Tues, 9/26/06 19:26 - Request: It's called Don't Feel Like Dancin- the Scissor Sisters - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 19:18 - Request: Damn, this song on right now sounds like 1970s Top 40 music. Neat! - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 19:05 - Request: ah hello. i work for WOAI. - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 19:01 - Request: I think this DJ might have a career at KTSA someday. He's more interesting to listen to than the music he plays. - for: Q
Tues, 9/26/06 18:49 - Request: Also the one that came before American V is quite disturbing to listen to as well so don't play the thing either. Thanks. While I'm here my thanks to Sarah S. Sarah, I don't know where, don't know when... but we'll meet again some sunny day. Love ya my darling - for: Max Grader
Tues, 9/26/06 18:44 - Request: Hey bob, I'm in the mood for my hero Johnny Cash. I hear you got Rock Island Line in just the other day thanks to Dave. Please play that marvelous record from the sun years. Any johnny Cash would be fine. Everything that is except American V - for: Max Grader
Tues, 9/26/06 17:22 - Request: no problem, glad I could help out with that request. - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 17:19 - Request: Thanks for the Marcia Ball.....Lisa - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 16:46 - Request: Ah Bob ... thanks for Deadman. Yer the only one who plays 'em. - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 16:39 - Request: henry townsend died today influenced by - for: lonnie johnson
Tues, 9/26/06 16:16 - Request: any new rory block - for: saw it omn a compilation somewhere?
Tues, 9/26/06 15:54 - Request: Thank you for the info. and thank you for the augie number. Peace - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 15:50 - Request: the Frenzy is on from 8-10 on sunday after Rain on the TCMN - for: Bullet Bob
Tues, 9/26/06 15:48 - Request: The Frenzy sounds interesting. But your commercial didn't mention what time it comes on. Isn't that strange? So what day and time does it air, if you don't mind - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 15:45 - Request: How about something by the ladies, like Angela Strehli or Marcia Ball. Thanks Bob, Hugs, Lisa at Ft Sam Houston a loyal Bob listener - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 15:42 - Request: they kids get plenty of education. Actually we have sometimes have trouble finding kids who want to pull shifts. it's kind of sad but they often have an askewd vision of what Alt rock is. We like to include Americana, Indie, Local and Regional, bands and Singer Songerwriters, thats why we have the TCMN - for: Bullet Bob
Tues, 9/26/06 15:39 - Request: Okay okay!!! Hey Baby Que Paso by Augie Meyers. Sorry if I upset you - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 15:36 - Request: Tell me what your request is. It's no secret each tc dj brings a different spin to it. if you didn't know then you know now. - for: Bobby
Tues, 9/26/06 15:35 - Request: Just like a commercial radio, eh Bob? It's all about the money. You'd think, however, that a college radio station is meant for the kid's education. - for: JD
Tues, 9/26/06 15:33 - Request: what is your request? - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 15:32 - Request: it exists cause it rakes in the cash during pledge drive. It only takes of 28 hours of the weekly program. Not bad for something that started with 2 hours on sunday in the early 90's - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 15:30 - Request: I would request a song but it seems to be a day for night music on Tuesdays, not the Texas music the rest of the DJs play... especially Crusty and Dave. - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 15:30 - Request: I know some of your listeners stress proper grammar, and certainly I meant "Now" not "No." JD - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 15:27 - Request: No that's music!!! Often wondered how TCMN got to dominate a college radio station. Keep on rockin' JD from Sacramento - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 15:18 - Request: Let's reserve this section for requests only. Thank you - for: Bullet Bob
Tues, 9/26/06 14:21 - Request: ... but THE way you talk is so hot. - for: Sarah
Tues, 9/26/06 14:19 - Request: Re: Don Walser: There will be a fundraiser for Don's family this Sunday night at Threadgill's with Hayes Carll, So Austin Jug Band, and Jimmy Lafave. Starts at 4. - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 14:17 - Request: Max Grader--that is such a cool name...but you way you talk is so HOT. Max, what's a sexy guy like you doing in a dirty mind like mine? - for: Sarah S.
Tues, 9/26/06 06:57 - Request: uhhhhm,...if you call an abnormal need for attention of any kind, positive or negative provacative, then yes, by all means, let that be your self image, max. from this angle, you just look pathetic, dude. so sad that your mother didn't breast feed. - for:
Tues, 9/26/06 05:45 - Request: phentermine[URL=http://phentermine.slitnik.com]phentermine[/URL]http://phentermine.slitnik.com - for: phentermine
Mon, 9/25/06 23:16 - Request: MAX SUCKS. - for: my bumper sticker
Mon, 9/25/06 18:34 - Request: Hi Lulu. This is the provacative one himself, Max Grader, asking if you'd please play something from "The Essential Willie Nelson". It's called "Forgiving You Was Easy". I'd like to dedicate it to your friend and mine... Bob. I love that guy - for: Max Grader
Mon, 9/25/06 17:23 - Request: that's right - i LOVE these guys!! - thx for listening - for: XOXO-LuLu
Mon, 9/25/06 17:20 - Request: yay! the gourds! - for:
Mon, 9/25/06 15:10 - Request: I was told that Max Grader thinks he's actually contributing to the sound of th eTCMN. I laughed so hard when Scoop told me that. Get lost Max... loser.. - for: Bob
Sun, 9/24/06 21:18 - Request: Make that next year american V will be a 15 cent turd - for:
Sun, 9/24/06 21:15 - Request: Hmmm... I see someone played american V again today. it's done for spite anymore. that cd will not be on anyone's collector's list 20 years from now. It'll sell for about 15 cents at the back of a Goodwill store next to the pot 'n pans section. The cd case will be cracked and the cover picture will have J. Cash with a penned in mustache and thick eye glasses and goatie - for:
Sun, 9/24/06 20:11 - Request: yep - for:
Sun, 9/24/06 20:07 - Request: things i do anyway - for:
Sun, 9/24/06 19:54 - Request: correction, somewhat ... great live set, what was nice about the interview was you let 'em play lots of music. rainy sunday. - for:
Sun, 9/24/06 19:50 - Request: great interview ... great show (nice segues 'n' all) ... - for:
Sun, 9/24/06 19:16 - Request: fine. so now play something you don't play all the time - for: person who STILL has never got a song played for her
Sun, 9/24/06 19:06 - Request: it's stuff i play anyway. - for:
Sun, 9/24/06 19:01 - Request: thank you - for: person finaly got a song played
Sun, 9/24/06 18:25 - Request: mr dj play me a song pleez - pleez - pleez- calexico, bodeans or tom russell or lyle lovett pony in boat song. - for: person whose has never had song played for her
Sun, 9/24/06 15:45 - Request: You're welcome. FriDave had a copy and now it's in the TCMN library. We aim to please....most people....Crusty - for:
Sun, 9/24/06 15:42 - Request: Good Sunday afternoon Crusty. I wasn't near a computer last Thursday so I could thank you for bringing Rock Island Line into your library. Guess you mean it when you say it. A simple thank you for your kind gesture. - for: Chet
Sat, 9/23/06 18:43 - Request: new los lobos-cupidos - for: the bear
Sat, 9/23/06 18:19 - Request: randy garibay. carnal u.s.a. - for: the bear
Sat, 9/23/06 18:06 - Request: comin up - for:
Sat, 9/23/06 18:02 - Request: Can you play Delbert McClinton's 'I've Got Dreams to Remember'? thx in advance. - for:
Sat, 9/23/06 18:00 - Request: oh thank you for jimmy lafave! - for:
Sat, 9/23/06 17:44 - Request: more swindles-the h.e.b. song - for: the bear
Sat, 9/23/06 17:34 - Request: coming next - for: lil dip
Sat, 9/23/06 17:17 - Request: i guess cado nino from tish hinojosa - for: if you got any at all?
Sat, 9/23/06 17:12 - Request: tish hinojosa "frontejas:" - for: songs of her mother?
Sat, 9/23/06 17:12 - Request: lo siento, no tengo - for: lil dip
Sat, 9/23/06 17:02 - Request: blues runners-grave digger - for: el oso originales
Sat, 9/23/06 16:44 - Request: I like what you're playing, thanks. Got any Waylon? - for:
Sat, 9/23/06 16:42 - Request: thanks for the honey, honey. - for: the bear
Sat, 9/23/06 16:38 - Request: comin up - for: lil dip
Sat, 9/23/06 16:35 - Request: how bout some haggard - for: the bear
Sat, 9/23/06 16:34 - Request: yeah. hey baby que paso by augie meyers - for: the bear
Sat, 9/23/06 16:30 - Request: we have very little of both of those...something else? - for:
Sat, 9/23/06 16:14 - Request: whiskeytown or old 97's? - for: the bear
Fri, 9/22/06 20:20 - Request: IM me at ksym.org - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 20:19 - Request: You there? - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 20:14 - Request: Okay, I get it. Goodnight. - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 20:12 - Request: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 20:10 - Request: Hey aren't SAC professors just as qualified as say Notre Dame or Texas U. - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 20:05 - Request: Today's show was ohhh so BORING. Who's this presumptuous fellow calling himself "the professor". Is he one of those "no-respect "guys that can't get work at a REAL school like Texas University or Harvard? The professor. Phheeewwwww!. Maybe Mary Ann or even Ginger, but not the professor. That name is already taken. I'd suggest the Nutty Professor, but that's taken too. The professor... sure sounds nutty. - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 19:46 - Request: How about, " can't be a forest without trees". Now that makes sense. Never could understand what the f*** " can't see the forest for the trees" means. Must be something out of King James Bible with the thees and thous and "ye verily" stuff. - for: a TCMN educated hick
Fri, 9/22/06 18:31 - Request: P.S. You should particularly ease up on Sub DJs you do a darn good job. Big Ed - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 18:30 - Request: Yo, to the uneducated, unsigned poster - it's "Can't see the forest for the trees." Unless you want to apply to be a dj and show TCMN the "right way" (or your way) to do it, you should turn the dial on your radio, or tune in to a different site on your kumpewtur......Big Ed from California - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 18:24 - Request: Hey Max!! My decision not to play American V is not based on any listeners wish. I won't play it anymore because it's been played enough, and there is certainly a lot of other music being overlooked. Although I agree it's even hard for me to listen to a great one in failing voice, I like it simply for the fact that he was a true trooper even to the end. Now that I have had a chance to study the TCMN library, I am much more confident. Enough of that. Stay tuned.....Peace, Scoop - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 16:03 - Request: Hey can I dedicate a song for Dave, The long haired hippie freak by 1100 springs? - for: Roy
Fri, 9/22/06 08:46 - Request: R.I.P. Mr. Don Walser... and rest in peace that awful voice of his. And yesterday's TCMN show (some DJs can be so stubborn. they can't see the forest through the trees) - for:
Fri, 9/22/06 08:27 - Request: Lydia Mendoza has just turned ninety... buy her a box that spells kinda pine-dy. When she dies she'll have a ready-made bed of pine-dy smelling roses all colored with red. - for: Max Grader
Fri, 9/22/06 08:09 - Request: Thanks Scoop for the nod, but you better do as the TCMN fans say. After all they rule. I'm just one voice to the real meaning of what Johnny Cash once was and what he sadly ended up as. I'll just have to, as they say, turn the dial to another station for a few minutes until the song is over. That's it Scoop. I'll be listening for ya. And holy TCMN ratings Batman... isn't it amazing how so many people react to the musings and opinions of one Max Grader. TCMN has never been so popular than these days. - for: Max Grader
Fri, 9/22/06 07:25 - Request: Lydia Mendoza's 90 anything rhyme with that? - for: just mom's american medal of arts tribute saturday
Fri, 9/22/06 06:22 - Request: Not gonna play American V again? But I like American V. So, because of his bully tactics, this idiot has become the defacto music director of TC? I say do away with this posting site before that happens. Grow a spine. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 20:15 - Request: Thanks Max, and I really mean it. To show my sincerity, I promise never to play American V again. Peace, Scoop - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 20:03 - Request: Scoop is coming back. Absolutely wonderful. No kidding Scoop. Hope ya kick butt this time - for: Max Grader
Thurs, 9/21/06 18:36 - Request: Ya ya right!!!! - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 18:33 - Request: Gettin' me ready for the cajun fest! Ya ya right! - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 18:31 - Request: And Scoop appreciates Ana. I have avoided this medium for some time as I simply got tired of the constant harrassment. Well, be prepared people, because Scoop will be filling in on TCMN again in the near future. Ana's requests will be given top priority......Scoop - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 18:24 - Request: Ana, I agree. Mr. Walser was the real deal and I'm happy I got to see and hear him several times...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 18:14 - Request: Ana loves scoop - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 18:05 - Request: I just heard about Don Walser and I'm crying my eyes out. I missed the tribute but I won't complain like some here. I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Walser play with the Kronos Quartet in Austin, one of the most beautiful and unique shows I've ever been to, and numerous times at Jovita's. To me his yodel was the happiest sound in the world. - for: Ana
Thurs, 9/21/06 18:04 - Request: Hey JB Jr....Thanks for the help on getting the SABot underwriting off the ground......Scoop - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:58 - Request: Hey LMD in Sacramento!! Thanks for being a voice of reason amid the senseless, useless drivel. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:29 - Request: Uh, Cuz...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:28 - Request: Sure cuz...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:28 - Request: Hey, Cus, I'll try to remember to bring Ms. Mahalia's version in next week...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:25 - Request: Abigail asked we don't listen to Mahalia's "Sparrow" for 2 weeks......to clarify. - for: cuz
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:23 - Request: Abigail Washburn asked that we don't listen to "Sparrow" by Mahalia. Well, it has been 2 weeks so how about some.....or perhaps next week? thanks - for: cuz
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:11 - Request: I sure hope Walser didn't record any gospel music - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:05 - Request: Personally I like Bing Crosby singing Danny Boy. Subtlety works better for that song. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:02 - Request: Ya you right! - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 17:01 - Request: "Up to the Mountain" coming up to end the Gospel Set. No trouble at all....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:58 - Request: Listening to Danny Boy with a pint of Guinness in hand. Can't beat it! - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:58 - Request: If it's not gonna start trouble, I'd like to request a song dedicated to Don. Up To the Mountain by Solomon Burke - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:56 - Request: Maybe you'd have to be Irish to appreciate it. Or human. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:54 - Request: Phhheeeewww. How painful does it get after you've heard Walser sing Danny Boy - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:53 - Request: try the tuner knob, dude. or the on/off switch - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:51 - Request: Christ!!!!!! end it now - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:51 - Request: There goes Fido again at the high note of that wailer - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:49 - Request: Yeah you right, Bob...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:49 - Request: Oh damn, that last note of Danny Boy got my dog to howl and me a throb in the head and contorted face - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:42 - Request: Crusty, Where ya at! Getting ready for a good time Saturday at lake. - for: neworleansbob
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:37 - Request: I'll bet Max Grader is somewhere in the audience today - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:33 - Request: "Walser. How come I never heard of him? Is this show mostly about old people. And about these tributes, you better like the dead guy or your stuck." It's about respect. And honor. You may not understand... - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:31 - Request: Hey, Monster, hope you and your are doing well...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:31 - Request: I think Mr. Walser would have preferred we not wait till he's dead to be honored. the rest of us living in the now want to hear Ray Wylie Hubbard. Starting now, Crusty , let's shift gears to the living and honor Ray Wylie till 7:00. Now that would be a better dedication of an idea. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:31 - Request: Dave Alvin and Roger Miller coming up. I agree about Mr. Walser, which is why I'm playing him...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:30 - Request: I'll weigh in, thanks for the shout-out... how about 'Danny Boy' , 'Cowpoke', or 'Cattle Call'. Thanks! - for: wbmnstr
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:27 - Request: I vote Don Walser gets played until he's honored properly, and anyone who don't like it can shoot their t.v. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:23 - Request: Rainisms are here again. Hey Jim how about some of Rain's favorite artist-- Roger Miller. I like him too. Chug-a-lug is a goodie. thanks - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:23 - Request: dave alvin - border radio or something - for: lil dipper
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:20 - Request: Just don't shoot the peace peas. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:17 - Request: I feel like Elvis Presley wanting to shoot the CD player #3 - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:16 - Request: A slather of chick peas, please, for world peace. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:15 - Request: I feel like Elvis Presley wanting to shoot the TV cause of something he objected to. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:13 - Request: HEY, what about us PEAS? - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:12 - Request: WORLD PEACE... dolt - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:11 - Request: That's "PEACE"... dolt. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:10 - Request: Whirled peas would be better. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:05 - Request: It's radio by the few for the few, brother (and your spelling is off. Get the letters to your words like this... peeved - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:04 - Request: Being slathered in pea = peaved - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:02 - Request: Is peaved similar to peeved? Or more like paved? - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:00 - Request: peeved - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:00 - Request: Try Disney Radio. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 16:00 - Request: It's the only thing about crusty's show I can't stand are these damn dedications. Otherwise Thursdays at TCMN is my favorite (Now watch Crusty get peaved cause I said one dang little negative while the other 99% is par excellent). - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:56 - Request: Easy, my friend. I'm sure there are other choices for you on the dial. - for: LMD
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:54 - Request: Walser. How come I never heard of him? Is this show mostly about old people. And about these tributes, you better like the dead guy or your stuck. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:46 - Request: Indeed...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:40 - Request: I like hearing ol' Walser again. Damn, that man can yodel! He'll be missed. - for: LMD - in Sacramento
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:39 - Request: against the "grade" makes better sense. i don't get "grind" - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:26 - Request: Let's not encourage the airheads. When something against the grind is said just relax and smile to yourself. But, DON'T RESPOND. The ignored WILL go away - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:21 - Request: I sign my posts, but I'm not objecting to the sentiment....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:20 - Request: Ah the gospel hour... things are gonna be all right by then. Relax and enjoy the music, people. It's ALL good right here - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:16 - Request: Mean SOB. Obviously Crusty didn't write that post about the cat. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 15:06 - Request: You can kiss my sister's black cat's ass. - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 14:50 - Request: Oh God I hope not another meaningless dedication show. Only on Thursdays does it happen - for:
Thurs, 9/21/06 13:59 - Request: RIP Don Walser - for:
Wed, 9/20/06 19:03 - Request: Good stuff today, thanks. - for:
Wed, 9/20/06 18:53 - Request: most welcome. i really like that record. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/20/06 18:50 - Request: thanks for keeping lost john dean in the queue. - for:
Wed, 9/20/06 17:19 - Request: hey scoop, glad to oblige. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/20/06 17:17 - Request: Hey Joe!! Wanted to stick my head in before leaving, but you were still busy with your guest. Thanks for the pizza and the Indigo Girls!! Be safe. - for: The old dude in the back room
Wed, 9/20/06 10:45 - Request: PS. The one disadvantage of my writing anything here is that there is no opportunity for proof-reading. At the start of my list it should read "All right, is everybody ready". after the Clouseau reference the sentence begins with "The". Make that "Then". As the popular saying goes, it's not easy being a perfectionist - for: Max Grader
Wed, 9/20/06 10:35 - Request: please add after the word pleasureable " a pleasureable show call him. He truly lives to serve." - for: Max Grader
Wed, 9/20/06 10:29 - Request: All right, everybody ( including the inspector... Inspector Clouseau, that is)? The let's begin the next best thing to a David Letterman Top 10 list with the now renowned and entertainment filled Top "8" list of TCMN DJs for the week of Sept. 10- 16. I'm still shaking with utter awesomeness at Dave's Friday show dedicated to the B-day of this fine station. It only solidified his untouchable position at being number uno. The man is remarkably talented and he makes my Fridays and yours always something to look forward to and plan around. Dave is perfect, Dave is a genius, Dave is number 1... now and forever!!! Okay, to number two. It is, of course, the rock steady one himself, Mr. 3phus. I'm putting Jim Beal at number three again for I think the third week in a row. Looks like he's found a home. I really liked his banter with Chet about that Rock Island Line song. Great listening to ole "Crusty" , as confidants who trust his warm ways to deliver a pleasureable. Where he gets the nickname of Crusty I don't know. It's a misnomer. Is it possible for him to move into the number 2 slot? stay tuned. 4. Lulu, bless her heart, played my request. BUT, she also played American V, and thus made me cry and howl at having to listen to death throes of Johnny Cash's voice. Soooooooooooooo, I'm sorry Lulu it's to the number 6 slot for you as the Rainman slides on in to the 4th position. Bob is #5. Then Lulu ( but she will be back, because where she is concerned I am most forgiving). Who's next? Hmmm, Dan is the man. and at number 8 is the Lil Dipper. There you have it folks. the latest of the greatest. And let me emphasis the word "greatest" for the TCMN DJs are all great talents. But I am a perfectionist and sometimes even they can piss me off ( except Dave and 3phus, of course... they are perfect!) Lord willing I'll be back. so pray for me , won't you? Goodbye my friends - for: Max Grader
Tues, 9/19/06 19:12 - Request: "Everyone likes a little (69x0). Nobody likes a litle (69x0)-hole" - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 19:12 - Request: The real question is, are Max Grader, Chet, and Iktor Puke one in the same???? Someone from the SAC Computer Department has the answer to that one... - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 19:03 - Request: Space Oddity sucks! That commercial should read "Randon OFF the radio" - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:59 - Request: there is no heaven. it closed it's gates. for you and all the others djs like you. sorta like you anyway. sweet song, jackass. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:56 - Request: Hello, my name is not Max Grader, but I just wanted to remind all who is responsible for the ratings improvement on Bob's show - for: Iktor Yuke
Tues, 9/19/06 18:55 - Request: please play john lee hooker "i'm mad" - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:54 - Request: STOP THE MADNESS!!! - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:53 - Request: please play plastic jesus. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:51 - Request: Please open your hymn books to page 21. Let us all join in with the singing of "Here I am, Lord" - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:50 - Request: Please play a song by Paris Hilton. Muchos gracias - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:49 - Request: thanks for updating the playlist. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:49 - Request: John 3:16 - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:48 - Request: Please play a song by Jane Mansfield. Muchos gracias - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:46 - Request: i'm sorry, the playlist is short, what was the name of that lyle lovett song? - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:43 - Request: Is it too late for some Leon Russell? Can't get anymore down in the bayou than with him. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:41 - Request: i don't care if my friends stop and stare. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:39 - Request: I'll bet Bob loves reading this stuff on his show while he just sits back and LOL (laughs out loud) - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:39 - Request: the "dls" thinks you are trying to say somthing. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:38 - Request: i'm not so much a boss to be tragic, but you can call me weird all you want. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:34 - Request: I've never met a boss who wasn't weird. All my bosses were tragic figures - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:34 - Request: mister who? - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:31 - Request: Is Mr. Rain listening in? - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:31 - Request: "trust me i'm a boss" - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:29 - Request: Mister you are WEIRD. Pepe, go home to the funny farm. You need to be put back in your jacket - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:24 - Request: gorch fock rocks, the last lime i saw them, sanford(boxcar) was nude and i had about 8 jello shots, sprayed the crowd w/ beer, got slapped by a mad chick, tried to make out with her and woke up on a sofa in the venue, locked in. good thing i had a key and a few bux from the door for tacos @ pepe's... - for: YOU KNOW WHO I AM.
Tues, 9/19/06 18:24 - Request: Nice selection Bob. thanks. I can get out and fetch me supper now a contented man knowing that someone at TCMN played my request. Twas a great show! Later on - for: Chet
Tues, 9/19/06 18:18 - Request: Better than KOL, what the heck is a Gorch Fock?? - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:17 - Request: Geeeee Bob, I hate to be a pest, but everybody's getting their songs played except mine. Is Johnny Cash coming up? - for: Chet
Tues, 9/19/06 18:16 - Request: you rock. - for: lluvia
Tues, 9/19/06 18:11 - Request: bob, play that drive by truckers on the no depression cd. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 18:08 - Request: KOL=Kings of Leon - for: Bob
Tues, 9/19/06 18:07 - Request: What's KOL... Keep On Livin? Do it as much as you can from B-day to D-day, I guess. Let me just let you in on a quote I made up for all you birthday hounds, "You can run, but you cannot hide". Sign me... - for: The Grim Reaper
Tues, 9/19/06 17:52 - Request: I celebrated my b-day at the KOL show at sunset. it was awesome. I had to work on my birthday. I don't like to a make a big stink about my berfday cause I'm kinda over it. but thanks for the happy bday stuff... - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 17:49 - Request: He should either grow up or get off the sauce - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Tues, 9/19/06 17:48 - Request: Who was that nut? Birthdays are for babies. grow up Mr. (you sound old) - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 17:43 - Request: Yo Bob! Word has it that we owe you a belated birthday...So here goes......Happy Belated Birthday to you! Happy Belated Birthday to you! Happy Belated Birthday to Yoooooooouuuuuuuuu!!!! Happy Belated Birthday to You! And many more..... - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 17:38 - Request: Thanks for the explanation Bob about Mr. Miller and the box that belongs to the "Dr.". You're like Crusty... he likes to let people know if he can do something or not for his audience. What's his saying... "I live to serve". That he does. Anyheck, how about some Johnny Cash (even if it ain't Rock Island Line). now I know you have something old by him. Ghost riders in the Sky. I've heard that one before on TCMN. Please and thank you. - for: Chet
Tues, 9/19/06 17:30 - Request: ???????????? - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 17:28 - Request: Best DJ around who doesn't talk. Thanks for just playing the music Mr. bob. You are doing a fine job today! - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 17:25 - Request: Don't know who Max is, and I certainly don't know what the reference is to "Missing me on Mondays??" I meant to put my name before I hit "post" You know "Dell" as in Dell Computers. You've heard of them??? - for: Staci
Tues, 9/19/06 17:17 - Request: Dont have any R. Miller. Dr. Rain brings that box set in with him. but I'll see what I can do - for: Your friendly neighborhood radio DJ, Bob
Tues, 9/19/06 17:15 - Request: How about ME. Bob, are you going to play either of my requests... Roger Miller or Johnny Cash? Please - for: Chet
Tues, 9/19/06 17:12 - Request: I think I know who "Dell" really is. God bless him anyway. Miss you on Modays, man. - for: Max Grader
Tues, 9/19/06 17:08 - Request: I can't find the Lisa Hayes CD sorry. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 16:59 - Request: Hey, this is Dell in Austin, Tx. We love listening to KSYM. We've seen Lisa Hayes several times, and she has a great live show. She is certainly as good (or better) as a lot of the lady stuff we hear on TCMN. We do however respect the opinions of the uninformed...... - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 16:58 - Request: Great! - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 16:45 - Request: Nice show Bob. Got Iguanas' Mexican Candy? - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 16:42 - Request: Oh please, don't play that biotch Hayes!!!!!!!!!! - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 16:37 - Request: How about something by Miss Lisa Hayes - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 16:34 - Request: Rufus... have you been saved? - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 16:32 - Request: Hey Bob!! Couldn't get through on the phone. Left you a Gorch Fock in your drawer in the back....... - for: U know who
Tues, 9/19/06 16:32 - Request: Rufus, be nice. - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 16:30 - Request: Enough about Rock Island Line. Go buy it at Half Price, take it home, and listen to it over and over and over and over. Tired of hearing about it - for: Rufus
Tues, 9/19/06 16:28 - Request: whoops! To coninue... with the song "Rock Island Line" on it. I can buy it and give it to your station if you don't have. Crusty said he was going to make sure KSYM gets a copy because of the 16 Cds he says is in your studio that song isn't included. Practically everything else big is. Play Rock Island Line today too, okay, or I'll just have to help you guys out and buy it for ya guys. Rock Island Line by Johnny Cash. Thanks again - for: Chet
Tues, 9/19/06 16:23 - Request: This is Chet again... I found a CD by Johnny Cash for under $5 new at Half Price Books and Records with the song - for:
Tues, 9/19/06 16:18 - Request: Hey Bob, did you listen to Dave's Friday show? Only music from 1966 and before. Did you like it? I love that old, old, stuff. Rain plays Roger Miller all the time. would you please play King of the Road or something. Thanks - for: Chet
Tues, 9/19/06 15:36 - Request: "Hey" by Toni Price - for: toobrokeforhippyhour
Mon, 9/18/06 17:42 - Request: "Convicted " still on RCS by Mark Rubin and badLivers? - for: Willie got busted WOW car chase HAH!!!!
Mon, 9/18/06 16:47 - Request: Great. I'll stay with ya - for: Max
Mon, 9/18/06 16:46 - Request: How about some Ray Wylie Hubbard. Snake farm still sounds good - for:
Mon, 9/18/06 16:45 - Request: I just played some Los Lobos a little while ago -but i'll get that on for you around 5:30pm - for: Thx for tuning in - XOXO,LuLu
Mon, 9/18/06 16:38 - Request: Hi Lulu. Would you please play Kiko and the Lavender Moon by Los Lobos. Anything by Los Lobos would be great. Thanks a lot! - for: Max Grader
Mon, 9/18/06 15:23 - Request: It's not you! Everybody else has only played that one! I heart you Lulu! - for:
Mon, 9/18/06 15:06 - Request: man this is only the 2nd time I played it but OK....this album is so awesome so there are a lot of other jems on it! - for: Thx for listing - XOXO LuLu
Mon, 9/18/06 15:05 - Request: Hey Lulu, it ain't just you but do you think y'all could play ANY OTHER cut from that Kristofferson tribute. This one is getting stale. Lotsa good ones on there. Thanks. - for:
Sun, 9/17/06 19:57 - Request: yep. i really do. - for:
Sun, 9/17/06 19:36 - Request: I do like rainy sundays. - for:
Sun, 9/17/06 17:20 - Request: i'm not trying to top dave, today or ever. thanks for listening & yes, dave had a great show. - for:
Sun, 9/17/06 17:07 - Request: It's gonna be tough topping that spectacular show of Dave's on Friday. Best TCMN show ever! - for:
Sat, 9/16/06 18:50 - Request: god loves hippies too... - for: very nice
Sat, 9/16/06 18:49 - Request: back at ya - for: dip
Sat, 9/16/06 18:43 - Request: thanks for rockin' my afternoon - for:
Sat, 9/16/06 18:39 - Request: its in the queue,, thanks for listening - for: lil dipper
Sat, 9/16/06 18:27 - Request: "Rainmaker" - for: Peter Rowan
Sat, 9/16/06 18:11 - Request: comin up - for:
Sat, 9/16/06 18:07 - Request: old 97's? - for: the bear
Sat, 9/16/06 17:59 - Request: thanks! - for:
Sat, 9/16/06 17:42 - Request: caitaln and than coming up, sorry no rusty in the lib - for: dip
Sat, 9/16/06 17:37 - Request: rusty weir-blackhat saloon - for: the bear
Sat, 9/16/06 17:33 - Request: Nice stuff so far. Can you play Caitlin Cary/Thad Cockrell, Warm and Tender Love? thx - for:
Sat, 9/16/06 16:59 - Request: coming up in a few - for: lil dipper
Sat, 9/16/06 16:56 - Request: hacienda bros-cowboys to girls - for: the bear
Sat, 9/16/06 16:03 - Request: the iguanas-mexican candy - for: the bear
Fri, 9/15/06 19:01 - Request: Wrong Leroy (with all due repsects). - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 19:00 - Request: Clap, clap, clap. Applause for you as you leave the booth and building. Fantasic show. - for: Chris
Fri, 9/15/06 18:46 - Request: I'll check on "When a Man' - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 18:43 - Request: "Ballad of The Green Berets" was not the biggest hit of 66, that would be "Sounds Of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. BOGB was number one in March and off the chart by May. - for: leroy
Fri, 9/15/06 18:39 - Request: When A Man Loves A Woman - for: Mike
Fri, 9/15/06 18:30 - Request: Amazing show! - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 18:21 - Request: I'll check on Nightlife - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 18:17 - Request: Ray Price! That reminds me... He sang Nightlife the best. Do you have that one Dave? - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 18:11 - Request: Hey, personally speaking I think their days are numbered. Give'em another year and they'll be gone like the Dodo. - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 18:09 - Request: I wish KONO would go back where they belong -- 1966. They aren't made for these times - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 17:58 - Request: paved the way for KEXL - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 17:57 - Request: KONO Concepts with Allan Grimm - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 17:55 - Request: Thanks for the Support! - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 17:54 - Request: remember "KONO Concept" weeknights after 11pm ? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 17:53 - Request: With music like this KSYM would have knocked the hell out KONO back then ( I know, a little hyperbolic a statement). But today's TCMN certainly beats the current KONO. - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 17:25 - Request: At Last by Etta James ladies and gentlemen. That last song by the 5 Americans is called I See The Light -- number 26 on the Top $40 charts in 1966. Damn, this show is a dandy!!! - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 17:24 - Request: psychotic reaction - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 17:22 - Request: The 5 Americans - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 17:15 - Request: well, an occasional nudge is good - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 17:13 - Request: When have you ever done that on a Friday? - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 17:10 - Request: oh gawd, y'all need to chill and just let the boy do his show.... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 17:10 - Request: Roy, sorry don't have that Merle tune - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 17:08 - Request: If a song was a #1 hit and a staple on commercial radio stations, that pretty much means it would NOT have gotten airplay on a '66 version of TCMN. In fact, many of the songs that been played today would likely not have gotten airplay on a '66 Third Coast show. - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 17:05 - Request: Excellent job today, Dave. - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 17:04 - Request: Bet most people didn't know that the biggest hit of 1966 was "Ballad of the Green Beret"-- a song not only written but performed by SSgt. Barry Sadler (U.S. Army Special Forces... aka Green Berets). He served in Viet Nam until injurung his leg in a booby trap. Terribly, he was shot in the head during a 1988 robbery attempt at his Guatemala home and suffered brain damage. Died in 1989 at the age of 49. Ballad of the Green Beret is considered a country western song. If you got it Dave, please play. It was #1 for five weeks in Feb. 1966-- biggest record of the year (for patriotic reasons I'm sure). I hope it isn't too commercial a thing to play. It's a very moving and well produced number. - for: Chris
Fri, 9/15/06 17:03 - Request: ok how about this...The Bottle Let Me Down" - Merle Haggard - for: Roy
Fri, 9/15/06 16:50 - Request: Sorry Roy, I must have left my Buck at the house. - for: DAVE
Fri, 9/15/06 16:46 - Request: NO social Club wasn't around in'66 - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 16:46 - Request: Waitin in your welfare line from Buck Owens - for: Roy
Fri, 9/15/06 16:39 - Request: Jr. Walker - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 16:38 - Request: Dave, how about some NO Social Club? - for: cj
Fri, 9/15/06 16:37 - Request: man, i got important stuff i'm supposed to be doing,...but,....... - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:35 - Request: sorry no Playboys or old Loretta Lynn - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 16:30 - Request: that's LEGENDARY stardust cowboy - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:25 - Request: you ain't woman enough, (glad i'm anon.) - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:25 - Request: paralyzed by the amazing (?) stardust cowboy - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:25 - Request: loretta lynn, you ain't man enough - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:24 - Request: yeah webb, but the song is from about '65-'66. - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:22 - Request: and that's why they live there - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:22 - Request: Webb Wilder Didn't start recording till way past '66 - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 16:22 - Request: great show, more elevator music - for: j.r.
Fri, 9/15/06 16:21 - Request: It is to people who live there. - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:20 - Request: i know that--if you were around back then, you'd remember that for a very long time the rest of the top 40 radio world automatically assumed that they were from Scotland...and yeah, i've driven through Edinburg -it ain't much - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 16:18 - Request: FYI, "Foolin' Around" b/w "That's My Desire" were posthumous hits for Patsy Cline in December of 1966. - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:16 - Request: too much to dream last night by webb wilder? that fit? - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:16 - Request: That's Playboys of Edinburg, as in Edinburg, Texas!!! - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:12 - Request: got Playboys of Edinbourgh? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 16:07 - Request: i thought the picayune was a coin - for: or a newspaper
Fri, 9/15/06 16:06 - Request: I did play a Clifton last hour. it was recorded in 1965 - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 16:04 - Request: wasn't clifton chenier king of zydeco recorded in 1966, a scant year after the phrase was coined? - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:03 - Request: Maybe they brought that song out after she died. - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 16:02 - Request: Did you say BRAND NEW from Patsy Cline? Dave, Patsy died in 1963. - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 16:00 - Request: I'm not sure if I have any Cal - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 15:59 - Request: i think we should be using '66 vernacular for compliments today...so i'll say "sounds tuff,man, real tuff!" - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 15:59 - Request: is Cal Smith old enough to get on this show? - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 15:54 - Request: Go and say Goodbye- Buffalo Springfield. Know it before it's even indentified over the air. Cool show - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 15:54 - Request: this gets any sweeter we'll all contract diabetes - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 15:52 - Request: group hug for dave - for: popped a lock lately
Fri, 9/15/06 15:51 - Request: you'd of played phil ochs - for: buck
Fri, 9/15/06 15:50 - Request: thanks for the support. - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 15:48 - Request: which would be real country music... - for: Roy
Fri, 9/15/06 15:48 - Request: very , very cool dave. - for: 3phus
Fri, 9/15/06 15:48 - Request: Sorry CJ, it doesn't fit today's theme...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 9/15/06 15:43 - Request: Request from ROY...not to play any Zydeco, but hey, you know I really enjoy it so, if you have time...some zydeco would be great - for: cj
Fri, 9/15/06 15:40 - Request: kudos on bobby fuller & roger miller - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/15/06 15:36 - Request: And thank you Chris - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 15:36 - Request: Something is still wrong. It should read "done gone crazy with program directing TALENT. There ya go. - for: Hope you guess my name
Fri, 9/15/06 15:28 - Request: He's done gone crazy with TALENT. Sorry, I accidently ommitted that very necessary noun - for: Chris
Fri, 9/15/06 15:27 - Request: Thanks Dave. Not only for Johnny Cash (so out-of-site to hear that song) but for the production comment. Got to be honest though... all I know I learned from that Mr. Yale fella on The Music Box on Sunday mornings. That dude is done gone crazy with prgram directing. I love that old forgotten stuff he plays. And now you're doing it. I'm recording it all buddy. You are doing great!!! - for: Chris
Fri, 9/15/06 15:26 - Request: Don't push me!! These damn songs are all too short. - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 15:25 - Request: "It Must be Him" by Vikki Carr - for: local artisan medley(s)
Fri, 9/15/06 15:22 - Request: Wow. The "Stump the DJ" possibilities for this show boggle the mind. - for:
Fri, 9/15/06 15:15 - Request: Damn! I should have had you help with the production of this show. - for: dave
Fri, 9/15/06 15:13 - Request: El Watusi by Ray Barretto from '63 would fit your concept for today Dave. Also, rockabilly singer of Cherokee Indian heritage, Marvin Rainwater, had a #17 song in 1957 called "Gonna Find Me A Bluebird" could be played. Roy Hamilton's "Don't Let Go". And then there's Johnny Cash.... from 1955 comes "Rock Island Line". Any of those in your vinyl collection for today's special, Dave?. Been looking forward to this show buddy! - for: Chris
Fri, 9/15/06 02:59 - Request: "Yellow Rose Of Texas" for Ann Richards - for: look out heaven
Thurs, 9/14/06 19:46 - Request: Heart of a Legend by Johnny Cash. FOUND IT. $3.88 at Amazon (and the seller has a 99% rating). Went ahead and ordered it. Thanks Crusty... wherever you are. - for: Chet
Thurs, 9/14/06 18:54 - Request: Chet, We have a different edition of the Essential Johnny Cash. I read someplace on the net that there have been something like 90 different Johnny Cash compilations released in the last couple years. Look for a CD called "Heart of a Legend." It'll be considerably cheaper than that big boxed set. But, then again, it's difficult to have too much Johnny Cash, as I've discovered this week...Crusty. P.S. Call me most anything but late for supper. - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 18:48 - Request: It's about TWO minutes long. Left out the TWO in describing Rock Island - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 18:47 - Request: Thank you Mr. Beal (or would you prefer the nickname Crusty?). Mighty nice of you to put out for me. I did go to Amazon and I found what I was looking for. all I need now is $35 for a box set called "the Legend". But if you're going to bring Rock Island by Mr. Cash into your place, then I'm gonna think economically and give you a chance to go get it first. But a fan's gotta do what he's gotta do, so I'll by that whole box set if I have to, even though that song is only about little minutes long. Another CD I found that has that song is "The Essential Johnny Cash 1955-1983". I thought you folks had that album. I see it mentioned several times to a lot of Cash songs played here. Maybe that one got misplaced. It's only $16 used at Amazon. Boy, the things you discover at this fine radio station. Thanks again... uh... Crusty - for: Oh, hell my name is chet
Thurs, 9/14/06 18:34 - Request: you're welcome...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 18:31 - Request: I really like it when y'all play Gram Parsons/FBB. Thanks. - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 17:22 - Request: Okay, after a little research on All Music Guide, it looks as if the Johnny Cash version of "Rock Island Line" has been released on every Johnny Cash CD EXCEPT for the 14 we have in the TCMN library...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 16:54 - Request: Anybody out there in TCMN Land know how to snag a copy of Johnny Cash's "Rock Island Line?" Come on. Now we're on a mission and WE WILL GET A COPY IN THIS LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 16:52 - Request: uh, or have someone check.... - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 16:52 - Request: Johnny Cash's "Rock Island Line" was apparently recorded for his first Sun Records release. His original version was on an album called "Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar." It's been reissued so you should be able to find it. Try amazon.com of have someone check with Hogwild Records on Main here in S.A. Hogwild will order anything it can find...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 16:33 - Request: Okay. I would have called the man to thank him but I stutter, and the other way communicate is right here. I don't think there is a DJ on Sunday morning that answers stuff from here online. And no it wasn't that Hillbilly Hank show. It was something on early before the Beatles show. I heard a lot of songs last sunday I hadn't been acquainted with in years. I only got moved in particular when I noticed it was Johnny Cash because him and I go back a long time and I love the man. Anyway thank you for your effort and information on the air Mr. Beal. I'll just get up early next Sunday and ask my son phone in a request. Wish I could own that record. Is Rock Island Line still available in the stores? Where can I find it? - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 16:08 - Request: That's Rock Island Line by Johnny Cash, his version. Thanks - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 16:07 - Request: That version of Rock Island Line is not in our library. If you heard it on Sunday morning it was probably on Hank Harrison's Hillbilly Hit Parade. Hank brings in his own music. If we had, I swear we'd play it...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 16:03 - Request: On Sunday morning I heard a song by Johnny Cash called Rock Island Line. I loved that. I tried requesting it yesterday but 3phus played a different version. I know ya got got it cause I heard it. Please play that Johnny Cash song Rock Island Line again. - for: A BIG Johnny Cash fan from the start (I'm 63)
Thurs, 9/14/06 15:34 - Request: I don't have the Sparrow Quartet CD, but I have what might be a pleasant surprise for Sparrow Quartet fans. Stay tuned...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 15:28 - Request: I'm not sure I brought the Sparrow CD with me. I'll check...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 15:26 - Request: okay thanks. How about Abigail Washburns quartet "Sparrow" when you have a chance? - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 15:24 - Request: The bridge is the alleged command center of any ship...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 15:18 - Request: Okay, so to what does your Bridge reference? - for: cuz
Thurs, 9/14/06 15:14 - Request: "The bridge" predates Star Trek, Cuz, but the bridge of Capt. Kirk's ship works okay...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/14/06 15:12 - Request: Is the "bridge" a U.S.S. Enterprise reference? just wondering.... - for: cuz
Wed, 9/13/06 18:30 - Request: thanks for the kind words. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/13/06 18:24 - Request: are you gonna recover in time to do this again sunday - for: FANTASTIC 4 Hours
Wed, 9/13/06 17:35 - Request: not seeing that song by mr cash. sorry. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/13/06 17:20 - Request: I'm so disapponited... I meant to spell it Wrong Rock Island Line song was played - for:
Wed, 9/13/06 17:19 - Request: Rock Rock Island. By Johnny Cash is the one i would love to have heard. Thanks anyway R. 3phus - for:
Wed, 9/13/06 16:59 - Request: Oh, I forgot to say please. PLEASE paly Rock Island Line. Love that record! - for:
Wed, 9/13/06 16:58 - Request: rock island on in a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/13/06 16:58 - Request: hey tlt, you should go with me and the LL on fri nite to see 'em again! - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/13/06 16:58 - Request: Hrey, on Sunday morning I heard you guys play Rock Island Line by Johnny Cash. Didn't know you had that one. Would play that song again. Thank you - for:
Wed, 9/13/06 16:57 - Request: surprised you remember. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/13/06 16:54 - Request: Seems like I remember seeing Los Lobos once in concert - hmmmm - for: TLT
Wed, 9/13/06 16:51 - Request: t bone and dave coming up in few - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/13/06 16:49 - Request: How 'bout some T-Bone Burnett and/or Dave Alvin? thx - for:
Wed, 9/13/06 16:45 - Request: hiya tracy. here's yer g clark - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/13/06 16:18 - Request: Guy Clark! yipeeee I am listening at work- but very quietly. - for: Tracy Lynn Tucker
Wed, 9/13/06 15:18 - Request: don walser coming up right before next. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/13/06 15:16 - Request: Don Walser SET for Jo Joe Jelly Roll - for: Yodeling Song
Tues, 9/12/06 18:54 - Request: Wow!!! Ring of Fire right out of nowhere. Hellava song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - for: Jake
Tues, 9/12/06 18:53 - Request: smooch. - for:
Tues, 9/12/06 18:49 - Request: Ah well ... I'll just put the cd on. Thanks anyhow. - for:
Tues, 9/12/06 18:48 - Request: I'm not sure I've got time left. - for: dave
Tues, 9/12/06 18:44 - Request: Could you add Ring of Fire to the Cash set? It'd be much appreciated, thanks. - for:
Tues, 9/12/06 17:24 - Request: Dave saves the day! - for:
Tues, 9/12/06 17:16 - Request: Ok Folks, we're bringing back the human element of this radio station. Dave here until 7pm - for:
Tues, 9/12/06 16:48 - Request: bring back the snack cracker babe - for: boots and all
Tues, 9/12/06 16:17 - Request: i'm stuck at werk but i just spoke w dave and i think he's heading over to the station right now. - for: 3phus
Tues, 9/12/06 15:50 - Request: Hey, KSYM is the only station where DJs don't have to answer to a boss, - for:
Tues, 9/12/06 15:18 - Request: Oh shoot, looks like another no-show at TCMN. This website goes dark every time this happens. Why can't the Monday and Tuesday jocks be here when they're suppose to be? Dave or 3phus or Jim... can one of you please come to the station and sit a spell, play some songs by request? Would appreciate it. - for:
Mon, 9/11/06 18:51 - Request: Nice show ... as ever. - for:
Mon, 9/11/06 17:10 - Request: could you play all the songs by chris? - for: or just boxcars
Mon, 9/11/06 16:45 - Request: yep. yep. yep. - for:
Mon, 9/11/06 16:41 - Request: yep. - for:
Mon, 9/11/06 16:37 - Request: It's Rain-ing! - for:
Mon, 9/11/06 15:27 - Request: How about Hayes Carll Good Friends, please - for:
Mon, 9/11/06 15:10 - Request: Thanks! - for: Mark
Mon, 9/11/06 15:09 - Request: Do you have any of the new Los Lobos that's coming out tomorrow? - for: Mark
Sun, 9/10/06 19:12 - Request: i'm crying. - for:
Sat, 9/9/06 16:55 - Request: or even the westside horns??? - for: get local and live tomorrow
Sat, 9/9/06 16:44 - Request: tuff request but do you have the song with randy garibay and his daughter michelle carey - for: kinda jazzy
Sat, 9/9/06 16:30 - Request: Hey, thanks for the Blaze! - for:
Sat, 9/9/06 16:19 - Request: er: *but* Clay Pigeons.... (not *by* Clay Pigeons). thx. - for:
Sat, 9/9/06 16:18 - Request: A Blaze Foley tune (pref by Blaze, by Clay Pigeons covered by Prine would be okay too) would be great! - for:
Fri, 9/8/06 23:02 - Request: And now for the top 10 list for the week of Aug. 27-Sept.3. Number 1. the guy who hardly plays American V unless forced by a request-- King FryeDave. Number 2. 3phus the Great. Number 3. Jim Beal and the Gospel set. Number 4. Lulu is back. Number 5. As promised, "Bustin out the jams" Bob for playin my requests and being so cool. Congratulations sir (but dag nab it, you played American V). Number 5. Yes, that's right... the Rainman has tied the Bullet for exactly the same reasons. Number 7. Sorry Dan these other guys really put out. But I'm on your side now man. 8. Scoop. Upon his return he will instantly be promoted. Number 9 goes to Lil Dipper. And finally,number 10 goes to a TCMN non entity simply because I like picking on him-- Mr. Byron Paris of the Casboo. His ego is so self-assured that I doubt he's affected by how he's viewed. But, he sure plays some damn good music. - for: Max Grader
Fri, 9/8/06 19:57 - Request: i know things are not humanly possible sometimes - for: sohow exactly do you do it Dave?
Fri, 9/8/06 18:34 - Request: I've got a few requests to cover, so I might not get to ya today. - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 18:23 - Request: Would ya please? - for: TJ
Fri, 9/8/06 18:21 - Request: I'm back to say thanks for trying out my idea, Dave. Hank and Woody that is. Sounded pretty good. Here's a new idea. I hear brother Jim Beals plays bass guitar. Do you have the ability of showing us his level of skill. Play something by ole Crusty, Dave. Play'im if you got'im. - for:
Fri, 9/8/06 17:39 - Request: if you get to it, great...if not, maybe next week - for: cj
Fri, 9/8/06 17:37 - Request: I've got a guest coming on now. It might be a while. - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 17:35 - Request: Yeah, its been awhile. Needed your music to get through the job today! Some Los Lonely Boys would be great today - for: cj
Fri, 9/8/06 17:33 - Request: you're welcome cj, thanks for tuning in - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 17:25 - Request: thank you for the zydeco tunes.... - for: cj
Fri, 9/8/06 17:02 - Request: you's guys are havin' mush too much funn - for: thomasssss
Fri, 9/8/06 16:59 - Request: Sorry, no Bill Hearne. I'll put some Hank & Woody together shortly. - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 16:59 - Request: mine & everybody else's... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/8/06 16:55 - Request: Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie back-to-back I do believe has never been tried here. Play'em if you got'em, Dave... would ya? - for: TJ
Fri, 9/8/06 16:50 - Request: ya I got yer 'roid' buddy! - for: Roy
Fri, 9/8/06 16:48 - Request: for Roid..uh, I mean Roy that is... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/8/06 16:44 - Request: ...Dallas Wayne "bouncin' beer cans off the jukebox" maybe ?? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/8/06 16:43 - Request: Nanci Griffifth considers him one of the greatest flatpickers ever. Play some Bill Hearne... please. Much thanks, boy - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Fri, 9/8/06 16:28 - Request: I've got only one sovines tune on a comp. , but it's not that song. - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 16:24 - Request: Anyone from Oklahoma listening in? - for:
Fri, 9/8/06 16:24 - Request: Do you have Sittin and Drinkin by the Sovines? - for: Roy
Fri, 9/8/06 16:07 - Request: Juzzjeff, ya got anything for H. Bull? - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 16:03 - Request: i knew it was some kinda zep/70s thang - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/8/06 16:02 - Request: oh yeah, the JJ Lewis tune is Rock and Roll - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 16:02 - Request: Ya got anything good for me today... - for: Roy
Fri, 9/8/06 16:01 - Request: JJ Lewis coming up next - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 15:53 - Request: wupps - for:
Fri, 9/8/06 15:53 - Request: aw heck, let's get Jerry Lee's Black Dog on... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/8/06 15:53 - Request: aw heck, let's get Jerry Lee's Black Dog on... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 9/8/06 15:45 - Request: will kimbrough coming up shortly. I'm not sure if we have the Alison song, I'll go searching - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 15:41 - Request: WhiskyLullaby-BPaisleyAllisonKraus please - for:
Fri, 9/8/06 15:40 - Request: will kimbrough - pride. also, if anyone is interested ksat, the abc affilliate is currently taking calls re the airing of the 911 docu-farce 210-351-1200. - for:
Fri, 9/8/06 15:13 - Request: White Trash Fred Eaglesmith coming up. - for: dave
Fri, 9/8/06 15:08 - Request: You could play When Exactly did we become White Trash. He has 7 dogs livin in the Grage' - for:
Fri, 9/8/06 15:05 - Request: Can you play some Fred Eaglesmith?? - for: Andy in CO
Thurs, 9/7/06 18:31 - Request: Buddy Holly birthday music coming up soon. Thanks, Cuz...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 18:24 - Request: Almost forgot....it is Buddy Holly's birthday........how about a few including Rave On & Not Fade Away.....thanks - for: cuz
Thurs, 9/7/06 17:10 - Request: tonite on KLRN@10-American Creole: New Orleans Reunion - for: Hondo
Thurs, 9/7/06 17:01 - Request: I hope most people are in a light-hearted mood. Things are too serious right now to be too serious...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:59 - Request: Someone's in a light-hearted mood. - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:55 - Request: Heck, yiu're's welcome too, I suppose...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:55 - Request: uhhhh, You're welcome...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:55 - Request: Yiu're welcome. Mr. Lewis up after the Gospel Set....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:53 - Request: Good one juzz. I'm with him Jim. How about another one for the Republican. Jerry Lee coming up? - for: The happy Republcan ( thanks for Forsyth)
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:49 - Request: maybe sumthin from Jerry Lee's new one? - for: juzzjeff
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:37 - Request: "Ratheer" is something like rather....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:35 - Request: As far as I'm concerned people can post (almost) whatever they want here. I'd ratheer have people listening to KSYM and posting here than hanging out elsewhere on the dial!...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:32 - Request: 1. Dana Clark is married. 2. some Guy Forsyth coming up. That High Temperature CD is no longer in the library. It's gonna have to be replaced....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:18 - Request: High Temperature is the name of the CD you can find that song I requested. Thanks again Jim - for: the Republican
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:11 - Request: Mr. Republican guy needs to go away...All he has to do is listen to more talk radio to get his facts straight. - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:07 - Request: Dear Mr. Beal... I don't want you getting into trouble with your superiors about things said here on this marvelous website. It's meant to be between you and I and whoever gives a f*** to get involved. When I came here to "mouth off" it was for cathartic purposes because that is what this site has sort of become along with the fine music you and your peers play. I feel comfortable letting it out because I've noticed a few smart people (including yourself) reside here during the TCMN hours. This site has value to me in more ways than just relating to the words and melodies of Cash, Nelson and Hubbard. So, again... as they say in Las Vegas... what goes on here, stays here, not on the air. Now then, if I may use this site for it's primary purpose will you please play something from Guy Forsyth. "Done Somebody Wrong" would be a fitting number for the main character in my "diatribe" Thank you, - for: that Republcan guy
Thurs, 9/7/06 16:02 - Request: Is Dana Married? I think I'm in love... - for: Trader
Thurs, 9/7/06 15:59 - Request: How about, "Who cares??" You should listen and partake in one of them commercial radio station talk shows. Leave this medium open for music discussion........... - for: Everyone's a critic
Thurs, 9/7/06 15:26 - Request: Gotta request to go with that? How about "Rockin' the Republicans?" - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 15:23 - Request: I just read that 50% of Americans hold the Clinton White House responsible for failing to prevent 9/11. Un the f*** real. Is there no denying what I've always thought about Americans... they are politically dense and let pundits and persuaders do their thinking. How much dumber does it get than dumb in the empty skullheads of America the uneducated and senseless. The poll of dummies who think Clinton is responsible comes after the announcement of an ABC movie series being released shortly. It's the way Clinton has been portrayed that I refuse to believe the history books about any man. In my opinion, if you want to know the truth you had to be there when it happened. - for: Believe it or not... a republican
Thurs, 9/7/06 15:23 - Request: Just playing some records. Western music coming right up. - for:
Thurs, 9/7/06 15:20 - Request: What's up JBJr?? Don't forget that western music. Hope you are well.. - for: Bet U know who.......
Wed, 9/6/06 19:00 - Request: Excellent show Joe!!!!!!!!!!!! - for: Iktor Yuke
Wed, 9/6/06 18:21 - Request: glad tpo oblige. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/6/06 18:18 - Request: nice, thanks. - for:
Wed, 9/6/06 18:11 - Request: gourds up in just a few - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/6/06 18:09 - Request: Gourds, please? - for:
Wed, 9/6/06 17:19 - Request: jimmie dale in just a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/6/06 17:15 - Request: hey joe, how about Jimmy Dale Gilmore "i'll never get out of this world alive" ? - for: juzzjeff
Wed, 9/6/06 16:54 - Request: i don't have that song but i'll get some trish murphy on in little bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/6/06 16:50 - Request: studded texas Peaches (or squash?) TRISH MURPHY - for: lilith fair survivor
Wed, 9/6/06 16:47 - Request: vaca vaca vaca - for: 3phus
Wed, 9/6/06 16:39 - Request: we're going to see the james river soon! - for: ll
Wed, 9/6/06 16:39 - Request: i thought this was a request line, not a place for diatribe - for:
Wed, 9/6/06 09:31 - Request: P.S. I forgot to mention that playing the pitiable voice of a sick man from American V will affect the ratings... even if it's by Lulu or another I've learned to admire, Mr. Jim Beal. Both these talented people love that Johnny Cash potboiler CD. And like I've said, it hurts my soul every time my hero's voice is remembered in that way. - for: Max
Wed, 9/6/06 09:15 - Request: First of all, my thanks to Jake. You seem like an unassuming, well-grounded, self assured... and might I add, intelligent. At least there is someone objective enough in their thinking here at TCMN. I've noticed all the unruly comments come from the DJs themselves. Scoop was never ending at it, Crusty chimed in once I think and then there was Lulu. Shoot when she shot me down. I am her number one fan and hearing from her yesterday got to me. But that doesn't affect my opinion of her. She is a very good presenter of Third Coast music with a charming voice. And she regulates her time with it on the air beautifully (that's more than I can say about Mr. B Paris and the Casba). As long as she shows up she'll always be appreciated by not only me but her devoted fans. That's how important I think Lulu is to TCMN. Again, my thanks to Jake. Can't be sure about tomorrow for I'll be out of town with a client ( I'm in the music biz by the way). But I will try to post my latest of the greatest for the week of Aug. 27- Sept. 3 during Jim Beal's show. And brother, it's going to be a tough one to rate because, after getting to know the reputation I've achieved here Bob and Rain played my requests. They shall be the favored ones. Till the next time my friends (especially you Jake) I leave you with advice... don't watch "Survivor" on TV anymore. I read that the current episode has the teams being made according to race. That's low and quite repugnant to me. Any of you TCMN jocks a fan of that show? If so then you'll suffer in the ratings of my provative TCMN DJ review. Have a great day my friends. - for: Max Grader -- a proud American. God bless America and God bless this great radio station, KSYM
Tues, 9/5/06 23:52 - Request: And there we have it folks.....Jake has become the Great Defender of Max. Or are Max and Jake one in the same???? - for: Rufus
Tues, 9/5/06 22:15 - Request: I don't understand how someone can call Max a jerk who signs there name with XOXO. Doesn't that mean "love and kisses". Lulu is a great host. But why she came on so negative is startling to me. I thought she was a sweet gal who's above that. This Max Grader fellow is more like an entertainer than a jerk and gives spark to this site and thus attracts people to TCMN. I think that's a good thing for ANY radio station. Before he came along I noticed almost all the DJ's shows had little response right here on the web. Now look at the stir he's created. TCMN is more popular and certainly more interesting than before. The music has always been tops with me. The little side attachments of Max Grader's rating list is fun to read and I would hope everyone just relaxes and either enjoy or ignore his ways. He's harmless - for: Jake
Tues, 9/5/06 19:51 - Request: "Max has been a jerk lately" Not lately, but always a jerk that just won't go away........XOXO - Lulu - for:
Tues, 9/5/06 18:49 - Request: well max should feel lucky considering what a jerk he's been lately. - for:
Tues, 9/5/06 18:31 - Request: Max feels good thanks to that song. You're doing well tonight Bob. You DEFINITELY will go up in the ratings - for: Max Grader
Tues, 9/5/06 18:13 - Request: That's Cowboys To Girls. thanks again - for: Max
Tues, 9/5/06 18:11 - Request: Would you please play that great new song "Cowboys o Girls" by the Hacienda Brothers. Thank you - for: Max Grader
Tues, 9/5/06 17:01 - Request: "I liked you better" Little bit and the Customatics" - for: bobs biggest bullet
Mon, 9/4/06 23:54 - Request: Lulu made a nice comeback. Let's see, who's next .... ahhh, yes... Bob. - for:
Mon, 9/4/06 20:18 - Request: Do you have any Driftwood? - for: Lucy Hill
Mon, 9/4/06 18:35 - Request: Awwww...thanks! Hopefully the boys wont get jealous! - for: XOXO - LuLu
Mon, 9/4/06 18:26 - Request: It's great There is No 3rd coast Hall of fame or even shame cuz you would top it - for: your future ex husband
Mon, 9/4/06 17:59 - Request: Year by the mountain goats - for: Jude
Mon, 9/4/06 15:55 - Request: That's Cowboys TO Girls, not Cowboys AND Girls. - for: a music from the 60's expert
Mon, 9/4/06 15:51 - Request: I know I love that cover! Thx for listing - for: XOXO- LuLu
Mon, 9/4/06 15:49 - Request: That was a nice cover of Cowboys and Girls. The Intruders are hard to beat but kudos to the Haciends Boys. You say that's new? Hope it gets played more often - for:
Mon, 9/4/06 15:48 - Request: You're the gal to play Jimmy LaFave's 'Never A Moment' ... thx in advance LuLu! - for:
Mon, 9/4/06 15:27 - Request: Sure Lulu. Howzabout some gospel by Elvis... a real toe-tapper called "Run On". Now, I know you're probably not gonna have that one, so iffin I'm right then "Hot Rod Lincoln". Failing that then (and this is my last thought) "Cowboys and Girls by the Hacienda Bros. There ya go Lulu... let's see what you can do sweetheart. - for: Chris
Mon, 9/4/06 15:14 - Request: dont have that one - sorry ! Do you have another request? - for: LuLu
Mon, 9/4/06 15:08 - Request: "Play Something Country" by anybody. I'd suggest Brooks and Dunn's version , but I don't think I've ever heard them played right here on the Third Coast. Pleas? Please. Thanks - for: Chris
Sun, 9/3/06 19:50 - Request: you too, thanks - for:
Sun, 9/3/06 19:49 - Request: ... and the Calexico finish ... have a great labor day. - for:
Sun, 9/3/06 19:29 - Request: Great show ... loved the Calexico start and the Delbert was ... inspired. - for:
Sun, 9/3/06 18:51 - Request: i'm working up some hacienda brothers. - for:
Sun, 9/3/06 18:24 - Request: Please play a tune by the Hacienda Bros. Thank you much - for: Max Grader
Sun, 9/3/06 17:34 - Request: you betcha - for:
Sun, 9/3/06 17:32 - Request: Gahzoontight? Thank You? A congruent connection? Yes. - for:
Sun, 9/3/06 17:27 - Request: Beautiful fulfillment from Neko. That was a great one, Rain. - for: Gerhardt " Thank You" Schmidt
Sun, 9/3/06 17:16 - Request: uhh... - for:
Sun, 9/3/06 17:13 - Request: 10 songs, that is - for:
Sun, 9/3/06 17:12 - Request: How about 10 Doug Sahm sings in a row and a new world's record - for: A Sunday regular
Sun, 9/3/06 17:06 - Request: neko yes - for:
Sun, 9/3/06 17:01 - Request: I might as well be the first to request something online; just hope it gets played. I like girl voices like... Neko Case. How about it Rain? Neko, yes or Neko no. - for: Gerhardt Gahzoontight Schmidt
Sat, 9/2/06 18:55 - Request: You are the MAN, Dan---Blaze Foley! Wish 3rd coast played him every show. - for:
Sat, 9/2/06 17:44 - Request: ...and the Robert Johnson is fantastic! - for:
Sat, 9/2/06 17:42 - Request: I would be happy to get them both on,thanks for listening - for: Dan
Sat, 9/2/06 17:40 - Request: Really enjoying the show Dan; could you play some Gillian Welch or Lucinda Williams? thanks. - for:
Sat, 9/2/06 17:31 - Request: sure, take your pick, thx - for:
Sat, 9/2/06 17:25 - Request: I don't have that Robbie Fulks cut in the studio,wiuld somthing offf Georgia Hard work for you ? - for: Dan
Sat, 9/2/06 17:14 - Request: Would you have "barely human" by robbie fulks? - for: Buck
Sat, 9/2/06 15:02 - Request: All right the results are in for the week of Aug. 20-26. The top TCMN Djs are: 1. FryeDave 2. 3phus 3. Beal 4. Here's where you'll see a drastic change. When Max Grader is disappointed and cries because he didn't get some live DJ on the air on Monday and Tuesday, then heads roll. I shall be unmerciful in punishing the great offenders. That's right Lulu and Bob let me down so they will be distanced from the eliteness group of Dave, Joe and Jim and be put at the bottom for their unreliable behavior. For this week the number 4 seed will go to Dan. That's right Dan... from the Saturday Gang. I see him breaking away after last week's genuine efort to please. Played some damn good music. So because of his noble efforts he's the man of the hour and now has my respect. 5. Give it Rain this time, but I also "spank" those who are late. He was late on Sunday and made Max cry for a while . No apologies. He WILL be dropped next week. However a TCMN man of his talents I'm sure will be back. 6. In memory of Scoop I'm seeding him at the highest he's ever been. At least he was at the mike EVERY Monday he was asked to. Please Scoop come back. 7. It would have been Thomas but he, I'm told, was only a guest DJ. Last time then he'll be mentioned here. 8. Lulu. 9. Bob. And now number 10. If there is anything worse than the Saturday Caboose Gang ( not including Dan this time, of course) it's that DJ on the the the the what... yeah, right... Casbah (whatever that name entails would someone please tell me). So, to make room for a new last place DJ I'm placing Bjorn Paris at number 11. If he can just stop the infatuation he has for his own voice, then maybe... just maybe... his show can be 100% proof out-of-sight eclectic - for: Max Grader
Fri, 9/1/06 18:52 - Request: See ya tommorrow nite! Bob - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 18:46 - Request: every time I try the Windows player, I hear a pulsing background noise. Maybe they've corrected that. - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 18:43 - Request: By the way, Windows Media Player comes in loud and clear on my system, however, it takes an unusually long time to connect? - for: j s b
Fri, 9/1/06 18:37 - Request: ps... thanks - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 18:36 - Request: Great show Dave! Should solidify your "#1 ranking....wanted to go to Cabeers, but payday was today. Did catch JB Jr's show yesterday, and it was great, especially the Chinese song. Quite a bit of talent in the KSYM studio at one time. Have a safe weekend.... - for: jsb
Fri, 9/1/06 18:34 - Request: ack! - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 18:34 - Request: Ya you're right! - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 18:32 - Request: I'll see if I can squeeze it in, Bob - for: Dave
Fri, 9/1/06 18:31 - Request: Got time for the "Jack of Hearts" - for: neworleansbob
Fri, 9/1/06 18:29 - Request: sorry about that! Lyle's big mug on the front of the weekender, and I still forgot. I guess it's time for some lyle. - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 18:22 - Request: what's lyle lovett? chopped liver? - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 17:35 - Request: I really think the Bay disc is cool. I wish they would head down this way. - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 17:33 - Request: thanks for the Bays Bros. Dave - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 17:20 - Request: Bays bros. coming up shortly - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 17:18 - Request: haven't heard of Bob Wayne....I'll check - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 17:16 - Request: Hey Dave, do you have any Bob Wayne...he opened for III last night. He sounded pretty good - for: Roy
Fri, 9/1/06 17:10 - Request: could you please play the Bays Brothers "don't have to worry tonight"..thanks - for: jim
Fri, 9/1/06 17:05 - Request: One has to settle sometimes, Boney - for: Frances
Fri, 9/1/06 17:03 - Request: Will "Dang Me" by Rhett Miller do for ya? - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 16:57 - Request: sorry, don't have the Abigail disc - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 16:57 - Request: Dang Me by Roger Miller - for: Frances Does Dishes
Fri, 9/1/06 16:55 - Request: I second the Abigail Washburn motion. What a concert. Do you have her "Song of the Traveling Daughter" CD? - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 16:25 - Request: I'm scared already - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 16:22 - Request: Yeah I was brain dead this morning...it was an awesome show. Thomas you should have gone dude, don't be scared. - for: Roy
Fri, 9/1/06 16:18 - Request: I've got some Uncle Earl with Abigail. Hope that will do. Coming up shortly - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 16:06 - Request: Hooking Bull arises from the dead. After seeing Hank 3, I guess I mean brain dead. - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 16:06 - Request: GOOD MORNING.... Thomass Here - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 16:04 - Request: Please play something by Abigail Washburn. Her show with Bela Fleck and Ben Sollee last night at Casbeers was incredible. - for:
Fri, 9/1/06 16:02 - Request: Dang I almost forgot about the show buddy. I'm a little tired from Hank 3's show last night. That was my third time this year...hahaha. Let's get rowdy Dave, it's a 3 day weekend buddy! - for: Roy
Fri, 9/1/06 16:01 - Request: I don't know. I haven't seen the news since this morning......was there an earthquake? - for: dave
Fri, 9/1/06 15:59 - Request: Dave, Where are your Cali correspondents?????? - for:
Thurs, 8/31/06 18:40 - Request: Thanks, Bob...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/31/06 18:37 - Request: By the way - Happy Anniversary! - for: Bob
Thurs, 8/31/06 18:35 - Request: Thanks. - for:
Thurs, 8/31/06 18:33 - Request: Where ya at! Thanks, Jim, for the great tunes! - for: neworleansbob
Thurs, 8/31/06 18:33 - Request: ok - for:
Thurs, 8/31/06 18:31 - Request: Walking to New Orleans - Dr John - for: neworleansbob
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:52 - Request: How about - for:
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:52 - Request: Thanks and you're welcome....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:50 - Request: By the way, that was great stuff you played by Porky Cohen. - for: Kent
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:47 - Request: Thank you so much, Jim, for thinking of McD with me. - for: Kent
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:32 - Request: Being Kent is up on proofreading, I can't believe I said "for obvious reasons" twice. My English Prof would cringe........later - for: jb
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:29 - Request: For obvious reasons, I have avoided this medium for obvious reasons, , but was talking to Joe 3phus and he told me about today's show.......Miss not catching you on Thursdays at the station, but have to leave early for my crossing guard gig at the neighborhood elementary school. Hope you are well... - for: U know who
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:25 - Request: Hey, I have listened to many JB Jr interviews, and I must rank this up with the absolute best. Kudos to Abigail, Bela and Ben. The Chinese song is absolutely enthralling.......Saw Bela several times in Austin along the way. Thanks for visitng our beautiful facility and hangin' with the Crusty Guy. When you are done, how about some of that Western music?????? - for: U know who.............
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:09 - Request: Wait a minute... I AM a FORMER employee. Just can't think clearly these days, I guess - for: Kent
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:07 - Request: I'll get something up soon for the General...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/31/06 16:03 - Request: that should be spelled "you're" not "your" of course. Another sentence zonk... that should read "I was a former employee" not "I'm a former". Proper writing IS important - for: Kent
Thurs, 8/31/06 15:56 - Request: Hello Jim. I was wondering if you ever met or wrote about San Antonio's fallen hero and man of God, Brig. Gen. Robert F. McDermott. I hope you can salute him with a song you think appropriate. McD played the trombone very well and loved the art of music. I'm a former employee of USAA during his reign and could use some music in memory of him right about now. I'm hoping you know something he might have liked. Please play a song in memory of McD if your able. Thank you sir. - for: Kent
Wed, 8/30/06 18:49 - Request: you're rockin tonight 3phus - for: golfballblues
Wed, 8/30/06 18:05 - Request: choctow bingo is a no-play (language) but i'll ge tsome mcmurtry on for you. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/30/06 18:02 - Request: mcmurtry, choctaw bingo, or other - por favor - for:
Wed, 8/30/06 16:48 - Request: ok. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/30/06 16:46 - Request: How'bout more from S.Earle and DelMcCoutryAlbum,please - for:
Wed, 8/30/06 16:35 - Request: well LL, ya gotta admit that there's several possibilities! - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/30/06 16:32 - Request: mean thing - for:
Wed, 8/30/06 16:27 - Request: hmmm...could be....might be....cephus coming up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/30/06 16:25 - Request: cephus & wigins - for: for your other friend from va
Wed, 8/30/06 15:52 - Request: ha! i keep that record under glass to keep the kids away from it. impressionable minds and such. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/30/06 15:50 - Request: Rhonda Cockerell - for: Your friend in VA
Wed, 8/30/06 15:35 - Request: mr hubbard coming up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/30/06 15:31 - Request: Anything off Snake Farm - for: David, listening on line from California
Wed, 8/30/06 15:24 - Request: thanks for the kind words. i don't have anything in the 3rd coast library by mr. mayall however i was just thinkin that i should include some of his stuff on my next turn on blues ave on sundays. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/30/06 15:22 - Request: Born & raised in SA....lived on the East Coast and the West Coast....and I've never enjoyed a radio station more than KSYM. Would appreciate your playing anything by John Mayall. Thanks. - for: Trader
Tues, 8/29/06 18:17 - Request: hey bob update playlist! - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 17:46 - Request: for different reasons, i'm sure. - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 17:44 - Request: i'm glad I wasn't the only one that felt a warm fuzzy feeling from that song. - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 17:41 - Request: thanks for the rainbow connection. i feel like i should hug myself. - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 16:49 - Request: your welcom - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 16:46 - Request: thanks for the deadman, man! - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 16:44 - Request: no prob.. it was easier for me to use the automation to complete that set then have to search.. I'm lazy i know but I try at least. - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 16:43 - Request: That Toots one is okay, but the original is what I was hoping for. thanks anyway for the Willie set - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 16:36 - Request: Hey Bob you're the only one who'll play Deadman, so how about some Deadman? thx - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 16:31 - Request: ps.. I know... - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 16:23 - Request: P.S. It's from his album Across the Borderline. - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 16:21 - Request: The original "Still is Still Moving" by Willie Nelson... please - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 16:06 - Request: How about a song with frijoles in it. I'm thinking Augie Meyers maybe. Thanks - for: Gerhardt
Tues, 8/29/06 15:49 - Request: i remember that house. - for:
Tues, 8/29/06 15:11 - Request: something by our future Governor, please - for: dan
Tues, 8/29/06 05:32 - Request: or... some of my fingers were too busy to count on. - for: "mr. busy fingers rain" to you
Tues, 8/29/06 05:24 - Request: well, that recording of 'funky side of your mind' is 2 songs. right? - for: "mr. bad eyes rain" to you.
Mon, 8/28/06 19:44 - Request: Wrong, Mr. Rain. Eight songs in a row by Sir Doug on Sunday; not nine - for: Myspace is yourspace
Mon, 8/28/06 19:10 - Request: thanks! - for:
Mon, 8/28/06 18:57 - Request: Please post that last song right before Patsy! - for:
Mon, 8/28/06 16:26 - Request: Thx Lulu - for: the landlady
Mon, 8/28/06 16:22 - Request: webb comming up & i'm looking for the hunter - for: LuLu
Mon, 8/28/06 16:21 - Request: Hey Lulu! Could you play something by James Hunter - for:
Mon, 8/28/06 16:20 - Request: Thanks for the guitar pickin, Lulu. Mighty nice song - for:
Mon, 8/28/06 16:15 - Request: Got any Web Wilder? - for:
Mon, 8/28/06 16:02 - Request: it's commin' up after hawks in LA - for: XOXO
Mon, 8/28/06 15:46 - Request: I once heard a song by the Honky tonk Hangovers called Get Pickin Guitar Man right here on TCMN,... haven't heard it since I don't know when. How about again now Lulu. - for:
Sun, 8/27/06 20:41 - Request: you know, 'no woman no cry' is on "crucial country" the album put out in '06; recorded in '04 @ that telluride big thing they do there. my bad. -rain - for: lluvia
Sun, 8/27/06 19:12 - Request: thanks for the idea - for:
Sun, 8/27/06 19:11 - Request: ... and the calexico. Peachy. - for:
Sun, 8/27/06 19:10 - Request: I think you got that down already ... thanks for the alejandro - for:
Sun, 8/27/06 18:55 - Request: how about i just play a cow punk dj? - for:
Sun, 8/27/06 18:49 - Request: Any cowpunk? Hickoids or Rank and File? - for:
Sun, 8/27/06 08:29 - Request: I know this is a TCM request line, but Yale's Sun a.m. "Music Box" show is fantastic! - for:
Sat, 8/26/06 21:05 - Request: Hello my friends, Max Grader here after the caboose has gone. Looks like a little action took place here today. Maybe there's hope. I liked Dan's show today. What I don't like is what came on afterwards and has disturbed me greatly tonight. Some banal named show called the Casbah with what's got to be the worst DJ on radio. Brian Paris is just plain bad at the analysis and biography of artists and their music. This talking heads dunce needs a degree in music appreciation or something before he goes on the air with bogus information and weak opinions. He also takes forever to say something thus depriving an audience of the maximum output of some fine music (Yes, I will give him credit for playing good music for an ecletic crowd). It's just a shame that his voice gets maximum attention. It also sounds kind of winey and nasal. This Paris guy is aggrevating in more ways than one. Good thing he's not on my homeground at TCMN. He'd be the new one eating in the kitchen and sleeping in the back - for: Max Grader
Sat, 8/26/06 18:13 - Request: Please Mr. Custer - for:
Sat, 8/26/06 16:41 - Request: Sorry that I don't have anything by Freddie alone,hope the Tornados will work for you - for: Dan
Sat, 8/26/06 16:19 - Request: Sorry, an accident. To resume... maybe something like Since I met You Baby or I Love My Rancho Grande. With a prayer maybe Freddy can be help by playing his songs while alive. Thanks - for: Gerhardt "Scoop " Fontaine (No not THAT Scoop. I know what you're thinkiing)
Sat, 8/26/06 16:16 - Request: Freddy Fender is dying. Let's not wait for it. please play something from his greatest hits thaat isn't so Top 40ish. Maybe - for:
Sat, 8/26/06 15:58 - Request: Nightlife it is . I will get that on for you right after the Hacienda Bros - for: Dan
Sat, 8/26/06 15:44 - Request: How about something way from Willie Nelson. Nightlife would be great, but anything is fine - for: Nancy Gaterworm
Fri, 8/25/06 20:16 - Request: Were there any gators in that movie? - for:
Fri, 8/25/06 18:42 - Request: Cutter said that it was called the African Queen because it sounded like the boat in the movie - for: dave
Fri, 8/25/06 18:33 - Request: Stevie Ray Vaughn's equipment truck was named "Gator" wasn't it? - for: Chris
Fri, 8/25/06 16:32 - Request: Nope....straight water out of the tap, no chaser - for: dave
Fri, 8/25/06 16:27 - Request: Dave did I just hear your guest say that you've got some "dizzy juice" in the studio? Rock on, brother! - for:
Fri, 8/25/06 16:16 - Request: I think I do have the new Lobos single with me. Remind me later. - for: dave
Fri, 8/25/06 15:59 - Request: That new Los Lobos single... got it coming on today Dave? - for:
Fri, 8/25/06 15:58 - Request: Yeah Dave, let's get Kinky on here...in the meantime can I get some 1100 Springs, after your guests are done of course. - for: Roy
Fri, 8/25/06 15:54 - Request: Gallo will have to wait until my guests are through. - for: dave
Fri, 8/25/06 15:54 - Request: Who said you have to be fair? Have Kinky on as a MUSICAL guest. - for:
Fri, 8/25/06 15:51 - Request: How about some Joe Ely...either "Gallo De Celo" or "The Road Goes On Forever". Thanks. - for:
Fri, 8/25/06 15:50 - Request: i'd love to have gov perry on my show for a candid exchange of ideas. - for: 3phus
Fri, 8/25/06 15:44 - Request: of course, if we invite Kinky then we have to make some time for the other gov candidates. Do you really want to hear Grandma sing? - for: dave
Fri, 8/25/06 15:40 - Request: Y'all should try and schedule Kinky sometime ... bet he'd do it! Thanks for playin' him. - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 17:56 - Request: And also with you...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 17:33 - Request: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen - for: Revelations
Thurs, 8/24/06 17:26 - Request: For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, thatwithout ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers. - for: Romans 1:9
Thurs, 8/24/06 17:13 - Request: Lo, mine eye hath seen all this, mine ear hath heard and understood it. - for: Job 13:1
Thurs, 8/24/06 17:13 - Request: my frijoes aint free speaks for itself - for: the bear
Thurs, 8/24/06 16:48 - Request: I'll give you my frijoles in the form of flatulance, No charge - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 16:46 - Request: My frijoles have always been free - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 16:37 - Request: Would you please ask your legendary guest how much his frijoles did cost what made his so popular. I' didn't catch it in the catchy lyrics - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 16:33 - Request: "My frijoles are't free anymore". Now does that make any sense? Only on TCMN - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 16:20 - Request: FYI: The Gospel Set will have a New Orleans flavor also...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 16:15 - Request: The Gospel Set will happen at 5 p.m. as usual..Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 16:13 - Request: No gospell today? - for: Jake
Thurs, 8/24/06 16:04 - Request: Marcia Ball coming up...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 16:03 - Request: i hate for this thing to have more than a natural life span, but,....marsha ball's version of that r. newman song la. 1927 might be sweet to hear. - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 15:59 - Request: George Carlin, what a idiot. He also once said that he LIVES for disasters. Then 9-11 happened. Can't stand that rat - for: Jake
Thurs, 8/24/06 15:54 - Request: Just kidding - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 15:51 - Request: I think school zones are a nuisance. If I were a better aim I'd roll over as many punks as possible. I'm with George Carlin... KIDS ARE OVERATED. So take aim and go get'em - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 15:45 - Request: Nevilles coming up...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 15:40 - Request: Some Neville Bros. how about - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 15:35 - Request: Excellent choice. Mr. Clifton coming up...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 15:33 - Request: how's about clifton chenier's louisiana blues. think it works here? maybe if you imagin e how many nights cc moaned and wailed in funky no places that won't ever be again. - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 15:28 - Request: los lobos coming up soon...crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 15:20 - Request: los lobos angels with dirty faces for the nola survivors. - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 11:15 - Request: Coldplay spins on the RCS...not in the AAA bin, nor will it be. - for:
Thurs, 8/24/06 08:01 - Request: I don't recognize the voice on the radio this morning. Whoever you are can you play some old stuff by Coldplay. Thank you if you play my request - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 18:29 - Request: i think it's more a reflection of the dj's style and/or if we're running in automation. and thanks so much for the kind words! - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 18:22 - Request: Hey Joe!! Great show, as always!! Glad to hear you are still a solid #2 in the latest "DJ Ratings." How about some Angela Strehli or Terri Hendrix?? By the way, I know you've been at KSYM a while. Is the rule morning djs aren't allowed to talk, until the get a TCMN gig or a nightime show? I listen to KSYM in the mornings because most commercial morning shows are nothing but talk. Keep up the great, and know that the Army supports and loves TCMN - for: Lisa
Wed, 8/23/06 17:52 - Request: i love that song. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 17:42 - Request: Mickey Newbury ... nice! - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 17:41 - Request: Well Miss Fermin ain't the broadway star I was hoping for, but she sure is a nice stand-in. Thanks - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 17:33 - Request: errr...... not sure on the "ever" part. i don't jave any kd in the 3rd coast library but mebbe the anna fermin coming up will appease you. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 17:32 - Request: not sure on the 'ever" - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 17:27 - Request: Has K.D. Lang ever been played here? "Constant Craving" would be nice. What a voice! Thanks - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 17:22 - Request: not familiar with them but i'll ask the nite alt dj who comes on at 7. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 17:19 - Request: Do you have "10 City Run"? website says they're a san antonio band - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 17:17 - Request: thanks for the kind words. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 17:15 - Request: Nice attendance to today's show Mr. 3phus. I remember a short while back when you came online and typed... tap, tap, tap. I knew what that meant. Quite a humorous moment. I like this show so much. - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 16:59 - Request: i'm so totally with you on that one. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 16:58 - Request: dave alvin, interstate city, etc, pls - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 16:29 - Request: i think dave pulled that but he hasn't shared as yet. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 16:28 - Request: Got that new single by Los Lobos or shall we wait till Friday? - for: Jake
Wed, 8/23/06 16:27 - Request: jo jo's answerving service closed until further notice. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 16:25 - Request: love it, thanks!!! - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 16:25 - Request: Please hold all my calls until 5pm - for: joe joe jelly roll
Wed, 8/23/06 16:17 - Request: mr earle coming up - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 16:14 - Request: Steve Earle, 'Thought You Should Know' please - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 16:11 - Request: rider in the rain by joe ely and reckless kelly coming up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 16:07 - Request: rider in the rain - for: dan
Wed, 8/23/06 15:58 - Request: hwy been gone by johnny darrell coming up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 15:53 - Request: "TellMeBabyWhyYouBeenGoneSoLong", please - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 15:33 - Request: second the escovedo request (evening gown would be great) - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 15:32 - Request: alejandro coming up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/23/06 15:30 - Request: Would appreciate your playing anything by Alejandro Escovido - for: Trader Harry
Wed, 8/23/06 15:00 - Request: Sounds like someone thinks that they are a Programming Manager.... You Aint, dummy. I wish your mommy would have taught you what mine did me... If you don't have nothing good to say, don't say nothin' at all. Actually, Thumper the Rabbit said it first.... - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 09:37 - Request: It's been said that "Why would anybody want to listen to any other radio staiton than KSYM. Answer? Because the other guys don't talk as much as they do on Wednesday mornings. - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 08:13 - Request: Is there such a thing as "talking disease". Yes, it happens only to DJs on the radio. What is the cure? Automation. KSYM this morning needs a cure - for:
Wed, 8/23/06 07:53 - Request: I wish 3phus was on Wednesday mornings too - for:
Tues, 8/22/06 18:49 - Request: thanks for tuning in. - for: dave
Tues, 8/22/06 18:47 - Request: A double dose of my requests warrants a second visit of thanks. Til Friday and some more Los Lobos (maybe), have a couple of nice days Dave. - for: Chris
Tues, 8/22/06 18:28 - Request: I think I can squeeze those in. Damn, I left the new lobos single at my house. - for: dave
Tues, 8/22/06 18:23 - Request: Good to know someone cares about us TCMN junkies. Thanks for coming in Dave. Mind if I hope on board with a request? Los Lonely Boys singing "Heaven". If not hip with that one hows about a Los of another name. Anything by Los Lobos. Much grass amigo Dave. - for: Chris
Tues, 8/22/06 17:32 - Request: I'm not so sure about the "genius" part, but you're welcome. - for: dave
Tues, 8/22/06 17:28 - Request: You, dear sir, are a genius! A two-fer. Thanks a bunch. - for:
Tues, 8/22/06 17:22 - Request: i'll see what I can find. - for: dave
Tues, 8/22/06 17:17 - Request: How 'bout some kinda train song? By Jerry Jeff Walker? He's bound to have a train song. Thanks. - for:
Tues, 8/22/06 16:30 - Request: just spoke with dave and he's heading down to the station right now. - for: 3phus
Tues, 8/22/06 16:06 - Request: Or maybe Max can get a gig??? - for:
Tues, 8/22/06 15:58 - Request: I got an idea boys and girls... let's turn this two-day neglected TCMN site into a chat room and get a party started. - for: Pink
Tues, 8/22/06 15:44 - Request: I'm not a bettin' man, but I'd say there's a pretty good chance there's no dj on air for the second consecutive day. Looks like Bob's a no-show. Where's Scoop when you need? - for:
Tues, 8/22/06 15:43 - Request: No Max. I think your grades are neither popular or provocative. Just trollish. - for: engage ignore mode
Tues, 8/22/06 15:32 - Request: can you play The Bays Brothers Don't Have to Worry Tonight ..Thanks - for: jimbo
Tues, 8/22/06 15:27 - Request: Not positive, but I think Thomas paid during Pledge Drive to be a guest dj.. - for:
Tues, 8/22/06 15:01 - Request: Jody Raffoul - "Light Of Day" - for: dave
Tues, 8/22/06 14:47 - Request: Hello friends, Max Grader here with my popular (or provacative... depending on your disposition) TCMN deejay rating list for this week. My personal favorite, FryeDave, seems to have a lock on the number one spot. Dave is mild-mannered, laid back, humorous, intelligent and mingles well with his audience. He knows what they like and he plays their requests without fail if he can help it. Nuff said. I don't see anyone dethroning the king DJ of TCMN. 2. 3phus is always steady; not extreme. An unassuming chap who's much like Dave. Offers more to his audience than just good music. A DJ is more than just a disc jockey. He listens to people's differences and mediates a settlement. 3phus always puts on a marvelous performance both on the air and online. Solid number 2!!! As for the number 3 position, Jim Beal had a tremendous outpour of audience involvement last week and made for a very entertaining Thursday online. His music selection was interesting. Glad to hear Elvis on TCMN. Jim also was informative to Max about the ways of the Grammys. And, I sensed the humor in his reply to someone calling himself Jim's editor at the Express-News. Great show all around. Very provacative. Hope he can sustain. I'd like to see him become a solid #3 Number 4 goes to Lulu and 5 to Rain. Now then to the number 6 slot...Mr. Bob is like the rock group Grand Funk Railroad... you either love him or contort your facial expressions when you hear him. I personally think he's funny. Music selection, however, seems biased in his favor. To his DJ credit he did play TWO requests last week. For some reason, though, a guy named Scoop requested Wolfmother be played. It was denied. 7. Speaking of the Scoop fella, I wish he were back. I really think with more experience he could be a charmer to the human ear. Whoever is in charge at KSYM, please bring Scoop back to TCMN. 8. Thomas! Where is Thomas? Iliked him, he showed promise with his good music selection and lack of vocal cord presence. He drops only because I think he was temp. And still sleeping in the back and eating in the kitchen is the Saturday Caboose Gang at number 8. No a single request or comment came through right here online. Sakes alive. - for: There you have another one from Max Grader. See ya next week
Tues, 8/22/06 11:50 - Request: "Even trolls love rock and roll." - for: Tony Joe White
Tues, 8/22/06 08:18 - Request: Someone got up at 6 in the morning to post a psychological profile of so-called "trolls" on the internet. And any reasonably intelligent person should know that psychology is an inexact science. In other words, it's a bunch of bologna. It is this citizen's opinion that "trolls" are just kids being kids and TCMN posters of psychological profiles are insecure adults who don't have much tolerance for kids. May I suggest to today's early bird that he/she adopt the sageful saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me". Works for me. - for: A proud parent of three
Tues, 8/22/06 06:13 - Request: hey, that troll site nails a couple of folks here: Trolls see Internet communications services as convenient venues for their bizarre game. For some reason, they don't "get" that they are hurting real people. To them, other Internet users are not quite human but are a kind of digital abstraction. As a result, they feel no sorrow whatsoever for the pain they inflict. Indeed, the greater the suffering they cause, the greater their 'achievement' (as they see it). At the moment, the relative anonymity of the net allows trolls to flourish. and: ""Trolls crave attention, and they care not whether it is positive or negative. They see the Internet as a mirror into which they can gaze in narcissistic rapture." yeah, troll. ignore it - for:
Mon, 8/21/06 16:50 - Request: Where's today's DJ? If no one comes in soon, then I wish Scoop would take control. It's nicer at TCMN when there is a DJ - for: Jake
Mon, 8/21/06 16:34 - Request: I mean, 16:05 - for: Jake
Mon, 8/21/06 16:34 - Request: I'm sorry but can anyone explain that just said at 16:01 by "I will not beg". Is that you Mr. Rain? You're sounding esoteric to us today. - for: Jake
Mon, 8/21/06 16:05 - Request: yep, i never turn down free smashed 'taters... one time a lady tried to feed me a free dry shit sandwich. and i tried to pay her with a sack of smashed assholes. so nothing is free, or really for real... - for: i will not beg
Mon, 8/21/06 15:03 - Request: http://members.aol.com/intwg/trolls.htm - for:
Mon, 8/21/06 15:01 - Request: I sure hope (most of) the dialog on this board of late doesn't de-motivate the hard working volunteer KSYM DJs' as much as I think it would me. Sheesh. I also think that if the folks who throw crap at theDJs here knew how hard the job was, they might be a bit kinder. Imagine getting heckled and critiqued as you served food to the hungry. That must be the way our TC DJs feel when they read this. I ain't trying to stifle conversation here, just reminding everyone that a little civility goes a long way, especially when it's an all-volunteer group you're evaluating. - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 19:53 - Request: i'm so happy! - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 19:53 - Request: I, on the other hand, loved the show. I'll be back (hope you'll play more Mickey Newbury). - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 19:51 - Request: I DID NOT LIKE YOUR SHOW. I WILL NOT BE BACK - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 19:50 - Request: Thanks, I'll be back - for: Buck
Sun, 8/20/06 19:33 - Request: Vulture Harrison Strooth must be the happiest vulture in town right now - for: Chris
Sun, 8/20/06 19:27 - Request: Sorry - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 19:24 - Request: sometimes i forget. so should you. - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 19:21 - Request: Either he can't read or maybe he needs to put on another 7 minute record. - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 19:18 - Request: No Gourds, no Joe Turner, no Roy Hamilton, no Buck Owens. No nuttin'! What's it take to get someone else's music played besides this DJ's personal faves. Do we have to phone them in or what? Geez - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 18:36 - Request: nope, can't put my fanger ownit. - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 18:30 - Request: lookin'.... gimme a sec. - for: myspace is not punk rock
Sun, 8/20/06 18:20 - Request: play Joe Turner_original san antonio artist - for: myspace.com/paranoidandriodmusic
Sun, 8/20/06 18:17 - Request: PLay Joe Turner ,original san antonio Artist - for: myspace.com/yoyoyotornado
Sun, 8/20/06 17:38 - Request: private collection. - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 17:37 - Request: thought u didn't have any mickey newbury - for: love mickey newbury
Sun, 8/20/06 17:16 - Request: El Paso (by the Gourds?). - for: Bobby T.
Sun, 8/20/06 16:54 - Request: this is wakin me up - for: sittn up n listenin
Sun, 8/20/06 16:10 - Request: Don't Let Go--Roy Hamilton. Please - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 15:58 - Request: TCMN is a service to many causes. Let's see, there's Max's top DJ list. TCMN is also a place to rant, give scripture to the lost, and now a lost and seek department. Sometimes a request is mentioned... like now. I hope you'll play Buck Owens for us all. Any ole thing will do from his greatest hits album. Thank ya boys! - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Sun, 8/20/06 14:38 - Request: looking for family of gloria flores almendariz who has passed away last night in tijuana mexico in uvalde texas to eastaquio almendariz and frances flores please call 01152-664-9011477 to irma for more info - for: irma garcia
Sun, 8/20/06 14:37 - Request: it's always fun to hear the Muddy/Johnny cd. I'm sorry I don't know Ms. Flores. - for: dave
Sun, 8/20/06 14:33 - Request: looking for family of gloria flores - for:
Sun, 8/20/06 14:30 - Request: Thanks for Muddy and Mannish Boy ... it's the epitome of Blues Ave. - for:
Sat, 8/19/06 18:42 - Request: ?????????????????????????? - for:
Sat, 8/19/06 17:18 - Request: Thanx for party animal i just need to TWIST one burn and transport back to San ANTO - for: electrician de Neuvo Orleans
Fri, 8/18/06 22:39 - Request: When the truth is found to be lies; and all the joy within dies... don't you want somebody to love? - for: You better find somebody to love, my love
Fri, 8/18/06 22:36 - Request: Amen - for:
Fri, 8/18/06 22:34 - Request: My lips shall not speak wickedness, nor my tongue utter deceit - for: Job 27:4
Fri, 8/18/06 22:32 - Request: All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils - for: Job 27:3
Fri, 8/18/06 22:31 - Request: As God liveth, who hath taken away my judgment; and the Almighty, who hath vexed my soul - for: Job 27:2
Fri, 8/18/06 20:38 - Request: Alison Krauss is from Ilinois, but made her name in Texas. AUSTIN loves her. Freda and the Firedogs was a group out of AUSTIN started by Macia Ball. Miss Lisa Hayes is from AUSTIN. Hmmm, who REALLY was Lisa Jacobs Hernandez? If you can tell me, then you have a news "scoop". - for: Coincidently... Lisa
Fri, 8/18/06 18:55 - Request: meant to say....thanks for a great Friday....your show is a great way to end the work week. Take care you - for: cj
Fri, 8/18/06 18:54 - Request: Dave, thank you for a great - for:
Fri, 8/18/06 18:34 - Request: Sorry, you have a new fan. Didn't mean to omit fan. Should have looked before I sent (bad habit). Peace - for:
Fri, 8/18/06 18:32 - Request: Wow...I didn't know this was a continuous post. No, not me, although I read it, and although I didn't understand it, it sounded quite intriguing, almost like a soap opera. Enjoyed the Cindy Woolf and Amy Speace! Great show! Even though it wasn't what I requested, you have a new - for: Lisa Jacobs, US Army, Unmarried
Fri, 8/18/06 18:07 - Request: If you scroll down to Thursday's posts, a Lisa posted some comments. It doesn't matter, though. Thanks for tuning in. - for: Dave
Fri, 8/18/06 18:06 - Request: Have previously listened on the radio, and just found out about this site today, so I am not sure I understand what you are talking about?? - for: Lisa
Fri, 8/18/06 18:02 - Request: I might be able to squeeze Taj in before the break - for: dave
Fri, 8/18/06 17:58 - Request: Any chance for some Catfish Blues...Taj Mahal - for: cj
Fri, 8/18/06 17:48 - Request: the jerry lee cd is coming out 9/26 - for:
Fri, 8/18/06 17:45 - Request: dave, when is this tune by Jerry Lee and Jimmy Page coming out? - for: cj
Fri, 8/18/06 17:26 - Request: wow...two NO social club tunes....I feel special - for: cj
Fri, 8/18/06 17:21 - Request: are you the lisa that posted the rant on yesterday's show? - for: dave
Fri, 8/18/06 17:17 - Request: Recntly moved here, and a student we know at SAC turned us on to the station. Really like Third Coast, but notice a shortage of female artists. Have any Alison Krause or Marcia Ball. Thanks. - for: Lisa
Fri, 8/18/06 17:10 - Request: social club coming up - for: dave
Fri, 8/18/06 17:06 - Request: dave....how's bout some NO social club? - for: cj
Fri, 8/18/06 17:02 - Request: dave, I knew what you meant....and you are right, Roy would have a very hard time getting into the house....we all know how protective Rocko is!! hahaha. - for: cj
Fri, 8/18/06 17:00 - Request: Oh come on CJ, can't we just divide them between us...you can have the Zydeco crap...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 8/18/06 17:00 - Request: I meant.... I don't think that's gonna happen - for:
Fri, 8/18/06 16:59 - Request: roy, you have to get through cj to get into the house.......I don't that's gonna happen. - for: dave
Fri, 8/18/06 16:56 - Request: possession is 9/10ths of the law. if Jeff doesn't survive the bike ride, I get the CDs! haha - for: cj
Fri, 8/18/06 16:49 - Request: Jeff Power! Scary thought huh. I tried to get him to will all his cd's to me...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 8/18/06 16:47 - Request: does that bike have a motor? or is it running on Jeff power? - for: dave
Fri, 8/18/06 16:43 - Request: Dave, if had any last words for Jeff you better call him. Because he is going a 9 mile bike ride after work. - for: Roy
Fri, 8/18/06 16:34 - Request: You just made my day with Los Lobos and zydeco! Double header....just what I need after a busy week. Big thanks! - for:
Fri, 8/18/06 16:27 - Request: you're never to late for zydeco, cj - for: dave
Fri, 8/18/06 16:24 - Request: I'm not sure....we're waiting to hear back from him. - for: dave
Fri, 8/18/06 16:23 - Request: any chance of getting some zydeco? or am I tuning in too late :-) - for: CJ
Fri, 8/18/06 16:14 - Request: What time will he be on??? I'll try to tune in. - for: Roy
Fri, 8/18/06 16:06 - Request: Sean Reefer is supposed to be on the air with us tomorrow afternoon. - for: dave
Fri, 8/18/06 16:00 - Request: ksym.org is back.......glorioskie!!!! - for:
Fri, 8/18/06 16:00 - Request: Did you buy my ticket yet...that sounds like one helluva show. You know there's going to be some smelly stuff goin around to. hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 8/18/06 15:56 - Request: Roy, you better get to the airport today . We've got Wayne the Train & Sean Reefer at Casbeers on Sat. - for: dave
Fri, 8/18/06 15:52 - Request: Killing me man...what the heck are you playing bud. It's Friday dude, let's get the weekend started. - for: Roy
Thurs, 8/17/06 23:19 - Request: Max, can you imagine if Jay Leno found out about Scoop and had fun with him in his monologue on the Tonight Show? Scoop would sue! - for: a Max Grader fan
Thurs, 8/17/06 21:29 - Request: My goodness, I go away for a while to do my five-mile jog only to find when I come back a barage of hate mongers. Do I have that effect on good people? Because of the suddenness of multiple homogeneous postings I'd say that this a conspiracy (or Scoop wrote it all ala Sybil). Shame on you... (all of you). If you're going to let a little Bugs Bunny stinker like me turn good people like yourselves into a lynch mob, then Heaven help us all. Now then, I'm going to pretend I didn't read any of these postings and then ask all of you to remember the the great Rodney King spiritual... "can we get along, can we get along... ah come ya'll let's get along. What makes this country great is its tolerance toward other people's opinions. And after all, my rating sytem is only an opinion, so tolerate it. Why? Because you are citizens of the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth. Don't screw things up by not knowing how to chill. Consider the word entertainment when you hear from me in the future. Goodnight my friends. - for: Max Grader ( oh and Jim...your show was a provacative one. Remember when no one would post anything here during 3-7. No thanks needed. Glad I could help bolster your ratings... which will go up next week I promise)
Thurs, 8/17/06 18:56 - Request: Is all this Max-bashing on my show going to have an impact on my grade? Ah, well, sacrifices must be made. - for: Crusty, Jim Beal Jr.
Thurs, 8/17/06 18:49 - Request: Sorry, I know Max is a spelling fanatic, and I certainly meant "meet him" not "meet Jim." - for: J D
Thurs, 8/17/06 18:47 - Request: Amen!! It's time Max slithers back to his hole and stays there. I'd love to "meet" jim too. - for: J D Baxter (and that's my given name!
Thurs, 8/17/06 18:37 - Request: Hell, Lisa, everyone is sick of the guy, but people like that live to annoy. Crusty showed the guy knows nothing about music. He won't go away, but it's good that you posted to show some support. - for: KSYM Fanatic
Thurs, 8/17/06 18:29 - Request: Well said, well written, Lisa. The old "there's one in every crowd" line applies even to KSYM. Scoop stepped up when he was needed and he continues to do a good job on KSYM. - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 18:20 - Request: Hey Max!! I think it's about time you got off Scoop's back. On his first show filling in for Lulu, he explained (not that he had to) that this was not his genre, and that he would do the best he could, and he certainly did that. I called a couple of shows, and he was always professional, receptive, and prompt with playing my requests. At least he's not hiding behind a webstream. If he did something bad specifically to you, then you need to face him like a real man. Then again, not having met him personally, he's surely a better man than you'll ever be, which is obvious from your vicious and unwarranted postings. My husband, who is a computer "geek" called Scoop Wednesday and suggested he get with the computer folks at SAC to track you down, or block your postings altogether, because like your silly DJ rating system, it is so unproductive. Why don't you show us how much better you could do on the mic?? I know TCMN has guests djs, but you probably couldn't handle it...Then, if that wasn't bad enough, we now found out you are harrassing him on his Wednesday morning show, to include phoning him while he's on air and calling him vulgar names. That's pretty low down!! When it's said people are entitled to their opinions, I don't think yours is what they had in mind. By the way, if you don't think I am real, my husband and I would love to discuss it with you in person, although we are confident that would never happen. This is my first time using this site, and I wonder how many other loyal listeners (and KSYM employees) would love to see you go away?? - for: Lisa Hernandez
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:34 - Request: Well done Mr. Beal. Well done. I'm only 28 years old and need to hear the facts in objective tones (like you so skillfully just did) from folks who were actually there ( I think you're an old-timer, correct). The history in books is a hard sell to me. Like I said you had to be there. Thank you, sir. - for: Max
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:29 - Request: Jerry Lewis sang gospel? - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:25 - Request: Max, Re: the Grammy awards, you're wrong on many levels. Since their inception, Grammy awards have been voted upon by people who are out of touch with what the public really likes. That's why Jethro Tull won a Heavy Metal Grammy. When Elvis was at the height of his powers it's likely Grammy voters feared for their very souls if they would vote for Elvis....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:21 - Request: hey joe by buckwheat zydeco. thanks - for: bob
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:21 - Request: Well, sure... Elvis gets his only Grammy in gospel music because, you've got to admit, the competition was easier. Elvis couldn't win over the Beatles or even Herb Alpert in the 60s and in the 50s a fellow named (dare I say) Frank Sinatra. If the Reverand Al Green would have been around in the day of Elvis I'm sure Elvis today would be known as NEVER winning a Grammy. Now the, you just played "You'll Never Walk Alone". That song BELONGS to Jerry Lewis. Not even Elvis can touch Jerry's signature song. And the winner of the DJ without a "prayer" award goes to our man Scoop. - for: Max Grader ( a fair show so far Jim)
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:15 - Request: It's 101, with heat index 106 - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:13 - Request: Scoop, so far, so good. It's quiet around here w/o you, though. Thanks for checking in and take care of your mom....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:13 - Request: temp guage on side of my building sez 131. i don't think it's right. but damm, it's a hot'n. - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:11 - Request: dang! just tuned in @ 5:10p. kevin geil's sounding great! - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 17:07 - Request: Hey JBJr!! How about some of that Western music?? By the way, the MD is supposed to be contacting Casbeers. Hoped to hang and chat with you today, but had a Mom "emergency." Hope you are well. - for: Scoop
Thurs, 8/17/06 16:50 - Request: Touche' - for: Jake
Thurs, 8/17/06 16:49 - Request: Hey, this ain't the Beatles show. Save it for Sunday. - for: RWH Fan
Thurs, 8/17/06 16:47 - Request: Equal to John Lennon... now that's a stretch. I would have opined in John Lennon's favor rather than fence-sit on that comparison, Jim - for: Jake
Thurs, 8/17/06 16:36 - Request: Wrong. If something is on sale, it's on sale. Pre-sale and after-sale are both incorrect. - for: One who's been whipped up on by editors for years.
Thurs, 8/17/06 16:34 - Request: By the way, don't come to work tomorrow. - for: your editor
Thurs, 8/17/06 16:31 - Request: If there can be an after-sale, then why not a pre-sale? It's all semantics. - for: The Express-News editor
Thurs, 8/17/06 16:22 - Request: When you goota go, you goota go. - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 15:44 - Request: That's goota be American V. I'll be back after it's over... maybe. - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 15:36 - Request: Close one there Mr. Beal. But I'm proud of you - for: Iktor Yuke
Thurs, 8/17/06 15:30 - Request: ok - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 15:26 - Request: Little Johnny's New Shoes - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 15:17 - Request: ok - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 15:14 - Request: Hi Jim!. Can we hear Willie Nelson sing Still is Still Moving to Me? Thank buddy - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 14:51 - Request: How can anyone list the likes Chris did regarding wrestlers from the 60s without including Dick the Bruiser? - for:
Thurs, 8/17/06 01:52 - Request: play__ Q_bot-BY joe Turner - for:
Wed, 8/16/06 18:22 - Request: i'm sorry to say i'm not familiar with the gentleman though thats likely cuz i'm a fairly recent (10yrs) transplant from the east coast. glad to oblige you on the request and thanks for the kind words. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/16/06 18:19 - Request: 3phus, are you old enough to remember Dick Lane? Dick Lane...God rest his soul... was a sweet elderly gent with thinning hair, thick-rimmed glasses, high-pitched midwestern accent with shoulders up to his ears. In the 50s and 60s he announced wrestling matches featuring the likes of The Destroyer, Buddy "Killer" Austin, Bearcat Riley, Haystack Calhoun, Freddie Blassie, Mr. Moto, the tag-team match of the Assassins (masked), Mil Mascares, Pedro Morales, and all kinds of characters (better than today's steroid monsters of stupidity)... anyway, Dick Lane used to have an expresssion he'd say at something awesome performed in the ring. He'd yelp out "Woe nelly". My sentiments exactly when 3phus played my request "Texas" by Willie Nelson. You, sir, are awesome and I thank you for making me feel like Dick Lane today. You are truly a crowd pleaser. - for: Chris
Wed, 8/16/06 17:56 - Request: i'm hoping this is it? - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/16/06 17:50 - Request: Texas by Willie. Know what I'm askin'? - for: Chris
Wed, 8/16/06 17:46 - Request: most welcome. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/16/06 17:45 - Request: I liked the "gotta have a job" song - Thank ye - for: Tracy Lynn Tucker
Wed, 8/16/06 16:23 - Request: no frets. how about a request mr. stewart? - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/16/06 16:20 - Request: You're greatly respected 3phus. You know how to make me feel somber and insecure. My apologies to Scoop. - for: Pain "unto myself" Stewart
Wed, 8/16/06 16:17 - Request: easy easy easy. scoop works very hard around here, often behinfd the scenes and certainly helped us out of a dj auto situation for a few weeks. as for the american v, i'm of the opinion that it has more of a place as a historical recording of one of america's grst legends. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/16/06 16:11 - Request: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Scoop is guilty of not knowing squat about alternatives. Even I knew to seek TCMN the 3phus way. By the way, I have noticed that Scoop's last three requests have been ignored. Hey 3phus, would you please play something Scoop would like. Mebbe Wolfmother or that dreadful sound of Johnny Cash dying on American V. - for: Pain "in the ass" Stewart ( I like golf)
Wed, 8/16/06 15:39 - Request: Thanks Joe. - for: Scoop
Wed, 8/16/06 15:24 - Request: hey scoop, thanks for being on the job.. folks should be able to still get in via the tcmn route - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/16/06 15:20 - Request: P.S. I don't recall if it affects TCMN, but ksym.org has been hijacked again????? - for: Scoop
Wed, 8/16/06 15:19 - Request: Hey Joe!! Hoped to hang after the staff meeting to chat, but had a Mom emergency. Favor please when you have time. There is a college calendar about the Student Government Book Swap on 30 Aug, that has a meeting time on 22 Aug. Just got notified that the meeting has changed to 10AM, 21 Aug, same place Chance. Could you make an adjustment to the card? Thanks. By the way, at staff meeting, Randon said he would be contacting Casbeers. Peace - for: Scoop
Wed, 8/16/06 09:51 - Request: It's 9:45. Will the Dj who's on please SHUT UP! You're annoying me( and probably others) with all you're goofy gab. Just play the music one song after the other. Geez!!!! - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 19:18 - Request: HERE is the way it's spelled. Thank you all and to all a goodnight - for: a Max Grader fan
Tues, 8/15/06 19:17 - Request: I feel he has talent here. (before anyone says something. I'm a very educated Trinity star) - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 19:15 - Request: You know it seems sorta strange seeing Scoop on this side of KSYM streaming his inciteful thoughts and explanatory manner. I feel he has talent hear. On the air is another matter. But he's still comparatively inexperienced (say to the tenure laws king of Mr. Beal) and deserves more consideration. But for now I think he's more entertaining with his words than his songs. Now then, turning attention to the Mr. Bob show of today... did I detect a wee bit of facetiousness or a cascade of nastiness at the end of his show with Bob this and Bob that. Bob is great, this is understood, let us thank him for OUR good. Amen - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 19:00 - Request: hell yeahza!!! - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 18:46 - Request: Hey Bob, how about some Woofmother?? - for: Scoop
Tues, 8/15/06 18:40 - Request: good point - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 18:38 - Request: Bob like to rawk.. that's why.. - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 18:37 - Request: Bob dont like to talk on the radio - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 18:31 - Request: Bob fer apples! - for: joe joe
Tues, 8/15/06 18:31 - Request: bob for emperor! - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 18:31 - Request: bob fer president! - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 18:30 - Request: We love bob! - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 18:27 - Request: attaboy - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 18:20 - Request: knuckleheads unite! - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 18:19 - Request: i thought of you when it was in queue.. - for: bob
Tues, 8/15/06 18:18 - Request: Hey! I resemble that song! - for: joe joe jellyroll
Tues, 8/15/06 17:28 - Request: knucklehead - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 17:13 - Request: Hmmm 08:41 isn't much in the prediction department. - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 16:20 - Request: blues runners-gravedigger - for: the bear
Tues, 8/15/06 15:22 - Request: How About something from Mark Erelli? - for:
Tues, 8/15/06 08:41 - Request: I predict no requests this day. - for: Tuesday Aug. 15
Mon, 8/14/06 20:28 - Request: We play American V because it's high on the CMJ Charts and because the TCMN Director put it in the library, not that it's any of your business. Like all listeners, you have the abiltiy to pick another station, like maybe Jack O FM....by the way, I looked up the definition of pathetic in the dictionary, and it said, "See Max Grader." Also, the latest survey is out, and we have grouped radio listeners into three groups. One, the intelligent and sophisticated listeners who choose the best station around KSYM. Two, the uninformed, muscially challenged who listen to other stations. Three, Max Grader. We honor everyone's right to their opinion, however, some people's doesn't mean squat..... - for: Scoop
Mon, 8/14/06 20:18 - Request: Oh, I wasn't hear today. I just now found out one of my favorite Djs-- Lulu-- played American V (the Lord works in mysterious ways... I'm usually here for the Lulu show). While I'm hear I will present my findings for the LAST week. 1. is still Dave the FryeDave man. He NEVER disappoints. 2. 3phus would be number 1 if there was no Dave. 3. This spot last week went to the ever improving Jim Beal thanks mainly due to his Rocky Morales trbute. But that was yesterday's paper. Rain put on a better show on Sunday while Mr. Beal had too many guests talking while the music took a back seat. Number 3 to Rain and 4 to Beal. Lulu will pass Jimbo every time she DOESN'T play American V. This week she's #5. I'm watching that Bob fella seeing if REALLY wants to play music for US the audience. Seems like he's in it for himself mainly. 7. Thomas 8. I'm going to put my "dream team" here. The Big Scoop and the Lil Dipper Show on "Sundae" (move Rain to Saturday and get rid of the Caboose Gang. They just don't get it. That's why they're once again number 9 eating in the kitchen and sleeping in the back. - for: MG
Mon, 8/14/06 19:36 - Request: Johnny Cash the legend... yes. Johnny Cash the diabetic... no. I compare his attempt to sing when he knew he wasn't the same as he used to be to a legendary athlete who has passed his prime and thinks he can still go on. Muhammed Ali is classic. He stayed tool long. Michael Jordan tried to make a comeback but looked pretty subpar and compared to what he WAS... maybe even a little pathetic. The word pathetic can definitely be used to describe the pathos of a once great singer named Johnny Cash. May TCMN soon realize that Johnny Cash stayed too long and finally decides to put that sorrowful and ear-awful rubbish of a CD called American V in the trash. I cry every time I hear the dying voice of Johnny Cash - for: Max Grader
Mon, 8/14/06 19:16 - Request: Hey Trinity Guy, it would have been perfect if Johnny Cash American V had been left out of it - for:
Mon, 8/14/06 19:13 - Request: Patsy Cline as the closer. What a way to go. That's for a great show Lulu - for: That Trinity guy...NOT
Mon, 8/14/06 19:06 - Request: damn LuLu! are u a;ready taken? - for: soap opera fan
Mon, 8/14/06 18:54 - Request: thanks guys!!! - for: LuLu
Mon, 8/14/06 17:11 - Request: I wonder how XOXO got equated with hugs and kisses? To me it should mean something more like "dead or alive" X for closed eyes and O for open eyes. - for: San Antonio College student
Mon, 8/14/06 17:06 - Request: Missed spelled is misspelled - for:
Mon, 8/14/06 16:59 - Request: 'Yeah they don't' got the message across! - for:
Mon, 8/14/06 16:58 - Request: You're the greatest Lulu. Just messin' witcha - for: Not a reel Trinity student
Mon, 8/14/06 16:52 - Request: and that response still is missed spelled!! arrgh I give up I'm resorting to smoke signals! - for: XOXO-LuLu
Mon, 8/14/06 16:50 - Request: sorry this was lazy grammer on my part - no, Jimmy La Fave is not a favorite of the other DJ's here at he station. - for: LuLu
Mon, 8/14/06 16:43 - Request: Excuse me, but isn't there a difference between "Yeah they don't " and "No they don't. Suppose Lulu had said "NO" they don't instead of "YES"? Aren't these two words the antithesis of each other thus having opposite meanings. Please clarify Lulu - for: A Trinity student
Mon, 8/14/06 16:27 - Request: yeah they dont - but i love him so feel free to request him every monday - for: XOXO-LuLu
Mon, 8/14/06 16:07 - Request: I appreciate the LaFave; the boyz don't like to play him I don't think. - for:
Mon, 8/14/06 16:03 - Request: thanks! - for:
Mon, 8/14/06 15:55 - Request: both comming up!! - for: XOXO - LuLu
Mon, 8/14/06 15:53 - Request: Never A Moment, by Jimmy LaFave? Please? - for:
Mon, 8/14/06 15:46 - Request: hey lulu ... can you play some neko case? thanks. - for:
Mon, 8/14/06 15:18 - Request: sumbody pee shy. i got no stream. - for:
Sun, 8/13/06 19:43 - Request: Mr. Rain, I read that Max Grader put Mr. Jim Beal ahead of you on his weekly best DJ list. I know you guys are TCMN are pretty tight so you probably root for each other. But I got to tell you, you're show tonight has been a marvelous production. Through word of mouth I learned of KSYM's Texas music programming and I'm kinda new around here. So far YOU'RE the best damn DJ I've heard. Keep it up. - for: Just call me Bones
Sun, 8/13/06 19:35 - Request: all the fine young ladies! (please) - for: a lover of men
Sun, 8/13/06 19:26 - Request: yep - for:
Sun, 8/13/06 19:24 - Request: all from a male perspective - - for: and boys can be so tedious sometimes
Sun, 8/13/06 19:19 - Request: some of the songs are about women. - for:
Sun, 8/13/06 18:48 - Request: how about lucinda williams - happy woman blues or essence - for: a show that so far is 100% men
Sun, 8/13/06 17:47 - Request: or here - for: waking up from a nap
Sun, 8/13/06 16:35 - Request: tony joe white would fit in nicely here - for: you already know
Sun, 8/13/06 15:28 - Request: you're welcome...Crusty - for:
Sun, 8/13/06 15:19 - Request: thanks for playing Ruthie! - for: fan in austin
Sun, 8/13/06 15:08 - Request: I'm hoping that was a request...Crusty - for:
Sun, 8/13/06 15:03 - Request: Death Came a Knockin' coming up...Crusty - for:
Sun, 8/13/06 14:57 - Request: death comes a knockin - for:
Sat, 8/12/06 22:26 - Request: Someone suggested that Scoop be moved to Saturdays. Actually Big Scoop and Lil Dipper would make a good "Sundae" team. - for:
Sat, 8/12/06 18:59 - Request: sorry no time - for: dip
Sat, 8/12/06 18:32 - Request: whiskeytown? - for:
Sat, 8/12/06 18:29 - Request: sorry, don't have it - for: dip
Sat, 8/12/06 18:26 - Request: discover royal fingerbowl - for:
Sat, 8/12/06 18:05 - Request: rosie ledelette-excellent - for:
Sat, 8/12/06 18:01 - Request: no lara sorry, kiko coming up - for: dip
Sat, 8/12/06 17:57 - Request: kiko and the lavender moon? - for:
Sat, 8/12/06 17:51 - Request: no, how bout nil lara - for: the bear
Sat, 8/12/06 17:50 - Request: guillermo? - for:
Sat, 8/12/06 17:39 - Request: the bear que jarabe de palo-depende - for: the bear
Sat, 8/12/06 17:36 - Request: the bear, que? - for: dip
Sat, 8/12/06 17:29 - Request: sorry-mexican candy-the iguanas - for: the bear
Sat, 8/12/06 17:27 - Request: i have mexican candy not kisses...is that it? - for: lil dip
Sat, 8/12/06 17:21 - Request: the iguanas-mexican kisses - for: barry morgan
Sat, 8/12/06 15:54 - Request: really? excellent! - for:
Sat, 8/12/06 15:48 - Request: coming up - for: lil dipper
Sat, 8/12/06 15:19 - Request: any chance we could hear 'warm and tender love', thad cockrell, caitlin cary? shot in the dark here, thanks - for:
Fri, 8/11/06 20:49 - Request: Move Scoop to Saturdays. Might work - for:
Fri, 8/11/06 18:44 - Request: Hey Dave! Know it's late, but.......loved the show, as always. You are a true craftsman. I aspire to be half as good the next time I sub on 3rd Coast. How about a song for Max - maybe something off of American V. Heard it's his favorite.....Regards pal... - for: Scoop and when I post, I put my name, you delusional coward!!
Fri, 8/11/06 16:03 - Request: Yes sir, I'll hang... you betcha! - for: Chris
Fri, 8/11/06 15:59 - Request: I've got a few things backed up right now, I'll put willie in the stack. Hang with me. - for: dave
Fri, 8/11/06 15:55 - Request: Hi Dave! Call me Willie Nelson ignorant, but that song he recently recorded with Toots and the Maytals called "Still is Still Moving To Me" was writtten by him and recorded originally back in 1993 from a CD entitled "Across the Borderline". I heard a snippet's worth on cdnow.com and would like to hear the whole song here and now. Play that version from that 1993 CD if you have it...would you please. Thanks a bunch! - for: Chris
Fri, 8/11/06 15:49 - Request: Thanks Dave, Great tunes….I think I can make it to 5 now - for: SAcajun
Fri, 8/11/06 15:43 - Request: SOMETIMES - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 8/11/06 15:38 - Request: I had another request for Jesse Dayton, so I can cover both - for: dave
Fri, 8/11/06 15:37 - Request: Hey Jeff,,,,, You're Awake - for: thomass
Fri, 8/11/06 15:34 - Request: Banjo & Sullivan.... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 8/11/06 15:34 - Request: slaid & doug coming up - for:
Fri, 8/11/06 15:33 - Request: Sorry, I only have control of the music, not the world's clock....dave - for:
Fri, 8/11/06 15:28 - Request: I would like to make a Back2Back request. Slaid Cleaves “Devils Lullaby” and Doug Kershaw “Diggy Liggy Lo”…..Oh and if you could make it five o’clock right now that would be great. - for: SAcajun
Thurs, 8/10/06 15:16 - Request: Next week, Cuz, next week....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/10/06 15:05 - Request: of course I tune in right at 3pm to hear the live version for once............. - for: cuz
Thurs, 8/10/06 13:05 - Request: This week's TCMN best goes something like this: Perennial favorite, Frydave, is #1. Number 2 is the ever steady 3phus. 3. Goes to Jim Beal because of last week's tremendous tribute to Rocky Morales. 4. Rain 5. Lulu 6. Bob (however, if he gets mad again at his audience again and plays only instrumentals he'll be banned from the list for a month). 7. I like that new guy Thomas. He shows promise and could pass Bob in future seedings). 8. Even Scoop is better than the Saturday Caboose Gang. COME BACK SCOOP, COME BACK. 8. The Saturday Caboose Gang - for: Max Grader
Wed, 8/9/06 18:51 - Request: happy to oblige. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/9/06 18:43 - Request: You are AWESOME! - for:
Wed, 8/9/06 18:42 - Request: howz that? - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/9/06 18:35 - Request: Any way you can slip in Delbert's 'I've Got Dreams to Remember" before 7? or maybe next week? - for:
Wed, 8/9/06 17:48 - Request: most welcome - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/9/06 17:46 - Request: thx for the kurtz - for:
Wed, 8/9/06 17:12 - Request: miss kurtz up in a bit - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/9/06 17:09 - Request: some dayna kurtz mebbe? - for:
Wed, 8/9/06 16:23 - Request: most welcome - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/9/06 16:14 - Request: Thanks 3phus - for: SAcajun
Wed, 8/9/06 16:07 - Request: diggy comin up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/9/06 16:00 - Request: Would you play a little Diggy Liggy Lo - for: SAcajun
Wed, 8/9/06 14:45 - Request: Thanks! - for:
Wed, 8/9/06 13:46 - Request: kinderkaos... that song with Willie Nelson singing a reggae version of his song from 1993 "Still is Still Moving to Me" is on a CD in which Willie is dueting with Toots and the Maytals. Name of the CD is called "True Love" -- a 2004 release - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/9/06 11:40 - Request: Whats the name of this cut and album - for: kinderkaos
Wed, 8/9/06 11:39 - Request: Major props on the cut with Willie - for: kinderkaos
Wed, 8/9/06 10:13 - Request: That Scoop fella is now on Wednesday mornings. From 6-10 his voice can be heard more than the music with one exception... he forgot to mention what station tolerates him at the top of the 10:00 hour. Didn't think it was possible, but he's even worse on Wednesdays than on TCMN. I think he still wishes he were back because he sure does play a lot of so called Austin music and other "old people" songs. KSYM needs direction. - for: Max Grader
Wed, 8/9/06 09:07 - Request: How much does it cost to keep this KSYM stream going? - for:
Tues, 8/8/06 15:07 - Request: yee haw! startin' off with the gourds is startin' off right. - for:
Tues, 8/8/06 14:52 - Request: I'll bet that "Lulu Listener" was another alias for "Scoop" - for:
Mon, 8/7/06 23:10 - Request: what a waste of four hours, this guy sucks - for: LuLu listener
Mon, 8/7/06 15:49 - Request: thanks!!! - I'll let him know. - for: LuLu
Mon, 8/7/06 15:49 - Request: Heard Shake Russell at Gruene Hall last evening - good old and new texas music, can you find any Shake to share? - for: Buck
Mon, 8/7/06 15:47 - Request: I think so too. Hey Thomas, how about some Johnny Cash. Thanks - for: Max
Mon, 8/7/06 15:45 - Request: This guy's good. Better than Scoop. Keep him. - for:
Mon, 8/7/06 14:59 - Request: Where have all the AVERAGE people gone. Thank you Mr. Roger Miller. - for:
Mon, 8/7/06 11:28 - Request: widespread Panic - for: Becky
Mon, 8/7/06 07:44 - Request: I don't want to hear any lesbian songs today. - for:
Sun, 8/6/06 20:26 - Request: Hey folks... I'm an agent of Rain's. I simply used a ploy to test the KSYM market. I know how to solicit a response from people in order to find out information. It's not easy to get people to interact. By responding to my "trick" I realize that at least someone is listening. And that pleases me. I LOVE TCMN and Rain in particular. He's a savy man of Texas music with a nice following. - for: Max Grader
Sun, 8/6/06 19:48 - Request: thanks! - for: -rain-
Sun, 8/6/06 19:38 - Request: Particularly liked the fbb you played today. Oh ... and the word? fabulous. (we're listening) - for:
Sun, 8/6/06 18:21 - Request: one of your best shows ever. - for: dh
Sun, 8/6/06 17:43 - Request: "Seems like a waste of money for you guys to have this stream going" -find: 1)something else to do. 2)something else to do. - for: you know who
Sun, 8/6/06 17:40 - Request: either way, i'm cool, thanks. - for: rain
Sun, 8/6/06 17:36 - Request: just cuz no requests does not mean no one is listening - for: someone listening closely
Sun, 8/6/06 17:29 - Request: this tom russell is very good. lots of good -real- stuff this show. - for: dh
Sun, 8/6/06 17:24 - Request: Not a one has been heard from on the web. A world of potential listeners and nobody is attracted to KSYM. Seems like a waste of money for you guys to have this stream going. - for:
Sun, 8/6/06 14:42 - Request: okie dokie - for: 3phus
Sun, 8/6/06 14:38 - Request: um, please. - for:
Sun, 8/6/06 14:36 - Request: come on in my kitchen, robert johnson - for:
Sat, 8/5/06 17:36 - Request: Hey thanks; love the Delbert too. - for:
Sat, 8/5/06 17:33 - Request: I will get Gillian on for you after Steve James - for: Dan
Sat, 8/5/06 17:26 - Request: A little anything from Gillian Welch would be appreciated, thanks. - for:
Fri, 8/4/06 18:36 - Request: I'll try to fit in a Doug & Rocky tune - for: dave
Fri, 8/4/06 18:35 - Request: Roy Thomas Juzzjeff Dave. Doesn't get any more wholesome and fun than with these guys. Love the Friday show. While here, may I join in with a request? Some more Rocky Morales, please. - for:
Fri, 8/4/06 18:13 - Request: thx - for:
Fri, 8/4/06 18:05 - Request: Dayna coming up - for: dave
Fri, 8/4/06 18:04 - Request: Sure like that Dayna Kurtz CD; can you play another track from it? - for:
Fri, 8/4/06 16:56 - Request: Yea, ok, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ - for:
Fri, 8/4/06 16:52 - Request: pleasant dreams........ - for: dave
Fri, 8/4/06 16:50 - Request: see ya on the radio,thomasssss - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 8/4/06 16:49 - Request: My cofffffeee high has gone.... I'm sleepy and goin' home... See ya' all next week - for: thoooomass
Fri, 8/4/06 16:22 - Request: never heard from any of them mothers - for: dave
Fri, 8/4/06 16:19 - Request: hey dave, are the mother truckers stopping by the studio? - for: 3phus
Fri, 8/4/06 16:13 - Request: ...yer askeerin' me, thomasss - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 8/4/06 16:11 - Request: I drank cofffffeeeee all morning - for:
Fri, 8/4/06 16:07 - Request: Yeah Thomassss must not be working too hard today, this is the most he's talked on here...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 8/4/06 16:07 - Request: they won't let him play "female problems" - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 8/4/06 16:07 - Request: Hey Dave; Cudos to the Squirrel. The webstream has been great...... lately - for: thomasss
Fri, 8/4/06 16:04 - Request: I knew you'd jump in on this conversation, Thomassssss - for: dave
Fri, 8/4/06 16:03 - Request: Dave; We ALL know what Rev. Billy song would work... don't we ? - for: THOMASSS
Fri, 8/4/06 16:01 - Request: Maybe jeff need to find a "Bad" one - for: thomass
Fri, 8/4/06 15:59 - Request: Yeah go ahead and pick one Dave...yeah poor Jeff can't find a good woman. Doesn't Wayne the train have a no woman having blues song? - for: Roy
Fri, 8/4/06 15:58 - Request: ..i'm obviously jinxed in that department - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 8/4/06 15:55 - Request: got some E Burleson, but not that song. Want me to pick one? Jeff, got wermens problems? - for: dave
Fri, 8/4/06 15:52 - Request: need a song for Heeman Woman Haters Club again.... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 8/4/06 15:50 - Request: Dave do you have No Closing Time by Ed Burleson? - for: Roy
Fri, 8/4/06 15:40 - Request: See, I'm not the only cool person out here! - for: Roy
Fri, 8/4/06 15:40 - Request: must be his evil twin..... - for:
Fri, 8/4/06 15:39 - Request: I actually had someone besides Roy request the Fowler tune. - for: dave
Fri, 8/4/06 15:35 - Request: Ha...I'm here fellas...let's cut the zydeco crap and get down with some rough and rowdy songs! - for: Roy
Fri, 8/4/06 15:28 - Request: He's probably out, suckin' a beer - for: thomass
Fri, 8/4/06 15:26 - Request: Pickin on the kid right off the bat, Thomassss. I figured I lost him right away with a 11min zydeco tune. - for: dave
Fri, 8/4/06 15:23 - Request: Like to request another Cajun / Zydeco tune and send it out to Roy.... - for: thomass
Fri, 8/4/06 13:16 - Request: "Dirty Old Town" by Esther Ofarim & Abraham - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 22:07 - Request: Jim did a fine job tonight. Here's my latest TCMN rating: 1. Still Mr. FryeDave 2. 3phus 3. Jim Beal 4. Lulu (however her show this week included a risque song by request) 5. Rain 6. Bob 7. The outsource guy for Lulu 8. The Saturday Caboose Gang - for: Max Grader
Thurs, 8/3/06 18:41 - Request: Thanks. - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 18:40 - Request: Nice jazz you have on the radio Jim - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 18:29 - Request: Good job? All we need now for the best hoot ever for a Thursday TCMN show is some Sinatra to go with this Morales salute - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 17:48 - Request: KUDOS to Leon Valley Traffic COPS(Webb Wilder?) - for: RedRanger
Thurs, 8/3/06 17:47 - Request: thanks - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 17:32 - Request: Man, you're killing me, Jim. Good job. - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 17:28 - Request: amen. and f.m. - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 17:16 - Request: I know I'm thankful for KSYM as both a DJ and as a music fan...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 17:09 - Request: There are many places that don't have an outlet like KSYM. We should thank them for givimg us a place to celebrate the lives and carreers of folks like Rocky, Doug, etc. Thank you KSYM. - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 17:06 - Request: Thank God for the music...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 17:03 - Request: Sad news indeed, Crusty, but there's always the music. - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 16:56 - Request: max grader can kiss my ass.......... - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 16:41 - Request: Amen. Rocky was always approachable, always front and center with un abrazo. - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 16:32 - Request: i admired doug sahm from afar for years. his talents were always supported by some of the most talented musicians i've ever heard, be it rock, soul, blues, or country he was making. a fan of tenor sax, rocky always blew me away, and i was in complete awe of his soulful take on the instrument. i'll never forget the night at salute when i screwed up enough nerve to speak to rocky, a man who to me seemed more magician than musician. i tried not to gush, but made it clear to rocky that he touched my heart more than any other sax player i'd ever heard. he took the compliment with genuine appreciation; seemed even surprised, and responded with "you don't know how much it means what you've said to me, and i'm honored that you feel that way." had the pleasure to visit with him many times after that, and he always seemed completely surprised when anyone noticed his playing. maybe it was standing in the rather large shadow of the likes of spot barnett and other horn players of note from s.a. i'm getting old. i wish i could relive some of those moments. i would make even more of them. - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 16:12 - Request: rest in peace rocky. you were always a gentle, kind yet dynamic element of something that was, is, and shall long be important to many. - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 16:03 - Request: That I can do...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 16:02 - Request: Well, Ifin I haven't used up all my requests, How about "Do Something For Me" from "Last Real Texas Blues Band" Doug Sahm. - for: Thomas
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:56 - Request: Thomas, Sorry but I don't have that "Doug Saldana" album in the studio....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:42 - Request: Good Request Jeff. Honky Tonk is the song that made Rocky switch to the old Tenor Sax... - for: thomas
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:28 - Request: Good requests. I'll get 'em up as I can....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:25 - Request: Early, not eary - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:23 - Request: She's Huggin' You, But She;s Lookin' At Me" from "The Return of Doug Saldana" 1971. A Very eary get together of Rocky and Doug. - for: thomass
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:21 - Request: ok - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:19 - Request: thomas, e-mail me at my work address - for: juzzjeff
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:16 - Request: good request jeff.....tg. - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:15 - Request: Honky Tonk of Jukebox Music/ Last TexasBlues Band .... - for: juzzjeff
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:15 - Request: Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day -- Doug Sahm - for: Cohen in Denver
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:03 - Request: J.D. Graham Wave Goodbye for Rocky and Wasted Days for Freddy - for: Bro. Dave
Thurs, 8/3/06 15:03 - Request: Thomas, Coming right up...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 8/3/06 14:44 - Request: Crusty; For Rocky.....RIP. "Ain't Into Lettin' You Go" ( D. Sahm, Hell of a Spell ) - for: thomassssssss
Wed, 8/2/06 18:47 - Request: kinda out of time this week. we can get to it otmmorrow or next week. whichever comes first! - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/2/06 18:35 - Request: GUACAMOLE sONG TEXAS tORNADOES - for: LSBIAN THINKER
Wed, 8/2/06 17:46 - Request: RIP Rocky Morales, a tenor titan. - for:
Wed, 8/2/06 15:48 - Request: cool. here comes some old stuff - for: 3phus
Wed, 8/2/06 15:46 - Request: that ain't a complaint. just wakin' ya up. good show. new stuff rules. - for:
Wed, 8/2/06 15:45 - Request: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 18:47 - Request: please update Who did the last tune? - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 17:38 - Request: ok - for: Bob
Tues, 8/1/06 17:36 - Request: gourds !! 'tain't 3rd coast w/o some gourds ! - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 17:29 - Request: NO PROB - for: Bob
Tues, 8/1/06 17:21 - Request: Hey, thx for the Deadman - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 16:17 - Request: Oops ... didn't hear 7 Times Hotter than Fire. - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 16:16 - Request: You got Paramour by Deadman there? Sure would like to hear Down by the Winedale. Thanks, Bob. Also (or in lieu of) anything off the new T-Bone Burnett. - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 15:34 - Request: Agin, that's three. No make that four. The song before this one was good as well. Don't believe I know who this is playing. Is this a debut artist? - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 15:30 - Request: I mean, the afternoon - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 15:28 - Request: This one is too Bob. Two great songs so far. Going to be a good evening of music I sense - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 15:22 - Request: The peice I'm referring to is the just completed song with the horns in it - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 15:21 - Request: This piece is hot!. Great stuff Bob - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 15:18 - Request: Gimme half of what killed Elvis and you can call me King, please - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 15:17 - Request: How 'bout some "Fool-Songs" for this August Fools Day - for:
Tues, 8/1/06 14:24 - Request: Well, TCMN has reached its alternative nadir with the acceptance of a lesbian song being played. This ain't a place for politics. Come on! Play the music, DJ (wo)man, for the FUN of it. - for: Max Grader
Tues, 8/1/06 11:13 - Request: crazy? so much for our only alternative.. - for:
Mon, 7/31/06 18:06 - Request: comming up! - for: LuLu
Mon, 7/31/06 18:02 - Request: play a lesbian song, please! - for: thinks lesbian
Mon, 7/31/06 17:24 - Request: emmylou??? welcome back lulu, missed u - for: lil dip
Mon, 7/31/06 16:22 - Request: how about updating the playlist please - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:27 - Request: YEA! that's what i thought. - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:25 - Request: 7 jealous sisters - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:24 - Request: by the way, i have the album, it's morricone - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:21 - Request: Hey Rain, how about something from Jackie Greene like Seven Jealous Sisters or something - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:17 - Request: how about ROLF! is it that funny.. btw.. you spell it maricon - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:11 - Request: lol! - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:09 - Request: Could be ... that'd work too. - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:07 - Request: i could be lot-o-laughs - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:02 - Request: Yep, that's it. - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 19:02 - Request: so like is that, laugh out loud? - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 18:58 - Request: Don't usually do the acronyms, but .... LOL! - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 18:56 - Request: Smoochy smoochy smooch. - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 18:52 - Request: smooch - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 18:37 - Request: So do I! - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 18:29 - Request: I like the Morricone you open your show with now. - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 18:06 - Request: which bays brothers track? got it right here... - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 18:05 - Request: ok - for:
Sun, 7/30/06 18:00 - Request: hey Rain can you play some Bays Brothers...Thanks - for:
Fri, 7/28/06 17:27 - Request: I miss read that...I took the NO for New Orleans, as no you didn't have it. My bad! - for: Roy
Fri, 7/28/06 17:07 - Request: you know it - for: cj
Fri, 7/28/06 17:05 - Request: Put the bald wonder in his place, CJ - for: dave
Fri, 7/28/06 17:02 - Request: Roy, don't laugh too hard, NO Social Club "Fortunate Son" just played. Dave knows how to treat his friends! - for: cj
Fri, 7/28/06 16:58 - Request: So sorry CJ...hahaha. Ask for some Hank Jr or Hank III, he just might have it...hahaha. You know I love ya. - for: Roy
Fri, 7/28/06 16:51 - Request: NO Social coming up. Ya can't go wrong with a G Jones tune, Roy - for: dave
Fri, 7/28/06 16:49 - Request: Hey Dave....how's bout some New Orleans Social Club? - for: cj
Fri, 7/28/06 16:47 - Request: Thank you Sir, been awhile since I heard that George Jones song. - for: Roy
Fri, 7/28/06 16:27 - Request: the Playboy rises from the dead! I'll get a few tunes for ya, Roy. - for: dave
Fri, 7/28/06 16:15 - Request: Dave! Let's get some good music going...hahaha. Or some beer drinkin music buddy! - for: Roy
Fri, 7/28/06 15:21 - Request: I've never had much luck with our Windows stream at my house. I've got a call to the IT folks to see what's up. - for: dave
Fri, 7/28/06 15:19 - Request: media player is marginal today-realplayer's working better - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/28/06 15:17 - Request: will do, 3phus - for: dave
Fri, 7/28/06 15:14 - Request: hey dave. keep an eye out for delphine as she's supposed to be dropping off some cd's of some foks coming to town. - for: 3phus
Thurs, 7/27/06 23:11 - Request: Love that Lamplight - for:
Thurs, 7/27/06 18:58 - Request: Dinners are playing tonight. Here's info: Grand opening of Justin's On Main (2212 N. Main, near Woodlawn) with a party featuring live music, family fun, free food and ice cream Thursday, July 27th from 6-9pm. 736-1457. Not sure what time they start playing but the block is closed off for the show party. Free stuff. Here's a link for more info. http://www.salsa.net/peace/ - for: Lamplight
Thurs, 7/27/06 18:13 - Request: Sorry, no info about the Dinners and ice cream...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 7/27/06 18:04 - Request: Do you have any info regarding The Dinners playing at an Ice Cream shop sometime today? - for: Lamplight
Thurs, 7/27/06 17:14 - Request: He was sick. That CD was recorded at the end of Mr. Cash's life and it's not the voice of Folsom Prison Blues. Still, I believe it's a very strong, very soulful CD. I respect your opinion - and I respectfully disagree...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 7/27/06 17:07 - Request: Sure. But to me he sounded sick. Doesn't sound like the Folsom Prison Blues voice I remember him as. Just my opinion Crusty - for:
Thurs, 7/27/06 17:02 - Request: Yes, that was Johnny Cash - and I disagree...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 7/27/06 16:58 - Request: That Johnny Cash song was awful. Was that really him? - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 18:57 - Request: You tried Joe. Thanks for the G. Dead effort. Tell Cristine the show went well. It was different, but good. Back to normal next week. See ya - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 18:16 - Request: sorry, but we don't have anything by the dead in the 3rd coast library. i've got sa song by jerry, buts it';s a cover of a jimmie rodgers tune that isn't fitting in with the current motif. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 18:09 - Request: This hasn't been a good day for requests, but let's try again. Anything by the Grateful Dead would work wouldn't it? The skeleton is both their icon and TCMN. Play the Dead please. (wait and see now) - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 17:27 - Request: Speaking of dogs I'm going to the newroom for the latest on the dirty dogs of Hezballah vs. mad dogs of Israel - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 17:15 - Request: I need a drink - for: Iktor Yuke
Wed, 7/26/06 17:10 - Request: This is the kind of show a blind man would love more than the TCMN faithful - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 17:08 - Request: How about the theme from Lassie. You know... the one with that ethereal whistle to it - for: Tim
Wed, 7/26/06 17:03 - Request: cool. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 17:01 - Request: I hate to tell you this joe, but Christine is funnier - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 17:00 - Request: LOL - for: Al
Wed, 7/26/06 16:58 - Request: best of luck with the shower al. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 16:55 - Request: You're sorry? How do you think I'm dealling with this. That's right... with a cold shower. Thanks anyways guys - for: Al
Wed, 7/26/06 16:51 - Request: that particular song isn't in the 3rd coast library. sorry. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 16:51 - Request: George Thorogood and the Destroyers and "Bad to the Bone". How can you plan a dog and bone show without including a classic southern rock sound as that. Christine, my name is Al and I got a gal named Peg waiting for that song to be played. I'M READY FOR IT. - for: Al Bundy
Wed, 7/26/06 16:43 - Request: sorry, don't have that track by the everly bros. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 16:38 - Request: Hey bird dog get away from my quail; you're on the wrong trail... bird dog you better leave my lovey dove alone. Hey bird dog get away from my chick; better get away quick...bird dog you better find a little chick of your own. He's a bird dog - for: The Everly Brothers
Wed, 7/26/06 16:30 - Request: guy clark & verlon thompson - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 16:25 - Request: Is that Larry "Mr. Custer" Verne singing right now? - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 16:19 - Request: Would any pit bull please enter the KSYM studios and get the buckaroos out of there? - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 16:16 - Request: Scooby-Do where are you? - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 16:10 - Request: i found the buck owens stuff. filed under B - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 16:10 - Request: Where's Scoop when you need him? We could have him "scoop" up the dog **** we're hearing today - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 16:06 - Request: this dog stuffs getting stale - for: buz
Wed, 7/26/06 16:05 - Request: any 3rd coast djs seen the buck owens or robert johnson cd's??? - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 16:04 - Request: Dog gone it, Joe. But, that's all right. Just thought I'd throw you guys a bone. Bow wow. I mean bye bye - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 15:57 - Request: sorry, we don't have that cut with us today. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 15:54 - Request: Hound Dog by Elvis, Christine. Please! Love your show so far my dear. - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 15:51 - Request: "Black Dog" is an English metaphor for depression. - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 15:48 - Request: butch hancock west texas waltz has good dog reference - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 15:45 - Request: dog-gone good set, christine. - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 15:41 - Request: looks like it. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/26/06 15:38 - Request: 3 hours of dog songs tonight Joe? - for:
Wed, 7/26/06 07:56 - Request: Goodbye Scoop. You were a lot of fun - for: MG
Wed, 7/26/06 07:50 - Request: This week's top ten list goes as follows: 1. Frydave 2. 3phus 3. Lulu (yeah) 4. Rain 5. Jim Beal 6. Bob 7. The Saturday Caboose gang 8. Jake 9. Rufus 10. Scoop - for: Max Grader
Tues, 7/25/06 21:28 - Request: Question: What do the names Jake, Rufus and Scoop have in common? They all would start their TCMN show off with "The lovely Miss Lisa Hayes". - for: Lulu's #1 fan
Tues, 7/25/06 18:38 - Request: This Jake again. Bob, do we have enough time for another request? Anything by Mr. Waylon Jennings would make it an evening for me. Thanks Bob. - for: Jake
Tues, 7/25/06 18:34 - Request: I think Texans still wish they were a republic - for: Jake
Tues, 7/25/06 18:32 - Request: Do Texans know the meaning of tolerance of opinions. Isn't that what makes America great? - for:
Tues, 7/25/06 18:29 - Request: "waltzing on the titantic" Lonesome bob - for: we need some yang
Tues, 7/25/06 16:40 - Request: Hey Bob! Looks like Lulu's #1 fan is listening. Scoop told me that if this is Lulu's #1 fan, it doesn't speak very highly of Lulu's fan base.....Might be that Iktor guy who bothers JB Jr., with that tired Frank Sinatra routine???? Scoop was right. Until this "critic" signs up to be a dj, his opinions are nothing. A non-entity who has nothing better to do..........By the way, I met Scoop's buddy Jake. Jake would certainly like to "Meet" this clown who hides behind the Net and doesn't have the cajones to identify himself. KSYM should look for a way to identify and block any incoming emails from non-entities. - for: Rufus
Tues, 7/25/06 16:29 - Request: Yeah, let's hear "the agonizing death" of Johnny Cash another time. I'm saddened every time my hero's voice is remembered in that diabetic way. The record company that sold that CD are shameless. They're in it for the money... as usual. - for:
Tues, 7/25/06 16:08 - Request: Hey Bob, you there?? How about some Johnny Cash from American V - for: Rufus
Tues, 7/25/06 15:31 - Request: naw ... LuLu never updates the play list at the end of her show - for:
Mon, 7/24/06 20:03 - Request: Hmmm, a significant omission... Lulu didn't thank the stand-in for the 5 weeks she was gone. I'll bet she thought Scoop was a disappointment. - for: Max Grader
Mon, 7/24/06 18:57 - Request: Dont forget to update playlist before you go ! And Welcome Back ! - for:
Mon, 7/24/06 18:10 - Request: how about jason eady? - for:
Mon, 7/24/06 15:06 - Request: Thanks for the welcome! and dont be so hard on Johnny! - for: XOXO-LuLu
Mon, 7/24/06 14:04 - Request: Hey Lulu, tell Scoop to stop being "Jake" - for:
Mon, 7/24/06 08:46 - Request: Hey, it's that "loyal" fan who cannot identify itself??? Who really gives a crap what you think. - for: jake
Mon, 7/24/06 08:15 - Request: HI Lulu. Welcome back! (I hope you're back ). Your return means that we don't have to listen to "Miss Lisa Hayes" and her supporter(s) anymore. Oh, and PLEASE try not to play that pathetic voice of Johnny Cash singing while dying (his last recordings-- American V?). Johnny Cash when he was healthy is fine anytime. I'll be out of town on business, but will be online from New Mexico, hopefully, this evening. - for: Lulu's #1 fan
Sun, 7/23/06 22:35 - Request: Number Two (Track 10) by LUNA - for:
Sun, 7/23/06 16:59 - Request: JOE ELY....................live@liberty lunch good album - for: the electrcian now in new orleans
Sun, 7/23/06 13:59 - Request: i might come kick it with you. - for:
Sun, 7/23/06 13:48 - Request: yep! I've got to change from my bob will's t-shirt & put on my Robert Johnson shirt - for: dave
Sun, 7/23/06 13:44 - Request: T FOR TEXAS! - for:
Sun, 7/23/06 13:42 - Request: hey dave are doing the blues? - for:
Sat, 7/22/06 18:56 - Request: Great show! - for:
Sat, 7/22/06 15:37 - Request: Yeah, who's callin' Dirty Dozen, Dallas Wayne and Marcia Ball dreary? - for:
Sat, 7/22/06 15:36 - Request: It'sounding great to me. Keep up the good work, Saturday TCMNers! - for:
Sat, 7/22/06 11:12 - Request: I wish Saturday would go as well as Friday did on TCMN. Someone needs to bring in a media consultant to put some life into the dreary Saturday programming of TCMN - for:
Fri, 7/21/06 16:53 - Request: i'll bet KVMR is too, huh thomass? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/21/06 16:40 - Request: I do too! It's air conditioned. - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 16:36 - Request: I love TCMN on Friday - for:
Fri, 7/21/06 16:31 - Request: You're welcome CJ. All Roy needs to keep going is a cold one. - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 16:29 - Request: thank you dave. just needed that cajun JOLT to keep on going today. - for: cj
Fri, 7/21/06 16:22 - Request: I try to get at least one lobos tune during my shift. - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 16:21 - Request: Yeah, a second sending of thanks to you Dave for The Wolves. - for: Chris
Fri, 7/21/06 16:15 - Request: Thomass, I will tune you in tomorrow... - for: Roy
Fri, 7/21/06 16:13 - Request: thanks, it's you folks coming up with the great requests. I just toss them in the players. - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 16:08 - Request: thanks for the alvin; lucinda was great too and lobos always superb - for:
Fri, 7/21/06 16:04 - Request: cj, louisiana coming up - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 16:00 - Request: Its Friday, must be time for some Cajon sounds - for: CJ
Fri, 7/21/06 15:55 - Request: wicked lobos also in the line. Shameless R But R plug, Thomass. No problem with that. - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 15:52 - Request: i've got a few requests backed up. Be patient for the Alejandro - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 15:51 - Request: Just bought The Best of Los Lobos. Only problem being that Wicked Rain Across 110th Street ain't on the CD. Would you play that song today Dave? Bobby Womack is with Los Lobos on that one. Thanks (again, probably) - for: Chris
Fri, 7/21/06 15:51 - Request: Hey ROY.... Tune in Ragged But Right for an hours of down on your luck, hurtin, gut wrenchin' Drinkin' Songs... from 1 to 2 - for: thomassssss
Fri, 7/21/06 15:48 - Request: I think joe got a copy in the mail, but it's not down here yet. I can get a cut from the Dave Alvin up shortly. - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 15:48 - Request: great version of this neko song; forgot about that cd - possible to hear evening gown from that as well? much appreciated. - for:
Fri, 7/21/06 15:43 - Request: new dave alvin? - for:
Fri, 7/21/06 15:42 - Request: hey, did y'all get the wofford cd down to the station yet? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/21/06 15:32 - Request: Yeah it's not real noticable when the music is playing but in between songs it is pretty loud. - for: Roy
Fri, 7/21/06 15:25 - Request: I had the same problem at my house with the WMP. I'll pass it on to the tech folks. - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 15:23 - Request: Big Dave...let's get rowdy man, it's Friday Dude. How about some Kevin Fowler and what ever else you can string up. Hey I like this Windows Media Player, just so you know though, you can can hear like a pulsing sound though. - for: Roy
Fri, 7/21/06 15:15 - Request: neko coming up - for: dave
Fri, 7/21/06 15:08 - Request: Neko Case, please. - for:
Fri, 7/21/06 13:40 - Request: anything by nanci griffith - for: outlaw performance
Fri, 7/21/06 12:11 - Request: Well, isn't that's what a caboose is for? - for:
Fri, 7/21/06 12:00 - Request: I'm sorry, Jim Beal is #6 not Scoop. Scoop is the #7 seed followed by the Saturday caboose gang where everyone goes to sleep - for: MG
Fri, 7/21/06 11:54 - Request: And now, the grades for this week: FryeDave is still # 1 followed by 3phus, Rain, Bob, number 5 is Lulu ( she's #5 because I don't know if she'll ever be back) , # 6 is Mr. Lisa Hayes-- Scoop, and coming up a notch from the last seeding list is Jim Beal. That Saturday crew now is in need of a media consultant for better ratings. - for: Max Grader
Fri, 7/21/06 11:45 - Request: jay p , in reality , is "That there scoop fella" Scoop is always sending self-complimentary messages on this online post. Why he does this I don't know - for: Max Grader
Thurs, 7/20/06 18:38 - Request: I'll have to ask Scoop where he keeps Lisa Hayes. - for:
Thurs, 7/20/06 18:34 - Request: That there scoop fella starts all his shows with lisa hayes.. she's good - for: jay p
Thurs, 7/20/06 16:36 - Request: We also don't have any Lisa Hayes...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 7/20/06 16:36 - Request: Sorry, don't have that "Howlin' at the Moon." Crusty - for:
Thurs, 7/20/06 15:35 - Request: How about "Howlin at the Moon" by Hank Williams - for: Jake
Thurs, 7/20/06 15:22 - Request: I believe that Windows Media upgrade is a direct result of pledge drive contributions, so thanks, pledgers....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 7/20/06 15:10 - Request: just realized y'all added windows media player...good decision!! - for: juzzjeff
Thurs, 7/20/06 14:57 - Request: I love Johnny Cash singing with that diabetic voice. Can we please hear one of the last songs he ever recorded? - for:
Thurs, 7/20/06 14:55 - Request: Then after you play Mr. Campbell how about some Miss Lisa Hayes - for:
Thurs, 7/20/06 14:52 - Request: Will the man at the helm please Just Who's Drivin (again) by Troy Campbell. Thanks. - for: Frank Sinatra
Thurs, 7/20/06 14:42 - Request: hey space cats and kittens.........today's the 37th anniversary of man's first step on the moon. how's about prine's space monkey, and maybe cindy walker's sugar moon? thanks - for: green cheeezzz
Wed, 7/19/06 17:47 - Request: for da 26 Jul Year of the Dog Show (in archives) - for: Sassy SiB
Wed, 7/19/06 17:16 - Request: i give up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/19/06 17:09 - Request: Plz check library for 29JUN05 playlist & lemme know what's missing - for: Sassy Ardilla
Wed, 7/19/06 15:34 - Request: don't have that cd or that song by los lobos but i'll get you some los lobos on in a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/19/06 15:31 - Request: Los Lobos, Joe. Please. "Oh Yeah" from their "Best of" I'm still in the mood for (no luck with Bob yesterday. He was into mega amounts of instrumentals) Thanks Joe - for: Chris
Wed, 7/19/06 15:28 - Request: a couple from c cody coming up - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/19/06 15:21 - Request: dunno on the pop contest, i'll setttle for being the best on wednesday afternoon for now. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/19/06 15:19 - Request: How about some Commander Cody, on his birthday... today - for: Thomass in Sac.
Wed, 7/19/06 15:16 - Request: roy head comin up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/19/06 15:12 - Request: hey 3phus. good to hear ya. so, tell me,... what is your seeding in the TC-DJ popularity contest today? i'm thinking you're ranking near second. mebbe first, if you'd just buy me more beer. - for: heyheyhey
Wed, 7/19/06 15:11 - Request: Roy Head, please - for: dan
Tues, 7/18/06 17:36 - Request: Bob - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 17:36 - Request: you guys are mean. I'm gonna go back to not paying attention to this post. - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 16:48 - Request: Good lord, where's that Scoop fella when you need him?? - for: jdh
Tues, 7/18/06 16:41 - Request: I hate the Casbah (mainly because of the DJ) - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 16:33 - Request: OK, I'm outa here, pullin' the plug, and waitin' for Joe - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 16:30 - Request: BOB... this is Vulture Harrison Strooth. what's going on, boy. Are you letting these salamanders online upset you. Come on, let's make this a real show for all who love music from our Third Coast. Boy, you're one of the best in my book. Get back on track, please. Have a good day when you let go for work - for: VHS
Tues, 7/18/06 16:26 - Request: Sure, we get words and now we can't understand them.... - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 16:22 - Request: Head Roy, Dan - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 16:20 - Request: OK Bob I think you've made your point with the instrumentals. Let's turn to Los Lobos and "Oh Yeah" from the best of. Great song, I mean to tell you! - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 16:16 - Request: Roy Dan - for: Head
Tues, 7/18/06 16:05 - Request: Everybody... surf's up. Get your woodies! - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 16:05 - Request: Roy Head - for: dan
Tues, 7/18/06 15:58 - Request: Sorry, that should read "couldn't be" classified... - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 15:56 - Request: I hate to sound like a complainer, but having a live Dj to pick on is fun... and constructive. The criticism is always meant for the betterment of TCMN programming, I feel. People willing to , at least, listen to their listeners with an open mind rather than get bent out of shape definately could be classified as a "mule". We must all help each other keep TCMN from smelling like crap. - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 15:54 - Request: what's that you want more instrumentals coming right up!!! jerks - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 15:52 - Request: Yes please, or even lyrics - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 15:51 - Request: I WANT WORDS WITH MY MUSIC...... - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 15:30 - Request: You're most welcome. Deep inside you know you're loved. - for:
Tues, 7/18/06 15:15 - Request: woo hoo! - for:
Mon, 7/17/06 23:16 - Request: Hey "real listener"... where did you get a name like "Scoop"? - for: a listener who doesn't call people names
Mon, 7/17/06 20:50 - Request: By the way, you could do half the job Bob does at KSYM, and you still would be a wimp. - for:
Mon, 7/17/06 20:49 - Request: Duh, did we just hear from some of third coast's loyal listeners?? If there so good, why don't they go to SAC, take an AP course, and show us how to be a DJ that suits your caliber. Or better still, you can be a horse's ass and hide behind the Internet or the telephone. Jack up, or shut up because nobody gives a rat's behind about your opinion. - for: A real listener who appreciates all the dj's efforts
Mon, 7/17/06 19:39 - Request: Sorry buckaroo, that Bob fella has unbridled love for the "man in black". Johnny Cash had the voice at the end of his career only a mule could love. Bob is that mule. - for:
Mon, 7/17/06 19:31 - Request: Better yet, lay off that guy for a while. You people play the same artists too often these days... and in excess!!! Then again, maybe that's too much to ask of a bunch of mules (no offense to the three just approved as the best). - for:
Mon, 7/17/06 19:25 - Request: Good riddance to anybody who thinks Johnny Cash's dying voice is worth listening to. If any intelligent TCMN deejays exist stick to the Johnny Cash songs that made him a legend. Can hardly wait for Lulu's return. FryDave, 3phus and Lulu.--doesn't get any better than them - for:
Mon, 7/17/06 18:59 - Request: Goodbye thanks for the oportunity to serve you - for: scoop
Mon, 7/17/06 17:32 - Request: Who's jack and whom might Michelle Wright be?? - for:
Mon, 7/17/06 16:28 - Request: michelle wright - for: jack
Mon, 7/17/06 15:36 - Request: Looks like only two people have done "Berkeley Woman," John Denver and the songwriter - Bryan Bowers. Neither are in the TCMN library. - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 19:45 - Request: anyone know if any TC artists have done berkely woman by John Denver? - for: Buck
Sun, 7/16/06 19:39 - Request: whoahh - great music, keep it up! - for: buck
Sun, 7/16/06 19:35 - Request: OK - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:58 - Request: seka has a special place in my scarf drawer - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:57 - Request: Rimming is for perverts - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:51 - Request: Briana Banks is to die for. Remember Kay Parker and Amber Lynn. What's Seka up to these days. Linda Lovelace is dead. Candy Samples isn't. She must be around 65 years old today. Some thoughts from a porn lover and KISS radio - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:42 - Request: why? can't find anything about being ambidextrous? - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:41 - Request: well get lost. go one, do you stuff. - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:40 - Request: i feel like playing 'i love my right hand' by shel silverstein - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:34 - Request: Have enjoyed your show since 4:00. Must leave you now for some great female sex. This will take a while for the orb of my desire is to die for. Later - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:29 - Request: todd snider "waco moon"? - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:03 - Request: upcoming daniel johnston....sweet. - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 17:00 - Request: Deadman has "Sad Ol' Geronimo" on Our Eternal Ghosts. Nice stuff. - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 16:51 - Request: smooth, tvz, good work. - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 16:47 - Request: thanks, i'm really digging this peter rowan. - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 16:46 - Request: Tecumsah, Townes Van Zandt - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 16:45 - Request: keep going with it....good stuff - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 16:37 - Request: i will, let me get off my evil empire set. - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 16:34 - Request: wouldja consider playing one or the other or both? - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 16:26 - Request: mmm hmmm. yep. sure do. - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 16:22 - Request: got any roky erickson or daniel johnston? - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 16:18 - Request: So what's the treat today? - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 14:49 - Request: most welcome. - for: 3phus
Sun, 7/16/06 14:48 - Request: Thank you! - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 14:47 - Request: thats on the rounder label by the way. - for: 3phus
Sun, 7/16/06 14:46 - Request: cd was prison songs, hostorical recordings from parchman farm, 1947-1948 vol 1, sorry i missed poisting it. - for: 3phus
Sun, 7/16/06 14:43 - Request: Can you tell me the name of the album from whence came "Early in the Morning"? Thanks. - for:
Sun, 7/16/06 04:35 - Request: The 1900-2100 hours mentioned was in reference to the kind of music that was played, not the style of time. It was alternative music written up on the TCMN playlist. TCMN is not on between 1900-2100 - for:
Sat, 7/15/06 12:47 - Request: In case your actually interested in why the TCMN playlist uses 24-hour/military time, that's what FCC logs use and we use and file FCC logs. - for:
Fri, 7/14/06 22:31 - Request: Someone likes being a smart-ass. - for:
Fri, 7/14/06 22:29 - Request: Who put this 1900-2100 hour crap on the TCMN playlist? - for:
Fri, 7/14/06 16:56 - Request: I will celebrate the best I can...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 7/14/06 16:50 - Request: Terri is back in SA next Thurs. Thomass tell the Sisters Morales hello from SA if you see them this weekend. - for: dave
Fri, 7/14/06 16:47 - Request: forgot you're going to see Unknown..i'm heading over to thomas's hood to see terri hendrix - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/14/06 16:30 - Request: Hey Roy, It's Nude Recreation Week. Are you going to be celebrating? - for: dave
Fri, 7/14/06 16:21 - Request: You got that right my friends...Beer is always on my agenda these days... - for: Roy
Fri, 7/14/06 16:14 - Request: the party's at Roy's new pimp pad - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/14/06 16:13 - Request: The Bull arises from his sleep! I guess there are a few beers on the weekend agenda. Right Roy? - for: dave
Fri, 7/14/06 16:12 - Request: Lynwood Slim not your clown - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/14/06 16:08 - Request: Dave, let's get some getting drunk music going buddy! - for: Roy
Fri, 7/14/06 15:09 - Request: OK Mom ! - for:
Fri, 7/14/06 15:04 - Request: Thanks for showing up today. Now, SIT UP STRAIGHT!! No Slouching. - for: dave
Fri, 7/14/06 15:02 - Request: Thomass Present & Accounted for.... Let Er Rip - for:
Thurs, 7/13/06 21:33 - Request: No one's listening. Why? - for:
Thurs, 7/13/06 15:13 - Request: I live to serve....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 7/13/06 14:00 - Request: a world wide web of listeners yet none of them were evident via online requests yesterday. I hope Crusty can pump some life into TCMN today. If anyone can, he can. - for:
Thurs, 7/13/06 09:29 - Request: Ralston Everybody But You - for: Jake
Wed, 7/12/06 17:47 - Request: tap tap tap - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/12/06 10:33 - Request: How about Going to California by that chick band? - for:
Tues, 7/11/06 16:15 - Request: Got me dancin' now Bob. Damn good stuff you're playing - for: VHS
Tues, 7/11/06 16:09 - Request: Anyone in the mood for Sinatra? Oops, forgot this ain't Thursday - for: Iktor
Tues, 7/11/06 16:02 - Request: This new T-Bone Burnette is great - for:
Tues, 7/11/06 15:54 - Request: Alternative radio-- appeals to the few. Not a money-maker - for:
Tues, 7/11/06 15:53 - Request: Alternative radio-- appeals the the few. Not a money maker - for:
Tues, 7/11/06 15:52 - Request: "Hey" - Toni Price - for: dan
Tues, 7/11/06 15:52 - Request: Mainstream radio-- a medium of sound that appeals to the masses, not the paucity - for:
Tues, 7/11/06 15:45 - Request: Now, the last two songs you played has TCMN cookin'. Keep' er goin' boy - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Tues, 7/11/06 15:42 - Request: Amen (and Hallelujah) - for:
Tues, 7/11/06 15:37 - Request: Only at KSYM will you hear such unbridled alternative selections to mainstream radio - for:
Tues, 7/11/06 15:31 - Request: Agreed. Sounds like a dying man's wish to sing to his last breath - for: Iktor Yuke
Tues, 7/11/06 15:28 - Request: If this song playing were Johnny Cash's demo when he first started, he would have been sent packing with no future in the music business. - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 19:46 - Request: Yo, thanks for the Sir Douglas Qunitet and Mr Doug Sahm - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 18:56 - Request: Sure... blame the lowly CD for a radio station's faults - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 18:52 - Request: No wonder Lisa Haze isn't heard of. We already have the Dixie Chicks. - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 18:49 - Request: That was nice of you buddy. Thanks again - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 18:40 - Request: You Can Request Lisa anytime with me I start my show with her always. Hope to get her to come live at ksym when she completes her tour. - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 18:36 - Request: Hey Scoop, I've requested Miss Lisa Hayes to the other jocks with no success. They've never heard of her, so they say. Seeing that you know better than any, would you please play something more by her before you leave tonight. Thanks - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 18:27 - Request: Since I wrote it and I'm not Scoop, you're wrong. - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 18:25 - Request: I think Scoop had a "hand " in the previous comment - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 17:58 - Request: 'hang', not 'hand'. - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 17:57 - Request: You definitely got the hand of this Third Coast Thing, Scoop. Great stuff today. - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 15:18 - Request: Nice cover of Captain Beefheart's Diddy Wah Diddy. - for:
Mon, 7/10/06 14:11 - Request: At least Scoop is better than commercial radio. Nothing is more pathetic than the likes of KZEP, KAJA, KONO, KQXT and talk radio - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:38 - Request: we are all stars in our mothers eyes - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:32 - Request: If I got some airplay I could be a star. - for: Iktor (the drunk)
Sun, 7/9/06 19:18 - Request: Rain, it's been a day of mirth (sort of). Let's get back on track with the requests. May we listen to some George Jones or maybe a female's voice. Wanda, Terri, Neko? Any sweet thing will do. Thanks brother. - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Sun, 7/9/06 19:17 - Request: too bad you don't get any airplay - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:13 - Request: For a song that's two years old that Snake Farm song has been getting a lot of air time lately. I think somenoe keeps requesting that song on a regular basis. Does Ray Wylie Hubbard have a 782... zip code? Could be him. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:08 - Request: are saying more ego? i'll give you more ego. snake farm style. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:08 - Request: anyone you say? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:07 - Request: TCMN-- great place to pick on people. The DJs are devoid of ego and blessed with a great sense of humor. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:06 - Request: Does any one know the song with A line" Dance Maria, do that thing you do when you walk by" - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:04 - Request: the knitters. gram parsons' wild horses. hot burrito #1. yep. fabulously peachy. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:03 - Request: no donkey punches - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:02 - Request: "ranch" - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:02 - Request: down here at the ranch. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 19:01 - Request: i like punchin' the cows down here ranch, i also like twistin' their tails. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:59 - Request: lucy jordan - great song , ian tyson-great great great - for: dh
Sun, 7/9/06 18:54 - Request: Life is good at the TCMN ranch - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:54 - Request: i'm on my way beaaaatch- answer the PHONE - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:52 - Request: Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning. YAAAAAWWWWWWW HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:51 - Request: like tom waits a bunch - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:50 - Request: who the hell is there? what's w/ the mystery? - for: well, tell me.
Sun, 7/9/06 18:49 - Request: thanks, - it sounds like tom waits - for: dh
Sun, 7/9/06 18:48 - Request: Dwayne who? - for: Scoop fan
Sun, 7/9/06 18:46 - Request: It's Dwayne - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:45 - Request: Naaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:43 - Request: I hope it's Guy Forsythe - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:41 - Request: Wait a sec, Mr. Rain. The question is knock knock. Someone replied, "who's there?" So... anyone wanna know who's there? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:39 - Request: who said you weren't comp savy? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:39 - Request: who's there? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:38 - Request: Hey, hey, hey... knock knock. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:30 - Request: LOL (see I am computer savy) - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:29 - Request: i'm working on that. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:27 - Request: I have a request... can you egt Brooke Shields to DJ the TCMN just once. She is such a fine babe! - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:22 - Request: indeed - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:20 - Request: re: drunk - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:19 - Request: HEY! i resemble that remark! - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:19 - Request: Iktor Yuke loves Crusty - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:18 - Request: here's one for the drunks.... - for: song of everything
Sun, 7/9/06 18:18 - Request: I'm like a fan at a ballgame. Life is a game I watch others perform. Now baby, that's entertainment. I'm a spectator who's rich, healthy, and a virgin. No problems of any kind thanks to the lessons I've learned from the players of the game - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:11 - Request: Damn, it feels good to be drunk and listening to TCMN - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:11 - Request: Better yet, how about "One For My Baby". Yeah play that bluesy thing - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 18:08 - Request: Let's get Crusty about TCMN. He likes Sinatra and I like Sinatra. He's played him before. How about again now. Please!. I think Send in the Clowns would fit nicely. Play that - for: Iktor Yuke
Sun, 7/9/06 17:50 - Request: or something off the new T Bone Burnett - for: still dh
Sun, 7/9/06 17:44 - Request: can you play me tony joe white - for: dh
Sun, 7/9/06 17:41 - Request: who's fab...?! - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:40 - Request: ps - you're fabulous - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:39 - Request: have i told you lately how fabulous you are? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:29 - Request: trying to move via not being still.... - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:22 - Request: where you at? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:15 - Request: X marks the spot on wednesday. maybe. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:13 - Request: 3 days 'till wednesday? yep, 3 days 'till. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:12 - Request: how'd I know hayseed dixie was next? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:11 - Request: and tomorrow? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:10 - Request: yesterday, today.... - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:09 - Request: 3 days? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:06 - Request: yay knitters AND *wild*... no 3 days? - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 17:05 - Request: knitters. cool. - for:
Sun, 7/9/06 15:28 - Request: doesn't ring a bell.....let me think about it - for: dave
Sun, 7/9/06 15:23 - Request: you play a song that has a line "Dance Maria do that thing you do" - for: mark wilson
Sat, 7/8/06 18:28 - Request: thanks for the gillian welch! (and I was the first request, somebody else obviously wanted to hear her really badly too!) ... thanks again - for:
Sat, 7/8/06 16:43 - Request: GILLIAN WELCH...PLEASE. - for:
Sat, 7/8/06 16:43 - Request: Gillian coming up after the break - for: Dan
Sat, 7/8/06 16:09 - Request: I love the Gram Parsons you open your show with ... how about some Gillian Welch if you would? thanks. - for:
Fri, 7/7/06 18:01 - Request: Bays Bros coming up - for: dave
Fri, 7/7/06 17:58 - Request: Hey Dave could you play some Bays Brothers...Thanks - for:
Fri, 7/7/06 16:52 - Request: or throw him in the pool - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/7/06 16:51 - Request: They need to make dad pancakes or something like that. - for: dave
Fri, 7/7/06 16:42 - Request: Dave; You've been kind.... (well, kinda) I guess you're right, concerning a milestone. If you have been 63 for a year, then 64 IS a milestone..... The twins say "Hey Dave." Thanks for the plug... - for: thomassss
Fri, 7/7/06 16:41 - Request: shades of 1969 Kansas City KUDL FM very cool - for:
Fri, 7/7/06 16:41 - Request: good call on white bird - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/7/06 16:30 - Request: SCOTS will work! - for: dave
Fri, 7/7/06 16:29 - Request: better yet SCOTS "whole lotta things" - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/7/06 16:26 - Request: and asleep at the wheel's cover of "before all hell breaks loose" - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/7/06 16:23 - Request: wirtz's "what i used to do all night"... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/7/06 16:18 - Request: I'm not either, I'm a Baptist !! - for: Thomasss
Fri, 7/7/06 16:17 - Request: Jeff, any suggestions for a b-day tune for the old man? - for: dave
Fri, 7/7/06 16:13 - Request: thomas, now that you're an octogenerian, i think you should slow down... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/7/06 16:10 - Request: Oh, Forgot to mention that "ME" is Thomass. Maybe a "PIG" song to get ready for next years Chinese Calendar year....... - for: thomasssssssss
Fri, 7/7/06 16:09 - Request: Playlist working good in Sacramento. Dave, how about picking out a cool tune and sending it out as a Birthday Dedication to......... ME - for:
Fri, 7/7/06 16:08 - Request: It's says I'm outta here! That's was the last entry - for:
Fri, 7/7/06 16:07 - Request: Computers are frickin funny . I hate' em. I still don't see a playlist after going away and back and then hitting refresh - for:
Fri, 7/7/06 16:05 - Request: don't have a Crusty Report . Hubbard is playing in town tonight. I'm sure Judy will be there with the merch. - for: dave
Fri, 7/7/06 16:03 - Request: Thomass, I'll check you on the roll call as "Present" - for: dave
Fri, 7/7/06 16:03 - Request: Got anymore of those Ray Wylie Hubbard T-shirts Dave? - for: Chris
Fri, 7/7/06 16:02 - Request: playlist took awhile to load but it eventually came up for me - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/7/06 16:00 - Request: By the way, how's Crusty feeling a day after we heard? - for:
Fri, 7/7/06 16:00 - Request: THOMASS CHECKIN' IN - for:
Fri, 7/7/06 16:00 - Request: I can see the playlist from here - for: dave
Fri, 7/7/06 15:59 - Request: Will the playlist get posted today? - for:
Fri, 7/7/06 15:59 - Request: don't know, i got an e-mail from FAR about it and figured you'd have it... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/7/06 15:58 - Request: It's so easy to see why Dave is the best at TCMN. Thanks for the Ray song and the rest - for: RWH fan (Chris)
Fri, 7/7/06 15:41 - Request: no Wofford....what label is it on? - for: dave
Fri, 7/7/06 15:35 - Request: snakes coming up. When I first heard that tune a couple of years ago, I figured it would make a great Hubbard t-shirt. - for: dave
Fri, 7/7/06 15:34 - Request: got the new Wofford CD yet? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 7/7/06 15:29 - Request: I love that Snake Farm song so much I ought to go out and buy it. Till I get a job and buy the CD and can only hope Dave you don't mind playing it again. - for: Ray Wylie Hubbard fan
Thurs, 7/6/06 17:08 - Request: gracias por el alejandro senor dave - for:
Thurs, 7/6/06 16:46 - Request: alejandro coming up - for:
Thurs, 7/6/06 16:43 - Request: something from alejandro escovar would be great! - for:
Thurs, 7/6/06 16:31 - Request: It's good to know you didn't give up on us today - for: dave
Thurs, 7/6/06 16:25 - Request: thank you very much - for: dan
Thurs, 7/6/06 16:19 - Request: if you're still out there, here comes Ray Price - for: dave
Thurs, 7/6/06 15:18 - Request: Ray Price - for: dan
Wed, 7/5/06 19:00 - Request: thanks. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/5/06 18:58 - Request: excellent show. - for:
Wed, 7/5/06 18:58 - Request: nice show - for: scoop
Wed, 7/5/06 18:51 - Request: i'd concurr. great record. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/5/06 18:49 - Request: This Lost James Dean is mighty fine - for:
Wed, 7/5/06 18:39 - Request: i'd agree that some songs are just so well defined by a single artist that it's very difficult to cover it. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/5/06 18:33 - Request: Buddy Guy is great, but Mannish Boy is Muddy's thru&thru. Covers just don't work. - for:
Wed, 7/5/06 18:05 - Request: jackie gleason was totally classic and i loved rthe basset hound jerry reed had in the truck. errr..... and sally field too - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/5/06 18:03 - Request: It only gets better when there were those movies with truck and orangutans! - for: TLT
Wed, 7/5/06 18:02 - Request: But S& B soooo bad its goood! - for: TLT
Wed, 7/5/06 18:01 - Request: in know, i've already inbitiated her to caddy shack and cannonball run, so, i dunno. she ain't that kultured. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/5/06 17:59 - Request: haven't seen smoky and the bandit by choice - for:
Wed, 7/5/06 17:59 - Request: awww, the porch was great wasn't it. don't have that record with me right now. mebbe another time thougth. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/5/06 17:59 - Request: She's never seen Smokey and the Bandit??? woweee - for: TLT
Wed, 7/5/06 17:56 - Request: Good run there! Makes me miss the porch. Can you play Camelot??? - for: Tracy Lynn Tucker
Wed, 7/5/06 17:01 - Request: You ponder well. Thanks. - for:
Wed, 7/5/06 16:52 - Request: In my view, you can never play too much of the Gourds. Words to ponder. - for:
Wed, 7/5/06 16:33 - Request: thank for the kind words. - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/5/06 16:27 - Request: You are a prince. Like the Dylan cover by Crowell too. - for:
Wed, 7/5/06 15:52 - Request: mr earle, tbone, and the mckay bros coming up - for: 3phus
Wed, 7/5/06 15:50 - Request: Any McCay Bros would be nice - for:
Wed, 7/5/06 15:49 - Request: 7 Times Hotter than Fire - T Bone Burnett, por favor - for:
Wed, 7/5/06 15:47 - Request: SteveEarle-IAin'tEverSatisfied please - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 18:26 - Request: Flash!... another missle is launched by North Korea. This time it is a long-range missle. But it failed shortly after take-off. The U.S. is pissed. Here's some more fireworks for ya... Palestine attacks Israel City with a rocket. A direct hit. Looks bad. That plus the Discovery taking off means there has been a lot of rockets in the skies today to go along with our own fireworks later tonight. Heck, even a song called Rocketman was played today on TCMN. Rockets all over the place. Coincidence? - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 17:54 - Request: Looks like the DJ flavor of the day is a George Armstrong Custer sympathiser. Chief, forget your request getting played here - for: Iktor Yuke
Tues, 7/4/06 17:30 - Request: indian... mexican... hispanic... we didn't really go anywhere did we, just our ways of life - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 17:10 - Request: ooo wweee. is this the sound of a dying man? please get that awfull Cash song off the air. Man that's a morbid thing - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 17:05 - Request: I wanna little big horn in on all this America the beautiful stuff. I see things differnt. I'm just a little old Indian looking for a better beat and I'm glad we "beat" Yellow Hair back there in 1876. You white men took OUR land. Earlier today Dylan got it wrong. This land was not made for you and me. It was FOUGHT for you and me. Unfortunately you won. How about, then, a little compensation. I like the beat of a song called "Mr. Custer" by Larry Verne. Bob would you please play that for me. I just love it when I hear the arrows of that song piercing the brains of the white man's hero, Yellow Hair. - for: Great, great great great grandson of Chief Crazy Horse
Tues, 7/4/06 16:52 - Request: Bob is the Deadman man! - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 16:50 - Request: no god bless your military-industrial coplex, max. - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 16:48 - Request: Well God bless America and God bless you Max - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Tues, 7/4/06 16:45 - Request: Because I, like you all, am proud to be an American. Thanks to the Constitution I HAVE to put up with incongruent moments. - for: MG
Tues, 7/4/06 16:38 - Request: aww c'mon ya'll be nice. - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 16:34 - Request: so why don't you? - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 16:33 - Request: If were a North Korean I would scud today's programming - for: Max Grader
Tues, 7/4/06 16:31 - Request: REM, Buttercup, Cake, "Rainbow Connection" and "Rocketman" were nice!. But, incongruent - for: Max Grader
Tues, 7/4/06 16:20 - Request: Margo Timmins sounded so good, ya got any Cowboy Junkies? - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 16:00 - Request: Calm down, it was a couple of skud missles that took off. Harmless. - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 15:57 - Request: let's just stop for a minute and celebrate our military-industrial complex, Happy Fourth Everybody. War is profit. - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 15:55 - Request: Yeah, and now I'm probably going to have suck it up when my investments go down tomorrow - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 15:45 - Request: i just read it on the bbc.com thanks pink lady that's some fucked up news especially while elliot smith is playing. - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 15:40 - Request: This just in... North Korea has launched a long-range ballistic missle over Japan. Awaiting U.S. response - for: Pink Lady
Tues, 7/4/06 15:31 - Request: Snake Farm-- Ray Wylie Hubbard - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 15:19 - Request: I like mine, that's why I interrupt so much, he he - for: Bob
Tues, 7/4/06 15:10 - Request: Don't we all like the sound of our voice? - for:
Tues, 7/4/06 15:07 - Request: Ya know I think Bob Dylan must like the sound of his own voice a whole lot cause he carries tunes to the extreme in terms of time length - for: The British
Tues, 7/4/06 12:06 - Request: Pardona me', that last outburst of joy should sound more like "yee haw" . I'll be back at 3:00 - for: Bob fan
Tues, 7/4/06 12:02 - Request: Who's on today? Well, according to my list of up and coming who to watch for it's... it's... it's... (excuse my stutter, I'm about to utter the name of my hero)... it's... it's... why, it's none other than TCMN's best personality-- Bob!!!. Glory be to this future Hall of Famer. Love that Bob. And seeing that flattery gets the request played, may we please hear some Deadman or Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Snake Farm" Hee yawww!!!!! - for: Bob fan
Tues, 7/4/06 11:49 - Request: Hey Bart, my boy, I agree it was a mighty fine effort, But, I was hoping for something with some nuclear power to it. mmmmm - for: Homer Simpson
Mon, 7/3/06 22:17 - Request: Just got home from work and wanted to say Scoop did a right fine job this evening - for: Bart
Mon, 7/3/06 19:08 - Request: naw, it's been a good Monday every Monday - for:
Mon, 7/3/06 18:58 - Request: Thanks I guess third time is a charm felt better this week no distractions - for:
Mon, 7/3/06 18:55 - Request: very nice show tonight - for:
Mon, 7/3/06 16:50 - Request: Coming right up - for:
Mon, 7/3/06 16:48 - Request: palestine texas by t bone burnett please - for:
Mon, 7/3/06 15:00 - Request: Will it be Lulu, will it be Rain or will it be something related to pain. Que Cera Cera - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 19:57 - Request: thank you - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 19:33 - Request: stop!! - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 19:33 - Request: oh yeah. it is, isn't it. ok, i'll stop now. - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 19:32 - Request: eh? btw, did i get you bb&wilco's rendition...? - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 19:30 - Request: it's a new wave country song - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 19:27 - Request: i know you covered steve, but fearless heart?? - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 17:18 - Request: like hay seed or roll in the hay or bag of hay - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 17:17 - Request: i sey hay - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 17:14 - Request: Now how did that happen without me wanting it to. Let me finish, dag nab it.... that should be"hey" with an e not an a - for: VHS
Sun, 7/2/06 17:13 - Request: By the way boy, thr Vulture prides himself on hiz spellin. I'm sure you ment to spell "hay" - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 17:13 - Request: By the way boy, thr Vulture prides himself on hiz spellin. I'm sure you ment to spell "hay" - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 17:07 - Request: I liked it fine, boy. you are one creative man of math, never incongruent. Thank you my brother - for: VHS
Sun, 7/2/06 16:54 - Request: hay vhs, how you like that? - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 16:48 - Request: muddy waters is ... perfect - for:
Sun, 7/2/06 16:44 - Request: no old womper stomper in the studio, new womper stomper in cue. - for: rkg
Sun, 7/2/06 16:26 - Request: Boy, I heard you been missin' your friends. Well, your brother is with ya today. How bout some of that womper stomper guitar from the swamp fox himself, Tony Joe White. Got Roosevelt and Ira Lee in your collection? Fetch it then let it fly boy if you have the notion. I'll be praying to God yoo doo. Make me feel good too,boy. One other thing... have a happy 4th! - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Sat, 7/1/06 17:43 - Request: you bet, thanks for listening - for: lil dipper
Sat, 7/1/06 17:31 - Request: Thanks for playing another cut from the new Dayna Kurtz ... that's who this is, yes? - for:
Sat, 7/1/06 16:36 - Request: I'm listenin' - for: Bandera Bound
Sat, 7/1/06 16:31 - Request: I'm here for you, sweet pea - for: baby doll
Sat, 7/1/06 16:30 - Request: I think that's Jack Barber on bass!!! - for:
Sat, 7/1/06 16:15 - Request: That's my favorite Gurf, Thanks - for: Bart
Sat, 7/1/06 16:08 - Request: don't have it, how about brder radio? - for: lil dip
Sat, 7/1/06 15:54 - Request: Just another Sunday in Hell--The Blasters - for: From Joel to Bart..please call
Sat, 7/1/06 15:28 - Request: Puffy AmiYumi - Call me what you like - for: Ray
Sat, 7/1/06 01:38 - Request: guess not......... - for:
Sat, 7/1/06 01:22 - Request: still taking requests ?? - for: J Bragan MD
Fri, 6/30/06 16:39 - Request: Oh ... anytime would be fine; even another day. Just like to hear more than one track from a new cd every once in awhile. - for:
Fri, 6/30/06 16:35 - Request: I can do that in a while..... quite a few requests backed up right now. - for: dave
Fri, 6/30/06 16:33 - Request: I really like this Dayna Kurtz, but this is the only cut y'all play; how about something else from this cd? Thanks. - for:
Fri, 6/30/06 16:07 - Request: the ksym site is down right now, but you found us anyway - for: dave
Fri, 6/30/06 16:06 - Request: ain't my computer-sez "protocall isn't associated with any program" - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/30/06 16:01 - Request: http://www.ksym.org/ doesn't work? - for: site tracker
Fri, 6/30/06 16:01 - Request: on my son's computer-won't open the player so i can't hear...i'll call ya - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/30/06 16:01 - Request: you can be sure of that....one 'hot' time at cj's this weekend! - for:
Fri, 6/30/06 16:00 - Request: cj is without the roommate. I guess it's party time at cj's this weekend. - for: dave
Fri, 6/30/06 15:59 - Request: Sorry CJ, ya just missed it...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 6/30/06 15:57 - Request: any chance of getting some zydeco? - for: cj
Fri, 6/30/06 15:55 - Request: Dang he can't even call you or visit you. Some friend he is huh. - for: Roy
Fri, 6/30/06 15:35 - Request: haven't heard anything - for: dave
Fri, 6/30/06 15:32 - Request: Have you heard from Jeff yet? - for: Roy
Fri, 6/30/06 15:32 - Request: Howdy H. Bull! Hank coming up. - for: dave
Fri, 6/30/06 15:27 - Request: What's up Dave? Let's just get this party started with some III, it's been awhile since I've requested him. - for: Roy
Thurs, 6/29/06 16:33 - Request: you're welcome. - for:
Thurs, 6/29/06 16:25 - Request: thanks for the dedication to Ginger, she was a ray of sunshine - for: dan
Thurs, 6/29/06 16:23 - Request: thanks for the dedication to - for:
Thurs, 6/29/06 16:23 - Request: thanks for the dedication to - for:
Wed, 6/28/06 15:43 - Request: you are most welcome. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/28/06 15:37 - Request: Not exactly Peter V. Aquino, but thanks for the thoughtfulness of that Geronimo fellow you played Mr. 3phus from the Chippewas of Michigan. - for:
Wed, 6/28/06 15:23 - Request: certainly no rule against native americans... lemme think on this one. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/28/06 15:16 - Request: Anything from an Indian coming up Mr. 3phus or is anything Native American not allowed? - for:
Wed, 6/28/06 15:15 - Request: Phone calls leave no trail of the fun times we've had here on TCMN. - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 18:53 - Request: Did so indeed. Now get outta here. See ya next week. Jesus!!! - for: VHS
Tues, 6/27/06 18:50 - Request: Yeah, we only have one NPRS album and that song isn't on there so I hope you like it. - for: Bob
Tues, 6/27/06 18:50 - Request: Boy, read my messages with comprehension. Son is that boy comin' on at 7 with those strange sounds. Brandon or somethin' . Jesus H. CHrist. - for: VHS
Tues, 6/27/06 18:47 - Request: "we'd" with ya ala Pananma Red. Thanks for the substitute for tonight Bob, Love ya, boy. - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Tues, 6/27/06 18:47 - Request: don't call me son unless you mean it - for: Bob
Tues, 6/27/06 18:46 - Request: Yeah, and bring some - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 18:36 - Request: So I'm a terrible speller. Just play it boy. Time is runnin out and I don't think that son comin' on at 7 is TCMN friendly. Come on, hurry. Thanks many tacos - for: Vulture
Tues, 6/27/06 18:30 - Request: Can't say WEED, stop it. - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 18:28 - Request: The Adventures of Panama Red is the name of the venue, boy. Cut number one is where "it's at" man. dig it as soon as you can,boy. WEED appreciate it - for: The Vulture
Tues, 6/27/06 18:17 - Request: I'm doing good, what album is that song from? - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 18:16 - Request: I'm sorry but you can't post "Weed" on this request line. - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 18:15 - Request: Whoa, forgot my name there, bob. This here is Vulture Harrison Strooth. Howaya doin' boy? - for: VHS
Tues, 6/27/06 18:12 - Request: For those of us who like weed Panama Red by New Riders of the Purple Sage would be a high for this day - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 17:35 - Request: hell yeah the gourds - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 17:25 - Request: yee haw, the gourds! - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 17:23 - Request: I was wondering can you play Native American music here. I'm a big Peter V. Aquino fan. If possible then let's hear "Evening Star" or maybe "Winter Buffalo Dance". Thank you - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 16:42 - Request: Hey Mister, if someone else can play Frank sinatra on TCMN then why not some country bubble gum song. Being incongruent is cool. - for: Iktor Yuke
Tues, 6/27/06 16:41 - Request: I reserve the right to refuse any request. Plus I can't find it. - for: Knobslobby
Tues, 6/27/06 16:33 - Request: Looks like it's gonna be that kind of day - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 16:32 - Request: What is this, country bubble gum? - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 16:24 - Request: Looks like Skip's scoop from Scoop is being skipped. Skip should scoop up some of that Deadman instead - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 16:19 - Request: Thanks, Bob. - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 16:04 - Request: ya think? - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 15:49 - Request: Here comes Deadman again I'll bet - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 15:45 - Request: Hey Deadman man ... the Blaze Foley was great ... got Deadman's Paramour--Down by the Winedale? - for:
Tues, 6/27/06 15:39 - Request: Scoop says Miss Lisa Hayes is up and coming. May we please hear some of her again? - for: Skip
Tues, 6/27/06 15:31 - Request: I'm hungry for Los #3 Dinners - for: dan
Tues, 6/27/06 15:20 - Request: How about some Blaze Foley please - for:
Mon, 6/26/06 17:20 - Request: Thanks Jake!! - for:
Mon, 6/26/06 17:12 - Request: That should read " REGARDING those; not FOR those. Sorry about my poor wording - for: Jake
Mon, 6/26/06 17:08 - Request: A double shot of Tony Joe is worth a second sending of thanks. A bit of advice, Scoop, for those who like to tease the innocent... simply be yourself and ignore the funny people. Don't respond and they will go away, I guarantee it. - for: Jake
Mon, 6/26/06 16:38 - Request: Thanks Jake, Coming Right Up - for: scoop
Mon, 6/26/06 16:34 - Request: If you play something by Tony Joe White then you'll definitely have me for an audience. Thanks in advance Scoop - for: Jake
Mon, 6/26/06 16:33 - Request: Send me your snail mail address and I'll send you a quarter to reimburse you for "Who cares what you think!" - for:
Mon, 6/26/06 16:29 - Request: How come all the "requests" are being phoned in and nothing is happening here? I think Scoop wishes he had an audience, so he makes these "requests" up. - for:
Mon, 6/26/06 16:27 - Request: Thanks - for: Scoop
Mon, 6/26/06 16:20 - Request: Yowza. Great show! - for:
Mon, 6/26/06 10:40 - Request: After last week's debut "Scoop" will score this time. He's a quick learner - for: Scoop fan
Sun, 6/25/06 21:54 - Request: Rain, this here is your brother, the Vulture. I'm watching over you, boy. Sundays are gonna get gooooood. Already is. - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Sun, 6/25/06 21:41 - Request: Rain, this here is your brother, the Vulture. I'm watching over you, boy. - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Sun, 6/25/06 16:40 - Request: cheers amigo for buddy holly - for: jim
Sun, 6/25/06 16:29 - Request: ok, i'l spin some buddy holly - for:
Sun, 6/25/06 16:24 - Request: buddy holly "rave on" - for: jim
Sat, 6/24/06 19:48 - Request: Frank Sinatra "Come fly with me" - for: neworleansbob
Sat, 6/24/06 18:58 - Request: Hey, my friend, you did a fine job of TCMNing. What's really lame is that Parrish junk coming up. I'll be back on Monday for the "Scoop" version of TCMN. - for:
Sat, 6/24/06 18:15 - Request: May we please hear some Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins or Sir Douglas Quintet.. thanks - for: Jake
Sat, 6/24/06 18:05 - Request: Even Beal is better - for:
Sat, 6/24/06 18:04 - Request: This Saturday presentation of TCMN sucks worse Scoop!!!! - for:
Sat, 6/24/06 10:50 - Request: Unknown Hinson - Torture Town - for:
Fri, 6/23/06 19:00 - Request: Can hardly wait for next FryeDave. Today was special. Sorry to learn Pattie Santos is not with us anymore, howeever. - for: Jake
Fri, 6/23/06 17:38 - Request: working the booth at the roadkill cook-off tomorrow befor i do the roadhouse -i won't see the river for awhile - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/23/06 17:34 - Request: or a nice float on the river - for: dave
Fri, 6/23/06 17:33 - Request: yepp, headin' for the purp a little later... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/23/06 17:31 - Request: nothing that a cold one can't take care of - for: dave
Fri, 6/23/06 17:29 - Request: you were out here at the right time cuz today is the third day of 100degree+ temps and it won't drop until next week-even Roy broke a sweat today - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/23/06 17:19 - Request: oh yeah, plan on calling you that evening - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/23/06 17:16 - Request: jeff, give me a day's notice if possible when you get into tx. - for: dave
Fri, 6/23/06 17:12 - Request: how about N.O. Soc Club "Fortunate Son" - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/23/06 17:05 - Request: the female singing with Sam Bush on White Bird was Andrea Zonn. that song stirred up a few phone calls today. - for: dave
Fri, 6/23/06 17:01 - Request: i'll be landing in Houston @ 4:05pm Sunday, gonna try to Shea to come with me to S.A. next week - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/23/06 16:59 - Request: Oh, Pattie Santos died in 1989 of a car accident in California. She was a gorgeous Hispanic lady as well as a most lovely songbird - for:
Fri, 6/23/06 16:56 - Request: Magnificent. Dave you are out doing yourself. David LaFlamme's White Bird on TCMN. Beautiful baby!!! The only other place I've heard that one is on that Sunday show call "The Music Box". That was a remake, I know, but was that Patti Santos singingwith Mr. LaFlamme again? Keep up the great job, Dave. - for: Jake
Fri, 6/23/06 16:43 - Request: Phewww! That was great, Dave. Thanks so much for playing Sir doug. Love that song and this Friday show. - for: Jake
Fri, 6/23/06 16:26 - Request: rains coming up - for: dave
Fri, 6/23/06 16:20 - Request: Hey, I didn't know you guys had "the rains came" by Sir Doug. May I please hear that rarely aired number again. The Rains Came. Thanks - for: Jakw
Fri, 6/23/06 15:50 - Request: back atcha - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/23/06 15:46 - Request: keyword: PICTURES! - for: dave
Fri, 6/23/06 15:41 - Request: is marc broussard for boat women? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/23/06 15:31 - Request: i got a lighter over here - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/23/06 15:28 - Request: Hank wouldn't sell out like that, I'd burn everything I had of his if he did. - for: Roy
Fri, 6/23/06 15:24 - Request: When Hank III starts playing the accordion, then Roy will be all over the squeezebox tunes. Zydeco coming up. - for: dave
Fri, 6/23/06 15:20 - Request: sorry CJ he has no more cajun stuff... - for: Roy
Fri, 6/23/06 15:18 - Request: Hey Dave, how about some Cajun tunes - for: CJ
Fri, 6/23/06 15:18 - Request: the hippie freak days are way in the past. 1100 coming up. - for: dave
Fri, 6/23/06 15:15 - Request: Can I get 1100 Springs "Long Haired Hippie Freak" Just to remind me of you and Jeff..hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 6/23/06 15:12 - Request: No we said we had to listen to Dave's show today! - for: Roy
Fri, 6/23/06 15:10 - Request: I guess you guys aren't having company fun & games this Friday. - for: dave
Fri, 6/23/06 15:08 - Request: Big Dave...What is up Dude! - for: Roy
Thurs, 6/22/06 22:00 - Request: http://home.comcast.net/~reed-kim/cindy.html - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 18:54 - Request: You're welcome. - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 18:54 - Request: appreciate the blaze foley, as ever - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 17:24 - Request: You're welcome. - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 17:17 - Request: Wow. Thank you Mr. Beal for the Forsythe consideration - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 16:54 - Request: Blaze Foley up after the Gospel Set also..Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 16:53 - Request: Guy Forsyth up after the gospel set...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 16:53 - Request: If it's not too much trouble, a little Blaze Foley would be a wonderful thing (or is it thang?) - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 16:50 - Request: The more you have the less boring it gets. Not that it's likely, but can we hear some Guy Forsythe, please. - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 16:46 - Request: Yep, we don't have it. - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 16:42 - Request: That PeteRowan song is on the OldAndInTheWay album - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 16:25 - Request: Mother Truckers coming up...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/22/06 16:20 - Request: Mother Trucker Broke not Broken, please - for: rick
Thurs, 6/22/06 16:02 - Request: So far, it's been boring. Come back Scoop, come back - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 18:51 - Request: hadn't noticed. ........actually i noticed. mebbe it's the heat? - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 18:45 - Request: Excuse me, but has anyone noticed the soap opera/ chat room format of TCMN lately. I'm not complaining. Believe me, I think it adds something invigorating to the show. Just ruminating - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 18:45 - Request: thanks for the kind words. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 18:39 - Request: that's why i appreciate y'all so much--you save me from wasting money on one hit cds! - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 18:35 - Request: it hasn't crawled out of the changer at my house as yet. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 18:32 - Request: very nice, gonna hafta get that one - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 18:22 - Request: lost john dean right after the bluerunners - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 18:20 - Request: sure would like to hear some of that lost john dean if you can fit it in - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 17:54 - Request: glad to oblige you on the buck owens - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 17:50 - Request: perfect - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 17:47 - Request: mebbe i'll just play john the revelator - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 17:43 - Request: Maybe YOU should read John 3:16 - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 17:41 - Request: I was thinkin' buck owens too! I swear! - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 17:39 - Request: i'm sensing.......oxygen and the planet earth.....mebbe. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 17:35 - Request: Read Mon 6/19/06 16:47 - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 17:33 - Request: guilty. yes, i am a mindreader. the secrets out! - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 17:25 - Request: yer a mindreader, was gonna request some alvin. spooky. - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 17:11 - Request: like the landlady sez " flattery and fresh baked cookies will get you everywhere". n case comin up. as for this other patter, i consider mr beal, along with all my brothers and sisters here on 3rd coast immediate family. heck, we were raised by the same pack of wild corn dogs. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 16:59 - Request: I think "Dave's mom" sees the glass half full. She does say the eight "best". Mr. Beals' supporters (as well as himself) are a visceral bunch. At least Mr. Beals has an education and adult friendly vocabulary. But, I would agree that he should fare better in the ratings than number 8. Mr. 3phus, you're NUMBER ONE with me. How about some Neko Case.. That request comes with a please. Thanks - for: Jake
Wed, 6/21/06 16:29 - Request: c russell comin up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 16:24 - Request: Calvin Russell Crack In Time please? Thanks in anvance. - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 16:21 - Request: many thanks - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 16:18 - Request: I thank you for the Knitters tunes (that's what reminded me of X). Great stuff you're playing, X-less and all. - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 16:17 - Request: sorry, nothing from x. i just played a couple of tune from the knitters and thats about as close as we're gonna get i think. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 16:16 - Request: God Bless Spindletop Records. Grey Ghost reminds me. Has anyone heard anything from Iron Johnny lately? - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 16:13 - Request: Got any X from way back? - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 16:12 - Request: Man, 3phus, I'd completely fotgotten those two Terry Allen tunes. Thanks! I gotta dig that disc out again........ - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 16:06 - Request: i think i might. actually, yep i do. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 16:04 - Request: thanks for the Toni. Grey Ghost used to do that Steve James song you just played. Do you have any Grey Ghost? - for: dan
Wed, 6/21/06 16:00 - Request: that's VEILED, of course. - for: still think you're a pussy.
Wed, 6/21/06 15:58 - Request: i think jim beals a damn fine guy, and damn fine dj as well. i think 99% of the audience agrees with me. if you're not a child, or an emotional cripple, why not confront jim personally, instead of a reacharound velied insult? don't be a pussy. - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 15:55 - Request: hey hey.... be nice to dave's mom! - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 15:52 - Request: The downside is evident; is there an upside to being a dickhead? You said: "Here is my list of best the best DJs on TCMN: 1. FryeDave 2. 3phus 3. Rain (because of his humor and lack of pretentiousness) 4. A tie between Bob and Lulu ( but Lulu is sweeter) 6. The fledgling known as "Scoop" 7. the Saturday folks 8. Jim Beal" - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 15:50 - Request: toni price up in a few - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 15:46 - Request: "Hey" by Toni Price - for: dan
Wed, 6/21/06 15:38 - Request: most welcome - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 15:35 - Request: cool, thanks! - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 15:31 - Request: knitters comin up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/21/06 15:25 - Request: I'd love to hear some Knitters ... Burnin' House of Love? - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 13:40 - Request: some dark Link Wray - for: d. grimes-from Alb NM
Wed, 6/21/06 12:22 - Request: Here is my list of best the best DJs on TCMN: 1. FryeDave 2. 3phus 3. Rain (because of his humor and lack of pretentiousness) 4. A tie between Bob and Lulu ( but Lulu is sweeter) 6. The fledgling known as "Scoop" 7. the Saturday folks 8. Jim Beal - for:
Wed, 6/21/06 06:18 - Request: incongruent........ - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 18:06 - Request: A prince amounst men. Got that right. - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 16:40 - Request: YOU, Bob, are a prince among men! Thanks. - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 16:19 - Request: How about some of that new T-Bone Burnette? A new cut? - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 16:19 - Request: This Tony Joe White fan would like to thank you for what you played, Mr. Bob...but I can't. I specifically asked for a better tune. Just funnin with ya, boy. Thank you very much for the song - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Tues, 6/20/06 15:49 - Request: Hey Mr. Bob. I got a song idea for you. Play the title cut from B.B. King's "Three O'clock Blues". Just came to me somehow - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 15:45 - Request: Both you sleepy heads are wrong. We are in the 3:00 hour - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 15:44 - Request: You said it was 4:31 in the pm Bob. More like 4:41. - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 15:33 - Request: Polk Salad Annie would be even better. That's another Tony Joe White song. Thanks - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 15:29 - Request: "Hey" by Toni Price - for: dan
Tues, 6/20/06 15:29 - Request: Roosevelt and Ira Lee by Tony Joe White would be appreciated if you have it. - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 15:20 - Request: Love it when you play Deadman ... maybe Monsters of Goya later today or next week (my fave on that CD) ... thanks Bob! - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 14:47 - Request: Re: Folsom Prison Blues was played twice? - the way I'd say that is, "Johnny Cash was played TWICE!!!!!! WOOOO_HOOOOO! - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 14:34 - Request: Sorry I missed the show! (online and onair). Scoop anyone who plays NEil Young on TCMN is ALLRIGHT! Don't let them pester you! What I used to do was answer the phone, set it down and let them go through their diatribe, then pick it up a few minutes later: "sorry I was finding a CD and I missed all that." - for: WbMnstr
Tues, 6/20/06 13:27 - Request: According to the all knowing one and perceptive as, let's say... the Express-News...Ole Crusty said Scoop was "polite" - for:
Tues, 6/20/06 08:55 - Request: For the "loyal" KSYM listeners, thanks again. For the others: You should enroll at SAC/LRTF and show us how good you do. Or, are we all talk, and no walk? Personally, I don't care if you never listen again. From here on, if you choose to pester me like a little gnat, I will simply ignore you. This is my last transmission to the "Ship of Fools!" Have a swell day. - for: Scoop
Mon, 6/19/06 20:49 - Request: Folsom Prison Blues was played twice? - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 20:44 - Request: P.S. It affects the DJ's selection decisions. Nuff said - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 20:43 - Request: May the next DJ here concentrate on playing the music, not jawboning with the customers and sucking in the phony compliments. TCMN should be about the music, not personalities - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 20:23 - Request: Hmmmm... looks like I missed some good theater. Sure do miss my boy Rain on Mondays - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Mon, 6/19/06 18:47 - Request: Good job, Scoop! - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 18:47 - Request: That was meant for the steamy one Mr. Beal - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 18:45 - Request: Hopefully the "smoke" will have cleared the next time you're here. - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 18:41 - Request: Oh, and just to make it legitimate, my brother just died. He loved Buck Owens. - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 18:36 - Request: How about playing 'Strangers in the Night " or "My Way". I'm in an incongruent mood, Scoop - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 17:24 - Request: Wow! The REAL show is right here on the web. - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 17:20 - Request: And you're doing a heck of a job, Scoop. Sounding good out here in FM land. - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 17:18 - Request: I'm no longer listening take up someone else's time I'm Trying to learn!! - for: scoop
Mon, 6/19/06 17:18 - Request: That's dedications; not dications - for: Mr. Yuke
Mon, 6/19/06 17:14 - Request: Mr. Beal, calm it down a little. I understand you've probably been treated disrespectfully before because of your association with one of the worst newspaers in the country. But, you should have enough self-esteem to ignore such irreverent comments. Now I don't know you Mr. Beal (although I got a little clue tonight) but, I was only saying how inappropriate it is to use this TCMN venue for personal dications with such out of place music by the likes of F.S. - for: That's Mr. Yuke to you, Mr. Beal, if you'd be so democratic.
Mon, 6/19/06 17:14 - Request: Crusty is welcome in Scoopland anytime. I just avoid those who need avoidin' - for: Scoop
Mon, 6/19/06 17:01 - Request: yeah, i'm likin' this new t-bone burnette cd. - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 16:48 - Request: Sorry for intruding on your show Scoop, but enough becomes enough sometimes. Crusty - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 16:47 - Request: Hey, drunk, I usually choose not to respond to drunks, but, though it's absolutely none of your business, you've chosen to make it so so I'll let you know I played Frank Sinatra as a dedication to a person who died. Had you listened to the dedication, or read the playlist, you would know that. And I'll do it again. If you want to babble b.s. to me in person call me Thursday at KSYM. Jim Beal aka Crusty - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 16:38 - Request: Thanks Scoop Fan. People in radioland do not realize how hard it is to switch to 3rd Coast. Thanks for helping Nonetheless, it's better than recorded stuff - for: scoop
Mon, 6/19/06 16:37 - Request: Anyone who works for the Express-News has gotta be at least... adequate. But, Sinatra on TCMN? Incongruent by people with senior moments. - for: Iktor (the drunk)
Mon, 6/19/06 16:32 - Request: Been listening to you in the mornings Scoop ... yer doin' a great job all the way 'round. - for: Scoop Fan
Mon, 6/19/06 16:31 - Request: Thanks for the encouraging words seemingly hard to come by from the lulu fans it's all good doing my best. regards. - for: Scoop
Mon, 6/19/06 16:24 - Request: FYI, Ladies and Germs, as Brother Scoop is likely too polite, or attempting to be polite, to say so, Sister LuLu is now day jobbing it up on Mondays - and practically every other day of the week. Scoop is stepping up. Thanks, Scoop. Regards, Your Kindly Uncle Crusty. Now Carry On. - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 16:19 - Request: Who was that, the devil's advocate? - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 16:17 - Request: We want Lulu. We want Lulu. We want Lulu. - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 16:13 - Request: nice stuff you're playing, thanks. - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 15:56 - Request: You haven't seen ugly, till you've seen a "Scoop" of it - for: Iktor Yuke
Mon, 6/19/06 15:51 - Request: Maybe on the Stuart Stpales. Lulu is also better looking - for: Scoop
Mon, 6/19/06 15:42 - Request: can you play more of the stuart staples, maybe later in the show? - for:
Mon, 6/19/06 15:14 - Request: Lulu, your voice has changed! - for:
Sun, 6/18/06 19:32 - Request: nice to be heard! - for:
Sun, 6/18/06 19:29 - Request: ps ... nice to hear you on Sundays. - for:
Sun, 6/18/06 19:29 - Request: The Gram Parsons set -- lovely - for:
Sun, 6/18/06 14:50 - Request: More Rob J. coming up - for: dave
Sun, 6/18/06 14:43 - Request: Love the Robert Johnson--may we have some more please? - for:
Fri, 6/16/06 17:59 - Request: Cool. I like Zappa too. Pardon me then - for:
Fri, 6/16/06 17:55 - Request: thank god that we all don't have the same musical tastes. If it was my choice you would here a lot more zappa on the dial. - for: dave
Fri, 6/16/06 17:46 - Request: Question Brother Dave... Why would we American folks stay tuned for that crap that comes on at 7:00. Come on. Who told you to say that... your boss? - for:
Fri, 6/16/06 17:37 - Request: sounds like a good move. Thanks for the words of support - for: dave
Fri, 6/16/06 17:33 - Request: I love this show for its thorough-pudic value. I'm doing better,now, but I'm feeling lost. Music is my salvation, brother Dave, except when it goes from TCMN to.. what's it called... the evening NOISE, God I hate that genre. KSYM needs to go Americana full-time. Thanks Dave for keeping me away from sin up until 7:00. - for: Iktor Yuke (for those who can't pronounce, I'll be phonetic. That's... Ick' tor / Yook. Yuke rymes with Duke. Adios my dorito friends!!!
Fri, 6/16/06 17:12 - Request: there must be salvation in that bottle - for: dave
Fri, 6/16/06 17:07 - Request: GLORY, GLORY, HALLELUYAH... glory, glory halleluhah... GlOry gloRY, halLELUYAH, HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON. If you're listening Vulture Harrison Strooth, that one's for you - for: Ik
Fri, 6/16/06 16:54 - Request: Good deal. Thank you (burp), sir. - for: Ik......tor
Fri, 6/16/06 16:50 - Request: don't have her version, but I've got Buck Owens doing the tune - for: dave
Fri, 6/16/06 16:50 - Request: By the way, I'm drunk. - for: Iktor the Great
Fri, 6/16/06 16:48 - Request: It's from Wanda Jacson's "Best Of... ". Thanks Mr....ummmmm... Fridave? Unique, but a little corny - for: Yuke
Fri, 6/16/06 16:45 - Request: Iktor here again. Maybe it's hearts Wanda is good at kicking. How about playin' "Kickin' Our Hearts Around". Younhaven't lived until you've kicked a heart or two. - for: Iktor Yuke
Fri, 6/16/06 16:38 - Request: Alive and kicking? Such an old and tiresome cliche'. In Wanda's particular instance, is she alive and kicking... what?... people around she doesn't like. How does that rediculousv phrase appy to anyone still alive after not being heard from in so many years? - for: Iktor Yuke
Fri, 6/16/06 16:23 - Request: she's still alive & Kicking - for: dave
Fri, 6/16/06 16:18 - Request: hey, thanks for the wanda jackson--she still sounds great - for:
Fri, 6/16/06 15:55 - Request: Wanda also up to bat shortly - for: dave
Fri, 6/16/06 15:54 - Request: sorry, don't have that Rosanne. Waylon coming up - for: dave
Fri, 6/16/06 15:49 - Request: How about Funnel of Love with Wanda Jackson & the Cramps? Or something from Dave Alvin off of Blackjack David? It would be appreciated. Greatly. Truly. - for:
Fri, 6/16/06 15:47 - Request: something from Waylon for his birthday yesterday - for: thanks, Cuz
Fri, 6/16/06 15:44 - Request: Tennesee Flat Top Box by Rosanne Cash.........thanks - for: The Ear Food Nation
Fri, 6/16/06 15:23 - Request: Fred coming up. - for: dave
Fri, 6/16/06 15:20 - Request: Fred Eaglesmith Please!!! When exactly did we become White Trash - for: Andy in Colorado
Fri, 6/16/06 09:40 - Request: FryDave; Hope you got "The Package." Wish I could be hearin' ya, but when you read this, I should have my fishing pole in the water, on vacation. Fun being with you on the Left Coast. Will catch up with you on July 7. Hell, thats my birthday. Yeah, 39 again..... - for: thomasssssssssssss
Thurs, 6/15/06 17:29 - Request: yes - for:
Thurs, 6/15/06 16:57 - Request: hey Crusty and Tom can we hear some bays brothers today..thanks - for:
Thurs, 6/15/06 14:53 - Request: LittleWillies-I'llNeverGetOutofthisWorldAlive and BestofallPossibleWorlds - for:
Thurs, 6/15/06 11:51 - Request: Mark Erelli-"God Loves Everyone" Please play after 4pm - for: jacob polhamus
Wed, 6/14/06 17:00 - Request: most welcome - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/14/06 16:59 - Request: Oh, thank you! One of my faves from the new Escovedo. Very nice. - for:
Wed, 6/14/06 16:57 - Request: p sweaney coming up. i was told that ksym.org was having an issue, so you would need to go through the tcmn site. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/14/06 16:55 - Request: it's working from here. Patrick Sweany please. - for:
Wed, 6/14/06 16:49 - Request: is this on??? i hear we're having some issues. - for: 3phus
Tues, 6/13/06 18:08 - Request: thanks, Deadman man. - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 17:34 - Request: that's cool, I was just Razzing you too. I had a feelilng you could take it. Yeah that's right!! - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 17:23 - Request: This is Vulture Harrison Strooth. Just funnin' with ya boy about (yer )spelling deficiencies. We all have vum. Lovin the show! - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:58 - Request: in that case, it's going to be a long hawt summer. - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:56 - Request: I think your show is contributing to that 105 heat index, your burning up the airwaves/internet - for: Bruce
Tues, 6/13/06 16:54 - Request: OH YEAH!!!! - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:51 - Request: ha - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:49 - Request: sure no prob on that Excobedo - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:47 - Request: Like this new Lost John Dean y'all have been playing too; how about some new Alejandro Escovedo since you're being so accommodating today?! - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:46 - Request: wayne hancock and hank III say 'route'. get over it. - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:45 - Request: look Mr. Picky, yeah that's right I said, I misspell stuff on here on the tyme. - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:45 - Request: That's pronounced "root" not "rowt". Everyone sings it " get your kicks on "ROOT" 66. - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:37 - Request: Someone spelled Chix as in Dixie wrong - for: Mr. Whoever I am
Tues, 6/13/06 16:35 - Request: Neko is sweeter than Terri anyway Mr... whoever you are - for: VHS
Tues, 6/13/06 16:30 - Request: I dunno about that Terri Hendrix MR... whoever you are, but that Neko will coming right up! - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:28 - Request: I second the Neko Case request ... great show Bob. - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:27 - Request: Neko Case. NEKO CASE. Neko Case. Love that gal. please play her, Bob - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:24 - Request: Thank you, Mr. Roberto. Can I get some Terri Hendricks too. Much appreciated - for: Rain's friend
Tues, 6/13/06 16:19 - Request: would like to hear anything by the Gourds - for: Bruce
Tues, 6/13/06 16:17 - Request: Can't find the Iguanas Album, silver transister heart or something but i'll try something from a comp. - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:06 - Request: I'm glad I could help - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 16:03 - Request: Say Mr. Roberto, got some Iguanas for the ears? The Liquor Song is so fine a song. Please play. - for: a friend of Mr. Rain Gilbert (sure do miss that spider monkey on Mondays)
Tues, 6/13/06 15:59 - Request: Iktor Yuke? Where in tarnations did your mommy and daddy get a name like that for ya , boy? - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Tues, 6/13/06 15:37 - Request: wow, thanks, no Houston station ever got a request on that fast for me! SAJB were awsome at Kerrville. - for: Bruce
Tues, 6/13/06 15:26 - Request: south austin jug band - dark and weary world (if you have it) - for: Bruce
Tues, 6/13/06 15:24 - Request: Very cool. Tuesdays are lookin' good. - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 15:20 - Request: Comin' right up! - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 15:14 - Request: It's BOB!!! Deadman please, sir. - for:
Tues, 6/13/06 08:52 - Request: Nobody bothers to email a request to Bob. That's because everyone knows he can read the listener's mind. He's the best at TCMN. Look forward to his show every Tuesdays! - for: Iktor Yuke
Tues, 6/13/06 08:44 - Request: It's a myspace.com thang - for:
Mon, 6/12/06 18:20 - Request: apparently not - for:
Mon, 6/12/06 17:51 - Request: did lulu switch to Mondays?? - for:
Mon, 6/12/06 17:20 - Request: look, if yer not gonna have a playlist or a dj, at least play crappy songs, ok? - for:
Mon, 6/12/06 16:54 - Request: no playlist=no dj? - for:
Sun, 6/11/06 19:16 - Request: thanks. - for:
Sun, 6/11/06 19:08 - Request: Nice to hear you on Sunday ... - for:
Sat, 6/10/06 16:16 - Request: ack! - for:
Fri, 6/9/06 16:13 - Request: Sorry, Abby. I'm still upset - for: Dave
Fri, 6/9/06 16:12 - Request: Sorry Abby, I'm still upset - for:
Fri, 6/9/06 15:30 - Request: flag decal or angel from mont - j.prine - for: lil dipper
Fri, 6/9/06 12:38 - Request: Ah, that kind of date. As long as the date is free, FryDave can get one! - for:
Fri, 6/9/06 06:04 - Request: that's "date" as in prune-like fruit grown on palm trees in calif.... - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 18:31 - Request: Dinners coming up soon and you're welcome Co....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 18:30 - Request: Thanks Big Daddy - for: Andy in CO
Thurs, 6/8/06 18:24 - Request: Los #3 Dinners Por Favor!!! - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 18:19 - Request: Thanks for the info. Fred Eaglesmith coming up son... Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 18:16 - Request: Internet broadcast is working like a charm. Thanks for asking!! How about some Fred Eaglesmith?? - for: Andy in CO
Thurs, 6/8/06 16:41 - Request: no se, can't download a thing on these machines, I have a baby transistor - for: dip
Thurs, 6/8/06 16:38 - Request: How is the Internet broadcast today?...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 16:28 - Request: That's value-added...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 16:25 - Request: hey Crusty, I'm on Saturday - for: lil dipper
Thurs, 6/8/06 16:22 - Request: 6 p.m. Saturday and the, I hope, at 7 p.m. we'll do a set with Cedryl Ballou & the Zydeco Trendsetters - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 16:20 - Request: When is the Orchestra playing Folklife? - for: The Ear Food Nation
Thurs, 6/8/06 15:50 - Request: Jackson coming up....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 15:50 - Request: Man, Frydave might have a chance, but..... - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 15:44 - Request: Johnny Cash Jackson - for: Bro. Dave
Thurs, 6/8/06 15:33 - Request: Blind and Blonde - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 15:29 - Request: How? Are the women on the Left Coast blind? - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 15:25 - Request: frydave in california....... well, at least he can finally get a date....... - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 15:16 - Request: You know, thomas, that's one of those "Ransom of Red Chief" situations. In another couple of days you'll be sending us the Golden Gate Bridge to take him back. Good luck...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/8/06 15:04 - Request: We're Holdin' FryDave Hostage in California. Send Beer and Tortillias for his release. - for: thomass
Wed, 6/7/06 17:45 - Request: mmmm. blt's......... - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/7/06 17:42 - Request: bacon fat, excellent blts for dinner - for:
Wed, 6/7/06 17:37 - Request: some more pieta brown up in a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/7/06 17:36 - Request: and tghey bothe border florida - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/7/06 17:35 - Request: would ya play another pieta brown song - for:
Wed, 6/7/06 17:33 - Request: and they butt up against each other - for:
Wed, 6/7/06 17:27 - Request: i was close. both end with an "a"! - for: 3phus
Wed, 6/7/06 17:22 - Request: haints are from bama - for:
Tues, 6/6/06 17:07 - Request: YA GONNA BURN - for:
Tues, 6/6/06 16:47 - Request: Billy Preston died today ... anything by him (he was born in Houston, so that should satisfy these "incongruent" wienies) - for:
Tues, 6/6/06 16:37 - Request: S.Earle-TomAme'sPrayer would work for today - for:
Tues, 6/6/06 16:13 - Request: "Hey" by Toni Price - for: Dan
Tues, 6/6/06 15:37 - Request: That's two times now! - for:
Tues, 6/6/06 15:27 - Request: That's Forsythe - for:
Tues, 6/6/06 15:27 - Request: Some Guy Forthyhe, please - for:
Tues, 6/6/06 15:25 - Request: Incongruent, so far - for: ?/?
Tues, 6/6/06 15:22 - Request: HELLO... is this the Third Coast Music Network? This stuff been played has me confused - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 16:52 - Request: no need fer poleeyetness - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 16:48 - Request: Now that's somethin' . In all due politness I thank yuz for playing my man. - for: VHS
Mon, 6/5/06 16:42 - Request: yer werd is cowboy. - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 16:41 - Request: Blame it on myspace.com. KSYM is in cahoots with them (cahoots... ain't that a cowboy word?) - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 16:35 - Request: That's the problem with KSYM... too many atheists. - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 16:29 - Request: that's what they say - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 16:29 - Request: they do say that god is watching, you are right. - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 16:21 - Request: Vulture Harrison Strooth reporting on the report that my boy Rain is going to be God's boy now. I like that move. My prayers will have a better chance of getting my requests played. Let's see if you have a little bit of God in ya today, boy. I wanna hear my man Kinky. How about Marilyn and Joe be the song. Remember, God's watching and wants to be proud. - for: VHS
Mon, 6/5/06 15:39 - Request: daze! - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 15:38 - Request: rainy daze and sundays? - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 15:20 - Request: start up the 'rod and put you tounge on the coil - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 15:12 - Request: so this sunday get out a few buckets of gasoline and a book of matches. - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 15:11 - Request: i'm going to sunday 4 to 8 - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 15:10 - Request: Suck it up man, and tell it how it is..... - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 15:08 - Request: *sniff* - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 15:07 - Request: Where in the hell are you goin' Rain?? - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 15:06 - Request: Can you please play some Fred Eaglesmith?? Thanks - for:
Mon, 6/5/06 06:21 - Request: no, if you heard it on sunday night, it would be "M.M.M.KSYM.ORGY.COM" - for:
Sun, 6/4/06 19:51 - Request: dutieS - for:
Sun, 6/4/06 19:51 - Request: As part of your best DJ dutie, please update the playlist! thanks for a great show..... - for:
Sun, 6/4/06 19:20 - Request: Congratulations on being the best DJ, Bob. I always knew that you had the most talent at KSYM. Am enjoying your show today. Typically great, of course. - for: Kent D.
Sun, 6/4/06 17:18 - Request: Did I hear you right, 'WWW. KSYM ORGY? Do the three W's stand for women? - for:
Fri, 6/2/06 17:52 - Request: thanks, Roy see ya. - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 17:50 - Request: See you in a few days Dave, have a safe flight Man! - for: Roy
Fri, 6/2/06 17:36 - Request: Jim, I think I understand - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 17:30 - Request: Sorry, my msg on Dixie Chicks was for Dave, from Jim, still learning the technology - for: The guy that's always at the station
Fri, 6/2/06 17:26 - Request: Hey guys, we will play it on the 10th. I have encluded it into my "Relationship Set" to help you two out...... - for: Thomassssssss
Fri, 6/2/06 17:25 - Request: didn't bring it ....the powers-that-be probably wouldn't approve - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 17:22 - Request: how about Wirtz's I Got Female Problems? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/2/06 17:09 - Request: Glad to see you played Dixie Chicks I emailed the record company for. - for: Jim Boyle KSYM DJ
Fri, 6/2/06 17:06 - Request: I could see the wildlife at Yosemite or the wildlife at a HankIII show. An Easy choice - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 17:03 - Request: Oh how convenient, Jeff. - for: Roy
Fri, 6/2/06 17:01 - Request: that's Yosemite day, roy - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/2/06 17:00 - Request: Little Hank just was through SA two weeks ago. - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 16:59 - Request: 3phus, sunday through sat - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 16:58 - Request: Sometimes ya got to man up Dave, just say No!...hahaha just giving you a hard time man. So you are going to go with me to see Hank III on Thursday right? Don't be skeered! - for: Roy
Fri, 6/2/06 16:56 - Request: 25? what days are you counting? - for: 3phus
Fri, 6/2/06 16:52 - Request: CELL, DUDE - for:
Fri, 6/2/06 16:51 - Request: it's beyond my control, Roy - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 16:49 - Request: What is going on here...The Dixie Chicks...Dude, wait till I see ya... - for: Roy
Fri, 6/2/06 16:49 - Request: on my cell or work phone, thomass? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/2/06 16:43 - Request: your welcome CJ - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 16:42 - Request: I knew you would ask.......it was at #25 - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 16:42 - Request: Hey Jeff; check your voice-male, dude. - for: thomass
Fri, 6/2/06 16:41 - Request: thanks for the zydeco dave! - for: CJ
Fri, 6/2/06 16:37 - Request: k.kane & k welch's new one still didn't crack the top 5? - for: 3phus
Fri, 6/2/06 16:28 - Request: no elana today, damn it! - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 16:22 - Request: Y'all should, the world would be a better place...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 6/2/06 16:22 - Request: hey dave, is elana james and her band coming in today? - for: 3phus
Fri, 6/2/06 16:21 - Request: I knew that I could get a bite from you when I mentioned zydeco - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 16:21 - Request: roy thinks everybody thinks like him.....jeeze, what a skeery notion - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/2/06 16:18 - Request: Nobody likes Zydeco out here... - for: Roy
Fri, 6/2/06 16:15 - Request: A Zydeco Fan in CA,!? Alright! - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 16:12 - Request: Can't alway be rowdy! - for: Roy
Fri, 6/2/06 16:11 - Request: I'm surprised, I figured the Derailers to be a bit lite for you, Roy. - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 16:10 - Request: C.J. sez she's not gonna cook for us unless you play some zydeco - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/2/06 16:09 - Request: N.O. Social Club, derailers, Lynnwood, delevante... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/2/06 16:07 - Request: Hey Dave, Ya getting excited yet...Can you play something else off the new Derailers...You might want to bring that one with you too. - for: Roy
Fri, 6/2/06 16:05 - Request: Dave is gonna have to hitch a U-Haul to the plane - for: thomasss
Fri, 6/2/06 15:58 - Request: which one ya talking about? - for: dave
Fri, 6/2/06 15:53 - Request: that's another one you can bring me - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 6/2/06 07:44 - Request: Frank Sinatra on TCMN???? Someone here's gone senile! How much longer is this boy Crusty gonna last? - for:
Thurs, 6/1/06 18:27 - Request: Thanks, Cuz, hope you heard the answer...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 6/1/06 17:25 - Request: One question for Mr. Cleaves, please, if I may be so bold. What are the pros and cons of the Kerrville Folk Festival? I'll take the answer off the air. Thanks. - for: cuz
Thurs, 6/1/06 17:18 - Request: Mighty High is my new favorite...Praise God...thanks Crusty....then followed by Happy Day.....it doesn't get much better than that. - for: cuz
Wed, 5/31/06 18:47 - Request: Ouch! That tune by Willie is horrible. - for:
Wed, 5/31/06 18:40 - Request: thanks for the kind words. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 18:32 - Request: You're funny Joe. Like ya lots , man. - for: C. Y.
Wed, 5/31/06 18:30 - Request: re kinky, i cant locate the pearls in the snow recording but i'll keep looking. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 18:22 - Request: Just got in. recent commments nust be about incongruent Mondays with Rain the TCMN pain. Here's somethin' I know everyone will like: Kinky Friedman's ode to Monroe and DiMaggio called "Marilyn and Joe". Got that one Mr. 3phus, my buddy? - for: Christopher Yale
Wed, 5/31/06 17:46 - Request: amen. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 17:20 - Request: when you hear 3rd coast music you know it is - for: between 12-12 without opening your eyes
Wed, 5/31/06 16:44 - Request: dog food.yes. asparagus blech! - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 16:41 - Request: yum - for:
Wed, 5/31/06 16:38 - Request: the essence of third coast is asparagus. toasted with dog food. the good dog food. not the cheap inedible stuff - for:
Wed, 5/31/06 16:22 - Request: see...no snitting! i dunno about the "esence of 3rd coast". been thinkin' on that a bit and i can definitly tell you there is no mission statement other than to attemp to annoy fgri dave with occaisional banjo music. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 15:52 - Request: glad to oblige. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 15:48 - Request: No snits here ... this is wonderful, thank you! You made my Wednesday. - for:
Wed, 5/31/06 15:46 - Request: no snitting allowed on wednesday. here's some gillian welch for you. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 15:42 - Request: Before somebody gets into some snit about the true essence of 3rd coast music and what it is or isn't ... didya bring any Gillian Welch today? - for:
Wed, 5/31/06 15:28 - Request: errr....h. carll coming up - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 15:28 - Request: hayes carll - for:
Wed, 5/31/06 15:25 - Request: HaysKarl-NakedCheckers,LiveFree,SitinwithBand - for:
Wed, 5/31/06 15:14 - Request: indeedy. good request. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 15:12 - Request: Well, at least I got Swinney correct - for:
Wed, 5/31/06 15:05 - Request: cary swinney on the way. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/31/06 14:53 - Request: Jesus Silverstein by Gary Swinney (great follow-up tune) - for:
Wed, 5/31/06 12:39 - Request: "jesus:the missing years" - for: mark
Wed, 5/31/06 12:38 - Request: "jesus:the missing years" - for: mark
Tues, 5/30/06 17:03 - Request: is lulu there even? must be wearing handcuffs - for: i really wanted the name of this song
Tues, 5/30/06 17:02 - Request: no playlist? lots of great songs - for:
Tues, 5/30/06 16:49 - Request: play the Claritan Dees not the blue bells - for: old age pincher
Mon, 5/29/06 18:49 - Request: really great stuff this last hour- thanks to your guests - for: donna
Mon, 5/29/06 17:57 - Request: no one knows me or knows what i look like under my snake skin - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 17:42 - Request: Rain, I think I know what you look like. We are indeed brothers. Great show today, by the way, boy. Plenty of music and laughs - for: The Vulture
Mon, 5/29/06 17:41 - Request: how about another LA song-ry cooder-poor man's shangrila - for: a friend missing LA
Mon, 5/29/06 17:29 - Request: excuse me, I mean to say incongruent - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 17:28 - Request: Van Morrison and that word congruent comes to mind - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 17:25 - Request: LOL!!! - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 17:25 - Request: but not a bird of prey - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 17:24 - Request: I LOVE IT - for: The Vulture
Mon, 5/29/06 17:21 - Request: I think the Vulture is a flesh eating pecker - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 17:19 - Request: what the hell does a vulture have to offer a dj? - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 17:18 - Request: yer breakin' my heart - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 17:16 - Request: Every Monday it's always the same sadness... I never hear my songs played. Boy, it's a good thing I like The Liquer Dance. Looks like this Monday might rain, Rain, but it won't get me down, thanks to the Iguanas and you. Holy deerheads on the wall, my boy Tony Joe White is on! Mighty fine - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Mon, 5/29/06 16:49 - Request: dear - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:48 - Request: is that a dear head or a deer head - for: just wondering
Mon, 5/29/06 16:41 - Request: * - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:36 - Request: Rank and File?! Even better. - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:35 - Request: Stephane Grappelli was considered jazz, but his fiddle is more suited for TCMN. Check him out Rain and bring him on the KSYM airwaves. You'll love this guy, I know it - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:32 - Request: how about i play you rank and file - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:29 - Request: TCM is a state of mind ... how about some very congruent Alejandro Escovedo? - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:23 - Request: i am tcmn. the artists are from texas. - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:23 - Request: joe ely, alvin crow, doug sahm... - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:20 - Request: McKay Bros, Ray Barretto, Sexto Sol, Forsythe. Now, brother, them folks are TCMN. - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:16 - Request: byrds are not "3rd coast"... like i care they're west coast - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:11 - Request: excuse me but the byrds are NEVER incongruent - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:09 - Request: the rcs is our computer system - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:09 - Request: the math wiz was telling me that playing neil young was not a 3rd coast artist - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:06 - Request: OK, I'm really dense today, I don't get the "incongruent" & "rcs" references - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:04 - Request: dave alvin, byrds, fred eaglesmith, buck owens, neko case... are also incongruent - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 16:03 - Request: it was in the rcs system - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 15:49 - Request: Neil Young... TCMN... incongruent. - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 15:45 - Request: hey, man, where did you find that live version of "going home" (neil young)? - for: Dave
Mon, 5/29/06 15:22 - Request: that guy misspelled 'by' - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 15:17 - Request: How about some Buck Owens and those Buckaroo kids of his. - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 15:15 - Request: Rain, where the heck are you. Back to being late again? - for:
Mon, 5/29/06 15:13 - Request: Heck, anyone can do that lame Casbah presentation. Just need a few songs that nobody else has and, POOF... you're a DJ admired buy one - for:
Sun, 5/28/06 19:30 - Request: You and Jeff Smith should go on the road together; nice Casbah last night. - for:
Sun, 5/28/06 15:21 - Request: thanks for the kind words - for: 3phus
Sun, 5/28/06 15:16 - Request: ps-great show today. - for:
Sun, 5/28/06 15:16 - Request: today IS sunday. and i'll be listening for gillian on wednesday, so thanks. - for:
Sun, 5/28/06 15:13 - Request: uhh... today's sunday isn't it?? - for: 3phus
Sun, 5/28/06 14:09 - Request: i've aslready pulled some xtra gillian at the casa for wednesday afternoon. - for: 3phus
Sun, 5/28/06 14:04 - Request: indeedy - for: 3phus
Sat, 5/27/06 17:27 - Request: Yay! My Gillian Welch guy ... thanks! - for:
Fri, 5/26/06 17:10 - Request: hey, that's Roy's theme song - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 5/26/06 17:09 - Request: good deal, i'll be in Pilot Hill during your show tomorrow for a grad bbq so i'll make sure they tune in - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 5/26/06 16:50 - Request: no db truckers here right now. - for: dave
Fri, 5/26/06 16:48 - Request: Hey JuzzJeff; I'm gonna send out a Set for you & Dave, about, well you know - for: thomass
Fri, 5/26/06 16:47 - Request: i'll just have to play a bunch of the new k. kane next week! - for: 3phus
Fri, 5/26/06 16:42 - Request: Some Drive By Truckers please? - for:
Fri, 5/26/06 16:35 - Request: I just count em & that's how it pans out. - for: dave
Fri, 5/26/06 16:30 - Request: how can the new "lost john dean" not be in the top 5? - for:
Fri, 5/26/06 16:06 - Request: Seems to be working now. - for: Roy
Fri, 5/26/06 15:57 - Request: let me know if I need to reboot the real audio - for: dave
Fri, 5/26/06 15:54 - Request: Anybody else keep getting static...I think Dave's trying to wash me out or something. - for: Roy
Fri, 5/26/06 15:52 - Request: haven't seen the Wood Bros. around here - for: dave
Fri, 5/26/06 15:47 - Request: Is Wood Brothers Ways not to lose in the new music? - for:
Fri, 5/26/06 15:47 - Request: 1995 release "Old fart in the mirror".....did anyone in CA get the monk-e-mail? - for: dave
Fri, 5/26/06 15:43 - Request: Dave; Is that Fromholtz CD the old release, or a new one? Good Cut. - for: thomas
Fri, 5/26/06 15:15 - Request: Those guys are awesome Dave...Mr. Thomas, it's been awhile... - for: Roy
Fri, 5/26/06 15:12 - Request: I can't believe that those guys have any fans - for: dave
Fri, 5/26/06 15:12 - Request: Hey Roy.... You are awake, EARLY - for: Thomasss
Fri, 5/26/06 15:06 - Request: Hey Dave, I understand you are a huge Groovy Rednecks fan, can I get you to play something from them...hahaha - for: Roy
Thurs, 5/25/06 17:33 - Request: shhhh! - for: 3phus
Thurs, 5/25/06 17:31 - Request: Does your mother know you're playing with the computer Mr. 3phus? - for:
Thurs, 5/25/06 17:07 - Request: interesting. now i can see the request line but i still dont have updates from the playlist. .......it's gotta be my fault somehow! - for: 3phus
Thurs, 5/25/06 17:06 - Request: asdasdsad - for:
Thurs, 5/25/06 16:38 - Request: Candye Kane coming up...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/25/06 16:37 - Request: Candye Kane? Three Antone's CD's - for: Rex
Thurs, 5/25/06 16:10 - Request: Omar & the Howlers coming up also...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/25/06 16:09 - Request: Mr. McClinton coming up...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/25/06 16:09 - Request: OmarandHowlers -one of best shows I saw at Antone's - for:
Thurs, 5/25/06 15:59 - Request: "You Were Never Mine" Delbert McClinton - for: mikethepaperboy
Thurs, 5/25/06 15:37 - Request: Pinetop coming, so are Ms. Ball et al....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/25/06 15:22 - Request: Marcia Ball, find another fool, etc etc, and foley, strehli, etc - for: buck
Thurs, 5/25/06 15:22 - Request: Got any Pinetop Perkins? - for:
Thurs, 5/25/06 15:15 - Request: Amen. Today's show is dedicasted to the memory of Mr. Clifford. If you have tribute requests, post away and, if I can find the song, I'll play it....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/25/06 15:12 - Request: RIP Clifford - for:
Wed, 5/24/06 18:55 - Request: benefit going on tonite at casbeers. carolyn wonderland, rosie flores, elana james (prev w hot club of cowtown), butch morgan, marcus rubio, steveie tombsonne, and others. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/24/06 18:46 - Request: Anything on Dylan Birthday Party? (I missed your comments if you've been talking about it, because I just came on line), thx for the Dylan (and thru it all away or hwy 61?) - for:
Wed, 5/24/06 16:16 - Request: california is most welcome and LL, get ahold of yerself. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/24/06 16:10 - Request: woohoo, billy brent - for:
Wed, 5/24/06 16:09 - Request: Thank from All of California, for the Revenants... - for: thomass
Wed, 5/24/06 15:41 - Request: lovely, thanks. - for:
Wed, 5/24/06 15:30 - Request: i'll remember the xtra gillian next week. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/24/06 15:30 - Request: oops ... missed it! dang it ... thanks tho'. - for:
Wed, 5/24/06 15:29 - Request: I forgot to remind you last week ... find me somethin' good, I'm easy (to please) - for:
Wed, 5/24/06 15:17 - Request: arrgh! i forgot to bring in some xtra gillian. lemme see what i can figger out real quick. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/24/06 15:14 - Request: Hiya Mr. 3Phus ... any chance we can get Gillian Welch today (maybe off another album besides Soul Journey)? Would be much appreciated. And love the Dave Alvin too. - for:
Wed, 5/24/06 15:09 - Request: hey jesse, 3rd coast doesn't start till 3pm cdt. i'l play the alvin request though in just a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/24/06 08:02 - Request: Dave Alvin/ California Snow - for: Jesse Martinez
Tues, 5/23/06 17:20 - Request: When The Vulture thinks about it, that message just posted about Sara cprobably came from another caring soul. I'm sorry Lulu, I wasn't thinking properly. Thanks to whoever. - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Tues, 5/23/06 17:15 - Request: Lulu, you are a swwetheart. I was away. Come back to find my name and a tip from you regarding the fare Sara. I shall buy with confidence thanks to you. What a gal. Thanks sweatheart - for: The Vulture
Tues, 5/23/06 16:46 - Request: Vulture Harrison Strooth, Sara Evans came out strong with "Three Chords and the Truth." Went way downhill fast from there. But TC&TT is a great album. - for:
Tues, 5/23/06 16:37 - Request: Hey LuLu ... can you play Guy Forsyth's Beautiful Mistake? gracias - for:
Tues, 5/23/06 16:06 - Request: enjoy! Thanks for the kind words - for: LuLu
Tues, 5/23/06 16:05 - Request: Well it the CD is bad al least ya got the picture! :-) - for:
Tues, 5/23/06 15:58 - Request: Thanks for the mighty effort my dear. Guess I'll buy her CD based on the cover picture ( stupid, I know. Then again, I'm always spending money on women for the wrong reasons). Lulu you're a good woman. Keep the music going strong. TCMN is the best thing KSYM has to offer. - for: The Vulture
Tues, 5/23/06 15:47 - Request: sorry sweetie - i dont have anything by sara evans - for: LuLu
Tues, 5/23/06 15:36 - Request: I was shopping for CDs and came across a country star I've never heard of, but she sure is the best looking thing since Jennifer Lopez. Her name is Sarah Evans. If she is as good at singing as she is sexy, then PLEASE play something by her. I just gotta hear what she sounds like. Thanks Lulu, my dear. - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Mon, 5/22/06 18:24 - Request: Oh yeah ... Willin' ... got any Little Feat there? - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 17:51 - Request: thank you for that song!!!!!!!!...off to Hog Wild i go!!! - for: randal
Mon, 5/22/06 17:37 - Request: if myspace was the back 40, i'd find a bush not too far from the conversation, or the ice chest - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 17:34 - Request: Are you one of those myspace.com fellers? - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 17:25 - Request: vhs? is that you? - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 17:23 - Request: Until about the last few weeks Mr. Rain, I thought you liked them loger than that. If there is such a song as 4 hours long why not play one of those from now on. Just funnin' with you, boy. Play whatever YOU like for yourself. - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Mon, 5/22/06 17:13 - Request: I like 14 minutes songs -- how about Gillian Welch's "I Dream A Highway"? - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 16:58 - Request: I think two-minute hit songs are the best-. Got anything by anyone? Now leave Roger Miller out of this. I've got all his two-minute hits anyway. Thanks Mr. Rain. - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 16:14 - Request: Hex! - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 16:00 - Request: Thanksforchecking. How about TheLittleWillies-BestOfAllPossibleWorlds - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 15:56 - Request: i looked in bobs stuff and didn't find it. - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 15:41 - Request: B.BobPlayedWoodBros. yesterday - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 15:38 - Request: B.BobPlayedWoodBros. yesterday - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 15:36 - Request: not sure i know what you are talking about - for:
Mon, 5/22/06 15:10 - Request: Glad and ChoclateOnMyTongue - WoodBros.WaysNotToLose, please - for:
Sun, 5/21/06 11:40 - Request: QWIKSAND GROOVE - for: BRENDA
Sat, 5/20/06 18:59 - Request: thansk for posting that playlist LITTLE DIPPER - for: I passed my prostate exam 2day
Fri, 5/19/06 21:28 - Request: so did i win the top five CDs - for: stumped the DJ
Fri, 5/19/06 17:09 - Request: i like to dance when i listen to music. - for:
Fri, 5/19/06 17:03 - Request: What a man you are Dave, Glad you're not like those non-compliant punks and prima donnas at KSYM. Thanks for getting my hero on, Dave.-- The Vulture - for:
Fri, 5/19/06 16:23 - Request: I'll grab some more buck shortly - for: dave
Fri, 5/19/06 16:20 - Request: heck, do a buck set ... 'cause Together Again is a great one too (um, please?!?) - for:
Fri, 5/19/06 16:11 - Request: Friend Dave, I know Buck's already been played, but I would think in a four-hour time span you could fit in another one by this legend and my countrywestern hero. How about Foolin Around or Cryin Time. Big hits for him, so those two songs might be on that greatest hits CD you KSYM folks have over there. Make me proud boy! -- Vulture Harrison Strooth thanks you. - for: The Vulture
Fri, 5/19/06 16:09 - Request: i'll see if I can get hold of the nickel creek. - for: dave
Fri, 5/19/06 16:00 - Request: "When In Rome(Alaska?)" Nickel Creek - for: mikethepaperboy
Fri, 5/19/06 15:45 - Request: thanks! we sure do havy a busy one, better than the alternative, hah! - for: Lil Bit
Fri, 5/19/06 15:39 - Request: Gate coming up.....& also some beer for you, Roy - for: dave
Fri, 5/19/06 15:36 - Request: Come on Dave let's get some beer drinking songs, let's get rowdy. Like were gonna do when ya get here! - for: Roy
Fri, 5/19/06 15:34 - Request: that JW Jones cut reminds me that we ain't heard any Gatemouth in a long while-American Music Texas Style or Back to Bogalusa maybe?? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 5/19/06 15:16 - Request: that sounds good from this end, buck coming up. Jen, you guys have a busy weekend. - for: dave
Fri, 5/19/06 15:13 - Request: Howdy Dave, how 'bout some Buck Owens? - for: Lil' Bit
Thurs, 5/18/06 18:32 - Request: just wanted to say...good luck we're all counting on you - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 17:40 - Request: That wood Bros. disc is on Blue Note and we don't get much Blue Note material, but I'll check on it...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 17:10 - Request: 1. You're welcome. 2. I don't see any Wood Bros. I'll check on that disc....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 16:57 - Request: thanks for the alvin - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 16:32 - Request: Tell Mary we said hello...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 16:32 - Request: Drive carefully. - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 16:27 - Request: Biteme, I'm goin to austin. - for: Mark
Thurs, 5/18/06 16:17 - Request: Wood Bros. One More Day in new music? If not, you should check out their new CD Ways Not to Lose - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 16:15 - Request: can you do a dave alvin too? from blackjack david? - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 16:09 - Request: blood will tell - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 16:06 - Request: I'm glad my grandmother was a railroad telegrapher. She taught me enough code to translate requests...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 16:02 - Request: That Cutrufello request was a loose translation of Morse Code receipt or Boy Scouts with signal flags - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 15:56 - Request: I live to serve...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 15:54 - Request: man, you're good - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 15:41 - Request: Now I'm going to do my best to decipher this request. What I'm going to do is play Mary Cutrufello's "Walk of Shame" from the original CD "Who to Love and When to Leave." Miss Mary is working tonight at Threadgill's in Austin, the one on the South Side of Austin, I believe....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/18/06 15:25 - Request: Mary Cutrufello .Reissue of know how to love them, know when to lesve. Didinttrally want lose you" Path of shame " foin yo theadgills tonight. - for: Mark
Wed, 5/17/06 19:34 - Request: Georgia Slop by Hank T. Morris - for: TLT
Wed, 5/17/06 18:52 - Request: sorry, i think we may have something by wylie on a transamerica soundtrack, but i'm out of time here today. try again tomorrow and crusty will take care of your request. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/17/06 18:40 - Request: Wylie & the Wild West - Montana Moon - for: Lori Sebben
Wed, 5/17/06 16:33 - Request: very cool record. i'll play some more in just in bit - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/17/06 16:28 - Request: man, that david childers is strong. - for:
Wed, 5/17/06 16:17 - Request: Actually, there is an old swing song titled Polka Dot Blues, about dominos - for:
Wed, 5/17/06 16:16 - Request: nope. they's playin' cards, soo......i dunno. - for:
Wed, 5/17/06 16:14 - Request: don't get it. whats the polka part mean? - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/17/06 16:13 - Request: polka dot, as in domino dots. - for:
Wed, 5/17/06 16:12 - Request: most excellent. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/17/06 16:12 - Request: and bikinis. - for:
Wed, 5/17/06 16:06 - Request: sounds very very cool. my weekend plans may include going to houston to pick uip a new kitchen for the landlady but i'll try n call in sick. also i'll pass on the info to crusty, etc. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/17/06 15:59 - Request: It's Twang without irony. It's interesting. Big Western Swing shindig this weekend - local guy loves WS, and has beautiful ranch down on Leon River valley. Permenent covered stage w/lg. concrete dancefloor shielded by the canopy of 100 ft. tall pecan trees. Smokes seventy briskets. Attendees bring veggies and deserts. And beer. Lots of beer. And it's free. Called Western Swing - Proctor Style. Some biggies will be there, some not-so-big, but all will be fairly-well glowing while they're on stage. My new buddy Kelly Spinks and his Miles of Texas band will close. Yer all invited. Email me if ya wanna know more. Camping is free, and lots of neer-do-wells will be there doing just that by Friday night, so ya'll come. - for: joe_x71@hotmail.com
Wed, 5/17/06 15:47 - Request: werk schmerk. call in sick! so very g;lad to have you along joex. hows things up there in little town texas? - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/17/06 15:41 - Request: Yer making it tough to get any work done here, 3phus. Thanks. Got this mental image of Mervin peeking in the window monkee-like at the old house while that Willie deal was going on. - for: old sunday-niter smiling sadly
Wed, 5/17/06 15:12 - Request: i'll give it my best! - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/17/06 15:09 - Request: Ahhhhhhhhh! Shoot low sheriff,..........Got no audio production today at all today 3, so entertain me! It's just me, you, and the evil music logs. - for: old sunday-niter
Tues, 5/16/06 18:52 - Request: late saying thank you. "that" was great! - for:
Tues, 5/16/06 18:42 - Request: hey lulu, can hardly wait to radio!! - for: gordon
Tues, 5/16/06 18:41 - Request: great show! Thanks - for:
Tues, 5/16/06 17:35 - Request: how's that - for: xoxo- LuLu
Tues, 5/16/06 17:22 - Request: ely's letter to la, pls. - for:
Tues, 5/16/06 17:16 - Request: If you have time Joe Ely would be cool - for:
Tues, 5/16/06 17:13 - Request: Really like the Gilmore set. Any way you could slip in afterwards 'Never is a Moment' by Jimmy Lafave? Appreciate it, Lulu. - for:
Tues, 5/16/06 16:40 - Request: all commin up - for: xoxo-LuLu
Tues, 5/16/06 16:35 - Request: "I'm a Hog for You(LULU)" Clifton Chenier - for: mikethepaperboy
Tues, 5/16/06 16:28 - Request: She's Gone, Gone, Gone - Lefty - for:
Tues, 5/16/06 16:26 - Request: How about some Greencards and Diamond Rio, please - for: rick
Mon, 5/15/06 18:56 - Request: good night - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 18:55 - Request: 'night - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 18:40 - Request: *! - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 18:31 - Request: * - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 17:38 - Request: love love love the knitters! - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 17:17 - Request: great show today can you play some bays brothers please - for: jim
Mon, 5/15/06 16:35 - Request: ok ok ok ok, i think i can help. let me get - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 16:30 - Request: Don't Let Go by Roy Hamilton. Get'em on boy! - for: Vulture Harrison Strooth
Mon, 5/15/06 16:24 - Request: I'm a BIG Buck Owens fan and could go for some more Rain. Got "Act Naturally"? - for: Chris
Mon, 5/15/06 15:56 - Request: Outstanding rockin bluegrass - thanks - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 15:45 - Request: PamelAndersonIsInMyBedroom-ChrisCummings - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 15:44 - Request: rockin blue grass is almost here - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 15:41 - Request: How about some rockin Bluegrass - Uncle Pen, etc. - for:
Mon, 5/15/06 15:41 - Request: Greencards-LifesAFreeway, LongWayDown, You PulledMeOut - for: rick
Sun, 5/14/06 13:53 - Request: can Tammy Wynette be far behind? - for:
Fri, 5/12/06 18:52 - Request: Ooops. Thanks and good for him. I didn't think he'd be that disrespectful. Hope y'all get up & runnin' soon. - for:
Fri, 5/12/06 18:51 - Request: He showed up with a whole band, but all the mics on the board are fried, so that's why you just hear music & no back announcing. - for: dave
Fri, 5/12/06 18:47 - Request: So is Forsyth a bum? Just didn't show? - for:
Fri, 5/12/06 17:21 - Request: yeller roses coming up - for: dave
Fri, 5/12/06 17:19 - Request: 18 YELLER ROSES--TX TORNADOS LIVE - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 5/12/06 16:37 - Request: the mikes are all feeding back. sounds like someone else's radio is overpowering our board. Oh well....more music , less talk. - for: dave
Fri, 5/12/06 16:23 - Request: I thought I was in a Flashback.... ... thomass - for:
Fri, 5/12/06 16:22 - Request: Damn ! that was some cool sounds - for:
Fri, 5/12/06 16:21 - Request: How am I supposed to pick between Slaid Cleaves and Guy Forsythe? that's just mean. - for:
Fri, 5/12/06 16:19 - Request: El Watusi by Ray Barretto. Dave, if you have that one around I'll be the first in my family to have a heart attack if you play it. If you have it, please announce it before playing. I'll have just enough time to record it before I pass out. Thanks maestro! - for: Chris
Fri, 5/12/06 16:06 - Request: You know we don't condone that kind of behavior...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 5/12/06 16:03 - Request: Smoking at work? WAKE UP!! Gurf coming up. - for: dave
Fri, 5/12/06 16:00 - Request: Dave, I need something good, I'm falling asleep here. - for: Roy
Fri, 5/12/06 15:54 - Request: "Your Sister" by Gurf... - for: HeeMan Woman Haters- Sacramento Chapter
Fri, 5/12/06 15:38 - Request: Guy's at Jacks on 1000 Oaks - for: dave
Fri, 5/12/06 15:31 - Request: Where's Guy playing tonight? - for:
Thurs, 5/11/06 18:59 - Request: Thank you Jim.... - for: Susan Scheetz
Thurs, 5/11/06 18:55 - Request: test test. I lost the playlist somewhere, somehow...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/11/06 18:36 - Request: and that harley party in a Victoria Park w/ Steve's texmix station - with Todd Snyder! and Ray Wylie Hubbard - for: Buck2
Thurs, 5/11/06 18:29 - Request: After Steve moved to Victoria, I would catch him every time through Gonzales, Vic, hwy 37 to CC, etc - how about Van morrison, I remember him playing that one sunny saturday morning - for: Buck
Thurs, 5/11/06 15:46 - Request: Buddy Miller, I'm Not Getting Any Better At Goodbye, please. Thanks. - for:
Thurs, 5/11/06 15:46 - Request: And Mervin attempting to drive his Jeep around 'em..Now I'm crying.....Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/11/06 15:43 - Request: mervin.............. - for:
Thurs, 5/11/06 15:42 - Request: Robbie G, Sleepy Joe, Sam Baird, Coffman... It's quite a crew...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/11/06 15:40 - Request: Chrissy Flatt Came Back Broken - for: Bro. Dave
Thurs, 5/11/06 15:37 - Request: where ever they *are*, of course. - for:
Thurs, 5/11/06 15:35 - Request: whereever they, I figger sleepy joe estes is giving the grand tour right now - for:
Thurs, 5/11/06 15:30 - Request: Man, I hope so!...Crusty - for:
Thurs, 5/11/06 15:22 - Request: great show crusty. reckon sam b. is annoying coffman with his harmonica right now? - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 17:03 - Request: sorta...kinda....mebbe. likely. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/10/06 17:01 - Request: So it's a family thing ... taste I mean - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 16:59 - Request: my grandmother loved peaches too. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/10/06 16:56 - Request: Man, you ARE a peach ... Escovedo! - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 16:41 - Request: me too ... - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 16:34 - Request: i love peaches. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/10/06 16:30 - Request: yer the pits, fer sure Joe - for: he he
Wed, 5/10/06 16:29 - Request: killbilly mtn dew or die mebbe. - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 16:25 - Request: most welcome. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/10/06 16:20 - Request: Well, I'll be listening next week too ... yer a peach, thanks. - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 16:15 - Request: gillian welch up in a bit. funny. i've been bringing in xtra g welch cd's for about 3 weeks now waiting on a request, gonna surprise you, and todays the day i forgot too bring some xtras in. - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/10/06 16:13 - Request: sorry, but i cant find grandpa jones or a version of mountain dew anywhere - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/10/06 16:10 - Request: Or I Had a Real Good Mother and Father, for Mother's Day - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 16:09 - Request: Could you play Gillian Welch's Wrecking Ball off of Soul Journey? Thanks ever so. - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 16:06 - Request: GoodOleMountainDew-Grandpa Jones - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 15:39 - Request: guy clark up in a bit - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/10/06 15:36 - Request: BabyTookALimoToMemphis-G.Clark,please - for: rick
Wed, 5/10/06 15:22 - Request: no need to spl chk wid me! - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/10/06 15:16 - Request: Excuse me... that should be spelled "Homesick" - for:
Wed, 5/10/06 15:15 - Request: Hi Joe! How about some London Hoesick Blues... Gary P. Nunn style. Thanks. - for: Chris
Tues, 5/9/06 16:28 - Request: Hey LuLu, can we get some 1100Springs - for: Roy
Tues, 5/9/06 16:22 - Request: SomethingfromVMorrisonPayTheDevil,please - for: rick
Tues, 5/9/06 16:04 - Request: next? - for:
Tues, 5/9/06 16:04 - Request: oh, and REK and Smith Bros. - for:
Tues, 5/9/06 15:43 - Request: I'll start. sc+sa= SRV, RWH, Gatemouth Brown, Lightnin' Hopkins, Hal Ketchum, Asleep @ Wheel, BB King, Willie, Waylon, and the boys............... - for:
Tues, 5/9/06 15:40 - Request: i'm thinking.... - for:
Tues, 5/9/06 15:31 - Request: let's play a game. here's the formula: SC+SA=FITB (Steve Coffman + KFAN / KENS / San Antonio = (fill in the blank)) - for:
Tues, 5/9/06 15:30 - Request: I keep him in my thoughts PS-Ya know that flattery will get you everywhere! - for: XOXO, LuLu
Tues, 5/9/06 15:24 - Request: present company excluded, of course. (big smile) - for:
Tues, 5/9/06 15:21 - Request: Yeah, like him or not, he was a pioneer of freeform Texas music. I first heard him on a Dallas underground Outlaw Country station in 1973. Maybe the best freeform DJ I have ever heard. - for:
Tues, 5/9/06 15:17 - Request: how's that? Coffman from 98.7? Wow that's sad - for: LuLu
Tues, 5/9/06 13:27 - Request: How about Road Goes On Foerver in honor of Steve Coffman. Thanks. - for: RIP STeve
Mon, 5/8/06 18:20 - Request: any songs for lawyers, warren zevon maybe? - for: a lawyer
Mon, 5/8/06 17:48 - Request: any other great tom russell songs? - for: d
Mon, 5/8/06 17:27 - Request: oooo ... nick cave! and this knitters tune is great. - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 17:25 - Request: how about a nick cave cover of johny cash? - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 16:39 - Request: that s even better - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 16:38 - Request: wouldn't a good segue to bucket song be midnite special? - for: d
Mon, 5/8/06 16:32 - Request: sigh - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 15:47 - Request: i'll even give you a cool segue, several - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 15:45 - Request: Next Question.......Would you play a couple? - for: SAcajun
Mon, 5/8/06 15:44 - Request: only ksym - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 15:43 - Request: we got it - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 15:38 - Request: Do y'all have the new Van Morrison Album "Pay the Devil" - for: SAcajun
Mon, 5/8/06 15:21 - Request: ok - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 15:17 - Request: IAin'tNeverSatisfied-S.Earle,please - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 15:16 - Request: BabyTookALimoToMemphis-G.Clark - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 09:51 - Request: - for:
Mon, 5/8/06 06:48 - Request: "Let's see what's on KAJA " - it'll be honkytonkbadonkadonk over, and over, and over, and over, and over.......... - for:
Sun, 5/7/06 19:26 - Request: That Gogol Bordello again? KSYM is getting more commercial every time I check in. Let's see what's on KAJA - for:
Sun, 5/7/06 17:12 - Request: It's appreciated. Lots. - for:
Sun, 5/7/06 17:11 - Request: No Prob, I just enjoy busting it out for you. - for: Bob
Sun, 5/7/06 17:07 - Request: Great show as always Bob ... like all the diff stuff you play, esp the Deadman and Devotchka that nobody else does. - for:
Sun, 5/7/06 14:58 - Request: most welcome. - for: 3phus
Sun, 5/7/06 14:55 - Request: this is great stuff, thanks! - for:
Sun, 5/7/06 14:54 - Request: mr leadbelly up next - for: 3phus
Sun, 5/7/06 14:45 - Request: Where did you sleep last night, Leadbelly ... - for:
Sat, 5/6/06 16:10 - Request: nope, but how about the race is on, george jones? - for: lil dipper
Sat, 5/6/06 16:03 - Request: do you have Derby Day by Jerry Jeff Walker? - for: jim
Fri, 5/5/06 16:42 - Request: backed out & came back in and it's ok now--musta been on my end - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 5/5/06 16:41 - Request: I reset it before I went on the air. It's out again? - for: dave
Fri, 5/5/06 16:36 - Request: reach down there with yer foot and kick the RealPlayer box - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 5/5/06 16:30 - Request: I was wondering if your ever got it. - for: dave
Fri, 5/5/06 16:27 - Request: frgot to say thanks for the care pkg...so THANKS - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 5/5/06 16:01 - Request: Well OK... How about a "Hunt Fix" then? Pick you favorite - for: thomasssss
Fri, 5/5/06 16:01 - Request: I bet you do Jeff...hahahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 5/5/06 15:58 - Request: oops, i meant how about SCOTS's wish i was in love - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 5/5/06 15:57 - Request: then how about - for:
Fri, 5/5/06 15:56 - Request: Dang I missed it, damn people expect me to work or something! Maybe some Kevin Fowler if ya got time! - for: Roy
Fri, 5/5/06 15:56 - Request: Flyin' solo these days? Didn't Bring the Wirtz today. - for: dave
Fri, 5/5/06 15:52 - Request: Wirtz's "i got female problems"...(she dunn it to me again the other night which makes it tres appropo) - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 5/5/06 15:49 - Request: Thomassssss, I thought I had an extra copy at the house, but can't find. I'll work out something. - for: dave
Fri, 5/5/06 15:45 - Request: thomas said that - for:
Fri, 5/5/06 15:44 - Request: Hey Dave; Did ya ever find a copy of Andrew Hunt for me.... huh? - for:
Fri, 5/5/06 15:35 - Request: Willie, Hank & Wanda coming up - for: Dave
Fri, 5/5/06 15:31 - Request: Hiya--how about Wanda Jackson with the Cramps, Funnel of Love? Thankee - for:
Fri, 5/5/06 15:25 - Request: Dave, you have that song Ain't Life Hell, by Willie Nelson and Hank Cochran - for: Roy
Fri, 5/5/06 15:07 - Request: Gram coming up. The only Merle close to that title that we have is Sweethearts or Strangers - for: dave
Fri, 5/5/06 15:02 - Request: AllMyFriendsAreGonnaBeStrangers - Merle, please - for:
Fri, 5/5/06 15:01 - Request: How about Streets of Baltimore G Parsons, please - for:
Wed, 5/3/06 22:08 - Request: Switchbacks new CD "Falling Water River" - for: Helmut Koch
Wed, 5/3/06 17:24 - Request: yer welcome on the alejandro and fiesta is a state of mind. mebbe.... - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/3/06 17:22 - Request: the landlady says fiesta is a year round event - for:
Wed, 5/3/06 17:13 - Request: Love the new Escovedo; thanks for playing it - for:
Wed, 5/3/06 16:51 - Request: yep - for: 3phus
Wed, 5/3/06 16:48 - Request: i missed the intro...is the new john d? - for: ll
Wed, 5/3/06 06:36 - Request: dang lulu! that was one hell of a clifton chenier set. bon! bon! - for:
Tues, 5/2/06 17:21 - Request: Thanks, appreciate it! - for:
Tues, 5/2/06 17:20 - Request: comming up after the Clifton chenier set - for: luLu
Tues, 5/2/06 17:16 - Request: Emmylou and Rodney Crowell, Shelter from the Storm. :) - for:
Tues, 5/2/06 17:15 - Request: thanks! No it's not in the stack yet - do ya have another request? - for: LuLu
Tues, 5/2/06 16:51 - Request: Great show LuLu ... y'all have the new Emmylou/Mark Knopfler cd yet? - for:
Tues, 5/2/06 15:25 - Request: night train to memphis coming up - thanks for tuning in - for: XOXO-LuLu
Tues, 5/2/06 15:17 - Request: She'sCrazyforLeavin; StreetsofBaltimore; NightTraintro Memphis - for:
Mon, 5/1/06 18:41 - Request: nice stuff today. - for:
Mon, 5/1/06 18:28 - Request: nice stuff yesterday and today. feel better. - for:
Mon, 5/1/06 17:32 - Request: thanks . that was great and so is woody. - for: donna mebbe going to march.
Mon, 5/1/06 16:52 - Request: Happy May Day how about a song or two for the pro-immigration protestors - for: another worker of the world
Mon, 5/1/06 16:11 - Request: could you play some bays brothers? thanks - for: jim
Mon, 5/1/06 16:04 - Request: you're playin some absolutely beautiful songs-all warm and fuzzy - for: very happy listener
Sun, 4/30/06 19:31 - Request: burritos ... mmmmm. - for:
Fri, 4/28/06 17:52 - Request: Roy, if you're still out there... here comes some tunes - for: dave
Fri, 4/28/06 16:54 - Request: I'm heading out to hang in traffic and listen to TCM :-) Have a good one Dave - for: Gregg
Fri, 4/28/06 16:51 - Request: don't forget Roy's b-day - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 4/28/06 16:51 - Request: Hey Dave, happy Fiesta! Let's here some Phil Pritchett or John D. Hale or Tom Gillam! - for: Gregg Geil
Fri, 4/28/06 16:11 - Request: documentary now too - for: hugh
Fri, 4/28/06 16:02 - Request: Hugh - joe_x71@hotmail.com - for:
Fri, 4/28/06 15:52 - Request: thanks Hugh - for:
Fri, 4/28/06 15:40 - Request: Joe X......what s your station? how does James get in touch? - for: dave
Fri, 4/28/06 15:36 - Request: james hand midnight run - for:
Fri, 4/28/06 15:30 - Request: Let's make it some drunken, gettin loud and rowdy music! - for: Roy
Fri, 4/28/06 15:24 - Request: Fiesta & Roy's birthday....what a combo!! need to get some Roy music on for him so he doesn't feel left out - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 4/28/06 15:19 - Request: will do, Joe X......he's coming from Corpus, so you never know.... - for: dave
Fri, 4/28/06 15:16 - Request: Hey FryDave - Happy Fiesta! Tell James I sure like the new album and to come see me real sson if he can. Have a good weekend - rained out the Larry Joe fest here I fear....... - for: Joe X
Fri, 4/28/06 08:41 - Request: James Hand In the Corner by the Jukbox - for:
Thurs, 4/27/06 15:23 - Request: true stories puro pinche party VIVA FIESTA! - for:
Wed, 4/26/06 16:40 - Request: cool, thanks. - for:
Wed, 4/26/06 16:29 - Request: kinky up in a bit - for: 3phus
Wed, 4/26/06 16:20 - Request: Deadline for signing Kinky's petition to get on ballot as Guv is coming up ... how 'bout some Kinky? Sold American would be great. - for:
Tues, 4/25/06 17:43 - Request: what are u talking about? - for: LuLu
Tues, 4/25/06 17:23 - Request: Why doesn't LULU use the website?? Too complicated?? - for:
Tues, 4/25/06 16:58 - Request: Ya'll have the new Phil Pritchett Yet? If so, the title cut "High Tide in the Heartland" would be great to hear. - for: Gregg
Mon, 4/24/06 18:40 - Request: Thanks Rain. Yes Home. - for: Bobby T.
Mon, 4/24/06 18:30 - Request: rockhouse ramblers, between home and the honkytonks on it's way - for:
Mon, 4/24/06 18:29 - Request: Or maybe some Lights of Cheyenne by James McMurtry would go along better - for: Bobby T.
Mon, 4/24/06 18:27 - Request: Between Here and the Honky Tonk, Please - for: Bobby T.
Mon, 4/24/06 18:25 - Request: voice on the Dale Watson oklahoma city song --was that the crank caller DJ guy? - for: d
Mon, 4/24/06 18:18 - Request: some rockin' pedal steel guitar - for: white trash fiesta
Mon, 4/24/06 17:37 - Request: rainy days and mondays (betcha NEVER heard that) ... lovely - for:
Mon, 4/24/06 17:12 - Request: Knitters - yippee- thanks- - for: czeching u out
Mon, 4/24/06 15:45 - Request: all these whisky songs-how about a red wine song - for: someone with a red wine hangover
Sun, 4/23/06 18:49 - Request: where are you listening to us from? - for:
Sun, 4/23/06 18:47 - Request: nice - for:
Sun, 4/23/06 18:46 - Request: here's another one - for:
Sun, 4/23/06 18:18 - Request: First time I heard Deadman was a cut you played awhile back from Paramour so thanks - for:
Sun, 4/23/06 17:47 - Request: I'm really diggin that album. It's perfect for the drive back from austin 290-281 - for:
Sun, 4/23/06 16:47 - Request: The Deadman man strikes again! - for:
Fri, 4/21/06 17:09 - Request: There's hope for me yet! - for: Roy
Fri, 4/21/06 17:01 - Request: Bays Bros coming up - for: dave
Fri, 4/21/06 16:56 - Request: could you play some Bays Brothers please - for: jim
Fri, 4/21/06 16:17 - Request: ooooh, Roy got torched! - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 4/21/06 16:13 - Request: That's interesting.......it wasn't about drinking, pot , raising hell or Hank III & you still liked it - for: dave
Fri, 4/21/06 16:13 - Request: cool beans....maybe i'll get lucky and get it by tomorrow - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 4/21/06 16:12 - Request: didn't know thomas is Dutch - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 4/21/06 16:05 - Request: Hey Dave, that Conway Twitty was pretty good, I liked it! - for: Roy
Fri, 4/21/06 16:05 - Request: Well, Dirtyrottenmuckenfucheingoobrakan - for: thomass
Fri, 4/21/06 16:04 - Request: Jeff, the care package was sent out on Monday. - for: dave
Fri, 4/21/06 16:03 - Request: sounds like user error to me, mine's working fine. - for: Roy
Fri, 4/21/06 16:03 - Request: yeah, down here in EDH we be gattin' it w/no interference - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 4/21/06 16:02 - Request: It's working from this end. Not really my end, but you know what I mean. - for: dave
Fri, 4/21/06 16:01 - Request: Hey Jeff; are you getting the playlist on your monitor? - for: thomass
Fri, 4/21/06 16:00 - Request: I Want it too.... - for: thomass
Fri, 4/21/06 15:59 - Request: Dave; Can't get the playlist to hit my screeen... Do you have it unplugged? How about some Andrew Hunt, dude? - for: Thomasss
Fri, 4/21/06 15:57 - Request: i need a copy of this Mojo thing - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 4/21/06 15:48 - Request: Idgy coming up - for: dave
Fri, 4/21/06 15:45 - Request: Fri-Dave Would you play "Mister Wrong" from that Idgy Vaughen album - for: SAcajun
Fri, 4/21/06 15:32 - Request: Alright it only took me 4 tries to find something,...woo hoo - for: Roy
Fri, 4/21/06 15:28 - Request: Alverson coming up. - for: dave
Fri, 4/21/06 15:23 - Request: Killing me dude, how about Busted by either George Jones or Ray Charles and or Anytime, Anywhere by Tommy Alverson - for: Roy
Fri, 4/21/06 15:20 - Request: Roy, 2 strikes so far...... - for: dave
Fri, 4/21/06 15:18 - Request: or D-R-U-N-K by David Allen COe - for: Roy
Fri, 4/21/06 15:17 - Request: DAVE!!! Hey do you have, "I'm in love with the girl" by dblWide - for: Roy
Thurs, 4/20/06 15:20 - Request: Dangerous Crossing coming up soon. Crusty - for:
Thurs, 4/20/06 15:18 - Request: Dangerous Crossing True Stories - for:
Thurs, 4/20/06 11:37 - Request: Lee Roy Parnell - Back to the WEll - for: Pam
Wed, 4/19/06 16:20 - Request: yikkes! - for: 3phus
Wed, 4/19/06 16:12 - Request: BOOOOO! - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 20:14 - Request: You just keep keepin on, Mr. "rain" - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 18:48 - Request: great. as always. you are the man. - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 18:21 - Request: Oh darlin' ... this Tom Russell is indeed a topper. What'd I tell ya ... you are good. - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 18:16 - Request: wimmen wimmen yer playin some fine wimmen boy - for: one of the wimmen
Mon, 4/17/06 18:14 - Request: How to top Neko ...? - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 17:41 - Request: thanks in advance for the tony joe white - for: a fan
Mon, 4/17/06 17:22 - Request: oh, you just wait - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 17:20 - Request: ok ... you knew it already, but you are good. Parsons too ... - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 16:42 - Request: Gary Bennett -- "My Illusion" from Human Condition - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 15:57 - Request: Deadman ... Alvin ... the Knitters ... Joe Ely; already on your way to a perfect show. I love Mondays! - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 15:33 - Request: you betcha - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 15:24 - Request: thanks! - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 15:24 - Request: now why would i do that? ;) - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 15:20 - Request: well jen, give me a lil' bit o time to adjust my headphones - for:
Mon, 4/17/06 15:15 - Request: okay rain, i called no answer. i'm online anyway, so how bout some camelwalk for lil' ol me? - for: lil bit
Sun, 4/16/06 19:57 - Request: Yea you're right! Great music! - for:
Sun, 4/16/06 18:57 - Request: Yeah! The Deadman man. Great stuff. - for:
Fri, 4/14/06 17:39 - Request: poodles let loose in 10 minutes - for: dave
Fri, 4/14/06 17:35 - Request: Commutin in 10 min - Play w yer Poodle by Marcia Ball? - for: The Pink Poodle
Fri, 4/14/06 16:00 - Request: Just remember, I don't have health insurance! - for: dave
Fri, 4/14/06 15:56 - Request: Oh man you ain't right...just come ready to drink my friend. That is, if you can hang with the Big Dogs! - for: Roy
Fri, 4/14/06 15:47 - Request: I knew all you Californians were into that S & M stuff - for: dave
Fri, 4/14/06 15:33 - Request: Don't be scared, I won't rough you up to bad! - for: Roy
Fri, 4/14/06 15:27 - Request: It could happen. I'm trying to work out details on this end. - for: dave
Fri, 4/14/06 15:24 - Request: Yeah Dave lets get your hippie behind out here. Quit making excuses, or I guess Jeff and I will have to come out and raise some Hell too - for: Roy
Fri, 4/14/06 15:19 - Request: yeah, got the new design shirt...finally picked up Wirtz's CD...and Roy wants to pay half your airfare to come out here - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 4/14/06 15:12 - Request: damn, jumpin' right in!! looks like they already sent your shirt. my care package should be sent out next week. - for: dave
Fri, 4/14/06 15:09 - Request: so can we get a cut off SCOTS's new live CD ? - for: juzzjeff
Thurs, 4/13/06 18:51 - Request: Okay. Crusty - for:
Thurs, 4/13/06 18:45 - Request: the Bays Brothers.. - for: jim
Thurs, 4/13/06 18:45 - Request: the Bays Brothers.. - for: jim
Thurs, 4/13/06 16:16 - Request: Sorry, no Jeremy Dien in the library. - for:
Thurs, 4/13/06 16:01 - Request: jeremy dien "these days" - for:
Wed, 4/12/06 17:41 - Request: Here are some Gogol bordello cause they f*ckon rawk too. - for:
Wed, 4/12/06 17:14 - Request: Hey! That was great, thanks on the Deadman. - for:
Wed, 4/12/06 17:03 - Request: you got it, Deadman is awesome, Im gonna give you a dougle - for: Bob
Wed, 4/12/06 16:28 - Request: You're the only one who plays Deadman ... how 'bout Monsters of Goya from Our Eternal Ghosts? Thanks much. - for:
Wed, 4/12/06 16:14 - Request: the cardigans- "live and learn" - for: .
Wed, 4/12/06 16:10 - Request: beck- lost cause - for: .
Tues, 4/11/06 17:11 - Request: comming up next....Thanks for tuning in!! - for: LuLu
Tues, 4/11/06 17:06 - Request: Oh man! If you don't already have all Lafave songs picked out, "Never is a Moment" is a particular fave. Thanks LuLu! - for:
Tues, 4/11/06 15:28 - Request: Dangerous Crossing True Stories - for:
Mon, 4/10/06 23:06 - Request: MY GUITAR HAS BEEN RETURNED TO ME - for: Dennis Boozy McLiverdamage O'Fallon
Mon, 4/10/06 16:52 - Request: Grassy Knoll Boys - for:
Mon, 4/10/06 16:48 - Request: Judy Collins version of Woodie Guthrie's Plane Wreck at Los Gatos - for: hard workin imigrants
Mon, 4/10/06 16:46 - Request: Would you play Mr. Wrong of that Idgy Vaughn album - for: SAcajun
Mon, 4/10/06 15:36 - Request: True Stories Dangerous Crossing - for: The Marchers
Mon, 4/10/06 15:24 - Request: sounds and tastes good. thanks for the pledge. - for:
Mon, 4/10/06 15:16 - Request: HomeGrownTomatoes Guy Clark - for: A pledger
Sun, 4/9/06 22:38 - Request: death in june/ fall apart - for: daniel d
Sun, 4/9/06 17:13 - Request: interpol - any song - for: eh
Sun, 4/9/06 17:13 - Request: tegan and sara- where does the good go - for: eh
Sat, 4/8/06 18:27 - Request: At Lee and Jennettes' last night? - for:
Sat, 4/8/06 18:02 - Request: Hey, I like 'em !! - for: JDF
Sat, 4/8/06 17:45 - Request: coming up after the interview - for:
Sat, 4/8/06 17:29 - Request: Steve James Stack Lee Blues, Thanks! - for:
Fri, 4/7/06 16:27 - Request: I did survive two semesters & the red dust at Tech many moons ago - for: dave
Fri, 4/7/06 16:24 - Request: Went to school at TTU in Lubbock. Thanks for the Levelland. You Rock Dave!!! - for: Thanks
Fri, 4/7/06 16:24 - Request: gregg, thanks for tuning in. - for: dave
Fri, 4/7/06 16:23 - Request: Y U been gone so long - for:
Fri, 4/7/06 16:20 - Request: Looking forward to hearing the Eric Hisaw Interview - Thanks Dave! - for: Gregg
Fri, 4/7/06 16:16 - Request: JD Hale not down here yet, looking for B Keane - for: dave
Fri, 4/7/06 16:11 - Request: Brian Keane Show last night was GREAT! How bout the Song "Mexico" from Brian Keane - for: Gregg
Fri, 4/7/06 16:08 - Request: John D. Hale - Who Knows What Tommorow Brings - for:
Fri, 4/7/06 15:56 - Request: monkeys & mcmurtry coming soon - for: dave
Fri, 4/7/06 15:55 - Request: Could you please play Levelland by McMurtry - for: Thanks
Fri, 4/7/06 15:54 - Request: Any chance to hear "Space Monkey", I just love that tune - for: Steve
Fri, 4/7/06 15:38 - Request: bluerunners coming up - for: dave
Fri, 4/7/06 15:37 - Request: bluerunners bluerunners bluerunners AAAAHHHEEE! - for:
Fri, 4/7/06 09:13 - Request: How 'bout RexBobLowenstein for straters - for:
Wed, 4/5/06 16:35 - Request: whats with all this dyin goin on?? EARTH PLEASE STOPPIT! - for: 3phus
Wed, 4/5/06 16:26 - Request: Hey Joe; Don't know if you have heard this, but: Singer Gene Pitney dies at 65 in Wales. Happened early this morning - for: .thomass
Wed, 4/5/06 16:15 - Request: gotcha. - for: 3phus
Wed, 4/5/06 15:59 - Request: and taller too. it's kathy w/ a k. the other one is w/ a c. - for:
Wed, 4/5/06 15:59 - Request: and taller too. it's kathy w/ a k. the other one is w/ a c. - for:
Wed, 4/5/06 15:46 - Request: hey LL, cathy and the crazy kid were just here. he was just fine too! - for: 3phus
Wed, 4/5/06 15:33 - Request: thanks for your message....ditto - for: b
Mon, 4/3/06 18:02 - Request: that's by robert earl keen - for: me again
Mon, 4/3/06 18:01 - Request: merry christmas from the family - for: donna==plz play for courtney
Mon, 4/3/06 16:40 - Request: sure do. what track? - for:
Mon, 4/3/06 16:38 - Request: got any james hand? - for:
Sun, 4/2/06 18:54 - Request: Rockhouse Ramblers - Between Home And The Honky Tonk (Hey, I pledged, help me out) - for: Bobby T.
Sun, 4/2/06 18:04 - Request: Steve James, Stack Lee Blues. Thanks! - for: Focker
Sat, 4/1/06 15:42 - Request: Hey, professor, still want them mardi gras beads for the show today? - for: neworleansbob
Fri, 3/31/06 17:59 - Request: You're a good man Hookin' Bull or whatever... - for: dave
Fri, 3/31/06 17:51 - Request: Pledge #200600049...I wouldn't lie, believe me it's the least I can pay to heckle you every Friday. - for: Roy
Fri, 3/31/06 17:22 - Request: I just donated $30 online bud.I'm there for ya bud. Now play me some HANK! - for: Roy
Fri, 3/31/06 17:17 - Request: Thanks for the pledges Thomass & Juzzjeff. I'll get your stuff to you. - for: dave
Thurs, 3/30/06 23:15 - Request: $5 for a song that was played at 21:09ish - for:
Thurs, 3/30/06 23:11 - Request: ? - for:
Thurs, 3/30/06 18:23 - Request: And I'll describe it. - for:
Thurs, 3/30/06 18:23 - Request: To see the TCMN T go to the ksym.org pledge page. When you get to the secure pay page it has photos of the T - for:
Thurs, 3/30/06 17:54 - Request: Where can I find pics of the new TCMN T- Shirt???? Or describe it on the air please! - for: Miss Nursie
Thurs, 3/30/06 15:06 - Request: Happy birthday, kid. - for:
Thurs, 3/30/06 14:59 - Request: happy birthday to me happy birthday - for: happy birthday! I'm 55
Wed, 3/29/06 16:59 - Request: is this song dedicated to ben? - for:
Wed, 3/29/06 16:23 - Request: sounds great, play some guy forsyth - for: lil dipper
Tues, 3/28/06 18:17 - Request: yer quite welcome gang, i listen everyday =) - for: Lil Bit
Tues, 3/28/06 18:15 - Request: Please do a tribute to Buck Owens - for:
Tues, 3/28/06 17:59 - Request: no so sorry...call us and we can run down that list for you - for:
Tues, 3/28/06 17:50 - Request: hey guys, is there alist somewhere of all the pledge items, cds? i don't suppose that new mark erelli album is in the list of goodies anywhere? - for: Lil Bit
Tues, 3/28/06 17:44 - Request: Charivari Cut number 12 - for: Neworleansbob
Tues, 3/28/06 17:42 - Request: PLEDGE DRIVE PLEDGE DRIVE PLEDGE DRIVE - for:
Tues, 3/28/06 16:54 - Request: wall of death is a great Richard thompson song - for: babycakes
Tues, 3/28/06 15:26 - Request: your welcome - for: XOXO - LuLu
Tues, 3/28/06 14:56 - Request: Hey, Thanks for whoever fed the squirrels - for:
Mon, 3/27/06 15:57 - Request: hey-sumbody poke a stick at the squirrel. i ain't getting a stream. was wanting to hear what ya'll were doing for cindy walker / buck. snif snif sumbody fix this thing!f - for:
Sun, 3/26/06 13:15 - Request: Leon Rausch sings Cindy walker? - for: In The Misty Moonlight?
Sat, 3/25/06 17:09 - Request: rip cindy and buck - for: the dipper
Sat, 3/25/06 16:59 - Request: Cindy Walker ..one of the great songwriters of all time - for: jim
Sat, 3/25/06 16:57 - Request: Goodby Buck we are going to miss ya - for: jim
Sat, 3/25/06 14:41 - Request: Cindy Walker and Buck Owens have died - for: March 25,2006
Fri, 3/24/06 17:56 - Request: sorry.....don't have that one - for: dave
Fri, 3/24/06 17:53 - Request: From Deadman's 'Our Eternal Ghosts' ... Monsters of Goya. That'd be sublime. - for: MA
Fri, 3/24/06 17:14 - Request: that can happen......erelli coming up - for: dave
Fri, 3/24/06 17:12 - Request: Hey dave, how bout sumthin off that new mark erelli? such a great album. - for: Lil Bit
Fri, 3/24/06 16:00 - Request: operator malfunction!!! - for: dave
Fri, 3/24/06 15:55 - Request: Hey, Never mind. "User Error" - for: thomassssssss
Fri, 3/24/06 15:53 - Request: Dave; Did Ya Forget how to post a Play-List, huh? - for: thomass
Fri, 3/24/06 15:52 - Request: joe,got the key - for: dave
Fri, 3/24/06 15:31 - Request: he didn't mention it......i'll check with him - for: dave
Fri, 3/24/06 15:26 - Request: hey dave, did ya get the orange key from mr o? - for: 3phus
Fri, 3/24/06 14:15 - Request: jeremy dien "these days" - for:
Wed, 3/22/06 18:28 - Request: g welch coming up next. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/22/06 18:20 - Request: Anything from Gillian Welch,, anytime. - for:
Wed, 3/22/06 16:41 - Request: thanks for the kind words. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/22/06 16:37 - Request: I heard the Honky Tonk Badonkadonk song on the radio this weekend in Houston. I want to kill myself. I had to listen to 79 minutes of Ernest Tubb and Hank Thompson to bring myself back from the ledge. Houston needs some TCMN. - for:
Wed, 3/22/06 16:30 - Request: jr brown coming up - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/22/06 16:28 - Request: How about something off the Junior Brown “Down Home Chrome” album - for: SAcajun
Wed, 3/22/06 16:11 - Request: tap tap tap....is this on? - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/22/06 05:58 - Request: BTW guys, B'rockets $1000 Car is a NP. ("...ain't worth a shit") - for:
Tues, 3/21/06 15:20 - Request: I dont have that bottle rockets song...do have another request? - for: LuLu
Tues, 3/21/06 15:17 - Request: Bottle Rockets $1000 Car please - for:
Mon, 3/20/06 18:16 - Request: You made it! - for:
Fri, 3/17/06 18:59 - Request: I'd love to hear Sacred Heart from Starving Winter Report by the Deadstring Brothers. Thanks alot. - for:
Fri, 3/17/06 18:04 - Request: I'd love to hear Sacred Heart from Starving Winter Report by the Deadstring Brothers. Thanks alot. - for:
Fri, 3/17/06 17:47 - Request: Thanks. Great show so far this Friday. - for: Carl
Fri, 3/17/06 17:45 - Request: Shes in the top 5 countdown/ will play that song - for:
Fri, 3/17/06 17:40 - Request: Can you play "Star Witness" from Neko Case's album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood? Thanks - for: Carl
Fri, 3/17/06 17:38 - Request: Can you play "Star Witness" from Neko Case's new album Fox Confessor - for:
Fri, 3/17/06 17:32 - Request: i just knew you were the man. thanks. - for:
Fri, 3/17/06 17:27 - Request: I am the man that will play Gillian Welch - for:
Fri, 3/17/06 17:17 - Request: you're the man who'll play a little gillian welch, aren't ya? - for:
Fri, 3/17/06 16:46 - Request: Bays Brothers coming up soon - for:
Fri, 3/17/06 16:34 - Request: can you play some Bays Brothers please..thanks - for: jim
Thurs, 3/16/06 18:51 - Request: 'preciate it. - for: 3phus
Thurs, 3/16/06 18:37 - Request: excellent show - for:
Thurs, 3/16/06 17:49 - Request: i'll get something from michelle on in just a bit. - for: 3phus
Thurs, 3/16/06 17:45 - Request: Any Michelle Shocked in your lieberry? - for:
Thurs, 3/16/06 15:59 - Request: lefty and marty coming up - for: 3phus
Thurs, 3/16/06 15:51 - Request: will you play some Lefty and/or Marty...thanks - for: cuz
Thurs, 3/16/06 15:28 - Request: something from the new david rodriguez coming up. - for: 3phus
Thurs, 3/16/06 15:25 - Request: Ahhhhhh, South By So What beckons the curious. Good job, 3phus. Do ya'll have a new David Rodriguez disc? If so, kin ya play something from it please? - for: THX
Wed, 3/15/06 16:59 - Request: cool. i'll check w dave and jim to see if they've seen it yet. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/15/06 16:54 - Request: You've got to get the new Colter album. That cut was made when Waylon was living, but not released. It is superb! Thanks, Jim - for:
Wed, 3/15/06 16:48 - Request: haven't seen the new j colter yet. sorry. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/15/06 16:45 - Request: "Out of the Rain" from the new Jessi Colter album. Thanks, Jim - for:
Wed, 3/15/06 16:42 - Request: s mcnally up in a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/15/06 16:35 - Request: shannon mcnally por favor? - for:
Wed, 3/15/06 16:30 - Request: yeah ... sure ... - for:
Wed, 3/15/06 16:29 - Request: errr.... most welcome. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/15/06 16:29 - Request: moist welcome - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/15/06 16:26 - Request: Both! Yay. And thanks. - for:
Wed, 3/15/06 16:21 - Request: neko and kris coming up - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/15/06 16:19 - Request: Something new: Neko Case and/or something old: Kris Kristofferson. That'd be great ... thanks. - for:
Wed, 3/15/06 15:50 - Request: j lafave coming up. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/15/06 15:47 - Request: Jimmy LaFave, please - for: Renee
Tues, 3/14/06 18:19 - Request: Thanks! - for: XOXO-LuLu
Tues, 3/14/06 18:15 - Request: Streamin in Cowtown. Great show as usual! Boy Howdy - for: Jim Bob
Tues, 3/14/06 16:17 - Request: Thanks Joe - I'm still looking - no it's not in bob's stuff - for:
Tues, 3/14/06 16:02 - Request: hey lulu. dunno about the gigi love cd. i do remember seeing it but i'm thinking it wasn't in the drawer last wed. during my shift. did ya check bob's stash drawer? - for: 3phus
Mon, 3/13/06 19:04 - Request: guess we can't make hay because the sun has stopped shining. good show. - for: hay ho
Mon, 3/13/06 18:54 - Request: very nice show. as usual. 'night. - for:
Mon, 3/13/06 18:08 - Request: Do you have any of Duckworth's begin the seguin? - for: Buck
Mon, 3/13/06 17:36 - Request: mebbe you could send that guy my way. with hay. - for: still no hay here.
Mon, 3/13/06 17:26 - Request: no hay? you need to fix that. - i know a guy. - for:
Mon, 3/13/06 17:24 - Request: doyouwantto play Mary Gauthier - for: still no hay here
Mon, 3/13/06 17:15 - Request: idontwanto - for:
Mon, 3/13/06 17:09 - Request: GOGOL BORDELLO - any track VIVA UKRAINE!! - for: no hay no way
Mon, 3/13/06 16:04 - Request: *smooch* - for:
Mon, 3/13/06 16:00 - Request: . - for:
Fri, 3/10/06 17:28 - Request: it's like 49 degrees here with killer wind today - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/10/06 17:11 - Request: it's not too bad. I think they are SXSW next week. - for: dave
Fri, 3/10/06 17:06 - Request: i've listened to samples of Little Willies...i'm gonna go buy it - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/10/06 17:01 - Request: we've got one spanic boy cd here, coming up - for: dave
Fri, 3/10/06 16:59 - Request: figured...then how about some Spanic? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/10/06 16:57 - Request: from the Colonel? at home, but not here - for: dave
Fri, 3/10/06 16:53 - Request: you wouldn't happen to have "I'm Basically Frightened" would ya? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/10/06 16:49 - Request: I figured that, especially when one girl put her request under the e-mail address Hank3.com - for: dave
Fri, 3/10/06 16:47 - Request: Dave, I have a confession to make. All those Hank III requests last Friday, came from the Hank III message board. I posted a message telling them to come here and request Hank III. I was just trying to have some fun with ya. - for: Roy
Fri, 3/10/06 16:35 - Request: That's some good stuff folks.. - for: Roy
Fri, 3/10/06 16:28 - Request: On Friday??? What's the deal ?? - for:
Fri, 3/10/06 16:26 - Request: yeah...that's a good one - for: Roy
Fri, 3/10/06 16:25 - Request: ..some people work - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/10/06 16:03 - Request: Knowing Jeff he's fallen aseelp at his desk again... - for: Roy
Fri, 3/10/06 16:02 - Request: Hey, Where is jeff? looks like he's hiding under his desk - for: thomass
Fri, 3/10/06 15:59 - Request: That is awesome, I'm sorry I missed it your show, I missed Jeff's too. - for: Roy
Fri, 3/10/06 15:57 - Request: Roy; Don't know if you know it or not, but last Saturday I dedicated and played Four of Hank's tunes, Just for you, dude... - for: TG
Fri, 3/10/06 15:56 - Request: Well ROY, Ya Happy NOW ??? - for: thomass
Fri, 3/10/06 15:55 - Request: Well she did an excellent job. Make you let her know I said so... - for: Roy
Fri, 3/10/06 15:52 - Request: Roy Dude; That was Kim Rogers. She's one of dem FAR Reporters - for: thomass
Fri, 3/10/06 15:49 - Request: Thomass, dude I listened to your station on the way home yesterday, but 45 minutes ever. Unlike somebody we know, she played 3 tracks from Sean Reefer and 3 tracks from Hank 3. It was awesome dude. Made me want to become a DJ. - for: Roy
Fri, 3/10/06 15:40 - Request: you're in the stack, Roy - for: dave
Fri, 3/10/06 15:30 - Request: what about me??? - for: Roy
Fri, 3/10/06 15:29 - Request: will get it on shortly, Thomassss - for: dave
Fri, 3/10/06 15:26 - Request: Dave; How 'bout "In The Cold light of Day" on the same Jesse Taylor CD as Stubbs. - for: thomasss
Fri, 3/10/06 15:26 - Request: I'm not even gonna ask this week, unless you feel you want to play some Hank III, but I am requesting some Hayes Carl. - for: Roy
Thurs, 3/9/06 15:55 - Request: Yeah, and I believe he played a custom Newman guitar built especially for his power. Newman - that's another story. Where's Ronnie Lamour when we need the stories told? Hell, you can call listening to TCMN research. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 3/9/06 15:47 - Request: If you remember, or ever noticed, Jesse had those HUGE hands. Not chubby big - just huge w/fingers that were unusually long. And he looked to be a pretty stout old boy. I bet his poor old guitar dreaded seeing hime coming to pick her up. She knew she was gonna get the shit squeezed out of her neck. - for: JX, now just avoding work
Thurs, 3/9/06 15:41 - Request: Dangerous Crossing True Stories - for:
Thurs, 3/9/06 15:38 - Request: Joe X, Rock Me Rosalie coming up. Might as well let Maestro Jesse go for awhile. Good luck with that putting DJs out of work project! At least the machines will refile the music! - for: Crusty
Thurs, 3/9/06 15:35 - Request: uhmmm,....that's MAN. - for:
Thurs, 3/9/06 15:34 - Request: MNa, how could i have forgotten Rhythm Oil disc.... Thanks Crusty. If ya get time later maybe Rock Me Rosalie, a song I always imagined Joe Ely doing. - for: JHX building digital music logs furiously. I don't need no stinkin' DJs'!
Thurs, 3/9/06 14:52 - Request: Bays Brothers Black Car - for:
Wed, 3/8/06 18:28 - Request: many thanks. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/8/06 18:27 - Request: great pick on the GW. - for:
Wed, 3/8/06 18:21 - Request: gillian welch up next. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/8/06 18:16 - Request: A Gillian Welch tune'd be lovely. - for:
Wed, 3/8/06 17:29 - Request: marcia ball coiming up - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/8/06 17:24 - Request: more woman? how about Marsha ball - could be "find another fool" to give another take on the opposite gender - or anything else by her - for: Buck
Wed, 3/8/06 17:21 - Request: so..., is this the bobby flores of recording fame listening? - for:
Wed, 3/8/06 17:09 - Request: thants yep on the III thing lest you thjink 3phus got the big head. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/8/06 17:05 - Request: hmmm....yep. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/8/06 17:04 - Request: You rawk for playing this song - for: Bobby Flores
Wed, 3/8/06 16:59 - Request: sounded like hank3 sorta robbed the "your cheatin' heart" grave on that 'un. - for:
Wed, 3/8/06 16:26 - Request: sad news indeed. i only chatted with him once, and he was the kind of person that made you feel like a lifelong friend after five minutes. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/8/06 16:17 - Request: Damn sad news about Jesse. Knew he hadn't been well, but still..... Can you play Honky Tonkin', from Joe Ely's Live Shots for me please, #phus? Jesse shines. RIP, my generous friend. - for: JXH
Wed, 3/8/06 15:31 - Request: well said uncle crusty. - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/8/06 15:27 - Request: RIP Jesse "Guitar" Taylor. For those TCMN listeners who haven't been w/the air force since day one; our skull w/the cowboy hat logo comes straight from a tattoo on Jesse's arm. I have several fond memories of Mr. Taylor including a Lubbock gig with the Joe Ely Band during which a stage manager threw a blanket over Jesse's amp as Joe said, "That's as acoustic as Jesse gets." And I'll never forget the wedding of Johnny Conqueso & DL at Jovita's in Austin. Jesse was the best man and Ray Wylie Hubbard played the wedding music. Again, RIP Mr. Jesse "Guitar" Taylor. - for: Crusty
Wed, 3/8/06 15:22 - Request: yep. pretty sad. mr taylor up in a bit - for: 3phus
Wed, 3/8/06 15:15 - Request: Anything by Jesse Guitar Taylor. He died yeaterday...... RIP - for: Thomass
Wed, 3/8/06 13:02 - Request: please play the Bays Brothers Big Blue Cadillac - for: Jim
Wed, 3/8/06 10:21 - Request: morning cry by knavy blues on the run band - for:
Tues, 3/7/06 15:50 - Request: oldsmobile 442 true stories - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 18:46 - Request: ok. that makes me laugh. - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 18:15 - Request: here it comes - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 18:15 - Request: listen to this... you can read it, but listening is better - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 18:08 - Request: You'da been loved anyhow--this just cinches it. Thank you. - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 17:54 - Request: thanks, and i've got neko ready, i'll ready blaze - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 17:52 - Request: you are really good! - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 17:50 - Request: And/or Neko Case ... yer a peach. - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 17:49 - Request: You hit the Townes, Gram Parsons, FBB and Earle ... if you play Blaze Foley I'll love ya forever. - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 16:16 - Request: Wrecks Bell sure had a good "Townes Wake Shirt" this year, but what the hell, they are all good. - for: thomass
Mon, 3/6/06 16:00 - Request: Thx for the Townes - wife and I journeyed to Galveston on New year's day for the annual Wake at Old Quarter - its quite a show w/ a lot of folkies, should not be missed if you're near the coast - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 15:55 - Request: Rain; Have you got "Talkin' Fraturnity Blues"? I know I screwed up Fraturnity. A ninth grade education will get you a lot. - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 15:53 - Request: Yep... even better - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 15:43 - Request: How 'bout a whole show of Townes? - for:
Mon, 3/6/06 15:41 - Request: Rain; Thanks for the Townes.... he really puts things back into perspective.... - for: thomass
Sun, 3/5/06 14:19 - Request: check out the new orleans blog - for: mikethepaperboy
Sat, 3/4/06 17:12 - Request: Rodney Crowell coming up after the break - for: Cake Man
Sat, 3/4/06 17:05 - Request: hmm no Rodney Crowell...YET? - for: mikethepaperboy
Fri, 3/3/06 21:33 - Request: Hank III-Crazed Country Rebel - for: littleginger
Fri, 3/3/06 19:46 - Request: Hank III - Country Heroes - for: Street
Fri, 3/3/06 19:11 - Request: Hank III Lowdown - for: The_Root
Fri, 3/3/06 18:53 - Request: sorry folks, I've got to clean up for the next dj. - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 18:47 - Request: Shelton Hank WIlliams III - for:
Fri, 3/3/06 18:46 - Request: seriously, Hank III - for: Honky Tonkin
Fri, 3/3/06 18:46 - Request: anything by Hank Williams III - for: G.W. Bush
Fri, 3/3/06 17:42 - Request: Lowdown by Hank III - for: leftyaxe
Fri, 3/3/06 17:40 - Request: sorry folks, right now I have guests in the studio, so Hank will have to wait. - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 17:39 - Request: its' scary! - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 17:37 - Request: holy cow, this is awesome - for:
Fri, 3/3/06 17:35 - Request: Pills I Took...Hank III - for: Brodank
Fri, 3/3/06 17:32 - Request: Angel of Sin - for:
Fri, 3/3/06 17:31 - Request: Crazed Country Rebel-Hank III - for:
Fri, 3/3/06 17:31 - Request: ...sure sign we're entering the end of days - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/3/06 17:29 - Request: not everybody likes us-hank III - for: mrs. brown
Fri, 3/3/06 17:28 - Request: III - for: LADY
Fri, 3/3/06 17:27 - Request: sorry no Dick on the sanitized version that we got - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 17:27 - Request: Hank III-Crazed Country Rebel-Straight To Hell - for: cindy
Fri, 3/3/06 17:25 - Request: see, I told ya - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 17:25 - Request: III - for: Moody Vaden
Fri, 3/3/06 17:23 - Request: Hank III-Dick in Dixie! - for: nocturna
Fri, 3/3/06 17:22 - Request: Honestly Dave, I only requested III once today, were growing dude! - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 17:20 - Request: Here's your Hank III, so hush up!! - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 17:16 - Request: Because he knows how much I like it... - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 17:13 - Request: Roy; I think Dave is playin all this Cajun for YOU - for: thomasss
Fri, 3/3/06 17:12 - Request: Well Roy, They had better get all the snow off the roads, or I will be a "Maybe." I guess it's a mess, up there. I'm about to pull the plug here. See Y'all next week. - for: thomas
Fri, 3/3/06 17:09 - Request: Thomas, if you are still on, I'll be listening tomorrow...beware...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 16:44 - Request: the weekender had the limelight show listed for tonight. thanks for the heads-up - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 16:40 - Request: Howdy Dave, didn't see these inthe paper and was hopin you could add them to the roadhouse preview...tonight at gruene w/ two tons, 8 pm and tomorrow at the limelight w/ sean reefer & the resinvalley boys from houston (awesome honky tonk), 9:30. thanks! - for: Lil' Bit
Fri, 3/3/06 16:33 - Request: Hank III.........From New CD...........My Drinkin Problem.......... - for: Rocketman
Fri, 3/3/06 16:28 - Request: What is this pick on Roy day or what??? - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 16:25 - Request: Roy, I don't want to know about your end or any other part of you. - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 16:20 - Request: it's a clean stream in El Dorado County - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/3/06 16:17 - Request: it's ok on my end - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 16:17 - Request: Hey David; the static must be happening around the Causeway, cause the stream is pretty good here in Sac... and welcome aboard the Friday Fanatic Foursome. We DO like to beat up on Dave, on Fridays.... YaVoe - for: thomassss
Fri, 3/3/06 16:16 - Request: is the connection ok for the usual suspects? - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 16:11 - Request: Davis, CA. Unfortunately internet not good today. Lot's of static. Couldn't hear last song. - for: David
Fri, 3/3/06 16:11 - Request: how about some Lucky Tomblin? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/3/06 16:01 - Request: here you thought it was only three of us.... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/3/06 15:56 - Request: ohmygod!!! they're multiplying!!! - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 15:55 - Request: Alright another III fan... - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:54 - Request: more Hank III coming ...where in California? - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 15:52 - Request: Play some more of that Hank III new CD. - for: David, listening on line from California
Fri, 3/3/06 15:52 - Request: I thought thats what college is about....seriously I didn't know if they had a radio friendly song or not. - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:49 - Request: sorry,Dave, I can't keep him hemmed in today - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 3/3/06 15:48 - Request: nope...too many drug references.....the college frowns upon it. why do you think they call it dope! - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 15:44 - Request: Not to hog up yer show, but can you play a Sean Reefer track? - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:39 - Request: That's some fine music there! - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:35 - Request: told ya, dave - for: thomas
Fri, 3/3/06 15:33 - Request: Dude, Sean Reefer is cool, I have a few boots from them. Been meaning to buy their album. - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:32 - Request: Jeff's not computer literate enough to break in my computer... - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:31 - Request: hey roy, I got a cd from Sean Reefer this week. a Hank III wanna-be....right up your alley. check it out. - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 15:31 - Request: How bad do you want one? - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:30 - Request: Roy, Jeff installed a great "Screen-Saver" on your computer at work. You will love it, her, oh, you'll see. - for: thomasss
Fri, 3/3/06 15:28 - Request: I'm at home today, so I have all the time in the world...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:25 - Request: Nope - for:
Fri, 3/3/06 15:24 - Request: Thomass, please keep Roy occupied for the next four hours - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 15:21 - Request: Hey Thomas, Did you get the vinyl record from Dimple? - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:19 - Request: I don't have to ask ya do I? - for: Roy
Fri, 3/3/06 15:15 - Request: Roy just itches, all the time, wheather it over Hank III or sumthin else - for: Thomasss
Fri, 3/3/06 15:11 - Request: Hey, I'm startin my show with Buck, too - for:
Fri, 3/3/06 15:08 - Request: alright! my internet musical slave. I'll be playing some of the new adds today. - for: dave
Fri, 3/3/06 15:02 - Request: Dave; No holiday this Fri, and work is slow, So I'm yours, all afternoon..... well kinda. - for: thomassssssssss
Thurs, 3/2/06 16:53 - Request: Excellent. - for:
Thurs, 3/2/06 16:48 - Request: Real Audio came back.....halleulia.....in time the Gospel set.....coast to third coast - for: cuz
Thurs, 3/2/06 16:46 - Request: Brother Tom has Real Audio back up and running, I believe. Thanks, Tom - for: Crusty
Thurs, 3/2/06 15:56 - Request: Somebody, anybody, let me know if Real Audio comes back. I'd hate for Randy to not be heard coast-to-coast. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 3/2/06 15:52 - Request: my machine just told me I probably have a network problem. I told my machine to kiss my ass, give me my realaudio back, but this method seldom works well. - for: JXH
Thurs, 3/2/06 15:45 - Request: Must be comin' to California, by Pigeon - for:
Thurs, 3/2/06 15:43 - Request: I believe Mr. O just reset it. Crusty - for:
Thurs, 3/2/06 15:42 - Request: I was 'til about the last three bars of Busy X 3 - for: JXH
Thurs, 3/2/06 15:35 - Request: Joe X., Hey, I get it....Randy is doing a pretty good job - so far. Are you picking us up on the Real Audio? - for: Crusty
Thurs, 3/2/06 15:31 - Request: Crusty - tell Randy Joe X. sez hey please. Not hey, please, but please say hey to him for me please. Good show for a change. hak kaff. - for:
Thurs, 3/2/06 13:34 - Request: hey - for: hey
Wed, 3/1/06 22:05 - Request: - for:
Tues, 2/28/06 15:34 - Request: Man ... good find on the Blaze Foley and love the Ely. Thx Lulu! - for:
Tues, 2/28/06 14:46 - Request: It's Fat Tuesday & i'm back - for: XOXO - LuLu
Sun, 2/26/06 15:13 - Request: thanks dave~ - for:
Sun, 2/26/06 15:06 - Request: Marcia coming up. - for: dave
Sun, 2/26/06 14:50 - Request: bout You make me Happy by Marcia Ball From Duchess to Squirt!!! - for:
Sun, 2/26/06 14:45 - Request: watcha wanna hear? - for: dave
Sun, 2/26/06 14:32 - Request: who know maybe the Dawg is listen~ Duchess - for:
Sun, 2/26/06 14:31 - Request: Dave can you dedicate Best of Me to Squirt~ - for:
Sat, 2/25/06 18:14 - Request: I hope y'all know that's more than a good play on words!!! - for:
Sat, 2/25/06 16:11 - Request: Shannon McNally-The Worst Part of a Broken Heart - for:
Sat, 2/25/06 15:29 - Request: 10-4 - for:
Sat, 2/25/06 15:27 - Request: check your email for some requests - for: Frieb
Fri, 2/24/06 17:13 - Request: You might be on to something Thomass, that was a great video. - for: Roy
Fri, 2/24/06 16:45 - Request: i'll reserve comment until after i've seen it.... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 2/24/06 16:35 - Request: So, What about Wes McGhee - for:
Fri, 2/24/06 16:31 - Request: OK ! ! ! ! That WAS really worth the search.... That dog looked familiar, and I think that was my brother.... not really. The guy really reminds me of JEFF - for: thomass
Fri, 2/24/06 16:21 - Request: i've got the ray website now.....go to the media link, then video link - for: dave
Fri, 2/24/06 16:17 - Request: Can't seem to locate the vidio link. Did you make contact with Wes McGhee? - for: thomass
Fri, 2/24/06 16:06 - Request: check out the video link - for: dave
Fri, 2/24/06 16:05 - Request: Dave; What have you been drinkin'? I couldn't find any animation on RWH site. Nor could I find a song 'bout a dog..... - for: thomass
Fri, 2/24/06 16:01 - Request: you haven't got the cd yet, because you have to go out and buy it to support the man. - for: Roy
Fri, 2/24/06 15:58 - Request: yep it's Mr. Stanley B-day tomorrow, 79 yrs. young. - for: Roy
Fri, 2/24/06 15:55 - Request: still haven't seen Hank in my mailbox yet. That could be a good thing! I didn't see anything about Ralph Stanley's b-day. 1100 coming up. - for: dave
Fri, 2/24/06 15:51 - Request: surprised Roy nor Thomas(mr. knows everybody's birthdate) hasn't reminded you that it's Ralph Stanley's birthday - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 2/24/06 15:49 - Request: Five more days my friends...HAHAHA. Can you play me some 1100 Springs, Long Haired Hippie Redneck - for: Roy
Fri, 2/24/06 15:47 - Request: yes, it's ray telling a story about a guy & a dog - for: dave
Fri, 2/24/06 15:45 - Request: Does it have Audio, too. I don't want to turn you off, to listen to Ol' Ray.... - for: thomass
Fri, 2/24/06 15:36 - Request: thomass, have you looked at the hubbard website lately? I just watched the animated video this morning. - for: dave
Fri, 2/24/06 15:21 - Request: it doesn't hurt to kiss each other's ass every now & then. - for: dave
Fri, 2/24/06 15:18 - Request: Thanks Dude..... - for: thomass
Fri, 2/24/06 15:06 - Request: if you're still around....Miss Leslie coming up shortly - for: dave
Fri, 2/24/06 14:39 - Request: Some honky tonin' Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers when ya can... - for:
Thurs, 2/23/06 16:30 - Request: We goin' from the funk to the squeeze box. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/23/06 16:18 - Request: crust-e b funk-e today. eye b like-e. funk us good. - for:
Thurs, 2/23/06 15:34 - Request: And so you did - if you were still tuned in. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/23/06 12:55 - Request: I would like to hear Mexico by Brian Keane - for:
Wed, 2/22/06 18:11 - Request: hey, we danced at floores once. i'm thinking i'm off the hook. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/22/06 18:07 - Request: you'll have to prove it some day - for: bye
Wed, 2/22/06 18:03 - Request: it's the truth. i wouldn't make this up! - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/22/06 17:51 - Request: i ain't buying it. - for:
Wed, 2/22/06 17:48 - Request: yep. ruth and shannon and oswalt and terrie. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/22/06 17:47 - Request: you were seen dancing?? - for: ll
Wed, 2/22/06 16:29 - Request: glad to oblige. i think that rounder compilation is very cool. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/22/06 16:26 - Request: wow,....weird. was sitting here thinking i hadn't heard j. adams in a while.... - for:
Wed, 2/22/06 16:13 - Request: still can't locate the kinky. grrrrr - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/22/06 16:01 - Request: miss raitt coming up. looking for the kinky. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/22/06 15:55 - Request: How 'bout some Bonnie Riatt, please - for:
Wed, 2/22/06 15:55 - Request: 3hus, this show don't suck at all. how's abaout some kinky - silver eagle express perhaps, or your choice. thanks. - for: don't vote early - wait for the kinkster
Tues, 2/21/06 15:31 - Request: could you play randy garibay's version of two steps from the blues please? - for:
Tues, 2/21/06 09:55 - Request: Brian Keane I Ain't Even Lonely - for:
Tues, 2/21/06 09:55 - Request: Brian Keane I Ain't Even Lonely - for:
Fri, 2/17/06 17:11 - Request: In case you forgot, we have 11 more days until Hank III's Straight to Hell is released! - for: Roy
Fri, 2/17/06 15:16 - Request: will do for Mr Bush - for: dave
Fri, 2/17/06 15:12 - Request: Hey Dave, Can we get a couple songs for Johnny Bush? It's the man's 71st birthday. - for: Roy
Fri, 2/17/06 13:27 - Request: Davis Coen (anything from new album) - for: Diane Mayor
Thurs, 2/16/06 17:41 - Request: 1.) Clifton Chenier coming up soon. 2.)I, too, liked those Mighty Jeremiahs. I'll try to play some more a little later. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/16/06 17:38 - Request: you know, i'm not that much on the gospel, but i wldnt mind hearing some more of that mighty jeremiah. - for:
Thurs, 2/16/06 17:32 - Request: hey crusty - could you play some clifton chenier? maybe i'm coming home? thanks. - for:
Wed, 2/15/06 18:12 - Request: i think i'll poke him with a stick. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/15/06 18:04 - Request: hey 3phus; Tell Dave to get that new Wes McGhee CD. "Blue Blue Moon" IT IS KILLER - for: thomas
Wed, 2/15/06 16:12 - Request: hiya miss tucker. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/15/06 16:10 - Request: Hi ya. I get to hear the whole show today. I like that Wes McGhee - very pretty - for: Tracy Lynn Tucker
Wed, 2/15/06 16:03 - Request: no new wes but i'll get some wes on in a second. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/15/06 16:03 - Request: Oh, man, 3phus, that's a great charlie rich / mike ireland song! I'd forgotten he did that. Good job. - for:
Wed, 2/15/06 15:59 - Request: did i see something about a new wes mcghee ya'll have? if not that, maybe border guitar please. - for: friend o' the lime loverz
Wed, 2/15/06 15:47 - Request: lulu's feeling much better today. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/15/06 03:28 - Request: get well soon LULU-you're a champion - for:
Tues, 2/14/06 16:35 - Request: Happy Valentine's Day LuLu ... I'd like to send Steve Earle's "Somewhere Out There" (from El Corazon) to Ed from MaryAnn. Thank you! - for:
Tues, 2/14/06 15:25 - Request: True Stories Fool For Love - for: Happy V-Day
Tues, 2/14/06 15:12 - Request: You have lots of Musical Treasures, down there in Tehas. One of them is Brian Burns. How about a "Focus" on him, some day. - for: Thomass in Cal
Tues, 2/14/06 11:19 - Request: You Were Never Mine DELBERT more heartache www.minibite.com/heartache/index.htm - for: be mine LULU mike the paper boy
Mon, 2/13/06 17:02 - Request: I have a couple of Waylon's since this the anniversary of his death. How bout Deep in the West,&Let's Turn Back the Years and anymore is Ok with me? Thanks, - for: Jim
Mon, 2/13/06 16:43 - Request: ... if ya want a do-right woman ... - for:
Mon, 2/13/06 15:46 - Request: i sure do like the hoyle brothers too! - for:
Mon, 2/13/06 15:40 - Request: Can y'all just play the Hoyle Brothers Call Heaven about once an hour, everyday. That's one of the best new songs I've heard in a while. - for:
Mon, 2/13/06 15:35 - Request: How about Cowboy Junkies' "If You Were the Woman and I Was the Man", for Valentine's Day Eve? - for:
Sun, 2/12/06 15:38 - Request: Uhhh, me too? - for:
Sun, 2/12/06 15:37 - Request: Hope the dawg is listenin - for:
Sun, 2/12/06 15:32 - Request: You're welcome. - for:
Sun, 2/12/06 15:28 - Request: Thanks Crusty!!!!! - for:
Sun, 2/12/06 15:27 - Request: "You Make Me Happy" coming up soon. - for:
Sun, 2/12/06 15:24 - Request: You Make Me Happy, Marcia Ball....(To Squirt from Duchess) - for:
Sun, 2/12/06 14:35 - Request: No King Curtis. - for:
Sun, 2/12/06 14:29 - Request: Have the King Curtis now? - for:
Fri, 2/10/06 16:26 - Request: I may have my guests on at that time. We'll have to see. - for:
Fri, 2/10/06 16:22 - Request: Tough week - how about a few drinkin' songs between 5-5:30, please? - for:
Fri, 2/10/06 15:36 - Request: I hope you guys are ready, because when "Hank III's" new album comes out, that's all I'm requesting....HAHAHA...same goes to you Thomas... - for: Roy
Fri, 2/10/06 15:34 - Request: I thought so.... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 2/10/06 15:30 - Request: very funny... - for: Roy
Fri, 2/10/06 15:29 - Request: Roy, I didn't know you were that hyped up about the new 50 Cent cd. - for: dave
Fri, 2/10/06 15:26 - Request: How about something for you favorite and loyal listner out here in California. Dude only 18 mo days until the album of the year comes out! - for: Roy
Thurs, 2/9/06 16:16 - Request: Wanda Jackson coming up soon. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/9/06 16:06 - Request: Howza 'bout Funnel of Love from Wanda Jackson's Heart Trouble, if you've a mind to play it? - for:
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:39 - Request: I love my listeners. They don't want much, they just want everything! - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:34 - Request: I live to serve. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:31 - Request: Info and subdudes you're a god - How about some Swamp Pop, too? - for: Octo
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:28 - Request: all of the above! - for:
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:27 - Request: Chris Ardoin coming up. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:27 - Request: Is that PURO PINCHE PARTY a request? A demand? A cry for help? A statement of joy? - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:25 - Request: The CD catalog I use personally and that we use at KSYM is CD Trustee (www.base40.com) I love it. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:21 - Request: Stay in or Stay out by Chris Ardoin - for: Ron
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:12 - Request: PURO PINCHE PARTY! - for:
Thurs, 2/9/06 15:09 - Request: I know you're busy, but what CD cataloging program do you use?? - for: Octo
Wed, 2/8/06 18:30 - Request: most welcome - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/8/06 18:27 - Request: Gillian Welch. Incomparable. Thank you. - for:
Wed, 2/8/06 18:05 - Request: we should. lemme look. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/8/06 18:03 - Request: y'all played an artist named Mando Saenz awhile back....still got him? - for:
Wed, 2/8/06 17:00 - Request: mebbe some more dave in a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/8/06 16:54 - Request: the dave alvin is great! one more? evening blues, acoustic - for:
Wed, 2/8/06 16:34 - Request: awww..shucks. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/8/06 16:31 - Request: You are thee man 3phus - for:
Wed, 2/8/06 16:30 - Request: and uhh, landlady....that was.......mmm. not me. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/8/06 16:30 - Request: you are GOOD. - for:
Wed, 2/8/06 16:29 - Request: thanks for the kristofferson, man ... and there's a "hillbilly boogie" band called "they can't hardly playboys" but looks like they're a local band in fresno? - for:
Wed, 2/8/06 16:26 - Request: more kristofferson on the way. trying to figure out the "hardly play boys thingy" - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/8/06 16:21 - Request: the landlady heard that - for:
Wed, 2/8/06 16:19 - Request: any way you could work in more kristofferson? loving her was easier or help me make it thru the night. muchas gracias. - for:
Wed, 2/8/06 16:18 - Request: Somebody and the can't hardly play boys" If you know who I mean pleasze - for:
Wed, 2/8/06 16:11 - Request: you are most welcome - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/8/06 16:02 - Request: yummmmm. twangggggy. thanks. - for:
Tues, 2/7/06 18:26 - Request: Thanks - I like to think so! :-) - for:
Tues, 2/7/06 18:11 - Request: you rock LuLu! - for:
Tues, 2/7/06 17:58 - Request: Great show, esp these last 6 or 7. How 'bout Rodney Crowell's duet with Emmy Lou "Shelter From the Storm". thx - for:
Tues, 2/7/06 03:00 - Request: oops misssed monday this week Fromholz by Lyle Lovett? gotsum? - for: sitting on the front porch
Mon, 2/6/06 16:58 - Request: Instead of bonnie, marcia ball - you make me happy - for:
Mon, 2/6/06 16:38 - Request: I dont think I have that CD in our Library but I'm still looking - for: LuLu
Mon, 2/6/06 16:30 - Request: Bonnie song on the Souls Alike CD - for:
Mon, 2/6/06 16:19 - Request: buckwheat zydeco hey joe please. - for: for bob
Mon, 2/6/06 15:56 - Request: jeremy dien "these day" - for: j
Mon, 2/6/06 15:56 - Request: jeremy dien "these day - for:
Mon, 2/6/06 15:55 - Request: oldsmobile 442 true stories - for:
Mon, 2/6/06 15:43 - Request: Thanks LuLu - for:
Mon, 2/6/06 15:43 - Request: still looking for bonnie....LuLu - for:
Mon, 2/6/06 15:41 - Request: dont have that song but I'll put on some jimmy for ya - for: LuLu
Mon, 2/6/06 15:37 - Request: Jimmy Lafave's "Never Is A Moment"?!? thanks. - for:
Mon, 2/6/06 15:35 - Request: Bonnie Raitt- I will not be broken - for:
Fri, 2/3/06 17:54 - Request: PPPPFFFFFLLLTTTTT!!!!! - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 2/3/06 17:47 - Request: we didn't add the grass this month. - for: dave
Fri, 2/3/06 17:45 - Request: so can you play Reality Gap off Coming Grass? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 2/3/06 17:14 - Request: Yep, that's what my wife says too! - for: Roy
Fri, 2/3/06 17:14 - Request: You chose the boss over music! I'll have to think about it. - for: dave
Fri, 2/3/06 17:09 - Request: Missed the Eaglesmith- My boss called and I had to do some work, can you play more?? - for:
Fri, 2/3/06 17:09 - Request: Roy, you're such the romatic! - for: dave
Fri, 2/3/06 17:07 - Request: Charlie Robinson - You're Not The Best - for: Roy
Fri, 2/3/06 16:45 - Request: we'd all be sorry - for:
Fri, 2/3/06 16:30 - Request: you'd be sorry if I actually had it. - for: dave
Fri, 2/3/06 16:29 - Request: Yea lets here some achy breaky heart - for:
Fri, 2/3/06 16:25 - Request: net thing ya know, he will be playing pop country...hahaha - for: Roy
Fri, 2/3/06 16:24 - Request: Two Tons of Steel, among other things, a Buddy Holly tribute band is playing tonight in San Antonio at a certain non-underwriting bar. - for:
Fri, 2/3/06 16:19 - Request: slow down....yer gettin' too radical - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 2/3/06 16:15 - Request: Maybe it's because I took a shower before I got down here. - for: dave
Fri, 2/3/06 16:13 - Request: Your show is getting popular Dude! - for: Roy
Fri, 2/3/06 16:11 - Request: hang with me .... I'll grab them as I find them - for: dave
Fri, 2/3/06 16:08 - Request: I'm dyin to hear some Fred Eaglesmith - for:
Fri, 2/3/06 16:07 - Request: Hey how about some Delbert McClinton - for:
Fri, 2/3/06 16:07 - Request: Can you play the McKay Brothers - for: Andy in CO
Fri, 2/3/06 16:00 - Request: requests coming up - for: dave
Fri, 2/3/06 15:55 - Request: I worked last week, at this time.... Oh, I mean, I'm on a break. - for: thomasss
Fri, 2/3/06 15:54 - Request: I have an hour to go my friend, just getting mentally prepared! - for: Roy
Fri, 2/3/06 15:54 - Request: I would like to make two requests if that is not too many. 1 Alejandro ‘s evening gown. & 2 some Buddy Holly. He died in a crash 47 years ago today. - for: SAcajun
Fri, 2/3/06 15:51 - Request: sorr, no new Wes. Beer? Aren't you supposed to be working? - for: dave
Fri, 2/3/06 15:50 - Request: Dave; Do you have the NEW CD by Wes McGhee ???? - for:
Fri, 2/3/06 15:50 - Request: Dave; Do you have the NEW CD by Wes McGhee ???? - for:
Fri, 2/3/06 15:46 - Request: 24 more days to go brother! Let's get some beer drinkin rowdy music going, it is Friday! - for: Roy
Fri, 2/3/06 15:10 - Request: Thanks for the co-producing - for: dave
Fri, 2/3/06 15:07 - Request: I knew you would find this one - for: thomas
Thurs, 2/2/06 18:23 - Request: Sorry, don't have the Ground Hog song in the library. - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 17:54 - Request: Brave Combo Groundhogsong - for: Robert
Thurs, 2/2/06 16:59 - Request: Cool since she will be at Casbeer's on Sat Nite - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 16:58 - Request: i think fiona boyes is gonna be on with abigail this saturday. hopefully we'll be able to acquire a disk while she's here. - for: 3phus
Thurs, 2/2/06 16:22 - Request: you're welcome. - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 16:07 - Request: why, you're not crusty at all! thanks. - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:58 - Request: ok, ok - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:57 - Request: oh, Alvin, yes ... something acoustic from blackjack david? - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:56 - Request: Some Dave Alvin before the show? thx - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:50 - Request: you're welcome. - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:50 - Request: ok - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:49 - Request: thanks crusty!! - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:48 - Request: she's got it going on True Stories - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:38 - Request: Rosie Flores coming up. - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:34 - Request: Rosie Flores, You Tear Me Up - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:28 - Request: what a shame - for:
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:26 - Request: We have no Fiona Boyes in the library. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 2/2/06 15:17 - Request: Can you play Fiona Boyes - for:
Wed, 2/1/06 18:31 - Request: be listening for it , thanks - for:
Wed, 2/1/06 18:16 - Request: sorry , no dbt in the library. mebbe next time - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/1/06 18:14 - Request: now ya gotta play drive-by truckers 'company i keep' - for:
Wed, 2/1/06 16:50 - Request: knitters and br549 up in a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/1/06 16:46 - Request: howzabout BR549's Lower Broad St. Blues ?? - for: juzzjeff
Wed, 2/1/06 16:40 - Request: Would love to hear The Knitters, Rank Stranger. Thanks. - for:
Wed, 2/1/06 16:28 - Request: okie dokie. - for: 3phus
Wed, 2/1/06 16:26 - Request: george jones is at the rodeo on sun, how 'bout some george jones - for: LL
Wed, 2/1/06 13:35 - Request: 10 City Run - Congratulations - for: Honey
Wed, 2/1/06 13:35 - Request: 10 City Run - Congratulations - for Honey ! - for:
Wed, 2/1/06 13:34 - Request: 10 City Run - Any of their songs - for:
Tues, 1/31/06 17:26 - Request: dave alvin, nine volt heart the old solo version - for: lil dipper
Tues, 1/31/06 16:39 - Request: your welcome - for: XOXO-LuLu
Tues, 1/31/06 16:35 - Request: Thanks so much for playing Wild Horses! Appreciate it. Just turned the radio on and heard it. - for:
Tues, 1/31/06 15:32 - Request: plz play True Stories Dangerous Crossing thx - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 18:49 - Request: Covers! FBB's Wild Horses or To Love Someone. Feel better. - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 17:17 - Request: well shucks, thanks. i cringe when i hear it, hah! - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 17:09 - Request: sounds good to me - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 17:07 - Request: aww, back in the day when i couldn't sing =) - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 17:04 - Request: got the chills - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 16:59 - Request: sorry you're sick. my flu has now hit week 4, so i feel fer ya - for: lil bit
Mon, 1/30/06 16:52 - Request: Thanks for bustin' out some Neko Case; a fave. - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 16:31 - Request: i'll bust out some d.w. - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 16:31 - Request: don't have that album. sorry - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 16:28 - Request: don walser's version of i ain't got nobody on the ridin' with bob album is awesome. - for: lb
Mon, 1/30/06 16:24 - Request: yep, his new album gets released in march but he's sellin them at his shows right now. i'm thinkin bout tryin to coerce him into mailin one, but i'm sure lots of people are tryin that. - for: lb
Mon, 1/30/06 16:22 - Request: wow, the dude's busy. - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 16:20 - Request: i mean, HE gives em away. - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 16:20 - Request: its a good mixture of both, some great covers like willie and johnny cash. i'll burn for ya, its 3 discs worth. i gives away an mp3 download every month, so this is like 5 years worth of stuff. - for: lb
Mon, 1/30/06 16:17 - Request: is it all hillbilly or singer / songwriter - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 16:14 - Request: howdy rain!!!!!i got to talk to mark erelli this weekend through email and got lik 60 tracks that are recorded in his kitchedn and live. good stuff, nice guy. - for: lil bit
Mon, 1/30/06 15:58 - Request: Amen. - for:
Mon, 1/30/06 14:17 - Request: advise: quit taking them seriously when the word "stopset" is spoken. ya'll keep doing it just the way you're doing it, and have always done. long live the memory of joe "30 min. of music, 10 min. of jabba" x. by god horn - for:
Sun, 1/29/06 15:36 - Request: It seemed like it was a little more expensive on Friday! Sorry I wasn't near a computer and was unable to weigh in on the subject. - for: Crusty
Sun, 1/29/06 15:27 - Request: everybody knows talk is cheap! - for: dave
Sun, 1/29/06 15:21 - Request: Is the talk policeman working today? - for: Crusty
Sat, 1/28/06 18:15 - Request: hee, thanks...sorrry i mumbled. we're at the silver fox. - for: lil bit
Fri, 1/27/06 18:55 - Request: Third Coast is on tomorrow 3-7pm. Might play it then. - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 18:54 - Request: Hey....the Bonnie Bishop is great--more next week? - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 18:23 - Request: You're all right in my book Dave. Have a good evening and weekend. Hear you next time! - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 18:13 - Request: You mean it sucks less than it did. I'll take that as a compliment - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 18:05 - Request: I'm glad you've been eating your vegetables more today, Dave. Your show is better now than when it started - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 17:48 - Request: a loose woman wouldn't hurt, either.... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 1/27/06 17:47 - Request: wish I could send ya 6 pack with a candle on it - for: dl
Fri, 1/27/06 17:44 - Request: my birthday (jeffmas) is Tuesday..... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 1/27/06 17:19 - Request: just eat your vegetables and shut up! - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 17:13 - Request: no offense but that vegetable song is lame - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 16:42 - Request: hahaha elliot is her new last name(chris is her spouse) - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 16:40 - Request: is it a tish song named "elliot"? - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 16:33 - Request: tish hinojosa elliot please?most recent? - for: baiat de hartie mihai
Fri, 1/27/06 16:27 - Request: I like that too....go figure. Great show. - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 16:23 - Request: I'm so confused. - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 16:21 - Request: Hey, I like it when you talk! I'd like to request Evening Gown by Alejandor Escovedo, if it moves ya. And a really long introduction would be fabulous.... - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 16:13 - Request: Beautiful this time, Dave. Absolutely!!! - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 16:05 - Request: I think I understand. - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 16:02 - Request: Just keep playing the music, Dave. That's what we all want the most. More music, less talk Thanks Dave - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 16:01 - Request: now THAT'S a Roy song fer sure - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 1/27/06 15:57 - Request: Roy, got one coming up for ya - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 15:52 - Request: Just counting the days for the release...even though I've already heard all the new songs, be nice to hear a studio version. Even though he recorded must of it on a DAT machine. You pick something for me today. - for: Roy
Fri, 1/27/06 15:48 - Request: sorry, I didn't bring it with me. We've waited for years for any new Hank.....what's the hurry? - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 15:45 - Request: 2 minutes this time; that's a little better. It's "loose production" that has KSYM in poor standing with the professionals, Dave - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 15:43 - Request: Dude, who's the butt wipe complaining about you talking for 3 minutes? In any way, 31 more days for Hank III's new album.Can I get some JB and the wayward drifters? - for: Roy
Fri, 1/27/06 15:36 - Request: real fun.....not a big crowd though. If you talk to him, ask him about his new sidekick "Little Johnny" - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 15:34 - Request: i meant to ask how The Wirtz was.... - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 1/27/06 15:34 - Request: Computers are what they are-- more efficient than people. Computers are meant to serve the needs of the listening audience, my friend - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 15:31 - Request: loose radio production is where it's at. At least this radio station isn't totally run by computers. - for: dave
Fri, 1/27/06 15:26 - Request: Dave, could you try and keep your board a little tighter. You talked for over 3 minutes on your first stopset - for:
Fri, 1/27/06 15:23 - Request: Damned the luck.... I saw that you were starting the DAWG thing, and damn-it, my boss walked into my office and sat his ass down for a long discussion, of something that could have waited until NEXT MONTH, for crying out loud..... Happy Dog Year - for: Thomasssssss
Fri, 1/27/06 11:32 - Request: could you play that doug sahm answering machine tape? - for: i am going back to sleep
Thurs, 1/26/06 17:28 - Request: Jimmi Hendrix by Albert & Gage? - for:
Thurs, 1/26/06 17:26 - Request: Amen. and FM. - for:
Thurs, 1/26/06 17:26 - Request: gots any jimmi hendrix by albert&gage(the chrises) - for: not a chris
Thurs, 1/26/06 15:49 - Request: I'll do my best, noncom. And thanks, 3phus. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 1/26/06 15:40 - Request: hey crusty, sorry, but i've got no idea on the sw school spots. LL is in a meeting all afternoon. - for: 3phus
Thurs, 1/26/06 15:33 - Request: hey crusty. keep me entertained while i write bad copy. try not to suck. - for: noncommplussed
Thurs, 1/26/06 11:20 - Request: Carry Me by Brian Keane - for:
Wed, 1/25/06 18:51 - Request: you are most welcome. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/25/06 18:49 - Request: some real nice blues here I'm catching at the end. thanks. - for:
Wed, 1/25/06 16:59 - Request: terrie up in a bit - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/25/06 16:52 - Request: hows about some "Clear channel" from the hendrix-our san marcos incognito DJ - for: no more limbaugher cheese only feta
Wed, 1/25/06 16:37 - Request: 'preciate it. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/25/06 16:33 - Request: Good to hear ya play Calvin - for: california kid
Wed, 1/25/06 16:16 - Request: here comes some lyle for you. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/25/06 16:11 - Request: just peachy, thanks - for:
Wed, 1/25/06 16:07 - Request: having a good day??? - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/25/06 16:00 - Request: take this job and shove it :) - for: the dipper
Tues, 1/24/06 15:27 - Request: True Stories Never Gonna be The Same - for:
Mon, 1/23/06 15:34 - Request: Irresistible - for:
Mon, 1/23/06 00:26 - Request: Jerry Giddens - for: Kevin & Angela
Sun, 1/22/06 15:38 - Request: if no Ida, perhaps some King Curtis then - for:
Sun, 1/22/06 15:37 - Request: I'll see if I have any Ida Cox with me. - for:
Sun, 1/22/06 15:33 - Request: Able to play any Ida Cox this afternoon? - for:
Sat, 1/21/06 17:16 - Request: tommy, you f****** rock. music sounds great. my throat is sore. miss seeing you on saturdays. xxoo dan (and jasper) - for: dan klein
Sat, 1/21/06 16:12 - Request: Third coast love to all y'all. How about some Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin' ? Chubby Carrier doing Fire On The Mountain would be great as well. Thanks ! - for: Bob
Fri, 1/20/06 18:50 - Request: sorry, I'm out of time. - for: dave
Fri, 1/20/06 18:44 - Request: how about "redneck riviera" to go with that, thx - for:
Fri, 1/20/06 15:52 - Request: i saw that online at the Palo Duro website and figured you'd go - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 1/20/06 15:51 - Request: Hey Thomass, I went to a cool Palo Duro Recording Session last night at Luckenbach. It was celebrating the Viva Terlingua album with different artists playing the songs from the album. - for: dave
Fri, 1/20/06 15:28 - Request: The dogs are comin' to your mailbox - for: thomass
Fri, 1/20/06 15:26 - Request: We've got a couple of K Deal cds, but not with that song. Good request though!. The dogs are waiting at the door. - for: dave
Fri, 1/20/06 15:23 - Request: Dave; Let's follow Roy's request , with "My Father's Redneck" by Kevin Deal. Better get dem dog tunes ready - for: thomass
Fri, 1/20/06 15:11 - Request: 1100 springs coming up. - for: dave
Fri, 1/20/06 15:08 - Request: Dave, I want to request a song for you and Jeff, from 1100 Springs, I think it's "Long Hair Hippie Redneck" or something to that natue. - for: Roy
Thurs, 1/19/06 16:49 - Request: Unfortunately, no. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 1/19/06 16:46 - Request: cnn's reporting the passing of wilson pickett. we got anything in the library by him? - for: 3phus
Thurs, 1/19/06 15:55 - Request: Sorry, no Flying Burrito Bros. in the library. - for: Crusty
Thurs, 1/19/06 15:45 - Request: Flying Burrito Bros "Crazy Arms" and "Sing me back home" - for:
Wed, 1/18/06 19:57 - Request: If We Could Live A Million Years by George Alva - for:
Wed, 1/18/06 17:37 - Request: thankx - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/18/06 17:35 - Request: Thanks, I'll have to find the artist for ya. - for: Roy
Wed, 1/18/06 17:07 - Request: hmm. looked thru the database several ways without a hit. sorry - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/18/06 16:55 - Request: Hey 3phus, I'm not sure who sings it, but do you have the song, "You only call me when you are drunk" - for: Roy
Wed, 1/18/06 15:49 - Request: happy b-day, pop. - for:
Wed, 1/18/06 15:48 - Request: yep! - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/18/06 15:47 - Request: oh you mean the donkey's alter ego....jack@## - for:
Wed, 1/18/06 15:44 - Request: LL, a song by tab benoit. i figgered if i mentioned your attraction to donkey's, o might actually be crackin on myself a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/18/06 15:41 - Request: i like mules - for:
Wed, 1/18/06 15:40 - Request: i caught something about donkeys, what was that - for: LL
Tues, 1/17/06 18:50 - Request: Good stuff today Miz LuLu - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 19:05 - Request: i know, i knew, now i really know. - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 18:53 - Request: I Thought You Should Know - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 18:44 - Request: smooth! - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 18:40 - Request: So smooooth. - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 17:07 - Request: i hear scott got up w/ them - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 17:07 - Request: i ate a bunch of fungus w/ them in terlingua on tx independance day - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 17:00 - Request: I saw them (WB) they rocked - for: lil dipper
Mon, 1/16/06 16:32 - Request: i didn't like phish and i don't like 'trey' or 'dave' -i got mad when i saw it. - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 16:22 - Request: the trey album I put in there by accident, my bad! - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 16:21 - Request: Enjoying the entire show, but the 3 you opened with were especially superb. - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 16:19 - Request: my pleasure - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 16:17 - Request: A Rain-y afternoon ... how 'bout something from Neko? - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 16:12 - Request: did you notice the trey album? - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 16:04 - Request: no i took it over to listen too - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 16:04 - Request: no i took it over to listen too - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 16:04 - Request: thanx - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 16:00 - Request: your mom gets cds at ksym? - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 15:53 - Request: the fudge pack mountain cd is at my moms - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 15:53 - Request: it's just a stupid name - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 15:49 - Request: where is the brokeback mtn cd? - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 15:48 - Request: cub cake? does that mean you are a cake for cubs? or a cake of a cub? - for:
Mon, 1/16/06 15:46 - Request: the Gourds- Declinometer- from Heavy Ornamental in Bob's secret stash drawer - for: Cubcake
Mon, 1/16/06 12:50 - Request: song aabout fire escapes to stand o - for: big ed
Mon, 1/16/06 12:17 - Request: song aabout fire escapes to stand o - for: big ed
Mon, 1/16/06 03:01 - Request: Carry Me by Brian Keane (OR ANY OTHER SONG YOU MIGHT HAVE BY bRIAN kEANE ) - for:
Sun, 1/15/06 18:23 - Request: Got any Jim White in the liberry? - for:
Sat, 1/14/06 16:38 - Request: sorry, but I thought it was a goodie - for: Abigail
Sat, 1/14/06 16:34 - Request: That song make me cry. I love Guy. Thanks Abigail - for: TLT
Sat, 1/14/06 16:32 - Request: lovely, thanks alot. - for:
Sat, 1/14/06 16:15 - Request: yes I'm on it, stay tuned - for: Abigail
Sat, 1/14/06 16:10 - Request: If you can get Wanda Jackson with the Cramps - Funnel of Love - from the Heart Trouble CD on the show today, that'd be great. Thanks. - for:
Sat, 1/14/06 15:56 - Request: I meant to say more Guy Clark. . . . . - for: Tracy
Sat, 1/14/06 15:56 - Request: I'd love to hear some Guy Clark. I'm digging the show Abigail, and cleaning my house. - for: Tracy Lynn Tucker
Fri, 1/13/06 17:17 - Request: nope, Luke from Blind Pig called yesterday. - for: dave
Fri, 1/13/06 17:10 - Request: did he call ya ? - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 1/13/06 17:09 - Request: doesn't look like he will make it in time to get to the station next Sat. blind Pig is sending me the new cd & dvd. - for: dave
Fri, 1/13/06 17:04 - Request: awright !!! thanks for the WIRTZ !! - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 1/13/06 16:47 - Request: I agree, I like the older stuff better, but they do have a few descent songs on there. I like tracks 1, 3,7, 8, &11 the best. - for: Roy
Fri, 1/13/06 16:41 - Request: Overall, I think it is a bit too slick of a production. I prefer the older BR549. - for: dave
Fri, 1/13/06 16:35 - Request: Oh man Dave, of all the good songs on the new BR-549 album, you played the worst song on there. - for: Roy
Fri, 1/13/06 16:15 - Request: I told you it was coming...hopefully it doesn't get pushed back again - for: Roy
Fri, 1/13/06 16:06 - Request: Oh My god!! The Dead Awakes!! I See the new Hank fianlly comes out in Feb. - for: dave
Fri, 1/13/06 16:04 - Request: Dude, let's get get this party started! Happy New Year Brother! - for: Roy
Fri, 1/13/06 15:44 - Request: ok, i'm online now....let's hear that Andrew Hunt before thomas has a hissy - for: juzzjeff
Fri, 1/13/06 15:32 - Request: That's a cool cd. Coming up. - for: Dave
Fri, 1/13/06 15:31 - Request: That request for Andrew Hunt is so that JuzzJeff can hear it. He missed it, was working or something, the other day when Phus played it... hey, thanks. - for: thomass
Fri, 1/13/06 15:30 - Request: Dave; Can yu Play "Honky-Tonk", by Andrew Hunt, from "Broken Wheel?" - for:
Thurs, 1/12/06 18:01 - Request: Can you play Fred Eaglesmith Wilder Than Her...Thanks - for: Andy in CO
Thurs, 1/12/06 16:28 - Request: thanks, thomas. I'll pass that along. - for:
Thurs, 1/12/06 16:26 - Request: Crusty; Felton Pruitt is now in Nevada City, CA. Comes into the KVMR Studios quite a bit, and may be doing something with us.... - for: thomassss
Thurs, 1/12/06 16:26 - Request: how about something for Bro. Ed? word is he's feeling a whole lot better - for: Dave
Thurs, 1/12/06 16:25 - Request: A preview of Wayne "the Train" Hancok - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 17:36 - Request: and check out this from andrew hunt. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 17:30 - Request: mebbe something from the new shaun young. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 17:25 - Request: hey 3P, had frydave put anything hard and twangy in the new rack i need to hear? - for: alwaysgladtostealmyideas
Wed, 1/11/06 16:28 - Request: i'm not gonna address the hairy 3phus sighting! - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 16:14 - Request: hey joe x, at a recent gathering over at the casa LL, several of us revived the road trip to dublin idea. ironj john said he'd come down, we'd head up, and just infest your community with dark clothes. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 16:12 - Request: hairy 3phus nekkid near a fire. sheesh. thanks for the mental image. - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 16:08 - Request: this week on sales calls a guy ax me if we played "the king" on our radiio station. i sadly said no, clifton chenier just don't fit. he looked at me with wonderment. or maybe it was pity. either way, it's been a while since i've heard c.c., and you're makin' it really hard to shut this deal off and get some recording done 3P. - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 16:06 - Request: sparkin'... i got too much hair to be nekkid near a fire. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 16:05 - Request: uhmmm,...sparkin'! - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 16:05 - Request: or sparkni'! - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 16:04 - Request: Hey! It's called 'wooing' ! - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 16:00 - Request: yep. passed out inside a burning house. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 15:56 - Request: gotaa 'member that j. lafave tune if it's ever a gray cold day and me and the sweetie gots the fireplace roarin', and a bottle of wine, and, and, .....well, you get it. - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:49 - Request: zzzzzzz..zzzzzzz....what..huh??? - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 15:49 - Request: "Don't let me cross over love's cheatin' line" - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:47 - Request: He is indeed -- requests are flying in left & right and he's calm, cool & collected. - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:45 - Request: atta boy joe you are thee man - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:42 - Request: we'll do some j lafave in a little bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 15:41 - Request: Oooo, the Toni Price is lovely. Can you fit Jimmy Lafave's Never Is A Moment sometime in today's show? Thanks a bunch. - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:40 - Request: Dolly and Loretta have both done versions of If Teardrops Were Pennies - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:38 - Request: Blues stay away from me, please - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:37 - Request: that's a helluva handle.... - for: juzzjeff
Wed, 1/11/06 15:37 - Request: yep Carl Smith "If teardrops were pennies" - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:35 - Request: i bet they mean the carl smith tune. - for: steadfastlyavoidingworksoicancontinuetolistentotcmn
Wed, 1/11/06 15:34 - Request: 6 days on the road - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:34 - Request: wait wait wait.....joe x saved my ass and we're gonna hear some toni price in a bit. bless you mr x , mrs x and all the little x's - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 15:33 - Request: True Stories Oldsmobile 442 - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:32 - Request: hmmmm...maybe the line is if teardrops were diamonds, now that i think of it 3P. nevermind. - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:27 - Request: that'd be maybe toni price - richest one, 3putts? - for: thanksamillionforhelpingmeoutjoe - joexlisteningfromhishideyhole
Wed, 1/11/06 15:24 - Request: i'm not showing that song in the 3rd coast database. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 15:19 - Request: "If teardrops were pennies" anyone - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:18 - Request: bj shaver coming up - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 15:14 - Request: "Corsicana Daily Sun" Billy Jo Shaver - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:13 - Request: mr gilmore up in a bit. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 15:13 - Request: sorry, but i don't see anything by the bellamy bros in the 3rd coast library. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/11/06 15:10 - Request: "Pick me up on your way down" J. Dale Gilmore - for:
Wed, 1/11/06 15:09 - Request: how 'bout "Old Hippie" The Bellamy Brothers - for:
Tues, 1/10/06 15:58 - Request: J.Cash "I Don't Like It, But I guess Things Happen That Way" and "Long Black Veil", please - for:
Tues, 1/10/06 15:56 - Request: Blues Stay Away From Me, please - for:
Mon, 1/9/06 18:56 - Request: Smooch! - for:
Mon, 1/9/06 15:58 - Request: That too - for:
Mon, 1/9/06 15:57 - Request: i'm king of dirty britches - for:
Mon, 1/9/06 15:53 - Request: You're the seque king, love the show. Thanks for the tunes ... yer the peach. - for:
Mon, 1/9/06 15:49 - Request: i'm rubber you're glue - for:
Mon, 1/9/06 15:45 - Request: You're my hero! - for:
Mon, 1/9/06 15:35 - Request: What's the third Malo? Would you consider Hot Burrito #1? Gotta get in some fbb - for:
Sat, 1/7/06 15:33 - Request: Great to hear from you Joe X, congrats on the new gig, if you webcast be sure to send me the address so I can listen - for: Cake Man
Sat, 1/7/06 15:30 - Request: Hey Dan - Finally got realplayer on my computer here in my production studio. Great to hear TCMN again. How's about some Miss Leslie. I'm gonna be here for awhile...got three spots to write and produce, and two logs to build. Thanks for the X-Mas card also. T'was nice to hear from someone in the "old country." Hey to everyone there; miss ya madly, and that ain't badly. BTW, enjoyed the Steve Earle interview prior to TC. - for: JXH
Sat, 1/7/06 15:04 - Request: Man, what a fantastic way to start out a show! - for:
Fri, 1/6/06 18:53 - Request: Tomorrow would be great. Happy New Year and thanks again for the show today. - for:
Fri, 1/6/06 18:50 - Request: we do have Gillian, but I'm out of time today. Maybe tomorrow? - for: dave
Fri, 1/6/06 18:39 - Request: Do y'all have any Gillian Welch? She's amazing. - for:
Fri, 1/6/06 18:33 - Request: it's sort of hit & miss on the Wanda cd. It was a fun show. - for: dave
Fri, 1/6/06 18:32 - Request: Great show today and glad you played the Neko from the No. 1. Thanks! - for:
Fri, 1/6/06 17:13 - Request: excellent. see you there. - for: 3putts
Fri, 1/6/06 17:02 - Request: I don't think I'm next in line for spurs tonight, so Cindy & Redd sounds just right. - for: dave
Fri, 1/6/06 16:57 - Request: cool. i didn't think we had a way to track cuts, but you're an ingenious lad. cindy cashdollar & red later? - for: 3phus
Fri, 1/6/06 16:53 - Request: just the top cds. I don't have a good way to track cuts. - for: dave
Fri, 1/6/06 16:51 - Request: hey dave, are these the top 40 songs or songs from the top 40 releases? - for: 3phus
Fri, 1/6/06 15:25 - Request: sounds good. thanks - for: dave
Fri, 1/6/06 15:22 - Request: Yeah, Happy 4704 on the 29th. I have been puttin' together Dog songs on discs. Will send you the three or four discs, soon. - for: thomass
Fri, 1/6/06 15:17 - Request: I did check when I got down here on dog tunes. We've got quite a few. Thank god it's not the year of the newt. - for: dave
Fri, 1/6/06 15:11 - Request: Well Dave; Are you ready to trade in the Roosters for Dogs - for: thomasss
Thurs, 1/5/06 17:03 - Request: The Gospel According to Austin - for:
Thurs, 1/5/06 17:02 - Request: I didn't catch which album this first batch of gospel tunes is from ... repeat, please? thanx - for:
Thurs, 1/5/06 15:06 - Request: At 06:15, no one. - for:
Thurs, 1/5/06 06:15 - Request: hey! who's in charge here? - for:
Wed, 1/4/06 21:50 - Request: Play some Gary Stewart or Rick Alan Carpenter! - for: Buzz
Wed, 1/4/06 16:22 - Request: you are most welcome. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/4/06 16:17 - Request: Excellent choices! Thanks so much. - for: MA
Wed, 1/4/06 16:08 - Request: gotcha covered. - for: 3phus
Wed, 1/4/06 16:07 - Request: Howza 'bout anything by Gram Parsons or Townes Van Zandt ? Thanks. - for:
Tues, 1/3/06 18:00 - Request: dawson county by cary swinney would rule almost as much as lulu - for: you wish
Mon, 1/2/06 18:18 - Request: Convenient too. - for:
Mon, 1/2/06 18:17 - Request: i like being liked as a man - for:
Mon, 1/2/06 18:05 - Request: You're so easy ... love that in a man. The Penn & Oldham is a nice touch. As usual. - for:
Mon, 1/2/06 17:58 - Request: i love you - for:
Mon, 1/2/06 17:39 - Request: An exceptional show for your first of 2006, all the way 'round. Thanks and Happy New Year. - for:
Mon, 1/2/06 17:17 - Request: well, good for you and your fem side - for:
Mon, 1/2/06 17:02 - Request: Thanks-I'm back in touch with my feminine side now - for:
Mon, 1/2/06 16:51 - Request: you dare me? - for:
Mon, 1/2/06 16:35 - Request: Hey Rain, I dare ya to play something girly-like Terri Hendrix or Nanci Griffith - for:
Sun, 1/1/06 13:36 - Request: settin the woods on fire.....yip yip do i love hank - for: Ronyea
Sun, 1/1/06 13:35 - Request: settin the woods on fire.....yip yip do i love hank - for: Ronyea