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NOTE: I haven't updated this since Google was beta.... but these still work...

These are the places I go to every week to find links for the show.  You can type the search in here, and when you hit the respective button, you'll pop up that site's results in another window.  Pretty slick, huh?   Let me know if you have any other favorite search sites.

Search CDDB for your favorite:
Artist Album Song
  CDDB, now Gracenote, is the internet database of a buttload of CDs, official and bootleg.  Your computer CD Player probably connects to it

FAST Web Search Web Search

My New Favorite... FAST, or alltheweb.com, has one of the largest indexes of documents, and eliminates duplicates--a major pain with many search engines.  Also has an MP3 and FTP search engine.
  any all phrase    
MetaCrawler searches the major search engines, throws out the duplicates and summarizes the results. Easiest and often gives the best, most concise results.

Google search is newer technology, but one of the best. It uses 'importance' rating--a highly important page has other important pages linked to it.. ('Feeling Lucky' will automatically take you to the first page of the search results...)

All Music Guide  
  artist     album     song     style     label
Huge cross-linked database of artists, albums, and songs.  Good bios, album ratings, and good for searching for individual songs.  Also has great essays and 'music maps' for genres.  Links to UBL for web.
Ultimate Band list.  Not quite, but often a good start.  Sometimes misses obvious web pages and keeps out of date ones.  Recently underwent a makeover..part of 'Artist Direct Network'..
If the subject of your search is pretty well known, they'll probably have a collection of links in Yahoo.  Not so good for obscure searches.
  Pollstarsearch results for 'San Antonio' Listing of tour dates, searchable by artist, city, and venue.

done: 11/14/98