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  Artist   Song   Album   Date/Time
That's All For This Time   Thanks for coming along for the ride   Dan   Sat, 6/30/07 18:54
Los #3 Dinners   Take A Walk On The Westside   Can't Stop ...Gotta Rock   Sat, 6/30/07 18:53
West Side Horns   Hit'N the Jug   San Quilmas   Sat, 6/30/07 18:51
      Sat, 6/30/07 18:40
Doc Marshalls   No Kind ofLife   No Kind of Life   Sat, 6/30/07 18:32
Shaver   Thunderbird   Electric Shaver   Sat, 6/30/07 18:27
Chris Wall   I Fell Like Hank Williams Tonight   Cowboy Nation   Sat, 6/30/07 18:26
Casey Chambers   The Captain   The Captain   Sat, 6/30/07 18:16
Johnny Bush   Lost Highway Saloon   Lost Highway Saloon   Sat, 6/30/07 18:15
      Sat, 6/30/07 18:15
Blaze Foley   If I Could Only Fly   Live@ the Austin Outhouse   Sat, 6/30/07 18:13
Hoyle Brothers   Call Heaven (r)   Back To The Door   Sat, 6/30/07 18:12
      Sat, 6/30/07 18:11
Mando & The Chili Peppers   Swingin' Baby/ Candy Kisses   On The Road With Rock & Roll   Sat, 6/30/07 17:58
Randy Garibay   Where Are They Now   Invisible Society   Sat, 6/30/07 17:52
      Sat, 6/30/07 17:52
Doug Sahm (r)   Cowboy Peyton Place   Return of Wayne Douglas   Sat, 6/30/07 17:50
Lil Bit & the Customatics (r)   Lone Star Girl   Lone Star Girl   Sat, 6/30/07 17:49
Cross Canadian Ragweed   Dimebag   Garage   Sat, 6/30/07 17:46
Steve Earle   Devils Right Hand   Copperhead Road   Sat, 6/30/07 17:45
Boozoo Chavis   Who Stole My Monkey (r)   Who Stole My Monkey   Sat, 6/30/07 17:44
      Sat, 6/30/07 17:39
Jimmie Dale Gilmore   Just A Wave   Spinning Around The Sun   Sat, 6/30/07 17:39
Junior Brown   Long Walk Back To San Antone (r)   Long Walk Back   Sat, 6/30/07 17:26
Fairfield Four/ Lee Roy Parnell   John the Revelator   Live From Mountain Stage   Sat, 6/30/07 17:18
Buddy Guy   Damn Right, I've Got The Blues   Best of Buddy Guy   Sat, 6/30/07 17:16
      Sat, 6/30/07 17:14
W. C .Clark   Let It Rain   From Austin With Soul   Sat, 6/30/07 17:13
Hank Williams (r)   Ramblin' Man   40 Greatest Hits   Sat, 6/30/07 17:08
      Sat, 6/30/07 17:07
Hank III   Thunderstorms & Neon Signs (r)   Risin' Outlaw   Sat, 6/30/07 17:06
Gurf Morlix   Worth Dyin' For   Diamonds To Dust   Sat, 6/30/07 16:57
Jack Saunders   Nothing At All   Living For The Sunshine   Sat, 6/30/07 16:56
      Sat, 6/30/07 16:55
Jed & Kelley   Song To Take Home   Song To Take Home   Sat, 6/30/07 16:53
Bill Herne's Roadhouse Review   Close Up The Honky -Tonks   Heartaches & Honky -Tonks   Sat, 6/30/07 16:45
Chris Knight   Rita's Only Fault   The Trailer Tapes   Sat, 6/30/07 16:43
James McMurtry   Lights of Cheyenne (r)   Live in Aught Three   Sat, 6/30/07 16:38
      Sat, 6/30/07 16:37
Rosie Ledet   My Joy Box   Zydeco Sensation   Sat, 6/30/07 16:35
Rosie Ledet (@Sam's tonight)   Groove Thing   It's A Groove Thing   Sat, 6/30/07 16:35
Delbert McClinton   B-Movie Boxcar Blues   Delbert McClinton Live   Sat, 6/30/07 16:22
Red Stick Ramblers   Grand Tasso   Red Stick Ramblers   Sat, 6/30/07 16:16
      Sat, 6/30/07 16:16
Johnny Adams   One Foot In The Blues   One Foot In The Blues   Sat, 6/30/07 16:05
Spot Barnett   I Got A Girl   2nd Time Around : In The Beginning   Sat, 6/30/07 16:04
      Sat, 6/30/07 16:03
Adrienne Young   All For Good   Room To Grow   Sat, 6/30/07 16:02
Guy Clark   Texas 1947   Old No. 1   Sat, 6/30/07 16:01
Guy Clark   Black Diamond Strings   Dublin Blues   Sat, 6/30/07 15:58
      Sat, 6/30/07 15:49
Cadillac Sky   Homesick Angel   Blind Man Walking   Sat, 6/30/07 15:49
Boulder Acoustic Society   Gospel Plow   Now   Sat, 6/30/07 15:48
Richard Thompson   Johnny's Far Away   Sweet Warrior   Sat, 6/30/07 15:35
      Sat, 6/30/07 15:34
The Blazers   Cumbia Del Sol   East Side Soul   Sat, 6/30/07 15:32
Clifton Chenier   Lafayette Waltz   Louisiana Blues & Zydeco   Sat, 6/30/07 15:29
Trent Summer & the New Row Mob   Realiy Never Loved Her Anyway   Horseshoes and Hand Grenades   Sat, 6/30/07 15:27
The Hollisters   Fishin' Man   Sweet Inspiration   Sat, 6/30/07 15:24
Roxanne Potvin   I Want To Do Everything For You   The Way It Feels   Sat, 6/30/07 15:17
Guy Forsyth   Children of Jack   Can You Live Without   Sat, 6/30/07 15:15
      Sat, 6/30/07 15:14
Robbie Fulks   Let's Kill Saturday Night   Revenge   Sat, 6/30/07 15:11
Doug Sahm   Beautiful Texas Sunshine (r)   Return of Wayne Douglas   Sat, 6/30/07 15:04
      Sat, 6/30/07 15:03
Hank Williams   Lost Highway   40 Greatest Hits   Sat, 6/30/07 14:55
Gram Parsons/Flying Burrito Bros   Sin City   Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels   Sat, 6/30/07 14:47
Gram Parsons   Return of the Grevious Angel   Grevious Angel   Sat, 6/30/07 14:47
it's time for another edition of Saturday Third Coast   Thanks for coming along for the ride   Dan   Sat, 6/30/07 14:46
      Sat, 6/30/07 13:43
I'm back on Sunday 7am for the Music Box.     I'm outta here!   Fri, 6/29/07 18:53
Brave Combo   Dutch Hornpipe   Let's Kiss   Fri, 6/29/07 18:53
Joe Krown Organ combo   45 packin Mama   Down & Dirty   Fri, 6/29/07 18:53
Willie Nelson   Darkness on the Face of the Earth   Countryman (r)   Fri, 6/29/07 18:49
Bill Kirchen   Poultry In Motion / Rockabilly funeral   Tied To the Wheel / Tombstone Every Mile   Fri, 6/29/07 18:45
      Fri, 6/29/07 18:43
Marty Stuart & his Fabulous Superlatives   The Whiskey Ain't Workin' anymore   Live @ the Ryman   Fri, 6/29/07 18:40
Todd Snider   Nashville   Peace Love & Anarchy (Oh Boy)   Fri, 6/29/07 18:33
James McMurtry   Lights of Cheyenne (r)   Live In Aught-three (Compadre)   Fri, 6/29/07 18:30
      Fri, 6/29/07 18:30
Freddie Steady 5 (at Casbeers Sat)   Cavestomp 2001   Tex Pop (SteadyBoy)   Fri, 6/29/07 18:23
Rosie Ledet (at Sams Sat)   You can Eat My Poussiere   I'm a Woman (maison de Soul)   Fri, 6/29/07 18:18
Kelly Willis (tonight at Gruene)   The More That I'm Around You   Translated From Love (ryko)   Fri, 6/29/07 18:17
Ruben V (tonight at Rolling Oaks)   Hole In Your Soul   Home   Fri, 6/29/07 18:15
      Fri, 6/29/07 18:15
Willie Merle & Ray   Why Me   Last of the Breed (Lost Highway)   Fri, 6/29/07 18:08
Mavis Staples   99 & 1/2 (r)   We'll Never Turn Back (Anti)   Fri, 6/29/07 18:07
Antsy McClain & the Trailer Park Troubadours   I Married Up   Trailercana (DPR)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:60
Richard thompson   I'll Never Give It Up   Sweet Warrior (shout Factory)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:58
Porter Wagoner   Be a Little Quieter   Wagonmaster (Anti-)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:54
Roxanne Potvin   Say it   The Way It Feels (Ruf)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:51
Darcie Deaville   The Carolina Rain   Livin' On The Lucky Side (Taller Dog)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:43
Jed & Kelley   Song To Take Home   Songs To Take Home   Fri, 6/29/07 17:42
      Fri, 6/29/07 17:42
Creole Zydeco Farmers   You used to Call Me   On The Road (Maison de Soul)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:33
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem   Oil In my Vessel   Big Old Life (Signature Sounds)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:32
Hangdogs   Beware Of Dog   Beware of Dog (Shanachie)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:28
McKay Brothers   Friday Night   McKay Brothers   Fri, 6/29/07 17:23
Los Lobos   Two Janes   Acoustic En Vivo (Los Lobos)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:20
      Fri, 6/29/07 17:19
Polka Freakout   Acariciame   Polka Freak Out   Fri, 6/29/07 17:16
Adrienne Young   All for Good   Room To Grow (Addie Belle)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:16
      Fri, 6/29/07 17:15
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez w/ Will Taylor & Strings Attached   Don't Speak In english   Broadcasts Vol 12 (KGSR)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:10
Bill Hearne's Roadhouse Revue   Odds & Ends   Heartaches & Honky-Tonks (Frogville)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:04
Pine Leaf Boys   Blues De Musician   Blues De Musician (Arhoolie)   Fri, 6/29/07 17:02
Leaving TX   Whiskey   Anywhere On Good Roads (Lucky Range)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:60
John Nemeth   She's Looking Good   Magic Touch (Blind Pig)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:55
Various   Keep On the Sunny Side w/ Brad Paisley   Anchored In Love (Dualtone)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:51
Jimmy LaFave   Walk Away Renee (r)   Austin Skyline (Bohemia Beat)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:46
Wrinkle Neck Mules   17 Years More   The Wicks Have Met (Lower 40)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:44
      Fri, 6/29/07 16:43
Scott Miller & the Commonwealth   Dear Sarah   Reconstruction (Sugar Hill)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:38
Jack Dupree   Frankie & Johnny (r)   Atlantic Blues: Piano (Atlantic)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:32
      Fri, 6/29/07 16:31
Marty Stuart   Farmer's Blues w/ Merle Haggard   Compadres (Superlatone)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:28
Jack Saunders   Highway 71   Living For the Sunshine (White Cat)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:26
Various   Here's To My Disgrace w/ Ben Weaver   Just One More (Bloodshot)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:23
Gurf Morlix   I've Got a Passion   Diamonds To Dust (Blue Corn Music)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:14
Los Straitjackets   All Day & All of the Night   Rock En Espanol Vol 1 (Yep Roc)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:06
Time For The Top of the Stack       Fri, 6/29/07 16:05
      Fri, 6/29/07 16:05
Chris Knight   Here Come The Rain   The Trailer Tapes (Drifters Church)   Fri, 6/29/07 16:02
Asylum Street Spankers   When I Grow Up   Mommy Says No (Yellow Dog)   Fri, 6/29/07 15:60
Johnny A.   The Wind Cries Mary   Get Inside (Favored Nations)   Fri, 6/29/07 15:58
Ry Cooder   Three Chords & the Truth (r)   My Mane Is Buddy (Nonesuch)   Fri, 6/29/07 15:54
Truckstop Honeymoon   Rockabilly Debutante   Diamonds In the Asphalt (Squirrel)   Fri, 6/29/07 15:51
Blazers   Leaving It All Up To You (r)   17 Jewels (Little Dog)   Fri, 6/29/07 15:47
Richard Shindell   Sitting On Top of the World   South of Delia   Fri, 6/29/07 15:45
      Fri, 6/29/07 15:44
Jean Pierre & the Zydeco Angels   Born In Acadiana   Zydeco Alert   Fri, 6/29/07 15:40
David Olney   Who's The Dummy Now? (r)   One Tough Town   Fri, 6/29/07 15:40
Ann Savoy   If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love   If Dreams Come True (Memphis International)   Fri, 6/29/07 15:39
Earfood Orchestra   Nobody's Fault (r)   Gloria Chords (Streak)   Fri, 6/29/07 15:19
      Fri, 6/29/07 15:18
Kendel Carson   Take Me Down To The River   Rearview Mirror Tears (Train Wreck)   Fri, 6/29/07 15:18
Beausoleil   Conja   Live In Louisiana   Fri, 6/29/07 15:13
Pat Scanlon   I've Got a Feeling I've Been Here Before     Fri, 6/29/07 15:08
      Fri, 6/29/07 15:08
Robbie Fulks   The Scrapple Song   Country Love Songs   Fri, 6/29/07 15:01
Ray Stevens   Kiss a Pig   I have Returned   Fri, 6/29/07 15:01
Johnny A.   I Had To Laugh   Get Inside   Fri, 6/29/07 14:53
Welcome to Friday.   It's not raining in San Antonio........   yet. Dave here. Hop aboard.   Fri, 6/29/07 14:52
Thanks for coming along.       Thu, 6/28/07 18:58
Otis Gibbs   The People's Day   One Day Our Whispers (Benchmark)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:58
Seth Walker   Kick It Around   Seth Walker (Pacific Blues)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:51
Chris Wall   The Poet Is Not In today   Just Another Place (Cold Springs)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:44
Slaid Cleaves   Everette   Unsung (rounder)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:44
Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles   False Eyelashes   Diamonds in the Dark (Sugar Hill)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:35
Irma Thomas   I Count the Teardrops   If You Want It, Come and Get It (Rounder)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:32
File   Devil on the Bayou   Hang On to Your Chapeau (Indie)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:32
Richard Thompson   I'll Never Give It Up   Sweet Warrior (Shout Factory)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:23
The Groobees   Old Boyfriend's Things   Buy One Get Eleven Free (Downtime)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:23
Loretta Lynn   Wildwood Flower   Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash (Dualtone Music)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:14
The Freddie Steady 5   Cavestomp 2001, She Has a Way   Tex-Pop (SteadyBoy Records)   Thu, 6/28/07 18:14
Terry Joe "Buffalo" Ware   Chopper/Fender Bender   Ridin' the Reverb Range (Okiemotion)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:60
The Radiators   Meet Me Down in Birdland   Zigzagging Through Ghostland (Epic)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:60
Boulder Acoustic Society   Lullaby of Birdland   Now (Indie)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:55
Eric Hanke (at Justin's on Main at 7 tonight)   Smoke Through the Old Screen Door   Autumn Blues (Ten Foot Texan)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:51
Walking Wounded   Saddled By Idiots   Hard Times (Doctor Dream)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:43
Ann Savoy & her Sleepless Knights   If Dreams Come True   If Dreams Come True (Memphis International)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:36
Gurf Morlix   Windows Open, Windows Close   Diamonds to Dust (Blue Corn)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:34
Byrd & Street (at Casbeers tonight)   Won't You Ride With Me?   Stories of Life, Songs of Love   Thu, 6/28/07 17:30
Amen       Thu, 6/28/07 17:28
Dixie Hummingbirds   Too Many Troubles   Diamond Jubilation (Rounder)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:24
Ladysmith Black Mambazo   Star and the Wiseman   Long Walk to Freedom (Heads Up)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:24
Dixie Hummingbirds   He Watches Out For You and Me   Diamond Jubilation (Rounder)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:23
oops, I didn't cue up the right song so the first cut was: Ladysmith Black Mambazo   Nomathemba   Long Walk to Freedom (Heads Up)   Thu, 6/28/07 17:04
The Dixie Hummingbirds   God's Radar   Diamond Jubilation (Rounder)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:58
Ladysmith Black Mambazo   Amazing Grace/Nearer My God to Thee (w/Emmylou Harris)   Long Walk to Freedom (Heads Up)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:57
It's Gospel time on KSYM's TCMN       Thu, 6/28/07 16:55
Alistair Moock   I Got A Friend   Let It Go (Corazong)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:51
B.B. King (r)   I Like to Live the Love   Greatest Hits (MCA)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:51
H!X (Butch Morgan at Justin's on Main tonight w/Rudi Harst & Eric Hanke)   Kingdom   Really Live (Indie)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:46
True Stories (Bro. Dave at the Koffee Kup tonight at 7; True Stories at The Cove on Friday)   Little Johnnie's New Shoes   Estilo San Antonio (Indie)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:46
Sisters Morales (r)   Too Deep of Water   Someplace Far Away From Here (Luna)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:32
Red Meat (r)   Deep Water   13 (Ranchero)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:32
Bubba Hernandez & Alex Meixner (Polka Freak Out)   Bad Cat Polka   Polka Freak Out (Indie)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:31
Jed & Kelley   Bottles and Banjos   Songs to Take Home (Indie)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:17
Darcie Deaville   Dance With Grace   Livin' on the Lucky Side (Taller Dog)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:17
Kelly Willis (at Gruene Hall on Friday)   Nobody Wants to Go to the Moon Anymore   Translated From Love (Ryko)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:13
Jeffrey Halford & the Healers   Rock 'n' Fire   Broken Chord (Shoeless)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:05
Sonny Landreth   South of I-10   South of I-10 (Zoo/Praxis)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:04
Tommy Castro   Goin' Down South   Painkiller (Blind Pig)   Thu, 6/28/07 16:02
Don Walser   Big Blue Diamonds   Texas Top Hand (Watermelon)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:56
Clint West   Big Blue Diamonds   Swamp Gold vol. 2   Thu, 6/28/07 15:56
Van Morrison (r)   Big Blue Diamonds   Pay the Devil (Lost Highway)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:53
Jimmy LaFave   Car Outside   Cimarron Manifesto (Red House)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:50
Los Straitjackets   Lagrimas Solitarias (w/Big Sandy)   Rock en Espanol (Yep Roc)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:50
Lil' Bit/Customatics   River of Tears   Lone Star Girl (Tomcattin' Round)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:47
Sir Douglas Quintet   The Rains Came   The Best of (Edsel)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:42
Rosie Ledet (at Sam's Burger Joint on Sat.)   Lady Marmalade   Show Me Something (Maison de Soul)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:30
BeauSoleil   Chanson d'Acadie   Live in Louisiana (Way Down in Louisiana)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:29
Buckwheat Zydeco   Zydeco La Louisianne   Buckwheat's Zydeco Party (Rounder)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:16
Adrienne Young   Free Man in Paris   Room to Grow (AddieBelle)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:16
John Nemeth   Blues Hit Big Town   Magic Touch (Blind Pig)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:09
David Olney   See How the Mighty Have Fallen   One Tough Town (Red Parlor)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:09
Marty Stuart   Doin' My Time (w/Johnny Cash)   Compadres: An Anthology of Duets (Universal)   Thu, 6/28/07 15:08
Troy Campbell   Just Who's Drivin'   KSYM Mix   Thu, 6/28/07 15:06
It's Thursday. Uncle Crusty on the bridge.       Thu, 6/28/07 15:06
test       Thu, 6/28/07 14:57
      Thu, 6/28/07 14:56
james mcmutry   red dress   live in aught three   Wed, 6/27/07 18:49
the blazers   cumbia del sol   east side soul   Wed, 6/27/07 18:48
james mcmutry   st mary of the woods   live in aught three   Wed, 6/27/07 18:43
rodnew crowell   telephone road   the houston kid   Wed, 6/27/07 18:42
rodney crowell   i walk the line revisited   the houston kid   Wed, 6/27/07 18:38
      Wed, 6/27/07 18:35
robert earl keen   amarillo highway   a bigger piece of sky   Wed, 6/27/07 18:35
webb wilder   honky tonk hell   town and country   Wed, 6/27/07 18:34
joe ely   me and billy the kid   live at liberty lunch   Wed, 6/27/07 18:31
augie meyersq   hey baby kep a so   alive and well at lake taco   Wed, 6/27/07 18:28
the radiators   dragon blood   bucket of fish   Wed, 6/27/07 18:20
      Wed, 6/27/07 18:19
koko taylor   bad rooster   old school (alligator)   Wed, 6/27/07 18:16
reckless kelly   seven knights in ireland   wicked twisted road   Wed, 6/27/07 18:14
      Wed, 6/27/07 18:13
      Wed, 6/27/07 18:09
delbert mcclinton   livin it down   nothing personal   Wed, 6/27/07 18:08
big sandy and the fly rite boys   hey muchachita   swingin west   Wed, 6/27/07 18:03
billy bacon and the forbidden pigs   una mas cerveza   13 years of bad road   Wed, 6/27/07 17:58
      Wed, 6/27/07 17:55
the flatlanders   wavin my heart goodbye   now again   Wed, 6/27/07 17:55
cornell hurd band   your ex husband sent me flowers cuz he feels sorry for me   cool and usual puishment   Wed, 6/27/07 17:51
willie nelson   sad songs and waltzs   songbird   Wed, 6/27/07 17:47
willie nelson w merle haggard   it's my lazy day   pancho and lefty   Wed, 6/27/07 17:45
willie nelson   opportunity to cry   crazy the demo sessions   Wed, 6/27/07 17:40
      Wed, 6/27/07 17:38
guy forsyth   mamma's favorite   love songs for and against   Wed, 6/27/07 17:35
darcie deaville   poisen ivy   livin on the lucky side (taller dog)   Wed, 6/27/07 17:32
willie j laws   slippin into darkness   running out of lies   Wed, 6/27/07 17:25
      Wed, 6/27/07 17:24
mary gauthier   i drink   drag queens in limosuines   Wed, 6/27/07 17:19
dixie chicks   lubbock or leave it   taking the long way   Wed, 6/27/07 17:18
adam carroll   dream on   far away blues   Wed, 6/27/07 17:16
      Wed, 6/27/07 17:16
johnny bush   green snakes   green snakes   Wed, 6/27/07 17:10
jerry lee lewis w bruce springsteen   pick cadillac   last man standing   Wed, 6/27/07 17:08
thunderbirds   the only daddy that'll walk the line   painted on   Wed, 6/27/07 17:02
bill kirchen   too much fun   hot rod lincoln live   Wed, 6/27/07 16:56
      Wed, 6/27/07 16:56
sleepy labeef   hillbilly guitar boogie   i'll never llay my guitar down   Wed, 6/27/07 16:55
ray wylie hubbard   polecat   snake farm   Wed, 6/27/07 16:51
ray wylie hubbard   without love (we're just wastin time)   dangerous spirits   Wed, 6/27/07 16:46
guy clark   old friends   old friends   Wed, 6/27/07 16:44
roy orbison   only trhe lonely   legends of country music - the best of austin city limits   Wed, 6/27/07 16:39
      Wed, 6/27/07 16:38
randy garibay   toke y toke   chicano blues man   Wed, 6/27/07 16:36
terry allen   texas tears   bloodlines   Wed, 6/27/07 16:33
terry allen   rendevouz usa   lubbuck on everything   Wed, 6/27/07 16:30
buddy hollly   that'll be the dady   greatest hits   Wed, 6/27/07 16:29
susan tedechi   loving you is sweeter than ever   hope and desire   Wed, 6/27/07 16:26
      Wed, 6/27/07 16:24
lefty frizzell   i want to be with you always   best of   Wed, 6/27/07 16:19
lil bit and the customatics   blue monday   lone star girl   Wed, 6/27/07 16:17
los #3 dinners   down in s.a.   down in sa   Wed, 6/27/07 16:16
      Wed, 6/27/07 16:13
merle haggard   i think i'll just stay here and drink   best of   Wed, 6/27/07 16:09
george jones   i must have done something bad   50 years of hits   Wed, 6/27/07 16:05
wayne toups   mamou two step   live down home   Wed, 6/27/07 16:01
      Wed, 6/27/07 16:01
beausoliel   eunice two step   lamour a la folie   Wed, 6/27/07 15:55
magnolia sisters   honky tonk boogie   apres faire le boogie   Wed, 6/27/07 15:53
los lobnos   jucos cumbia   the towen and the city   Wed, 6/27/07 15:51
los lobos   is that all there is   the ride   Wed, 6/27/07 15:51
carlos guitarlos   sure is good     Wed, 6/27/07 15:50
austin lounge lizards   saguaro   creatures of the black saloon   Wed, 6/27/07 15:33
jimmy lafave   home once again, these blues   cimmarron manifesto (red house)   Wed, 6/27/07 15:23
watermelon slim   the wheel man   the wheel man (northern blues)   Wed, 6/27/07 15:19
rani arbo & daisey mayhem   joy comes back, big old life   big old life (signature souinds)   Wed, 6/27/07 15:17
bob wills   little betty brown, nobodys sweetheart now, blackout blues   legends of country music   Wed, 6/27/07 14:60
helllo wednesday! 3phus here   guest dj gordon should be in here in a bit     Wed, 6/27/07 14:59
      Wed, 6/27/07 14:56
Back on Friday.   I'm outta here!     Tue, 6/26/07 18:55
Cindy Cashdollar   Speedin West   Slide Crazy   Tue, 6/26/07 18:54
Jack Saunders   Living For The Sunshine   Living For the Sunshine (White Cat)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:54
Phillip Walker   Walking With Frankie   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:47
Asleep At The Wheel   Your Mind Is On Vacation   Reinventing the Wheel (Bismeaux)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:45
Los Straightjackets   Wild Thing   Rock En Espanol Vol 1 (Yep Roc)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:39
      Tue, 6/26/07 18:39
Antsy mcClain & the Trailer park Troubadours   KOA Refugee   Trailercana (DPR)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:36
Kelly Willis   Sweet Little One   Translated From Love (Ryko)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:31
Mavis Staples   Eyes on the Prize   We'll Never Turn Back (Anti)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:28
River City slim & the Rhythm Kings (r)   Maggie Magill   Some Kinda Lovin   Tue, 6/26/07 18:26
      Tue, 6/26/07 18:26
Willie J. Laws (r)   Can't Get Used 2 the Blues   Runnin' Out of Lies   Tue, 6/26/07 18:21
David Olney   Rainbow's End   One Tough Town (Red Parlor)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:18
Robbie Fulks   Fixin' To Fall   Revenge (Yep Roc)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:15
      Tue, 6/26/07 18:15
Boozoo Chavis   Dog Hill (r)   Johnnie Billy Goat   Tue, 6/26/07 18:10
Countdown Quartet   The Capuchin   The Countdown Quartet (Yep Roc)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:06
Leaving TX   Father's Son   Anywhere on Good Roads (Lucky Range)   Tue, 6/26/07 18:03
Ann Savoy & Her Sleepless Knights   Getting Some Fun Out of Life   If Dreams Come True (Memphis International)   Tue, 6/26/07 17:58
Willie Nelson   Midnight Rider (r)   It Always Will Be (Lost Highway)   Tue, 6/26/07 17:55
Jed & Kelley   Walls of Time   Songs To Take Home   Tue, 6/26/07 17:54
John Prine & Mac Wiseman   Just the Other Side of Nowhere   Standard Songs For Average People (Oh Boy)   Tue, 6/26/07 17:48
Pine Leaf Boys   Blues De Musician   Blues De Musician (Arhoolie)   Tue, 6/26/07 17:46
Monte Montgomery (r)   All I Can Do   Mirror   Tue, 6/26/07 17:45
      Tue, 6/26/07 17:44
Truckstop Honeymoon   Home   Diamonds In the Asphalt (Squirrel)   Tue, 6/26/07 17:33
Seth James   House On the Hill (r)   Live @ Gruene Hall   Tue, 6/26/07 17:29
Koko Taylor   Gonna Buy Me a Mule   Old School (Alligator)   Tue, 6/26/07 17:23
Richard Shindell   Born In the USA   South of Delia   Tue, 6/26/07 17:22
      Tue, 6/26/07 17:22
Ernest Tubb (r)   Walking the Floor Over You   Hillbilly Fever Vol 2   Tue, 6/26/07 17:15
Gurf Morlix   Diamonds to Dust   Diamonds To Dust (Blue Corn Music)   Tue, 6/26/07 17:13
Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles   Come Back To Me   Diamonds In the Dark (sugar Hill)   Tue, 6/26/07 17:12
      Tue, 6/26/07 17:12
Various   Jackson w/ Carlene Carter & Ronnie Dunn   Anchored In Love (Dualtone)   Tue, 6/26/07 17:02
John Nemeth   Blue Broadway   Magic Touch (Blind Pig)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:60
Scott Miller & the Commonwealth   It Didn't Take Too Long   Reconstruction (Sugar Hill)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:56
      Tue, 6/26/07 16:55
Uncle Earl   D & P Blues   Waterloo, TN (Rounder)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:52
Jimmy LaFave   Catch The Wind   Cimarron Manifesto (Red House)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:45
Beausoleil   Bunk's Blues   Live In Louisiana   Tue, 6/26/07 16:45
Various   Little Shack w/ Dusty '45s   Hand Picked Vol. 1 (Twang Brand)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:39
Chris Knight   Spike Drivin' Blues   The Trailer Tapes (Drifter's Church)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:37
Dale Watson   From The Cradle To the Grave   From the Cradle To The Grave (Hyena)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:33
Jean-Pierre & the Zydeco Angels   Pork Chop   Zydeco Alert   Tue, 6/26/07 16:31
Darcie Deaville   She Do The Taboo   Livin' On the Lucky Side (Taller Dog)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:25
Ruthie Foster   People Grinnin In Your Face   The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (Blue Corn Music)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:24
      Tue, 6/26/07 16:23
Kendel Carson   Who Wants To Ride This Train   Rearview Mirror Tears (Train Wreck)   Tue, 6/26/07 16:17
Pat Scanlon   Where is The Rage?     Tue, 6/26/07 16:14
Dave sitting in for the afternoon.       Tue, 6/26/07 16:11
Dan hicks and the hot licks   Hey bartender   selected shorts   Mon, 6/25/07 18:48
Roxanne potvin   caught up   the way it feels (ruf)   Mon, 6/25/07 18:47
Jesse taylor   youll never get me up   Texas tattoo   Mon, 6/25/07 18:43
Merle haggard   big city   title track big city   Mon, 6/25/07 18:41
The naughty ones   voodoo kiss   i dig your voodoo   Mon, 6/25/07 18:37
Buddy holly   bo didley   music from the box set   Mon, 6/25/07 18:31
Ruthie foster   cuz im here   The phenomanal ruthie foster   Mon, 6/25/07 18:30
The bellyachers   whisky talking   heavy in my hands   Mon, 6/25/07 18:29
The club of cowtown   Diga diga doo   continental stomp   Mon, 6/25/07 18:28
boozoo chavis   paper in my shoe   the lake charles atomic bomb   Mon, 6/25/07 18:20
the converters   I got sumpin for ya   youu got em   Mon, 6/25/07 18:20
Dale watson   justice for all   from the cradle to the grave   Mon, 6/25/07 18:18
Big maybelle   Dont let the sun see ya crying   genius of blues   Mon, 6/25/07 18:16
antsy mcclain   joan of arkansas   trailercana   Mon, 6/25/07 18:12
Lou ann barton   Im old enough   old enough   Mon, 6/25/07 18:09
Honky tonk hangovers   every little honkey Tonk   Title track   Mon, 6/25/07 17:60
Rosie flores   His rockin little angel   Rockabilly filly   Mon, 6/25/07 17:50
Jimmy SPACEK   Messin with the kid   Sweet texas soul   Mon, 6/25/07 17:46
Keith frank   whats his name   title track   Mon, 6/25/07 17:43
Joe ely   Nacho mama   Live at antones   Mon, 6/25/07 17:41
Smokin joe kubek   Burnin to the ground   My hearts in texas   Mon, 6/25/07 17:39
willie merle and Ray price   back to earth   last of the breed (Lost highway)   Mon, 6/25/07 17:34
Chris night   jack blue   enough rope   Mon, 6/25/07 17:31
Tommy castro   I take what I want   gratitude   Mon, 6/25/07 17:30
Ray condo and his richochets   Swing brother swing   Title track   Mon, 6/25/07 17:27
Jon dee graham   something moves   horay for the moon   Mon, 6/25/07 17:18
Tish hinojosa   Louisiana Road song   Culture swing   Mon, 6/25/07 17:16
Ann sa voy   Getting some fun out of life   if dreams come true(memphis)   Mon, 6/25/07 17:08
Bob dylan   ggies farm (Live)   No direction home   Mon, 6/25/07 17:05
Koko Taylor   bad rooster   old school (aligator)   Mon, 6/25/07 16:59
Jerome Batiste   Zyde rock   Back up off me   Mon, 6/25/07 16:58
Ronnie dawson   Good aT BEING BAD   More bad habits   Mon, 6/25/07 16:54
ezra charles   Ezras boogie   Return of the radio advengers   Mon, 6/25/07 16:49
pole cat creek   Come dance   leaving eden   Mon, 6/25/07 16:46
damnations   wanna be your mama   where it lands   Mon, 6/25/07 16:43
clarence gatemouth brown   rock my blues away   american music texas style   Mon, 6/25/07 16:38
Leaving texas   state of mental health   anywhere on good roads   Mon, 6/25/07 16:36
Beau soleil   Maman Rosin boudreaux   the best of the crawfish years 85-91   Mon, 6/25/07 16:35
the outlaws   my heroes have always been cowboys   wanted   Mon, 6/25/07 16:32
Doug sahm and sir douglas quintet   shes about a mover   the crazy cajun recordings   Mon, 6/25/07 16:25
waco brrothers   fire down bellow   waco world   Mon, 6/25/07 16:24
robert earl keen   feelin good again   walking distance   Mon, 6/25/07 16:17
elvin bishop   another mule kickin in your stall   ace in the hole   Mon, 6/25/07 16:16
texas tornados   south of the border   live from the limo   Mon, 6/25/07 16:02
don rich   swamp pop soul   every day is a holiday   Mon, 6/25/07 15:60
Freda and the fire dogs   your good girls gonna go bad   freda and the fire dogs   Mon, 6/25/07 15:56
lightin hopkins   im leaving you now   just pickin   Mon, 6/25/07 15:55
Robbie flukes   mad at a girl   revenge (yep roc)   Mon, 6/25/07 15:51
rosie ladet   sweetheart style   zydeco sensation   Mon, 6/25/07 15:46
jonny adams   wont pass me by   one foot in the blues   Mon, 6/25/07 15:46
lil bit and the customatics   it dont take much   headin out   Mon, 6/25/07 15:43
doug kershaw   cajun baby   diggy diggy lo   Mon, 6/25/07 15:35
Guy clark   la freeway   old no.1   Mon, 6/25/07 15:35
etta james   if i cant have you   her best   Mon, 6/25/07 15:34
Paul burch   when I am in love   east to west   Mon, 6/25/07 15:30
theresa james   when the winds die down   oh yea   Mon, 6/25/07 15:29
Cow Bop   Deed I do   Swingin Out West   Mon, 6/25/07 15:22
Stew moss   get back home   The plum cd   Mon, 6/25/07 15:19
Buckwheat zydeco   Zydeco honky tonk   One for the road   Mon, 6/25/07 15:17
Stew moss   get back home   The plum   Mon, 6/25/07 15:16
Big chief Monk boudreauax   In the morning Jo ckomo   Mr.stranger man   Mon, 6/25/07 15:07
henry gray   talkin bout you   Plays chicago blues   Mon, 6/25/07 14:58
darcie Deaville   Poison ivy   living on the lucky side (Taller dog)   Mon, 6/25/07 14:57
bye bye       Sun, 6/24/07 19:52
eilen jewell   no place tpo go, the flood   boundary county   Sun, 6/24/07 19:52
caroline herring   song for fay   just one more (bloodshot)   Sun, 6/24/07 19:45
peter rowan and tony rice   dust bowl children   quartet   Sun, 6/24/07 19:37
glen campbell   gentle on my mind   legends of country music   Sun, 6/24/07 19:32
merle travis   sixteen tons   legends of country music - best of acl   Sun, 6/24/07 19:30
roger miller   kinjg of the road   legends of country music   Sun, 6/24/07 19:29
marty stuart w earl scruggs   mr john henry, the steel drivin man   compadres   Sun, 6/24/07 19:26
marty stuart w loretta lynn   will you visit me on sunday   compadres   Sun, 6/24/07 19:25
gary p nunn   what i like about texas   what i like about texas   Sun, 6/24/07 19:22
mavis staples   eyes on the prizre, turn me around   we'll never tumn back   Sun, 6/24/07 19:17
rick shea and patty booker   summer wine   our shangri la   Sun, 6/24/07 19:02
cary swinney   martha, our sons insane   martha   Sun, 6/24/07 19:02
      Sun, 6/24/07 19:02
mavisn staples   down in mississippi, eyes on the prize   we'll never turn back   Sun, 6/24/07 18:55
nathan hamilton   the cut   six black birds   Sun, 6/24/07 18:50
mark lemhouse   cluck old hen   the great american yard sale   Sun, 6/24/07 18:49
bob dylan   maggies farm   no direction home   Sun, 6/24/07 18:49
billy joe shaver   old chunk of coal   live at smith's old bar   Sun, 6/24/07 18:36
      Sun, 6/24/07 18:34
wayne scott   my last bottle of wine   this weary way   Sun, 6/24/07 18:31
david olney   snake song   one tough town (red parlor)   Sun, 6/24/07 18:30
james hunter   dont comne back   people gonna talk   Sun, 6/24/07 18:27
slaid cleaves   sinners prayer   wishbones   Sun, 6/24/07 18:26
      Sun, 6/24/07 18:26
mary flower   last kind word blues   bywater dance   Sun, 6/24/07 18:16
steve james   way out in the desret   boom chang   Sun, 6/24/07 18:14
steve james   rain done fell on me   fast texas   Sun, 6/24/07 18:14
susan tedechi   you got the silver   hope and desire   Sun, 6/24/07 18:09
doug sahm   give back the key to my heart   sdq 98   Sun, 6/24/07 18:06
doug sahm   get on up   the west side rolls again   Sun, 6/24/07 18:04
doug sahm   tunnel vixsion   hell of a spell   Sun, 6/24/07 18:04
lylye lovettt   bears, lungs, memphis midnight, memphis morning   step inside this house   Sun, 6/24/07 17:52
porter wagoner   be a little quieter   wagonmaster (anti)   Sun, 6/24/07 17:42
robbie fulks   we're on the road   revenge (yeproc)   Sun, 6/24/07 17:42
      Sun, 6/24/07 17:42
rani arbo & daisey mayhem   joy comes back, big old life   big old life (signature sounds0   Sun, 6/24/07 17:35
slaid cleaves   millionaire, fairest of them all   unsung   Sun, 6/24/07 17:21
guy clark   dublin blues   dublin blues   Sun, 6/24/07 17:15
guy clark   picasso's mandolin   boats to build   Sun, 6/24/07 17:15
bob dylan   the levee gonna break   modern times   Sun, 6/24/07 17:12
      Sun, 6/24/07 17:11
Chris Knight   Something Changed   The Trailer Tapes (Drifter's Church)   Sun, 6/24/07 17:03
Jeffrey Halford & the Healers   Louisiana Man   Broken chord (Shoeless)   Sun, 6/24/07 16:60
Alice Spencer & Her Monkey Butlers   Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?   Joe's Basement   Sun, 6/24/07 16:57
Boulder Acoustic Society   My buckets Got a Hole In It   Now   Sun, 6/24/07 16:56
Los Straitjackets (r)   Lonely Teardrops   Rock En Espanol Vol 1 (Yep Roc)   Sun, 6/24/07 16:51
George Jones   He Stopped Loving Her Today (r)   50 Years of Hits   Sun, 6/24/07 16:48
Jed & Kelley   Houston Sky   Songs To Take Home   Sun, 6/24/07 16:46
      Sun, 6/24/07 16:46
Shawn Sahm   Stoned Faces Don't Lie   Shawn Sahm   Sun, 6/24/07 16:40
Doug Sahm   the Rains Came (r)   She's abouta Mover   Sun, 6/24/07 16:37
John Prine & Mac Wiseman   The Blue Side of Lonesome   Standard Songs For Average people (Oh Boy)   Sun, 6/24/07 16:34
Jon rauhouse   Smoke Rings (r)   Jon Rauhouse's Steel Guitar Rodeo   Sun, 6/24/07 16:21
Randy Garibay (r)   I Can't Stop Loving You Baby   Barbacoa Blues   Sun, 6/24/07 16:20
      Sun, 6/24/07 16:20
Uncle Earl   Bony On the Isle of St Helena   Waterloo, Tennessee (Rounder)   Sun, 6/24/07 16:17
Kendel Carson   Just What Happened To the Moon   Rearview Mirror Tears (Train Wreck)   Sun, 6/24/07 16:13
Tommy Castro   Love Don't Care   Painkiller (Blind Pig)   Sun, 6/24/07 16:12
      Sun, 6/24/07 16:12
Todd Snider   Deja Blues   Peace Love & Anarchy (Oh Boy)   Sun, 6/24/07 16:05
Beausoleil   bye Bye Boozoo   Live In Louisiana   Sun, 6/24/07 16:02
David Olney   One Tough Town   One Tough Town (Red Parlor)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:58
      Sun, 6/24/07 15:57
Joe Krown Organ Combo   Cheese Sandwich   Down & Dirty   Sun, 6/24/07 15:57
Howlin Wolf   Evil   the Best of the blues   Sun, 6/24/07 15:55
Guitar Shorty   Blues In My Blood   We the People (Alligator)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:50
Buddy Guy   First Time I Met the Blues   The Best of Great Blues Masters (St Clair)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:43
Mike Bloomfield   Between a Hard Place & the Ground   From Windy Chicago To Golden California   Sun, 6/24/07 15:38
      Sun, 6/24/07 15:36
Frank goldwasser   Playing In the Park   Bluju (Delta Groove)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:34
Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter & james Cotton   Black Cat Bone / Dust My Broom   Breakin It Up, Breakin It Down (Epic/Legacy)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:33
Watermelon Slim & the Workers   Truck Driving Mama   The Wheel Man (Northern Blues)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:27
Billy Gibson Band   What Is Love?   Live @ the Rum Boogie Cafe (Daddy-O)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:24
      Sun, 6/24/07 15:23
Robert Johnson   32-20 Blues   King of the Delta Blues Singers   Sun, 6/24/07 15:15
Koko Taylor   Young Fashioned Ways   Old School (Alligator)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:14
      Sun, 6/24/07 15:13
Tinsley Ellis   Get To The Bottom   Moment of Truth (Alligator)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:04
Meade Lux Lewis   Honky Tonk Train Blues   History of American Music (St Clair)   Sun, 6/24/07 15:01
Phillip Walker   Sweet Home New Orleans   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:57
Alice Stuart   Rather Be The Devil   Blues Guitar Women (Ruf)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:54
Marcia Ball   Louella (r)   Presumed Innocent (Alligator)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:49
Roxanne Potvin   A Love That's Simple   The Way It Feels (Ruf)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:46
shemekia Copeland   Salt In My wounds   Turn The Heat Up   Sun, 6/24/07 14:35
      Sun, 6/24/07 14:35
Carey & Lurrie Bell   What My Mama Told Me   Gettin' Up Live (Delmark)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:33
Various   Black Snake Moan w/ Samuel L Jackson   Black Snake Moan Soundtrack (New West)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:27
Dave Hole   Can't Stop Loving You   rough diamond (Blind Pig)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:24
Tommy Castro   It Ain't Easy Bein' Me   Painkiller (Blind Pig)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:23
      Sun, 6/24/07 14:23
Mannish Boys   Border Town Blues   Big Plans (Delta Groove)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:16
Junior Wells   Help the Poor   Live @ Theresa's (Delmark)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:15
      Sun, 6/24/07 14:15
John Nemeth   Come On   Magic Touch (Blind Pig)   Sun, 6/24/07 14:05
Lonnie Mack   Satisfy Suzie   Strike Like Lightning   Sun, 6/24/07 14:02
Roomful of Blues   2.8   That's Right!   Sun, 6/24/07 13:55
Here comes Blues Avenue   Dave here.   Hop aboard!   Sun, 6/24/07 13:54
Bye Bye, y'all!       Sat, 6/23/07 18:57
Joe Ely   Musta Notta Gotta Lotta   live at liberty lunch   Sat, 6/23/07 18:57
Shameka Copeland   Whole Stole My Radio   The Soul Truth (Alligator)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:55
Marty Stuart   The Weight   Compadres (Supratone)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:49
Uncle Earl   Bony on the isle of St. Helena   waterloo tennessee (rounder)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:46
jon dee graham   something wonderful   Full (Freedom)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:45
      Sat, 6/23/07 18:35
Dixie Chicks   White Trash Wedding   home   Sat, 6/23/07 18:35
Paul Thorn   Double Wide Paradise   Hammer & Nail (A&M)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:32
McKay brothers   Bottle of Fire   Cold Beer & Hot Tamales (Medina River)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:28
Phil Lee   A Night In A Box   The Might King of Love (Shanache)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:27
      Sat, 6/23/07 18:20
fred eaglesmith   white trash   ralph's last show (Signature Sounds)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:20
darryl lee rush   white trash paradise   llano avenue (Palo Duro)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:16
Amy Speace   Double Wide Trailer   Songs For Bright Street (Wildflower)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:12
      Sat, 6/23/07 18:09
Antsy McClain & the Trailer Park Troubadours   Living in Aluminum   Trailercana (DPR)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:09
Susan Gibson   Happiest When I'm Moving   OuterSpace (S/R)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:04
asylum street spankers   Training Wheel Rag   Mommy Says No! (Yellow Dog)   Sat, 6/23/07 18:02
asleep at the wheel   Am I Right or Amarillo   reinventing the wheel (bismeaux)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:57
jim edward brown   pop a top   hillbilly fever vol 2 (Rhino)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:56
Watermelon Slim   Judge Harsh Blues   The Wheel Man (Northernblues)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:53
Rosie Flores   Price You Pay   After the Farm (Red Moon)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:52
Robbie Fulks   Rock Bottom, pop. 1   Revenge (Yep Roc)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:47
Bruce Daigrepont   La Musique D'Accordeon   Paradis (Rounder)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:43
Jack Saunders   Cuing Dixie In   living for the sunshine(white cat)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:41
North Mississippi Allstars & Otha Turner & the Rising Star Fife & Drum Band   Glory   Just One More, A tribute to Larry Brown (Bloodshot)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:38
guy forsyth   Long, Long Time   Love Songs: For and Against   Sat, 6/23/07 17:31
Elizabeth Cook   Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman   Balls (31 Tigers)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:26
beausoleil   Tasso/One Step de Magee   live in louisiana (way down in louisiana)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:25
      Sat, 6/23/07 17:20
Tail Gators   Mumbo Jumbo   Mumbo Jumbo (Wrestler)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:17
john nemeth   You're An Angel   magic touch (blind pig)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:10
      Sat, 6/23/07 17:07
Johnny Cash   I'm leaving now   american 3 solitary man   Sat, 6/23/07 17:07
Darcie Deaville   My Sister's Shoes   Livin' On the Lucky Side (Taller Dog)   Sat, 6/23/07 17:03
los straightjackets   Loco Te Patina El Coco   Rock en Espanol Vol.1 (Yep Roc)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:58
Elizabeth Ames & the Countrypolitans   Genesee   Anythime (Ultrapolitan)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:55
Ruthie Foster   People Grinnin' In Your Face   the phenomenal (blue corn)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:50
reckless kelly   Hey Say May   Millican (Cold Spring)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:48
Janet Beazley   5 South   5 South (Backcountry)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:46
Jean-Pierre & the Zydeco Angels   Zydeco Shoes   zydeco alert (ind)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:36
      Sat, 6/23/07 16:34
james mcmurtry   Lights of Cheyenne   Live In Aught-Three (Compadre)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:34
Los Super Seven   Rio De Tenampa   Los Super Seven   Sat, 6/23/07 16:28
porter wagoner   A Place to Hang My Hat   Wagonmaster (Anti)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:26
Kendel Carson   Run to the Middle of the Morning   Rear View Mirror Tears (Train Wreck)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:23
      Sat, 6/23/07 16:18
Pine Leaf Boys   Creole Mardi Gras   Blues de Musicien (Arhoolie)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:18
ry cooder   My Name is Buddy   my name is buddy   Sat, 6/23/07 16:17
      Sat, 6/23/07 16:08
Texas Southside Kings/Spot Barnett   one room country shack   Texas Southside Kings   Sat, 6/23/07 16:07
Kathleen Edwards   Six O'Clock News   Failer (Zoe)   Sat, 6/23/07 16:02
Scott Miller & the Commonwealth   Amtrack Cresent   Reconstruction (sugar hill)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:56
joey allcorn   alabama chain gang   50 years too late   Sat, 6/23/07 15:55
Hackberry Ramblers   Hackberry Rambler's Theme/Grand Texas   Cajun Boogie (Flying Fish)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:50
sisters morales   It Only Gets Better   Someplace Far Away (Luna)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:47
austin lounge lizards   The Drugs I Need   The Drugs I Need (Blue Corn)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:42
      Sat, 6/23/07 15:38
Phillip Walker   Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:38
Antsy McClain & the Trailer Park Troubadours   I Was Just Flipped Off By A Silver Haired Old Lady   Trailercana (DPR)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:34
Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson   Pancho & Lefty   Pancho & Lefty   Sat, 6/23/07 15:31
Jane Bond   Cheatin' Song   Volume 1 (Steppin' Stone)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:29
Roxanne Potvin   Say It   The Way It Feels (Ruf)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:25
      Sat, 6/23/07 15:20
gurf morlix   madalyns bones   diamonds to dust (blue corn)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:20
alice spencer and her monkey butlers   Some of these days   joe's basement (ind)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:15
los lobos   Chuco's Cumbia   The Town & The City (Hollywood)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:13
truckstop honeymoon   rockabilly debutante   diamonds in the asphalt (ind)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:12
Kelly Willis   Sweet Sundown   Translated From Love (Ryko)   Sat, 6/23/07 15:09
Papa Mali   Bon Ton Roulet   Thunder Chicken (Fog City)   Sat, 6/23/07 14:49
dirty dozen brass band   Feet Can't Fail Me Now   our new orleans (nonesuch)   Sat, 6/23/07 14:48
Welcome to aThird Coast Saturday       Sat, 6/23/07 14:48
I'm outta here.     Thanks Webmonster for the playlist!   Fri, 6/22/07 18:56
Brave Combo   Westview Polka   Kick Ass Polkas   Fri, 6/22/07 18:56
Joe Krown Organ Combo   45 Packin Mama     Fri, 6/22/07 18:55
Wrinkle Neck Mules   The Whistler Knows Best   The Wicks Have Met (Lower 40)   Fri, 6/22/07 18:49
Various   Stayin' Alive w/ Robb Strandlund   Hand Picked Vol 1 (Twang Brand Music)   Fri, 6/22/07 18:48
Jed & Kelley   Bottles & Banjos / Houston Sky   Songs To Take Home   Fri, 6/22/07 18:30
      Fri, 6/22/07 18:29
Shelley King ( at Casbeers Sat)   Rainy Daze   Rockin the Dancehall   Fri, 6/22/07 18:27
Max Stalling (at Floores Sat)   If Only the Good Die Young   Topaz City (Blind Nello)   Fri, 6/22/07 18:25
Billy Mata (tonight at Leon Springs Dancehall)   Tally Ho   Keepin the Tradition   Fri, 6/22/07 18:18
Patrice Pike (tonight at Sams)   All My Love   Fencing Under fire   Fri, 6/22/07 18:11
      Fri, 6/22/07 18:10
Gary P Nunn   Roadtrip (r)   What I Like About Texas   Fri, 6/22/07 18:06
Coteau   Zydeco Gris Gris   Highly Seasoned Cajun Music   Fri, 6/22/07 18:04
Jimmy LaFave   Don't Ask Me   Cimarron Manifesto (Red House)   Fri, 6/22/07 18:03
Ruthie Foster   Heal Yourself   The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (Blue Corn Music)   Fri, 6/22/07 17:59
elizabeth Cook   Always Tomorrow   Balls (31 Tigers)   Fri, 6/22/07 17:56
Los Lobos   Somewhere In time w/ Dave alvin   The Ride   Fri, 6/22/07 17:48
      Fri, 6/22/07 17:45
Jack Saunders in the studio   this Highway / Living for the sunshine / Cueing Dixie / Highway 71   Living For The Sunshine   Fri, 6/22/07 17:44
      Fri, 6/22/07 17:20
Hoopsnakes   Further Down This Road   Live Snakes   Fri, 6/22/07 17:11
Leaving TX   State of Mental Health   Anywhere on Good Roads   Fri, 6/22/07 17:09
Danny Collet   J'Menui De Toi   Louisiana Swamp Cats   Fri, 6/22/07 17:07
Porter Wagoner   A Place To Hang My Hat   Wagonmaster (Anti)   Fri, 6/22/07 17:04
John Nemeth   Let Me Hold You   Magic touch (Blind Pig)   Fri, 6/22/07 16:57
JOhn Lee Hooker   Stand By   I Feel Good   Fri, 6/22/07 16:49
Sarah Borges   Lord Only Knows   Diamonds In the dark (Sugar Hill)   Fri, 6/22/07 16:49
Los Super 7   I Live The Life I Love w/ Delbert McClinton   Heard It On the X   Fri, 6/22/07 16:38
Kelly Willis   Stone's Throw Away   Translated From Love (Ryko)   Fri, 6/22/07 16:32
      Fri, 6/22/07 16:32
Mavis Staples   Jesus On the Mainline   We'll Never Turn Back (Anti)   Fri, 6/22/07 16:31
Marty Stuart   doin' My time w/ Johnny Cash   Compadres (Superlatone)   Fri, 6/22/07 16:28
Various   Song For Fay w/ Caroline Herring   Just One More (Bloodshot)   Fri, 6/22/07 16:20
Los straitjackets   Slow Down w/ Big Sandy   Rock en Espanol Vol 1 (Yep Roc)   Fri, 6/22/07 16:17
Pine Leaf Boys   Pine Leaf Boogie   Blues de Musician (Arhoolie)   Fri, 6/22/07 16:16
      Fri, 6/22/07 16:16
Junior Brown   Long Walk Back to San Antone (r)   Live @ the Continental Club   Fri, 6/22/07 16:07
Jean-Pierre & the Zydeco Angels   Zydeco Road   zydeco Alert   Fri, 6/22/07 16:04
Michael O'Connor   Trampoline   Giants From a Sleepy Town (Bare Knuckles)   Fri, 6/22/07 16:02
Allen Tousssaint   River Boat   I Believe To My Soul   Fri, 6/22/07 15:56
Alice Spencer & her Monkey Butlers   Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues   Joe's Basement   Fri, 6/22/07 15:55
Del Castillo   I Never Cared For You w/ Willie   Brotherhood   Fri, 6/22/07 15:50
Johnny Bush (r)   Born To Lose   Kashmere Garden's Mud   Fri, 6/22/07 15:47
      Fri, 6/22/07 15:47
Phillip Walker   Lay You Down   Going Back Home (Delta Groove)   Fri, 6/22/07 15:41
Marty Stuart   Hearts Like Ours w/ Connie Smith   Compadres (Superlatone)   Fri, 6/22/07 15:33
Arthur Godfrey   East Side of Town   Amen   Fri, 6/22/07 15:33
Bill Hearne's Roadhouse Revue (r)   Who Will Buy the Wine   Heartaches & Honky Tonks   Fri, 6/22/07 15:16
Beausoleil   Freeman's Zydeco   Live in Louisiana   Fri, 6/22/07 15:15
      Fri, 6/22/07 15:15
Todd Snider   Some Things Are   Peace Love & Anarchy (Oh boy)   Fri, 6/22/07 15:14
Koko Taylor   All Your Love   Old School (Alligator)   Fri, 6/22/07 15:13
      Fri, 6/22/07 15:12
Pee Wee King   Hog Wild Too   Country Hoedown   Fri, 6/22/07 14:58
Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas   Zydeco Hog   Creole Crossroads   Fri, 6/22/07 14:58
Johnny A.   I had to laugh   Get inside   Fri, 6/22/07 14:57
testing playlist again   Wbmnstr     Fri, 6/22/07 14:57
Here comes the Friday edition.   Dave here.   I should have Jack Saunders in around 4:30 to play in the studio. Hop aboard!   Fri, 6/22/07 15:03
Thanks for riding along and thanks, Cap'n, for getting the playlist back up and running.       Thu, 6/21/07 18:57
Otis Gibbs   The Peoples Day   One Day Our Whispers (Benchmark)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:57
Doug Sahm/Last Real Texas Blues Band   My Dearest Darling   Doug Sahm/Last Real Texas Blues Band (Antone's)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:56
Webb Pierce   There Stands the Glass (r)   The Best Of Webb Pierce (MCA/Decca)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:51
Mando and the Chili Peppers   Beg Your Pardon, Candy Kisses   On the Road With Rock 'n' Roll (Ace)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:46
Walking Wounded   Saddled By Idiots   Hard Times (Doctor Dream)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:41
Antsy McClain & the Trailer Park Troubadours   Living in Aluminum (r)   Trailercana (DPR)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:32
Merle Haggard (r)   Silver Wings   Hag: The Best of Merle Haggard (Capitol EMI)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:31
Gaucho Gil (Brother Jerry Giddens & company)   Santa Cruz   The Ballad of Gaucho Gil (Sputnik)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:26
David Rodriguez   Santa Cruz   A Winter Moon (Folkwit)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:25
Jimmy LaFave   Walk A Mile In My Shoes   Cimarron Manifesto (Red House)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:15
Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours   Ron Howard's Brother   Trailercana (DPR Records)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:15
Billy Joe Shaver   You Ask Me To   Honky Tonk Heroes (Bear Family)   Thu, 6/21/07 18:13
Boulder Acoustic Society   My Bucket's Got A Hole In It   Now (Indie)   Thu, 6/21/07 17:64
Elvis Costello   Ring of Fire   Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash (Dualtone)   Thu, 6/21/07 17:63
Rosanne Cash   Wings of Angels   Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash (Dualtone)   Thu, 6/21/07 17:60
Ann Savoy & Her Restless Knights   Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered   If Dreams Come True (Memphis International)   Thu, 6/21/07 17:56
Robert Earl Keen Jr.   Mariano   West Textures (Sugar Hill)   Thu, 6/21/07 17:54
Rick Poss (playing guitar with Jack Saunders Friday at Casbeers)   Take You Back   The Dying Man....and Other Blues (Folk Noir)   Thu, 6/21/07 17:38
Jack Saunders (at Casbeers on Friday)   The Promised Land   Living for the Sunshine (White Cat)   Thu, 6/21/07 17:29
Dirk Hamilton   Walk on Lake George   Sufferupachuckle (Acoustic Rock)   Thu, 6/21/07 17:28
Amen       Thu, 6/21/07 17:19
Ruthie Foster   Up Above My Head (I Hear Music in the Air)   The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (Blue Corn)   Thu, 6/21/07 17:19
Marie Knight   Lord I'll Be With You, When I Die, Death Don't Have No Mercy, A Little More Faith, You Got to Move   Let Us Get Together: A Tribute to Reverend Gary Davis (M.C. Records)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:64
It's Gospel Time       Thu, 6/21/07 16:56
Koko Taylor   You Ain't Worth A Good Woman   Old School (alligator)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:56
Jeffrey Halford & the Healers   Two Kings   Broken Chord (Shoeless Records)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:48
Alistair Moock   I Got a Friend   Let It Go (Corazong)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:47
Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives   Too Much Month (at the End of the Money)   Country Music (Columbia)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:47
Merle Haggard   Sing Me Back Home   Hag: The Best of Merle Haggard (Capitol EMI)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:46
Bill Hearne's Roadhouse Revue   Sing Me Back Home   Heartaches & Honky-Tonks (Frogville)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:46
Ann Savoy & Her Restless Knights   Getting Some Fun Out of Life   If Dreams Come True (Memphis International)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:28
Troy Campbell   Killing Time in Texas   Long In the Sun (M Ray/Freedom)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:18
Gurf Morlix   Killing Time in Texas (r)   Diamonds to Dust (Blue Corn)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:18
Seth Walker   2' Left to the Ceilin (live), Steady, Miss Ann, By the Water (CD)   Seth Walker (Pacific B;ues)   Thu, 6/21/07 16:17
Seth Walker live on KSYM - tonight's Botanical Garden show has been cancelled, but Seth's gonna play awhile on KSYM.       Thu, 6/21/07 15:42
Richard Thompson   Bad Monkey   Sweet Warrior (Shout Factory)   Thu, 6/21/07 15:32
Asylum Street Spankers (at Sam's Burger Joint on Saturday)   Mommy Says No!   Mommy Says No! (Yellow Dog)   Thu, 6/21/07 15:22
Michael O'Connor   Devil's Lullaby   Giants From a Sleepy (Bare Knuckle)   Thu, 6/21/07 15:20
Beausoleil   Bunk's Blues   Live in Louisiana   Thu, 6/21/07 15:19
Marty Stuart   The Weight (w/the Staples Singers)   Compadres (Hip-O)   Thu, 6/21/07 15:8
Darcie Deaville   The Carolina Rain   Livin' on the Lucky Side (Yaller Dog)   Thu, 6/21/07 15:7
Troy Campbell   Just Who's Driving   KSYM Mix   Thu, 6/21/07 15:7
Uncle Crusty on th air and on the Net. Seth Walker is scheduled to work the San Antonio Botanical Gaarden tonight at 7. He'll be on the here in about 20 minutes.       Thu, 6/21/07 14:66
Thanks, Cap'n Paul!!!!!!!!!       Thu, 6/21/07 14:66
dave ludwig   girls just wanna have fun   unnoticed hits   Thu, 6/21/07 14:29
jim beal jr   party girl   anthology vol 1   Thu, 6/21/07 14:19
paul daly   cinnamon girl   greatest hits   Thu, 6/21/07 13:65
testing   testing   1234   Thu, 6/21/07 13:38