Hemphill: Standing In My Doorway Crying   Black Snake Moan Soundtrack (New West)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:37
Los Straitjackets   Ana   Rock en Espanol Vol 1 (Yep Roc)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:34
Mavis Staples   This Little Light of Mine   We'll Never Turn Back (Anti)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:33
Dale Watson   Hollywood Hillbilly   From the Cradle To the Grave (Hyena)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:29
Phillip Walker   Blackjack   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:28
Time for the Top of the Stack       Fri, 5/4/07 17:28
      Fri, 5/4/07 17:27
Elisabeth Ames & the Countrypolitans   Last Time   Anytime (Ultrapolitan)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:20
Southern Culture On the Skids   Wolvertone Mountain   Countrypolitan Favorites (Yep Roc)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:16
Ry Cooder   footprints in the Snow   My Name is Buddy (Nonesuch)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:14
Elizabeth Cook   He Got No Heart   Balls (31 Tigers)   Fri, 5/4/07 17:11
We're back for today.   Dave here.   Hop aboard!   Fri, 5/4/07 17:08
Thanks for coming along for the abbreviated show. FriDave will get as much done as possible tomorrow.       Thu, 5/3/07 19:02
Otis Gibbs   The Peoples Day   One Day Our Whispers (Benchmark)   Thu, 5/3/07 18:58
Bobby Rush   Chicken Heads   Black Snake Moan soundtrack (New West)   Thu, 5/3/07 18:58
John Platania   Runnin' With the Dogs   Blues, Waltzes and Badland Borders (Train Wreck)   Thu, 5/3/07 18:57
Pine Leaf Boys   Blues De Musicien   Blues De Musicien (Arhoolie)   Thu, 5/3/07 18:54
Michael Fracasso   Red White & Blues (live), That Is Life (live), There Goes the Neighborhood (CD)   Red Dog Blues (Little Fuji)   Thu, 5/3/07 18:44
Michael Fracasso live on KSYM. He'll be at Casbeers tonight with Dana Cooper       Thu, 5/3/07 18:13
Todd Snider (at Gruene Hall on Friday w/Gurf Morlix)   East Nashville Skyline   Peace, Love and Anarchy (Oh Boy)   Thu, 5/3/07 18:13
Kendel Carson   In The Middle of a Think About You   Rearview Mirror Tears (Train Wreck)   Thu, 5/3/07 18:12
Jack Saunders   The Promised Land   Living for the Sunshine (White Cat)   Thu, 5/3/07 18:03
Jimmy Dee   Rock-Tick-Tock   San Antonio Rock   Thu, 5/3/07 17:55
Doug Sahm w/Spot Barnett Band   Just A Moment   San Antonio Rock   Thu, 5/3/07 17:55
Los Straitjackets   Loco Te Patina El Coco (Wild thing) (w/Little Willie G)   Rock en Espanol (Yep Roc)   Thu, 5/3/07 17:54
Audrey Auld Mezera (at Casbeers on Friday and, I believe, on KSYM w/FriDave Friday about 6 p.m.)   Last Seen in Gainesville   Lost Men and Angry Girls (Reckless)   Thu, 5/3/07 17:40
Jimmy LaFave   Car Outside   Cimarron Manifesto (Red House)   Thu, 5/3/07 17:39
The Mighty Clouds of Joy   Jesus Will Turn it Around, Movin'   Movin' (EMI)   Thu, 5/3/07 17:37
It's Thursday. It's 5:30 p.m. Let's do 90 minutes of Third Coast. Michael Fracasso is working Casbeeers tonight and will be in to play like on KSYM about 6 p.m.       Thu, 5/3/07 17:30
      Thu, 5/3/07 12:44
      Wed, 5/2/07 18:23
KSYM transmitter could be down from 5AM to 6PM, beginning 4/30 until further notice   due to resurfacing the McAllister Auditorium roof     Tue, 5/1/07 16:43
      Tue, 5/1/07 14:34